Are U.S. Officials Understanding and Responding to Middle East Crises? Ya Think?

The Sate Department wants Israel to disappear. That explains everything. T Belman

By Barry Rubin, GLORIA *

If you’ve lost faith in the current administration’s ability and mass media’s ability to respond to Middle East developments, here’s more evidence. There’s a relatively new American idiomatic expression, “Ya [you] think?” Said sarcastically, it means: Wow, duh, the answer to that question is really obvious!

So consider how hidden, obscure stories [sarcasm] are being dug out by policymakers and top media. The New York Times reports that the U.S. government is “increasingly alarmed by unrest in Lebanon, whose own fragile peace is being threatened by militant opponents of a politically charged investigation into the killing in 2005 of a former Lebanese leader.”

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Listen to American Jews’ stand on Israel

Examining the views of American Jews toward Israel is crucial in light of both the U.S. midterm elections and the Jewish Agency reform program initiated by Natan Sharansky.

By Gabi Sheffer

Where do American Jews stand on Israel and how are these positions linked to their attitude toward the American administration? Examining this issue is crucial in light of both the U.S. midterm elections and the reform program for the Jewish Agency initiated by Chairman Natan Sharansky.

First, it must be recognized that American Jewry is not a homogenous community. There is a core, which includes those who emphatically identify as members of the Jewish faith and nation, but the number of Jews who have completely integrated into American society and who stand on the fringes of the Jewish nation is growing. Half of American Jews define themselves as ethnic Jews, and not Jews by faith. These two facts have great meaning for the positions of Jews in general, and specifically regarding Israel.

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Normalize, not assimilate

I am posting this essay in part as a reply to Narvey and Mer. Comments#18 #20 Yamit

By Obadiah Shoher

To be normal, a person must be like others. When Jews lived isolated in their own communities, they were normal: each Jew was culturally like the rest. In the nineteenth century, superficial liberalism opened the outside world to Jews. The Gentiles still despised the Jews but called us their equals. Jews saw the world and its opportunities, and realized that they were not normal,not like others. The nineteenth-century German discussion of Jews is instructive: liberals countered anti-semites by asserting that Jews could eventually become like other Germans. They did not imagine that Jews were decent people in their own right. German Jews accepted that attitude and rushed to assimilate.

It’s hard, very hard to be different. The Jews wanted to be normal. Israel offers us a chance to normalize without Gentile-izing, to be like our neighbors, yet unlike the world that eats dogs and pigs, practices incest and homosexuality, and dislikes us at best.

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Muslim Brotherhood has embedded itself solidly in America

This clearly shows what we face a hostile world filled with sweet talking peaceful Muslims who are dedicating their attention to eradicating Israel by whatever means available

Busted – Orlando Mosque Finances Hamas Fundraiser

Although this was documented for South Florida, be aware that the same is occurring all over the USA .

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The Liberal Political Agenda Discourages a Strong Israel

By Matthew M. Hausman

The recent conference of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (“CAMERA”) provided a glimpse into the subtle ideological struggle for control of the Jewish political spirit and its place in the world of Israel advocacy. Those who believe that the merit of the Jewish State stems from her liberal political character were well represented by Professor Alan Dershowitz, who spoke eloquently about the hypocrisy of media coverage of Israel and the disproportionate criticism of her right to defend herself. In contrast, those who endorse Israel simply because she represents the historical expression of Jewish nationalism in the ancestral homeland – irrespective of the transient political values of her popular culture – were better represented by Melanie Phillips. The friction between the two positions was apparent during a spirited Q and A session after Ms. Phillips’ remarks.

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Obama has destroyed the Democratic Party

By Ted Belman (h/t SarahSue)

Come 2012 there is going to be enormous fallout from the battle Obama and his thugs waged against the the Clinton machine. Hillary’s supporters are inching to get even. Not because they lost in a fair fight but because of the voter fraud and intimidation that her campaign and supporters were subjected to. One of her greatest supporters were the boys at HIllbuzz who are now anabashedly supporting Sarah Palin.

They have just posted a letter to Rush Limbaugh on the Democrat Civil War Already In Progress

    I don’t think even you understand just how much damage Obama has done to the Democrat Party — to the point where formerly lifelong Democrats like myself, and everyone here at, are actively working to expose the party and literally burn it to the ground for the good of the country.

    Read more …

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Chinese warplanes make Mid East debut in Turkey and Iran

Yamit:Looks like two distinct adversarial groups are forming with America playing both sides against the middle:
Readers of know that since 2003 the US State Department has driven Turkey toward Islamic – centered powers, alienating it from the Western coalition and facilitating its continued exclusion from the EU. Turkey’s recent receipt of SU -27 and Mig-29 fighters from China , arriving just as the Persian spree in the Lebanon occurred accentuates this northern grouping and obscures the instability of any arrangement between Syria and Turkey except that based on oppressing the Kurds, semi-autonomous in Northern Iraq.
If Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and the ‘Palestinians’ constitute one grouping, their antithesis consists of Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and Egypt.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Chinese Air Force Su-27 warplane

The arrival of a new Middle East player startled Washington and Jerusalem: debkafile’s military sources disclose that when Turkish Prime Minister Tayyep Erdogan met Syrian president Bashar Assad in Damascus Monday, Oct. 11, they talked less about the Kurdish question and more about the role China is willing to play in the military-intelligence alliance binding Syria, Iran and Turkey.

Erdogan took the credit for China’s unfolding involvement in the alliance in the role of big-power backer. Two recent events illustrate Beijing’s intent:

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McDonald’s against Jews?

Kosher Slaughter, when done correctly, is actually LESS PAINFUL than stunning.

According to Temple Grandlin, a well respected inspector of slaughterhouses (all types):

In plants with upright restraining devices, I made further observations to determine if slaughter without stunning causes pain. If the cattle stay completely calm while kosher slaughter is performed, they flinch slightly at the beginning of the cut. There is no other movement until convulsions start when sensibility is lost. Immediately after the cut I loosened the head holder and body restraints. Most cattle looked around for 5 to 60 seconds until they collapsed. They did not seem aware that their throats were cut. Waving my hand in front of the animal’s face caused a much bigger reaction than the kosher cut (Grandin, 1994).
Why didn’t McDonalds look into this research?

McDonald’s Restaurants Favor the Rights of Animals Over the Rights of Religious People. Shuts down Kosher Slaughter for London Jews.

McDonalds has now shut down one of the only Kosher slaughter houses for London Jews.

A slaughterhouse that supplies kosher meat to London-area stores has stopped kosher slaughter following a protest by McDonald’s.

Slaney Foods in County Wexford, Ireland, decided to stop religious slaughter, the Jewish Chronicle reported. Slaney has supplied meat to McDonald’s for eight years.

McDonald’s has been under fire in recent days since media reports that halal meat, which is ritually slaughtered for Muslims, is used by some of the fast-food chain’s restaurants. After denying that such meat was used because it is against company policy, McDonald’s was forced to admit that some of its meat indeed was ritually slaughtered at Slaney.

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Right of Reply: Why the doubters are wrong about Obama

David Harris is replying below to an article I posted on 18 Oct “The Jewish problem with Obama”, by EDWARD KLEIN WITH RICHARD Z. CHESNOFF.
Feckless and brain impaired David Harris attempts here to defend Obama. I would call his attempt Mission Impossible! If anyone(Narvey) really wants to know what the problem of diaspora Jews really are, just read this article by Harris. With leaders such as Harris the diaspora is not only in deep trouble and decline; they will continue to trend negatively downward with the likes of David Harris as leaders. Yamit


Obama has taken clear and decisive steps since day one to enhance the administration’s relationship with the Jewish community.

Edward Klein and Richard Chesnoff, two well-respected journalists, have unfortunately decided to misrepresent the facts about President Barack Obama’s relationship with Israel and the American Jewish community in their recent magazine feature. The pair has taken to recycling myths and using questionable polling data in their essay on the supposed “[The] Jewish problem with Obama” (October 15).

We have seen repeatedly since before Obama took office all of the baseless right-wing smears intended to undermine the actual work that he and his administration are doing. In the age of social media and e-mail, these myths have spread like wildfire across the Internet.

Perhaps if Klein and Chesnoff had been following National Jewish Democratic Council on Facebook and Twitter, they would have seen the overwhelming wave of materials that reflect the truth about the Obama administration.

NONETHELESS, HERE are the facts:

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The Jihad Candidate

Laura: Joe Sestak goes much further than signing pro-hamas letters. A leader of the hamas front group CAIR hosted a fundraiser at his home for Sestak. Sestak then went on to lie about having been at this CAIR jihadist’s home. His pro-jihad leanings make Sestak a traitor and a clear and present danger to America and he therefore must be defeated. It’s a travesty that a politician will sell out his own country for muslim money. I don’t expect the MSM to cover this scandal. In the first place they back the democrats and in the second place they don’t see any problem with CAIR.

2nd Sestak scandal days before election
Unindicted terrorist co-conspirator leader claims
to have hosted home fundraiser for Democrat

By Art Moore, WorldNetDaily

Since his election to the House in 2006, Democratic Senate candidate Joe Sestak has fended off strong criticism of his relationship with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a federally designated terrorist co-conspirator shown by FBI evidence to be a front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Now in a tight race with Republican Pat Toomey for Sen. Arlen Specter’s open seat, a report asserting Sestak was caught in a lie – denying that he was ever in the home of the director of CAIR’s Pennsylvania chapter for a fundraiser on his behalf – has resurfaced.

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Outrageous: UNESCO ‘recognizes’ Rachel’s tomb… as a mosque

This is another attack on Judaism by the Nations of the world. It is an attack on our history, on a core belief of Judaism and it is a direct attack and an affront on Judaism. A few Jews may react but most will be indifferent. If Israel doesn’t leave that vile body at least leave UNESCO and refuse them access to the site. I would bar any agency connected with the UN from setting foot in the Land of Israel. Yamit

Israel Matzav

Mama Rochel

The picture is Kever Rachel (Rachel’s tomb) as it looked until about ten years ago, when the government turned it into an armed fortress to counteract ‘Palestinian’ terrorists firing upon it.

Earlier, the government almost gave the tomb away.

“During the Rabin administration, Kever Rachel was slated to fall into ‘Area A’, that is, under full Arab civil and military control. Upon seeing this, Knesset Member Chanan Porat [National Religious Party. CiJ] decided that he must speak with Rabin in the hopes of changing his mind. As Chanan Porat was walking to Rabin’s office, Knesset Member Rabbi Menachem Porush [United Torah Judaism. CiJ] asked Porat where he was going. Hearing that Porat was about to fight for Kever Rachel, Porush asked to join in the meeting. At Rabin’s office, Chanan Porat was diligently explaining the ins and outs of the security situation at Kever Rachel and making rational arguments that did not seem to move Rabin.

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Netanyahu has lost it…. Abu Mazen To Be Our Landlord?

Abbas: We’ll demand UN recognition within months
According to Politico Obama is set to pick Bill Clinton to take charge of the negotiations along possibly with Indyk. Yamit

Update:‘Netanyahu offered Palestinian state on temporary borders’

Senior Palestinian source tells Al-Hayat newspaper prime minister drafted plan to maintain control of more than 40% of West Bank territory in transition period, postpone Jerusalem, refugee issues to future negotiations

‘Israel may lease east Jerusalem from a Palestinian State’

Arab newspaper reports that US, Israel are discussing future borders; one option is leasing land from Palestinians for up to 99 years.

The US is negotiating the future borders of the Palestinian state with Israel, according to a report released by Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat on Friday.

One option is reportedly that Israel would lease land in east Jerusalem from the Palestinian state for 40-99 years.

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From Nov. 3rd Obama will really turn on Israel

The Scott Brown precedent and Israel
by Caroline Glick

On Tuesday, US voters are set to repudiate US President Barak Obama’s agenda for their country. Unfortunately, based on his behavior in the face of a similar repudiation last January, it is safe to assume that Obama will not abandon his course.

Last year, in an attempt to block Obama’s plan to nationalize healthcare, Massachusetts voters elected Republican Scott Brown to the Senate. Brown was elected because he pledged to block Obamacare in the US Senate.

Rather than heed the voters’ message and abandon his plans, Obama abandoned the voters. Instead of accepting his defeat, Obama changed the rules of the game and bypassed the Senate.

So it is safe to assume that for the next two years, Obama will do everything he can to bypass the Congress and govern by executive orders and regulations. Although much can be done in this fashion, Congress’s control of the purse strings will check his domestic agenda.

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“Samson Option”: choice in absence of choice?

I believe it is past time that Israel bring it’s Nukes up from out of the cellar of ambiguity and revise our whole defense doctrine. The nuclear genie is now out of his bottle and is not going to be put back into it, at least not willingly. Obama’s and the Wests appeasement make our current policy obsolete and irrelevant to the existing and near term existential threats that we now face. Clear and present danger Yamit

By Alexander Maistrovoy

“When people speak about human rights, everyone has in mind his own ones”, a German scientist and publicist Wilhelm Schwebel wrote. His words perfectly reflect the issue of “breaking” the Gaza blockade. These actions are as related to human rights as Josef Stalin’s “fight for peace”.

Till now not a single person has died of hunger in Gaza . They die in the other parts of the world, like Kirghizia , but nobody cares about it. The rights of Palestinians are above the rights of Uzbek people. As well as the Sudanese Christians, Iraqi Kurds, Boers in Southern Africa, “Ahmadyya” in Pakistan and Baha’is in Iran. Palestinians are the high caste of mankind because fortunately they are up against Israel , and the international community has its own rights and interests in this conflict.

The Path To The Final Solution:

National Jewish Democratic Council promotes anti-Christian hate

What are they? Interests of all the players are very clear except for the West.

The goal of Iran is to strengthen its base on the Mediterranean Sea coast to escalate the confrontation with Israel and moderate Sunni Arab regimes, and at the same time to distract the world attention from its nuclear program.

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Good News, Israel

Compliments of Anglo Raannana Real Estate

Quote for the Week

    “Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are, beyond any question, the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has appeared in the world.”

    (Winston Churchill. The late. PM of the UK during WW2. Author and Historian [see items below])

· Eureka! While the word wasn’t exactly invented by Archimedes he certainly made it famous and its fame is assured because of an intergovernmental initiative established in 1985 that goes by the name, Eureka. It’s a pan-European network for market-oriented, industrial R&D and boasts a membership of 40 countries. It approves projects that total €1.5 billion per year and Israel holds the rotating presidency. Why are we not surprised it is after all the country that spends more on R&D per capita than any other!? Israel will now be part of more than one-third of Eureka’s almost 60 projects. And the first meeting ever to be held outside of Europe is being conducted right here in Israel as we write.

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Leibler: “Dissolve the Chief Rabbinate”

by Isi Leibler

Ten years ago, it would have been inconceivable to visualize myself endorsing moves by the Knesset to dissolve the Chief Rabbinate. In the early years of the state, the Chief Rabbinate was one of the jewels in the crown of religious Zionism. It was headed by charismatic and respected Zionist personalities like Rabbi Shlomo Goren – learned men whose principal objective was to reinterpret and harmonize a halacha which had evolved in the context of the Diaspora to cope with the requirements of a modern, industrial Jewish state.

Regrettably, with the collapse of the National Religious Party, non-Zionist haredi parties filled the vacuum. While enjoying the benefits of Jewish statehood, they employed their political leverage to extort funds to subsidize institutions which deterred youngsters from serving in the army and denied them an education which would enable them to earn a living. They granted sinecures and jobs in the state rabbinical system to their followers.

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The Great Arab Land Grab

Pushing Back Against Arab Land Grabs

    Israel is in the midst of a national crisis of hitherto unknown proportions that is not well known to the average citizen, according to Joel Busner, founder of the “Buy a Piece of Israel” project. He says that Jewish farmers and landowners are victimized by the illegal takeover of their land in the Galilee and the Negev through means of robbery, violence and intimidation by their Arab neighbors. Illegal grazing, planting and residential construction by Arabs have taken place over huge tracts of Jewish owned land that were liberated at the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. It would appear that the government of Israel has been unwilling or unable to enforce laws that would prevent such actions.

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The Democrats Treachery

Laura: The Democrats don’t care that they are turning America into a banana republic. The only thing that matters to them is maintaining their power at all costs, even at the expense of democracy and free and fair elections. In fact I would go further in saying that the Democrats with the help of their enablers such as ACORN and SEIU are actively seeking the end of our republic as we know it and turning it into a marxist one-party dictatorship. They are treasonous.

Demo-Coup Alert: They are Stealing the Election

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs

It’s hard to feel anything but contempt for this man. Notice the uptick: Obama’s rhetoric is increasingly radical. Obama thinks he’s back in some third world country where banana republic dictators steamroll over the little people and the fat cat corruptocrats rule. Not so fast, buddy.

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