Grossman Backs Hillary Clinton

by Bill Levinson

Why we back Hillary Clinton by Susie Stern and Steve Grossman appeared in the JTA today.

Now, who is Steve Grossman? “Steve Grossman is a past president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.” It is credibly alleged that his wife Barbara Grossman, an educator at Tufts University, behaved like Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) while chairing a Committee for Student Life proceeding against The Primary Source, a conservative student newspaper. Of course, if Hillary Clinton is a female Lord Voldemort (“And your little dog too, cackle, cackle, cackle!”) then Dolores Umbridge is definitely someone she wants on her team.

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Want to know what’s in store for Israel, look at Serbia

By Ted Belman

No candidate for their party’s nomination for President offers any relief to Israel. All support the two state solution and that includes pre ’67 borders with minor modification. At best they vary on how much pressure they will apply on Israel to cave in.

If you doubt the State Department’s resolve to create another terrorist state in Israel, just look at what it intends doing in Serbia. And don’t forget, NATO, led by the US, bombed Serbia to make it more compliant.

John Bolton, Lawrence Eagleburger and Peter W. Rodman combined to write Warning Light on Kosovo and take a dim view of its intentions.

    The Bush administration has indicated its readiness to recognize a unilateral declaration of independence by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, a province of the Republic of Serbia that since 1999 has been under United Nations administration and NATO military control.

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Global Outcry As Egyptian Troops Open Fire On Palestinian Crowd, Wound 60

by Omri Ceren

Just kidding, obviously. Every country on the planet is allowed to open fire on a mob rushing at its border:

About 60 people were hurt, including one woman who was hit by gunfire, as Egyptian border guards fired in the air and used clubs and water cannons to drive back hundreds of Palestinian women who surged across the border from Gaza Tuesday. The protesting Palestinians were demanding that Egypt back their demands for the border to be opened for shipments of food and essential provisions, in short supply due to Israel’s closure of its borders with the Strip.

Well, every country on the planet except Israel. Just imagine the propaganda that Reuters and AP stringers would produce after Israeli troops dealt similarly with similar mobs of Palestinian women. Actually, you don’t have to imagine.

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Morning Qassam Barrage Fired At Kids On Their Way To School. Again.

by Omri Ceren

Qassams have a 10km range and can pack up to 20kg of explosives and shrapnel. The time between the red alert siren and the rocket’s impact is about 15 seconds. So the Palestinians routinely launch rockets at Sderot at around 7:45am to target kids who are walking to school and are too far from buildings to get to a shelter. Now that power is back on in Gaza, Palestinian soldiers are right back at it:

Two barrages were fired shortly before 8 am, as Sderot’s children were making their way to school. Nine Qassam rockets and 13 mortar shells were fired at the western Negev communities on Monday afternoon. Three of the mortars landed in the Palestinian territories.

Surreal. No country on the planet would tolerate that for a day, let alone for the months upon months of that Israelis have been subjected to.

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Giving Gazans Food And Fuel Makes Them Launch Rockets And Mortars At Israel

by Omri Ceren

Maybe “makes them” is a little strong. But there’s certainly something in the way of an intriguing correlation:

    Barak consented to ease the near-complete closure imposed on the Hamas-controlled territory, authorizing the entry of humanitarian aid and a one-time shipment of diesel fuel to power Gaza’s electricity station less than a day after it was shut down. Shortly after Barak’s pronouncements the relative respite in rocket attacks on southern Israel seemed over, with nine Qassam rockets and 13 mortar shells landing in and around communities in the western Negev.

On the day before the lockdown – which involved a less than staggering 30 percent energy cut and no fresh fruits or vegetables – the Palestinians launched forty rockets at Israeli schools and hospitals. Immediately after the lockdown, the number of Qassams dropped to one because Hamas got the message that the Israelis were serious about protecting Sderot. Then Barak lifted the closure ever so slightly, and the Palestinians immediately launched over 20 more Qassams and mortars. This is surreal. These people are lunatics. And the UN is set to condemn Israel. Of course they are.

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Political Correctness is Unilateral Cultural Disarmament

Breadth of the Beast is one of my favourite essayists on the web today.

His current essay Live incorrect or die correct

    [..] Having our way so habitually has even made us a little shame-faced about it. We try very hard not to rub it in- not to appear to be “running up the score” on the opposition. In fact, we invented multiculturalism so that we could pretend that there really is no competition- that we are all just the same as everyone else and that there is no reason why any other culture should feel anymore threatened by us than we do of them.

    The problem is that our perspective has become warped. We are not afraid of them because we have been on such a long winning streak. They hate us for our success and power- and they despise our smarmy, condescending, back-handedly racist multiculturalism.

    At the same time, non western challengers are rising up in the Islamic world and Asia who do not share our values and our scruples. We don’t believe it, but they have no interest in becoming like us. We are so busy trying to console them for being so backward that we cannot comprehend that they don’t see it that way.[..]

    Political Correctness is Unilateral Cultural Disarmament. As bad as it is here in the U.S. it is even worse in Israel.[..]


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IPF believes Abbas is a reliable partner for peace.

By Ted Belman

MJ Rosenberg of Israel Policy Forum comments on the events in Gaza and repeats all the Arab propaganda about Israel causing an humanitarian crisis then gives his, not so sage but predictable, advice,

    But unilateral withdrawal failed. It failed because unilateralism is no way to solve any international conflict. Had Israel negotiated the Gaza withdrawal with Mahmoud Abbas, as Abbas wanted, there would have been a signed and binding agreement between Israelis and Palestinians governing Gaza’s future. As it was, Israel just picked up and left, handing Hamas the opportunity to increase its support by claiming that it drove Israel out, weakening Abbas and setting the stage for the shelling of Sderot and the ultimate Hamas takeover of Gaza.

Incredible. He believes that an agreement with Abbas would be “binding”. When has Fatah or Abbas ever been bound by an agreement.

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Livni is not the answer

By Caroline B. Glick , JPOST

On Tuesday, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had his first reported telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Their conversation was a sign of the rising intimacy in Egyptian-Iranian relations in the wake of November’s US National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. According to media reports, the two men discussed the situation in Gaza.

Their conversation brought immediate results. Wednesday Mubarak allowed Hamas to take control of the international border between Egypt and Gaza. Hundreds of thousands of Gazans streamed across the border. Mubarak maintained his faith with Ahmadinejad even after the US Wednesday afternoon began demanding that he reassert Egyptian control over the border. Wednesday evening Mubarak said that the border will remain open.

Wednesday’s border takeover by Hamas was but the latest escalation of the Palestinian campaign for control over the international border. This campaign has been ongoing since Israel withdrew in 2005 and was sharply escalated after Hamas seized control over Gaza last June.

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Iowa Legislature gives voice to a Jihad message

Muslim opening prayer at Iowa Statehouse raises concerns

The prayer asked of “Victory over those who disbelieve,” and “Protection from the great Satan” among other things.

Pastor Steve Smith of the Evangelical Free Church in Albert City is among those concerned about the Muslim prayer. Rev. Smith admits that he doesn’t know about all the levels of Muslim but knows that the Jihadists believe those in the U.S. are the great Satan.

Rev. Smith also wants to point out the mention of

    “victory over those who disbelieve.” He feels “this is a request in the Iowa Legislature for God to grant the Muslims victory over every non-muslim. Not a request for salvation.”

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And now for Shas

By Arieh Eldad, Ma’ariv, January 25, 2008

arieh-eldad-picture.jpgCabinet Minister Avigdor Lieberman did not resign because the Israeli government has just now put the “core issues” on the table in its negotiations with the Palestinians. The minister for strategic affairs obviously knows that Olmert and Abu Mazen have not spent the past few months chit-chatting about rising real estate prices in Jerusalem. And Lieberman could not have resigned because the division of Jerusalem is now being negotiated, since he himself supports such division and it even appears in his party’s platform. He joined the government in order to prevent Netanyahu becoming prime minister and he left because of recent public opinion polls.

Lieberman’s red lines had nothing to do with Olmert’s proclamations but rather with the poll results he’s reading. Lieberman’s voters were not quick to abandon him. It took a strong media campaign to prove to them that they were supporting a leader who doesn’t keep his word and who cannot be relied on. And even though a good number of Lieberman’s voters wanted him to continue in the cabinet, tens of thousands of others were leaving him, and they tilted the scales. There’s a limit to how much a person is willing to pay to stop Bibi.

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“Time to say goodbye” to Arab Israelis

By Ted Belman

Yisrael Beiteinu has been clear about the need to expel the Arabs from Israel. It recognizes them as a dangerous fifth column.

Now Haim Misgav says its Time to say goodbye

    By examining the Israeli Arab protests at Gaza’s Erez crossing we can understand that Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi, as well as Ra’ed Salah and his comrades in the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, a body holding anti-Jewish positions, do not think that the Jewish people deserves its own state; at least not in this part of the world, which in their view was always meant to be the home of the Palestinian people.[..]

    Those who wish to stay and be part of the Jewish state should know that their loyalty lies only with this country. They cannot protest on behalf of those who wish to destroy it. All the others, such as Ra’ed Salah and Ahmad Tibi, must decide where they want to live. If they think that another “Palestinian state” should be established here, instead of the State of Israel, they should get up and leave. They can fight us – but from the outside. Not from within us, and not at our expense.

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The Israeli Left’s monopoly on public discourse is ending.

By Ted Belman

The Benny Elon Plan is now called The Israel Initiative. It argues for an humanitarian solution to the refugee issue and cooperation with Jordan, not the PA.

The Israeli Initiative said it was due to launch a massive advertising campaign “that seeks to place the solution to the problem of the Palestinian refugees at the center of the political agenda”.

Titled “Don’t give them guns – give them homes”, the campaign will consist of hundreds of billboards, Internet ads and a PR booklet that will be distributed during the first stage to thousands of decision makers and public opinion shapers in Israel, the US, Europe and in Arab countries.

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Patriotism is good for Israel, not bad

MK Eitem: Left Seeks to Destroy Right in Every Area

by Hillel Fendel

( A new poll presented at the prestigious Herzliya Conference shows that the religious-Zionist public is the most patriotic of all. [..]

MK Effie Eitam (National Union) spoke at the conference about the findings of the poll, and said that the “left-wing elites” must take this opportunity to re-evaluate their negative views and plans regarding the religious-Zionist camp.

    “There are amongst us,” he said, “those who see patriotism not as a value, but as a burden – and even as a swamp that breeds nationalism, aggression, occupation, etc. Some of our elites have decided to dry out this swamp, in order to prevent these ‘mosquitoes’ from spreading.”

Left Seeks to Destroy Right in Every Area
Eitam said that the religious-Zionist public, with its accomplishments and patriotism, “should be the main source of human capital in building up a healthy and strong society. Yet, if we check how the leadership echelons in the country actually act, we will be astonished to see that they relate to this human capital in precisely the opposite manner – and in every single area, they try almost systematically to destroy them. In recent years, there has been no area in which the State of Israel did not try to dwarf, to send into despair, to liquidate and to split this patriotic camp.”

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Hamas must be destroyed now.

By Ted Belman

JPOST reports in Hamas calls for shared border control with Egypt

    Mubarak, who has been under heavy pressure from Palestinians and Egyptians to reopen the Rafah terminal, told reporters in Cairo that when Gazans began storming their way through the border, he ordered the Egyptian army to allow them in to purchase food.

    Hamas leaders expressed satisfaction with the developments at the border. They also voiced readiness to work out a deal with Egypt and the PA over joint control of the Rafah border crossing.

    Syria-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said his movement would insist that the border be placed under exclusive Palestinian and Egyptian control.

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The Gaza Wall came tumbling down: the end of Palestine

by Jerry Gordon, American Congress for Truth blog

gazan.jpgReading this London Times report on the secret Hamas operation that breached the border with Egypt, one has to seriously question the farce of Middle East policy by the White House. The news videos of the throngs of hundreds of thousands of Gazans breaking the border blockade with the apparent connivance of Egypt to denude shelves in the northern Sinai town of El Arish of food, and other consumer goods gave Ismail Haniyah, ‘President’ of Hamastan a major media victory.

Israel had blocked its border crossings after the provocation of continual rocket attacks on Israeli towns in the Western Negev and southern Israel, most especially, the beleaguered town of Sderot, under siege for over seven years by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups in Gaza tossing rockets across the frontier. As doleful Israel PM Olmert said at the Herzliyah conference, yesterday, the rain of Kassem and Katyusha rockets on the beleaguered Israel town of Sderot “caused children to wet their beds at night'” Of course he could have done something to stop that, but hadn’t, until it became so overwhelming a threat that the closings of the Israeli Gaza crossings cut off of food, fuel and power were the only means of bringing Hamas to heel. Instead, before that became a palpable reality, Hamas had already implemented its secret plan to bring down the Egyptian Rafah border wall.

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IPF calls for Israel not to be part of America’s problem

By Ted Belman

The Israel Policy Forum, a decidedly Peace Now kind of organization, comments on American Jews and the Peace Process. Based on a recent study and perhaps other inputs, it counsels,

    [..] As the Bush era draws to a close, and “change” is the buzzword of the presidential campaign, the moment may well have arrived for American Jews to clarify their position on the peace process and speak out. Great numbers of liberals and moderates among Israel’s supporters may refuse to be eclipsed any longer by those who have until now gripped the gavel of authority on this critical issue. Those who oppose Israel’s need to compromise on territory in order to end the conflict, those who bang relentlessly on the doors of Congress in the name of a united Jerusalem, those who use political or financial threats to command political support—simply do not reflect the plurality of American Jews who, like the majority of all Americans today, are seeking compromise.

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John Kerry on How To Destroy Obama’s Candidacy

We received the following unsolicited E-mail from Genghis John the Khan Kerry via the Obama campaign. While it was obviously not Genghis John’s intention to tell us how to destroy Barack Obama’s candidacy, he has provided us with exactly that information. The same goes for the National Jewish Democratic Council, which provided similar information.

This year, the attacks are already starting. Some of you may have heard about the disgusting lies about Barack Obama that are being circulated by email. These attacks smear Barack’s Christian faith and deep patriotism, and they distort his record of more than two decades of public service. They are nothing short of “Swiftboat” style anonymous attacks.

We need you to email the truth to your address books. Print it out and post it at work. Talk to your neighbors. Call your local radio station. Write a letter to the editor. If lies can be spread virally, let’s prove to the cynics that the truth can be every bit as persuasive as it is powerful.

We agree entirely, and by doing exactly the things that Genghis John has described, we can destroy this fairy tale (Obamanation is more descriptive) before it turns into a sick and devastating practical joke on the United States. The truth about Obama can be spread virally (NJDC uses the same word, “viral E-mail”) to end his candidacy.

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