Where Obama is leading Israel


    Our World: Since his policy speech, president has taken a series of steps that only reinforce sense that he is most hostile US leader Jewish state has ever faced.

In the aftermath of US President Barack Obama’s May 19 speech on the Middle East, his supporters argued that the policy toward Israel and the Palestinians that Obama outlined in that speech was not anti-Israel. As they presented it, Obama’s assertion that peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians must be based on the 1967 lines with agreed swaps does not mark a substantive departure from the positions adopted by his predecessors in the Oval Office.

But this claim is exposed as a lie by previous administration statements. On November 25, 2009, in response to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of Obama’s demand for a 10-month moratorium on Jewish property rights in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, the State Department issued the following statement:

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Muslims Stone 19 Year Old Ukrainian Girl to Death

Should Ukraine Regulate the Practice of Islam?
by Bill Levinson

Beauty queen Katya Koren stoned to death by Muslims for being in pageant

    A would-be teen beauty queen was stoned to death after her participation in a Ukranian pageant reportedly infuriated local Muslim youths.

    Katya Koren, 19, was targeted by three fellow teens who said her seventh-place finish in the beauty contest was a violation of Muslim laws, according to British newspaper reports.

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Syria to Become Iranian Vassal or Saudi Ally

By Ted Belman

While Robert Fisk writes that Israel prefers the devil it knows in Syria, Robert Rabil and Walid Phares writing in American Thinker, are silent on the matter. It seems to me that Israel should be backing the rebels in a de facto alliance with Saudi Arabia to thwart Iran.

    But, most ominously for the protest movement in the time being is the emergence of Damascus as the battle grounds for Iran to re-assert its regional authority and policy. Tehran can ill afford the loss of the Syrian regime as a regional ally and a nodal point for its projection of power and deterrence strategy against Israel. Hezb’allah, Iran’s proxy militia, can also ill afford a regime change that may put the Islamist party far out on a limb by severing the overland weapons supply from Tehran and denying the party Syria’s strategic depth. In his recent speech, Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezb’allah, asserted that “the downfall of the Asad regime is an American and Israeli interest,” and added that “we should all be protective of the security and stability of Syria.” Consequently, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezb’allah’s militants have systematically expanded their operations in Syria in order to protect the regime.

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Who cares in the Middle East what Obama says?

Yes I know Fisk is extremely anti-Israel and distorts everything about Israel. But he is a student of the ME and in this article he seems to know a few things. He thinks the Arabs are “demonstrating and fighting and dying for freedoms” and should be supported. He faults Obama for not doing so. True to form, he calls settlements, “internationally illegal Jewish colonies built on land stolen from Arabs in one of the biggest property heists in the history of “Palestine”” and faults Obama for accepting demographic changes. Ted Belman

By Robert Fisk, The Independent

President Obama has shown himself to be weak in his dealings with the Middle East, says Robert Fisk, and the Arab world is turning its back with contempt. Its future will be shaped without American influence

This month, in the Middle East, has seen the unmaking of the President of the United States. More than that, it has witnessed the lowest prestige of America in the region since Roosevelt met King Abdul Aziz on the USS Quincy in the Great Bitter Lake in 1945.

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Begin Breaks Likud Ranks on INR Radio; Rejects PA State

by Gavriel Queenann, INN

Minister without portfolio Benny Begin (Likud), in an Israel National News Radio interview on Monday, rejected the creation of an Arab state west of the Jordan River saying the right of the Jewish people to their ancestral homeland was ‘obvious’ and that such a state would become a ‘haven of impunity’ for terror. Begin’s remarks mark a stark departure from the “two states for two people’s” vision endorsed by Israel’s current Likud-run government.

“I think any second state of any nature, another sovereignty west of the Jordan River, especially when it comprises the PLO or Hamas, would negate or contradict two basic rights of the Jewish people and the citizens of Israel,” Begin told Israel National News Radio’s Josh Hasten. during an interview on the Israel Hasbara Hour.

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BBC and Guardian’s Agenda of Denying Jewish Rights to All of Jerusalem

Laura: The despicable scoundrels of the BBC and Guardian once again are all too eager to give voice to the lies and historical revisionism as told by the fakestinians. It is now no longer enough to erase Jewish history and deny the Jewish people their right to the eastern part of Jerusalem, but now the denial of Jewish rights to the entirety of Jerusalem is being advanced. The British media along with most of the rest of the left-wing western media has made its choice to back those who wish to obliterate the Jewish homeland and perpetrate another Jewish genocide.

Guardian Places Knesset on Arab Farmland

Mon May 30, 2011 04:46 from HonestReporting » Backspin Category Feed by Simon Plosker.

Only yesterday I blogged the BBC’s video report on the Arab village of Lifta, located at the western entrance to Jerusalem and abandoned since 1948. Within 48 hours of the BBC’s report, the Guardian has also published its own story and video.

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The Left Is Decreasingly Relevant to Politics of Israel

By Alana Goodman, Commentary

Matthew Yglesias of Think Progress unwisely waded into Israeli politics once again last week, writing about a phenomenon that he terms “post-Jewish Zionism.” This is his theory that Christians and conservatives are becoming increasingly pro-Israel, a concept that isn’t exactly groundbreaking.

But according to Yglesias, the impact of this is that American Jews—who are typically politically liberal—are becoming “decreasingly relevant to the politics of Israel.”

“The existence of Christian Zionists is, of course, not new,” Yglesias wrote. “But what is new is that Israeli politics has drifted toward the hawkish right over the past ten years even as Jewish Americans remain on the progressive left.”

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Jerusalem and Judaism are joined at the hip

By Victor Sharpe

Jerusalem Unification Day will again be celebrated in Israel and throughout the world with the exception of that 7th century alternate universe: the Muslim world.

It marks 44 years since the amazing and miraculous event took place when the Jewish people’s 3,000 year old capital city was restored to the Jewish state in the 1967 Six-Day War.

For 19 long years, from 1948 to 1967, Jordan had occupied Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and the eastern half of Jerusalem. Only Pakistan and Britain had ever recognized Jordan’s illegal occupation.

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The U.S. and Pakistan: Partnership in Crisis

INSS Insight No. 259, May 29, 2011
Schweitzer, Yoram and Barak, Dan

The killing of Osama Bin Laden by American Navy SEALs forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan in early May represents a new peak in the ongoing tension between the United States and Pakistan regarding the issue of combating terror in general, and in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas within Pakistan’s sovereign territory in particular. Nevertheless, at this stage, the two sides are avoiding an irreparable divide based on their clear mutual interests: Pakistan needs the economic support of the United States and aims to prevent unilateral American backing for India, Pakistan’s bitter rival, and the United States needs comprehensive Pakistani assistance in the war against regional and international terrorist elements – the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, and al-Qaeda – whose ability to act against the interests of the United States is dependent, to a large extent, on Pakistan’s policy toward them.


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White House set for Obama-Netanyahu-Abbas summit. Israel downbeat

This is too clever by far. Evidently 120,000 settlers would be outside the borders of Israel (this includes Maaleh Adumin and Ariel). The settlers in them would have the “the option of relocating across the lines in pre-1967 Israel or remaining on the West Bank under sovereign Palestinian rule.” These settlements would retain “sovereign symbols”. These symbols would enable a deal to be worked out for joint sovereignty of Jeruslem.

This report is very credible. Bibi talked about settlements outside Israel’s borders and creative solutions to Jerusalem. I don’t like it and believe it won’t get anywhere. Ted Belman

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 27, 2011,

The White House is going full steam ahead with preparations for an early summit between US President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for restartng the peace process, debkafile’s Washington sources report exclusively. Sources in Jerusalem and Ramallah confirm that they too are getting set for the occasion. A high-ranking US official told debkafile: “Till now, we have had the curtain-raiser and opening positions: Now we are going for the real show – negotiations.”

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Arab League Goes for Broke, Officially Abandons ‘Talks’

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, INN

The Arab League has snubbed U.S. President Barack Obama and officially abandoned the path of “negotiations” with Israel for creating a Palestinian Authority state and will ask the United Nations to do so.

The 23-member League, which includes the Palestinian Authority, said on Saturday in Qatar that it backs PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ strategy for the United Nations to recognize the PA as a country based on its unilateral demands that it wants Israel to accept before “negotiations.”

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Netanyahu asked Harper for help

By Barak Ravid, HAARETZ

At the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper thwarted an announcement Friday by the G-8 countries that would have supported U.S. President Barack Obama’s statement that talks between the Palestinians and Israel should be based on the 1967 borders with exchanges of territory.

The G-8 countries – the United States, Russia, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada – met in France on Thursday and Friday to discuss the situation in the Middle East.

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The NYT again distorts, misleads and misrepresents.

By Ted Belman

The NY Times continues to misrepresent reality in this article but the title The Mideast Peace Process: No Plan for Talks was OK.

    This is the time for bold ideas to salvage Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel did not seize it. In his address to Congress, he showed — once again — that he has no serious appetite for the kind of compromises that are the only way to forge a two-state solution and guarantee both Palestinians their long-denied state and Israel’s long-term security.

Notice how they put the sole onus on Netanyahju and assume that capitulation will bring “long-term security.” No one has denied the palestinians their state save for their leaders.

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Palin questions Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood

By Ted Belman

For those of you who live on Mars, last week was a big week for Sarah Palin. The following announcements were made:

    1. Stephen Bannon has made a two hour documentary film on Palins record and VP run. It aims to set the record straight. Sort of like a Mr Smith goes to Washington type story. He says it will go off like “an atomic bomb”.

    2. Starting this weekend Gov Palin is taking a month long bus tour of historic places on the eastert seaboard. Sort of like a whistle stop tour. She has decorated the bus in red, white a blue emblazonned on it with the slogons “One Nation” and “We the People”.

    3. Before the tour starts she is participating in the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally in Washington involving 250,000 bikers including sarah and Todd on one of the bikes. The event is to honour veterans, a cause close to her heart.

In her most recent Facebook post below she attacks Obama’s Egypt policy.

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Obama’s Cop-Killing Justice Department

Eric Holder’s BATFE encouraged sale of gun used to murder Border Patrol agent Brian Terry
by Bill Levinson

Q: What is the difference between Emily Gross and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives?
A: Gross got prison time for buying the gun her boyfriend used to kill a State Trooper, BATFE suffered no consequences for encouraging gun dealers to sell the gun that criminals used to kill a Border Patrol agent.

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Canada stands on guard for Israel

Canada takes firm pro-Israel line at G8 summit


DEAUVILLE, France – Group of Eight leaders had to soften a statement urging Israel and the Palestinians to return to negotiations because Canada objected to a specific mention of 1967 borders, diplomats said on Friday.

Canada’s right-leaning Conservative government has adopted a staunchly pro-Israel position in international negotiations since coming to power in 2006, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper saying Canada will back Israel whatever the cost.

Diplomats involved in Middle East discussions at the G8 summit said Ottawa had insisted that no mention of Israel’s pre-1967 borders be made in the leaders’ final communique, even though most of the other leaders wanted a mention.

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Poor Obama, he had it coming

Walter Russell Mead let’s him have it in The Dreamer Goes Down For The Count

    But the last few weeks have cast him as the least competent manager of America’s Middle East diplomatic portfolio in a very long time. He has infuriated and frustrated long term friends, but made no headway in reconciling enemies. He has strained our ties with the established regimes without winning new friends on the Arab Street. He has committed our forces in the strategically irrelevant backwater of Libya not, as he originally told us, for “days, not weeks” but for months not days.

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What Obama did to Israel (screwed her)

By Charles Krauthammer, WASHINGTON POST

Every Arab-Israeli negotiation contains a fundamental asymmetry: Israel gives up land, which is tangible; the Arabs make promises, which are ephemeral. The long-standing American solution has been to nonetheless urge Israel to take risks for peace while America balances things by giving assurances of U.S. support for Israel’s security and diplomatic needs.

It’s on the basis of such solemn assurances that Israel undertook, for example, the Gaza withdrawal. In order to mitigate this risk, President George W. Bush gave a written commitment that America supported Israel absorbing major settlement blocs in any peace agreement, opposed any return to the 1967 lines and stood firm against the so-called Palestinian right of return to Israel.

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Belman’s realism trumps Kay’s pragmatism

By Ted Belman

Jonathan Kay is the Senior Editor of the National Post. He just wrote I want to support Israel, but Netanyahu is making it difficult. I was surprised because I know him and though I knew he was to the left of me, I never realized how far left.

He starts it by writing

    The Middle East conflict is a fight about land. But it’s also a fight about time — about which exact historical moment we should use as our benchmark in assessing what real estate belongs to whom.

He goes on to say he thinks the right time is 1949.

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