Terrorists did recee, set up control rooms in luxury hotels

India Today

Terrorists who struck Mumbai had set up advance “Control Rooms” in the luxury Taj and Trident Oberoi hotels which was also targeted and did prior reconnaissance executing plans worked “over months”, Union Cabinet Minister Kapil Sibal said on Thursday night.

Sibal said the unprecedented terror attack in the country’s financial capital was planned “over months” and the terrorists were not carrying AK-47 rifles but sophisticated weapons like MP-6.

“The terrorists have identified the targets earlier. Somebody had told them earlier. Enormous planning went into the incident. The terrorists were dropped by a mother ship and travelled in rubber boats which they docked (at Mumbai),” Sibal said.

Terrorists were not attacking people at random. It was a well though out plan, Sibal said.

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U.S. Government Embraces Islamic Banking

Supna Zaidi:

On November 6, 2008, the U.S. Treasury Department hosted a seminar on Islamic banking to train government employees on Sharia-compliant finance (SCF). According to a press release, it was “designed to help inform the policy community about Islamic financial services, which are an increasingly important part of the global financial industry.”

It is interesting to note that while many in the West deride parallel societies, the lack of integration, and overall “foreign-ness” of its Muslim populations, they have no problem embracing Islamic banking. Maybe because this is the one area of religious “encroachment” that allows the West to make money, and lots of it.

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Terrorists’ restless leg syndrome

By Ann Coulter, WND

I thought the rest of the world was going to love us if we elected B. Hussein Obama! Somebody better tell the Indian Muslims. As everyone but President-elect B. Hussein Obama’s base knows, many of the Guantanamo detainees cannot be sent to their home countries, cannot be released and cannot be tried. They need to be held in some form of extra-legal limbo the rest of their lives, sort of like Phil Spector.

And now they’re Obama’s problem.

If Obama wants his detention of Islamic terrorists to be dramatically different from Bush’s Guantanamo, my suggestion is that he cut off – so to speak – the expensive prosthetic limb procedures now being granted the detained terrorists.

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by Isi Leibler

The interfaith conference of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia which took place under the auspices of the United Nations received wide acclamation. President Shimon Peres went to the lengths of telling the Assembly that he wished that “King Abdullah’s voice would become the prevailing voice of the whole region, of all people”. The World Jewish Congress published a full page advertisement in The New York Times praising the monarch who leads one of the most oppressive and anti-Semitic regimes in the world.

To their credit, the Saudis were upfront about Israel, stressing that Peres and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni were present by virtue of their UN membership and not by Saudi invitation, and that the King would not engage in any contact with them. And, despite his somewhat servile remarks in praise of Abdullah, Peres was strongly criticized by the Saudi foreign minister.

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Terrorists In Mumbai Target Chabad House (Update: 5 Hostages Killed)

Keith Bradsher of NYT was giving live updates of the situation at the Chabad House. He has now moved from the area, but you can read his updates from there up to 7:55am this morning. (Posts are in London time–subtract 5 hours.


Five hostages have been killed by terrorists holed up inside Nariman House, a Jewish centre, in Colaba (Mumbai) even as National Security Guard commandos have secured major parts of the building.

It is not clear who those 5 hostages were.

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Ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish: Muslim Hate for Jews Worse than Nazis’

by Aviva Woolf, (IsraelNN.com)

Nonie Darwish, the founder of Arabs for Israel, says that the hatred the Muslims have for Jews is even worse than the hatred the Nazis had for them. “It isn’t a societal thing, it’s a religious thing,” she explains. “It’s intrinsic to their lives because it isn’t a human command to kill Jews, it’s the word of Allah.”

In an interview with Israel National News’ Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, the activist and author Darwish explains that it is Muslim teaching to kill non-believers in Allah, and that adherents of any other monotheistic religion must become second class citizens.

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Nov 4th: The night that changed the world

Brussels Journal

This serial essay started with the assumption that Barack Hussein Obama’s election as the 44th President of the United States would accelerate the creation of a multicultural supra-state encompassing all the countries founded and developed by whites. This entity, that I called Meccania, would be an ideological extension of the European Union, suppressing and diluting its white majority, its original civilization and its civic freedoms while force-flooding its territories with ever more black, brown and Muslim minorities, and increasing state control over all areas of life.

[This is a very long extract from an even longer essay. If you appreciate beautiful writing and indepth perception and analysis, you will love this.]

A week after Mr. Obama’s election, it was impossible to exaggerate its impact on the world. That oxen had been slain for feasts in Kenya, and black Americans had cried for joy is fair and normal. But what the descendants of Europa were doing was unique, fascinating and terrible. They were dancing on their own grave in euphoric rapture, by the hundred millions, celebrating their own demise.

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US to pressure Israel on the peace and nuclear arms.

By Ted Belman

Prior to Obama’s election, I warned that his administration would force Israel to capitulate and that it would attempt to get Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

It didn’t take long for the voices advocating same reached a cacaphony.

Aaron David Miller writing in International Herald Tribune

    Still, on settlement activity, bypass roads or land confiscation, we’ve given the Israelis a pass now for at least 16 years, imposed no accountability or transparency on policies that have nothing to do with Israeli security needs.

    That we don’t want to sanction the Israelis is understandable; they’re a close ally. But we should make it unmistakably clear that we won’t lend our authority or auspices to any peacemaking process in which Israeli or Palestinian behavior undermines it and destroys American credibility at the same time.

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The EU caves on Durban II

Durban II Alert

European Union Capitulates to Islamic States on Durban II as UN General Assembly Committee Renews Support for the Conference and Calls for Additional Funding
The American Jewish Committee and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Refuse to Demand a U.S. Boycott; Israel’s Plea for Immediate Boycott Support Ignored

NEW YORK – The UN General Assembly’s Third Committee on Social and Humanitarian Affairs threw renewed support behind the Durban II Conference. Last year, the European Union voted against the Durban II resolution. This year they capitulated to the pressure of Islamic states and their allies.

The vote on the Resolution (orally amended, para. 55 deleted) was 130 votes in favor, 11 votes against and 35 abstentions. In 2007 the vote was 119 votes in favor, 45 against and 6 abstentions. The main change was the collapse of the EU.

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