Anti-Semitism and Collectivism

by RA Sprinkle – RandyTexas

[This article is a gem. Ted Belman]

A recent article posted on Israpundit by Felix Quigley, “Herzl and Trotsky…We have to go behind the Neo-leftist lies about both” explores anti-Semitism in some circles of the neo-left today and its roots. This brought up a discussion over the inherency of anti-Semitism of collective systems of government in places where Jewish people reside as a minority.

The purpose of this article will be to explore the relationship between collectivist systems of government and anti-Semitism. Being that leftist are proponents of collective societies such as socialist, communist, and social-democracies, it is my intent here to expose the roots of leftist anti-Semitism by showing the correlation between collective authoritarian cultures and anti-Semitism – And this will hold true not only to the leftist but also to the rightist who embrace these types of mass movements.

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Bush stands indicted

Eli E. Hertz indicts US ME policy in a letter to President Bush

    Dear President George Bush,

    It is most troublesome that your administration – which condemns Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for organizing “The World without Zionism” conference, for labeling the Holocaust a myth, and for suggesting that Israel must be “wiped off the map” – is the same US administration that sees nothing wrong in considering a plan to declare an independent Palestinian state with provisional borders within the next two years.

    The administration is also entertaining handing hundreds of millions of dollars to Fatah, an entity that refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, denies the Holocaust ever happened, calls for the obliteration of Zionism, opposes compromise, justifies support for terrorism, champions the use of violence and, just like Hamas, defies in words and deeds, ‘the inadmissibility of the use of violence.’

After that introduction Hertz lays into him for his policies.

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America’s culture of self-hatred

Prof Paul Eidelberg in an article in INN puts it nicely and offers a solution.

[..] What is gaining ascendancy in America is the inverse of Islam’s “culture of hatred,” namely, a “culture of self-hatred.” If this development is not arrested, America, as a Judeo-Christian country, will gradually evaporate.

The goal of the anti-National Left is the “homogeneous and universal secular state.” Nation states would cease to exist, replaced by a world government – the project of the UN. But a world government, like any state, would require a monopoly of power. It would have to have a worldwide espionage network to prevent any group from developing a portable weapon of mass destruction. A world government would, of necessity, be utterly totalitarian.

Although America has always been multicultural, its ethnic diversity was based on a tradition of freedom, self-reliance and self-restraint modulated by Judeo-Christian ethics. Today, multiculturalism has been tainted by the dispiriting moral nihilism of academia. The most prestigious universities have educated America’s political, diplomatic and media elites, an increasing number of which are anything but champions of the American political tradition. American democracy is in trouble.

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Bibi is rising to the challenge

JPOST has posted an article Bibi’s Hebrew blog. After Bibi cites many weak actions by Olmert he argues,

Weakness invites pressure.

The weakness of the Olmert government only expedites the decline of Israel’s stature, both in the Middle East and around the world.

If the Israeli government accepts the ongoing firing of Kassams at its cities, why shouldn’t the world?

If Olmert’s government reacts limply to Iran’s statements about its intentions to destroy Israel, why should we expect the world to act against them?

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After the Danish Cartoon Controversy

Pernille Ammitzbøll and Lorenzo Vidino:

On February 5, 2005, at the height of the tension following the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten’s publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, Muslim protesters torched Denmark’s embassies in Beirut and Damascus. While many in the West looked on with bewilderment, protests spread across the Muslim world, and stores in Muslim areas removed Danish products from their shelves. Even as the cartoon crisis captured headlines around the world, most people outside Denmark remain unfamiliar with the forces propelling it. Like the Salman Rushdie affair before it and the furor over Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks at Regensburg University after it, the cartoon controversy had less to do with genuine outrage over the depiction of Islam’s prophet and more to do with the ambitions, first, of a small group of radical imams and, later, of jousting Middle Eastern powers. Now that the dust has settled, what is the legacy of the crisis, not only for Denmark but also for the Western world? …

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A sovereign Palestine? No chance

Paul Sheehan, Sydney Morning Herald

Sheehan puts away prejudices and preconceptions to consider the viability of a Palestinian state.

[..] For the sake of reality, let’s put aside whatever views and prejudices you may hold on the Palestinian question. Put aside any animosity about grasping Jews or murderous Arabs. Put aside the Holocaust, and Muslim anti-Semitism. Put aside hopes and judgements. Simply look at what has happened on the ground. Stripped of all emotion and prejudice, right and wrong, one reality becomes clear: there is no chance of a sovereign, autonomous Palestinian state. Not within our lifetimes. No chance. None.

Not only won’t there be a sovereign Palestinian state, there can’t be.

It’s no longer viable. At every historic juncture since Israel was created in 1948, rhetoric has taken precedence over pragmatism in the Arab world. As a result, every one of these historic junctions has resulted, without exception, in material defeat for the Palestinians. CONTINUE

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“A Clean Break”

By Ted Belman

You may recall that in 1996 Bibi Netanyahu asked Richard Perle to come up with a “New Strategy for Securing the Realm”. The strategy document that resulted was entitled “A Clean Break” It was in that document that the neocons rcommended bringing down Hussein. As a result the left argues that the neocons got the US to invade Iraq to help Israel.

Following is a report prepared by The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies’ “Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000.” The main substantive ideas in this paper emerge from a discussion in which prominent opinion makers, including Richard Perle, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser participated. The report, entitled “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” is the framework for a series of follow-up reports on strategy.

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23 Reasons to NOT create Palestine

About three or four years ago just after Joseph Norland started Israpundit with others, he began to write a major paper on why Palestine should not be created.

One hundred pages later he completed the definitive document. Click on the square blue button in the Right Column entitled 23 Reasons to NOT create Palestine to access a PDF file. or click here.

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Gil-White meets his critics head on

Francisco Gil-White was interview by Osmund Gjerde from the Norwegian magazine Argument.

Francisco Gil-White published the full list of questions and answers here. Osmund Gjerde will publish an article for his magazine based on some of this material. Mr. Gjerde’s article will appear in January.

If you need a teaser first, here is the list of questions:

1) What proof do you have that the reason you were fired was your views on US policy towards Israel?

2) In Norway, and probably in most of the rest of the world, the perception of US foreign policy as being staunchly pro-Israel is absolutely unchallenged. How is it possible that this perception has become so widespread, if in fact the opposite is true?

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The Secular Democratic State and Islam

By Prof Paul Eidelberg

The founders of modernity, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Spinoza, Rousseau, Marx, prepared the foundations for the secular democratic state . In the name of philosophy and science, they undermined the authority of the Bible and removed religion from the domain of truth . Modernity, however, has spawned post-modernism, where truth has given way to moral and cultural relativism, the reigning doctrine of the secular democratic state now in process of decade.

Secular democracy was the goal of the Zionists who established the State of Israel . Their Zionism was based on the territorial nationalism of nineteenth-century Europe. Today, secular Zionism is dead, succeeded by “post-Zionists” anxious to exchange territory for peace, but gaining for their efforts nothing but violent death.

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Happy New Year – NOT

News Analysis: In 2007,
By Gil Zohar

Judging by events in the Middle East last year, 2007 promises to be even more dramatic. The following is a year-end series of educated guesses and predictions, with no responsibility taken for their accuracy.

In the Palestinian Authority-controlled Gaza Strip and the Area “A” parts of Judea and Samaria under its rule, a full-scale civil war is likely to erupt among the local Arabs, with unpredictable consequences.

This time around, the talk of “brotherhood” will likely be finally exposed for the myth it is. Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other assorted terrorist gangs will participate, while outside sponsors such as Iran, Syria, and Jordan will supply the bullets, rockets, money and ill-will.

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Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom #200,

Yoram Ettinger, December 28, 2006

(Based on American-Israel Demographic Research Group’s studies and forecasts )

1. Critical policy decisions (“Road Map”, “Two State Solution”, “Disengagement”, “Convergence”) are based on grossly erroneous demographic assumptions, which have led to demographic fatalism and demographobia (illogical fear of Palestinian demography).

2. No demographic machete hovers over Israel’s throat. Israel’s demographic problem is not lethal. It has been mitigated over the last 100 years: 8% Jewish minority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean in 1900 (birth of modern Zionism); 33% Jewish minority in 1947; A 60% Jewish majority west of the Jordan River including Gaza, and a 67% Jewish majority excluding Gaza in 2006.

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The next best thing to being there

Gil Ronen has made a new short film, this one showing Chanukah scenes in Israel.

While Chanukah has passed, these wonderful images and the happy sounds of singing children are timeless and a joy the year round. Please help make sure it reaches a wide audience.


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Business is good

Straight From The Jerusalem Boardroom #111,

Yoram Ettinger, December 29, 2006

1. AN ALL TIME RECORD of $13.7BN in exits during 2006: 31 start ups acquired ($2.7BN), 4 NASDAQ-traded companies acquired ($7BN) and 1 private company acquired for $4BN (Ma’ariv, Dec. 27). The US-based $2BN KYPHON has acquired Israel’s DiscOTech for $220MN in milestones until 2010 (Globes, Dec. 22). $1.1BN WEBSENSE has acquired Israel’s PortAuthority for $90MN in cash (Globes, Dec. 21). PRIMAVERA acquired Israel’s ProSight for $43MN (The Marker, Dec. 13).

2. TEL AVIV STOCK EXCHANGE (TASE) has completed a 4th year in a row of growth, with an average increase of 45% in daily volume. 37 IPOs (the largest ever) took place with a total volume of $760MN, compared with 24 IPOs and $530MN. A total of 87 public offerings took place in 2006, totaling $1.2BN (The Marker, Dec. 28, 2006).

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The two state solution is impossible to implement

By Ted Belman

JPOST reports,

Amid protests from the United States and the European Union, the Defense Ministry is reconsidering its approval of a new Jordan Valley community located over the Green Line, The Jerusalem Post learned on Sunday.


State Department spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos said on Wednesday: “The establishment of a new settlement or the expansion of an existing settlement would violate Israel’s obligations under the road map.”

Gallegos said the US called on Israel “to meet its road map obligations and avoid taking steps that could be viewed as pre-determining the outcome of final-status negotiations.”

The EU issued a similar statement last week, adding that “such unilateral actions are also illegal under international law and threaten to render the two-state solution physically impossible to implement.”

The EU statement also said “this development would also mean the relocation of some of the Gaza settlers in the West Bank, something that the EU said was not acceptable when it gave its support to the Gaza disengagement.”

Let me be clear about these allegations. They are bullshit.

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