Dennis Ross disappoints J Street

By Jennifer Rubin, WaPo

The administration’s chief Middle East adviser Dennis Ross went to the J Street confab. It was an odd assignment, given that J Street, in concert with the pro-Iranian-regime NIAC had conspired to try to prevent his appointment. The applause greeting him was slight, almost imperceptible.

Ross in some clever ways communicated to J Street that its agenda and strategy are out of touch with reality. J Street perpetrates the myth that Israel, and specifically Israel’s settlements, are the center of most if not all woes in the region. He, however, didn’t mention “Israel” for the vast majority of his address and never referred to “settlements.” Instead, he explained that the main issue in the Middle East is the toppling of autocratic regimes. He told the group that from “Algeria to Yemen” pressure is coming from the people of the Middle East. Using a term the left likes to apply to Israel’s possession of the West Bank, Ross said that the old autocratic regimes are “unsustainable.”

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Palestinian Arab Self-Determination

Fallacious Interpretation by the International Court of Justice in the Hague (ICJ)

February 27, 2011  |
Eli. E. Hertz
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in its Advisory Opinion in the matter of the construction of the “wall” in Judea and Samaria, cites the right to self-determination as a fundamental right almost two dozen times, always in the Palestinian context, never in the Jewish framework.

The Bench even takes the liberty to interpret what Israel ‘s recognition of “Palestinian rights” in a legally-binding accord [ Camp David ] meant, basing its own interpretation on a declarative statement of sentiment by the United Nation’s General Assembly. With no reliance on legal standing, the ICJ says:

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Stop the deligitimation

[Google translated this article from the original Hebrew.]

The end of military regime in the territories falling discrimination, as long as repressive regimes in the Middle East. If the settlers really important to their proximity to Judea and direct dialogue with the Palestinians

The fact that Israel has not yet applied Israeli law to Judea and Samaria is the one that created and continues to fuel the global devils dance against Israel

Shaul Goldstein, YNET

Knesset debate about the application of Israeli law in the West Bank sounds a bit unrealistic by the media. Undermines the very idea of uploading all the media discourse behavior: If suddenly be equal to two sides of the law the Green Line, which was done without “settlers”? Who blame the evils of the world? How can we talk about the evils of “settlers” When there are no more “settlers” but only Israel? And what will tell the world about a one – sided one? It is our end in terms of international relations …

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The Region: Eyes wide shut


The more ‘reassurances’ we receive from Western governments and pundits about the ‘new Arab realities,’ the more we should ignore them.

It’s now clear that the Egyptian revolution wasn’t all roses, but also had a dangerous number of thorns (and I think I was the first to warn about it). The more Western governments and media reassure us, the more I worry. Why? Because it shows they have no idea what they are facing.

Michael Slackman, writing from the Gulf, has been talking to Arabs and trying to make Americans see reality. His article “Arab unrest propels Iran as Saudi influence declines” says: “The popular revolts shaking the Arab world have begun to shift the balance of power in the region, bolstering Iran’s position while weakening and unnerving its rival, Saudi Arabia… Iran has already benefited from the ouster or undermining of Arab leaders who were its strong adversaries, and has begun to project its growing influence…”

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Yesha Jews Have Rights, Too, Says Orit Strook

by David Lev, INN

If police, the Knesset, and the justice system have more respect than they used to for residents of Judea and Samaria – or, at least, more willingness to treat them like other Israelis with rights, instead of “second-class settlers” – it’s largely thanks to the efforts of the Yesha Human Rights Organization, headed by attorney Orit Strook. The group has filed hundreds of complaints against police officers who tended to release their frustrations on Jewish youth in places like Amona and Gush Katif, and it has also pursued criminal and civil cases against dozens of police officers guilty of police brutality. In addition, it has lobbied for and successfully pushed through important legislation that protects the rights of residents of Judea and Samaria.

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Bibi knows where the Quartet is headed

By Ted Belman

The Quartet is to meet four days from now with the intention of arbitrating the conflict. It wants to hold meetings with both the GOI and the PA separately.

Tomorrow the Israel’s Inner Cabinet is to meet and to decide whether to participate.

Netanyahu wary of new international efforts in peace process because he appreciates participation could lead to a Quartet peace plan which he wants to avoid.

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Sarah Palin Shines

A few weeks ago Sarah Palin was interviewed in Long Island in front of 1000 socially liberal Democrats and Republicans.

PalinTV compiled this short 14 minute video of Governor Palin addressing a wide range of issues including healthcare, deficit, budget, energy, environment, foreign policy, civil debate and much more unscripted . The full video is also available and it runs for 65 minutes.

Sarah Palin will also deliver the keynote address in India in March at the leading conference India Today Conclave

NY Sun: Palin Will Draw a Contrast With Obama in Her Visit Next Month to India

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Poll: Most Americans Favor End To U.S. Foreign Aid To Middle East, Except Israel


Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans believe America should end all foreign aid to Arab countries in the Middle East, a view shared by just a plurality (48%) of Democrats and 50% of adults not affiliated with either major party.

Similarly, 61% of Republicans support a continuation of foreign aid to Israel. But Democrats and unaffiliateds agree by a much narrower 46% to 34% margin.

Most Americans Favor End To U.S. Foreign Aid To Middle East, Except Israel Friday, February 25, 2011

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Nazi YouTube site calls on users to flag Jewish sites as offensive

by Bill Levinson

We were looking for material from “The Eternal Jew” and found this YouTube user, who presents the Eternal Jew not in an educational context on the evils of Nazism but as fact. He also asks like-minded users to flag pro-Israel sites to get YouTube to take them down. For the record, we have flagged his site’s background image. If YouTube tolerates this user while removing pro-Israel users, it would put itself in the same situation’s now nonexistent Action Forum put itself in 2006.

We are normally in favor of free speech no matter how offensive, but this user has asked others to report pro-Israel and Jewish channels in an attempt to get YouTube to take them down. We accordingly clicked on the “Report Background Image” link at the bottom of HIS page and got “Thank you. This user’s background image has been reported.” (The image in question includes offensive stereotypes of Jews.) Keep an eye on this YouTube user’s channel and see if it remains online in violation of YouTube’s posted terms of service.

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Bibi’s leadership test

Op-ed: Netanyahu must end ambiguity over Israel’s policy regarding Judea and Samaria

Moshe Dann, YNET

Thanks to uprisings throughout the Arab world, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has avoided one of the most difficult domestic – and international – issues on the table: the fate of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, “the settlements,” “the occupation,” and the “two-state” delusion.

Having recognized the “right of the Palestinian people” to a second, or perhaps third Arab Palestinian state, after Jordan and Gaza, and agreeing to a year-long moratorium on Jewish building beyond the Armistice lines of 1949 – a freeze which remains in place despite its expired time-limit and accomplished nothing except a fiercer Palestinian resistance to enter peace negotiations, PM Netanyahu’s leadership is being tested.

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A first taste of the New Middle East

By Caroline B. Glick, JWR

The “brilliant” “academic” president who theorized that diplomacy-by-apology was more powerful than governing-by-strength is being outmaneuvered — and outright humiliated — by the Arab world: Hamas, the Muslim brotherhood and Fatah

Wednesday night, Israelis received our first taste of the new Middle East with the missile strike on Beersheba and Netivot. Iran’s Palestinian proxy, the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood known as Hamas carried out its latest war crime right after Iran’s battleships entered Syria’s Latakia port.

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By Ted Belman

Canada barred Dr. Srdja Trifkovic from entering Canada last week to speak at the University of British Columbia after being invited by the Serbian Students Association. Trifkovic is a hero to Serbs because he was a staunch supporter in their fight against NATO and the Muslims in Kosovo.

This is all the more surprising because Canada’s Maj Gen General Lewis Mackenzie has long said “We Bombed The Wrong Side – Kosovo’s Independence Immoral”. Here is a video interview that was done three years ago.

Dr. Trifkovic has posted an account of what happened at the Chronicles website:

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The Global Caliphate and the Universal Delusion

by Diana West, BIG PEACE

    Here is what is “delusional”: the belief that American principles — freedom of religion, freedom of speech, equality before the law — have a natural place as “universal principles” in a culture grounded in Shariah principles.

I almost forgot how the Pundit Right smacked down Glenn Beck over his wholly rational concern that out of Tahrir Square a new caliphate might arise in the Islamic world until I read William Kristol’s op-ed this week.

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Steph Bergol’s Outstanding Anti-Jihad Propaganda

by Bill Levinson

Click here for a cartoon of Mohammad nailing Jesus to a cross while Jesus protests, “Mohammed, my kingdom is not of this world!” Mohammad replied, “But mine is!” There is also one of Saint Peter (with a scimitar stuck through his chest) turning away Mohammad at the Pearly Gates.

Finally, we find somebody else who is not afraid to portray jihadists as the Christ-killing savages (we know how they treat Jesus’ followers so it is pretty obvious what they would do to Jesus) they are.

Another good one:

    Tyrannosaurus Islamicus (2004)
    Islam, the bloodthirsty monster!
    – Patriot, Lady France and the Cardinal: … with brain the size of a walnut!

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One U.S. Code for Patrick Patte, Another for Barack Obama

Internet gambling is illegal unless you are running for President
by Bill Levinson

Patte Avoids Prison Time reports,

    Patte, 72, owner of Patte’s Sports Bar and Restaurant in Wilkes-Barre, was sentenced Thursday by U.S. District Court Judge A. Richard Caputo to three years probation, with the first six months on home confinement with electronic monitoring, and a $21,000 fine. …Patte and two other men, Christopher Marion, 33, and Mark Fino, 53, were charged in February 2010 with operating an Internet-based betting ring, Prosecutors said bettors made wagers through the website, then paid their losses or collected their winnings at the popular bar on West Hollenback Avenue.

Two wrongs do not make a right but, on the other hand, a nation of laws cannot tolerate one set of laws for sports bar owners and another set for Presidential candidates. Unless there is something about the proven facts shown below we don’t understand, conduct that could have sent Patrick Patte to the Big House merely helped send Barack Obama to the White House.

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Esther Cailingold, a woman of valour

By Ted Belman

I recently promoted a new book The Prime Ministers written by one who served them, Yehuda Avner. At the age of 18, in November 1947, Avner made aliya from Manchester and crossed the Mediterranean Sea along with hundreds of survivors looking for a new life in what was then Palestine and soon to be Israel.

Now that I have read a third of the book, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I intend to do a number of reviews of the book but for now wanted to share with you, a letter that Avner included in the beginning of the book that moved me to tears.

He tells the story of Esther Cailingold whom he knew from Bnei Akiva in England. She had made aliya in 1946 at the age of 20. Both she and Yehuda lived in Jerusalem at the time so their paths naturally crossed. When the seige of Jerusalem began she volunteered for the Hagana.

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Thousands of Jordanians protest for democratic gains


Around five thousand Jordanian protestors took to the streets of Amman on Friday demanding political liberalization, wider parliamentary representation and constitutional changes limiting the powers of the throne.

“Reform and change, this is the demand of people,” angry protestors shouted among a mainly Islamists and leftist crowd joined by some tribal and liberal figures marching from the main Husseini mosque in the capital’s downtown to a nearby square.

The Jordanian opposition, spearheaded by the mainstream Islamists, the country’s largest political party, have been protesting for weeks for wider democratic gains as anti-government demonstrations sweep across the Arab world.

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