Statement By John McCain On The 60th Anniversary Of Israel’s Founding

Statement By John McCain On The 60th Anniversary Of Israel’s Founding

ARLINGTON, VA — U.S. Senator John McCain today issued the following statement on the 60th anniversary of Israel’s founding:

    “I join all Americans in offering my heartiest congratulations to the Israeli people on the 60th anniversary of their state’s founding. When President Harry Truman recognized the new State of Israel 60 years ago, he formalized a deep and enduring relationship between two great peoples. In so doing, President Truman undoubtedly knew that the Jewish state would face great challenges in its early years, and he signaled American partnership in the face of these threats./em>

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Obama Called Upon to Reject Jane Fonda’s Endorsement

To: info “at”, media “at”, watchdog “at”
cc: Multiple blogs, with encouragement to circulate as viral E-mail

Dear Mr. Obama,

It is one matter to oppose a war or criticize the manner in which it is being fought. It is another matter to call terrorists who are murdering our soldiers–and we use the word “murder” deliberately, because only a uniformed combatant who is fighting according to the laws of war can legally kill an opposing soldier–”Minutemen” who are fighting the American “occupation” of Iraq. Michael Moore, whose endorsement you have refused to reject, has done exactly this on his Web site. For the record: “The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not “insurgents” or “terrorists” or “The Enemy.” They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow — and they will win. Get it, Mr. Bush?”

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‘I was at Israel’s founding’


When the State of Israel was declared on 14 May 1948, some 200 dignitaries were invited to the ceremony, held at the Museum of Art in Tel Aviv. Of those present, only one, Arieh Handler, now 93, is known to still be alive. Here he recounts his personal recollections of that historic day.

bengurion.jpgI lived in a place not far from Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, and I got the invitation from someone who came on a motorbike.

He handed it to me and did not say another word. I asked him what it was, and he said he was not allowed to tell me.

At the same time I got a telephone call, from one of Ben Gurion’s staff, and they asked me not to tell anybody that I had got this invitation.

But of course in a way that was rubbish because a few hours later everybody knew about it.

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If Abbas compromised, he would be killed.

By Arlene Kushner

I want to call your attention to a JINSA Report (#769).

Says JINSA: Rice has been pushing Israel to surrender 95% of Judea and Samaria. In return for this we would allegedly receive US “security commitments” and a pledge from Abbas that this would represent “end of hostilities” and withdrawal of claims for “right of return.”

Abbas, however, according to information from MiddleEast Newsline, (MNL) refused, saying he would resign before agreeing to this. This provides a new perspective on reports that he would quit, which had come from Abu Toameh. While I tend not to take Abbas’s all-too-frequent threats to quit seriously, in light of this information it would seem that this time he means it.

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Spectre of war returns to haunt Lebanon


Hezbollah-led opposition protesters blocked streets in central Beirut and on the road to the international airport Wednesday to enforce an anti-government labor strike that has turned into a showdown between the militant Shiite group and Western-backed Prime Minister Fuad Saniora.

Thousands of soldiers and police fanned out in the city and on major highways, deploying armored vehicles at intersections. But security forces largely stayed on the sidelines as the protesters blocked roads with burning tires although they were on alert to prevent any confrontation between pro- and anti-government supporters.

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U.S.-trained anti-terror units running scared

‘They couldn’t even get near the stronghold without retreating’

By Aaron Klein, WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – They are billed as the most professional Palestinian police force ever assembled.
They received advanced U.S. training and were deployed this week amid much fanfare and claims they would fight crime and terrorism.

But less than 30 minutes into their first mission, the force ran scared from armed terrorists they were charged with combating. Meet the new elite police unit of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah organization.

The U.S.-backed police force has been built up to assume security control of the West Bank following the planned creation of a Palestinian state and an expected Israeli evacuation from the territory.

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It’s American interests, stupid

Yoram Ettinger, “The Jewish Press” New York weekly.

Recent congressional hearings about the destruction, by Israel’s air force, of a Syrian-North Korean nuclear facility, has shed light on the mutually-beneficial nature of US-Israel relations. The Spetember 2007 Israeli military operation in Syria has dealt a setback to the Syria-North Korea-Iran-Hizballah axis, while advancing US and Israeli interests. It has bolstered US posture of deterrence, has extended US’ strategic arm and has provided the US with vital information to penetrate Russian air defense systems, which are also employed by Iran. It has refuted the claim that US-Israel relations have been shaped by political expediency.

Former Secretary of State and NATO Supreme Commander, General (ret.) Al Haig refers to Israel as the largest, cost-effective, combat- experienced US aircraft carrier that does not require US personnel, cannot be sunk and is located in a most critical region for US national security interests.

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The Prospects of a Palestinian State and National Interests of the United States

Yoram Ettinger – The Jerusalem Summit

The Strategic Goal

The post-9/11 world has highlighted the fact that the primary feature of anti-US Islamic terrorism is State Sponsorship (in the Middle East and beyond), rather than merely a law enforcement challenge (in the US). The strategic goal of the US and Israel is to defeat terrorism and stabilize the Middle East, which is inconsistent with the establishment of a new terror-supporting regime on the shores of the Mediterranean.

I. The Root Cause of Anti-US and Mideast Terrorism

The establishment of a Palestinian state will not bring down Middle East terrorism in general and anti-US terrorism in particular. The Palestinian issue has not been the root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Regardless of the Palestinian issue, of Israel’s policy and Israel’s existence, the following factors should be considered concerning anti-US Islamic terrorism:

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Obama’s Pastor Questioned Israel’s Legitimacy

by Bill Levinson

We are coming up on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Israel or, as the Trinity United Church of Christ’s friends in the Sabeel Ecuminical Liberation Theology Center put it, the Nakba or “catastrophe.” Sabeel’s denial of Israel’s right to exist is entirely consistent with a Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin–the official bulletin of the church of which Barack Hussein Obama has been a member for more than 20 years–in which Jeremiah Wright questions Israel’s legitimacy as a nation. Per “Look Again,”

    Most of our members do not know that my Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago’s Divinity School was in the area of Islam in West Africa during the 19th Century — when the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was at its zenith. Islam has as many manifestations as Christianity and Judaism, but most Americans are only fed a media diet on Islam as it relates to the “war on terror” and the Palestinian muslim problem in the “state” of Israel.

    Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A Wright, Jr, Senior Pastor

This is entirely consistent with the Trinity United Church of Christ’s publication of an opinion piece by a Hamas terrorist named Marzook, another opinion piece with a blood libel that accuses Israel of developing an “ethnic bomb” to kill Negroes and Arabs, and of course the United Church of Christ’s solidarity with an organization like Sabeel that calls the foundation of Israel a “catastrophe.” We encourage our readers to circulate this information and the screen shot (below) as widely as possible.

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Jewish Israelis expect war not peace

Highlights of recent survey by Tel Aviv University’s War and Peace Index: April 2008

– Some 75% of the Israeli Jewish public thinks that in the next five years Israel will find itself at war with one or more Arab states.

– (interestingly, the younger age groups are more pessimistic on this issue than the older ones, and also show less support for negotiating with the Palestinian Authority).

– But as for achieving a settlement with Syria and the Palestinians, the two most relevant regional actors, assessments of the chances are much lower: 66% of the entire Jewish public does not believe in the chances of an agreement with Syria and 70% think the same regarding the Palestinians.

-At present the Jewish public’s willingness to “pay” for a peace agreement is particularly low. Only 19% support an Israeli withdrawal from all of the Golan Heights for a full peace treaty with Syria while the overwhelming majority—75%—oppose it (6% did not know).

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Methodists reject divestment and proselytizing of Jews

Methodists overwhelmingly defeated measures calling for divestment from companies that allegedly enable Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

The resolutions, targeting companies like Caterpillar, which manufactures tractors, and Motorola, which manufactures security systems, had drawn much media scrutiny before this week’s United Methodist Church General Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jewish groups were even more offended by a background document prepared in connection with the motions than they were by the notion of divestment itself. According to Jewish groups, the document was dismissive of Jewish concerns about anti-Semitism and ventured into “replacement theology,” the belief that Christianity has superseded Judaism.

An alliance of grassroots church activists who nurture ties to the Jewish community helped defeat five divestment resolutions, often in the early stages of the conference.

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A solidary beacon of truth in the British media


Happy birthday, Israel and Shalom
By Andrew Roberts, The Daily Express

The State of Israel has packed more history into her sixty years on the planet – which she celebrates this week – than many other nations have in six hundred. There are many surprising things about this tiny, feisty, brave nation the size of Wales, but the most astonishing is that she has lived to see this birthday at all. The very day after the new state was established, she was invaded by the armies of no fewer than five Arab countries, and she has been struggling for her right to life ever since.

From Morocco to Afghanistan, from the Caspian Sea to Aden, the 5.25 million square miles of territory belonging to members of the Arab League is home to over 330 million people, whereas Israel covers only eight thousand square miles, and is home to seven million citizens, one-fifth of whom are Arabs. The Jews of the Holy Land are thus surrounded by hostile states 650 times their size in territory and sixty times their population, yet their last, best hope of ending two millennia of international persecution – the State of Israel – has somehow survived.

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Never-ending negotiations

By Ted Belman

Arutz Sheva reports that Olmert Willing to Give 90% of Territory

Nothing is conclusive but the rumours are that he wants to retain 8% and the PA is demanding that this be reduced to 2%. There does not appear to be a “dramatic breakthrough” as reported elsewhere. Olmert is prepared to sweeten the deal by offering a land swap of 4% to 6% of Israeli land.

Apparently Israel has agreed to a land corridor linking Gaza to the Westbank.

Thus, if true, Israel isn’t accepting the Saudi Plan which demands a return to the greenline with minor adjustments. And the US is not talking about the Saudi Plan any more. The US seems to be more concerned with lifting roadblocks and reestablishing PA security control.

Jerusalem is not the talk of the town anymore.

There is no chance that the PA will accept this deal. So either Olmert capitulates or we have never ending negotiations until Abbas resigns.

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Why I am a Zionist

Gil Troy , THE JERUSALEM POST May. 6, 2008

Today, too many friends and foes define Israel, and Zionism, by the Arab world’s hostility. Doing so misses Israel’s everyday miracles, the millions who live and learn, laugh and play, in
the Middle East’s only functional democracy. Doing so ignores the achievements of Zionism, a gutsy, visionary movement which rescued a shattered people by reuniting a scattered people.
Doing so neglects the transformative potential of Zionism, which could inspire new generations of Israeli and Diaspora Jews to find personal redemption by redeeming their old-new communal

Tragically, Zionism is embattled. Arabs have demonized Zionism as the modern bogeyman, and many have clumped Zionists, along with Americans and most Westerners, as the Great Satans. In Israel, trendy post-Zionists denigrate the state which showers them with privilege, while in the Diaspora a few Jewish anti-Zionists loudly curry favor with the Jewish state’s enemies.

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Glick: Hamas must be destroyed

By Caroline Glick, JPOST

[..] In her remarks Tuesday before the American Jewish Committee, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice acknowledged that Palestinian society today overwhelmingly supports Israel’s annihilation through terrorism when she said: “Increasingly, Palestinians who talk about a two-state solution are my age. And I’m not that old, but I’m a lot older than most of the Palestinian population.”

But then, after acknowledging that most Palestinians do not support peaceful coexistence with Israel, Rice argued that Israel must give them more land, more guns and more money because as she sees it, now is the time for a Palestinian state and leaders need to “make hard decisions confidently for the sake of peace and for the sake of their people.”

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13 Former Prisoners Of Zion Plead For Pollard’s Release

May 6, 2008…

Dear Mr. President,

We are a group of people who were Prisoners of Conscience in the USSR (Russian prisoners of Zion, Russian dissidents). Our principle of identifying with our brethren and with Israel, with justice, freedom and the battle against obvious and veiled anti-Semitism took a toll of many years of imprisonment in the Soviet Union. However, none of us even came close to the period of imprisonment of a quarter of a century as is taking place in your country in the case of Jonathan Pollard.

We are referring to an ailing human being. If, God forbid, he passes away in prison, complex questions will remain unanswered that may damage the reputation and affect the conscience of America. Pollard functioned in a period when the evil Soviet empire of cruelty, espionage and world subversion was at its peak. Every clear-thinking person can ask himself: Is there any agent of this horrible and hostile power that remains in an American prison? We all know the answer is – Nyet.

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Bush stands by his 2004 letter

Arlene Kushner

Late last night I consulted with my experts regarding the situation.

Key among them is an Arabic-speaking Israeli journalist who is in contact with the Palestinians. “You will notice,” he observed, “that all of the news about the progress being made is coming from Olmert’s office. You can relax. They can’t agree on anything.”

And indeed, my contact was totally on the mark. For today it is being reported by Khaled Abu Toameh in the Post that the Palestinians are complaining that all they’re being offered in Judea and Samaria is a “mini-state of cantons,” which was “completely unacceptable” and “provocative.” What is more, they say the US Administration is supporting the Israeli position.

Abu Toameh cites an unidentified PA official: “Today, it’s clear to us that Israel has no intention of withdrawing from all the territories that were occupied in 1967.

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US financier put the finger on Olmert


May 6, 2008 — A Long Island mogul is at the center of a sensational bribery scandal that could bring down embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, The Post has learned.

Millionaire financier Morris Talansky – who runs an investment firm out of his tony home in Woodmere – allegedly passed money to Olmert while the politician was mayor of Jerusalem in the ’90s, sources said.

In a highly unusual move, Israeli authorities have barred the country’s media from publishing Talansky’s name – revealed now in The Post – saying it could hamper their investigation. Israeli media has referred only to the involvement of an “American businessman.”

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