To isolate Abbas, US prods Jordan to host Hamas-Damascus

This is so weird. Apparently both Saudi Arabia and the US want this. How does this weaken Abbas. For sure it weakens Abdullah. How can the US believe that Mashaal would be easier to deal with than Abbas? Really weird. The US could just cut funds to Abbas. Or if Obama thinks that is too destabilizing, he could always support Israel’s right to the settlement blocs and come out against the right of return as Bush did. That he would never do. What about moving to Gaza? Ted Belman

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 30, 2011,
Washington has played a strong card against Mahmoud Abbas’ push for UN acceptance of a Palestinian state and his playing hard to get for resumed peace talks. After some arm-twisting, Jordan’s King Abdullah agreed to let his main rival, the radical Hamas political leader, Khaled Meshaal, visit Amman. The Hamas leader arrived Wednesday, Sept. 29, for the second time since he and the entire Hamas leadership were expelled from the kingdom 12 years ago. He last visited Jordan in 2009 to attend his father’s funeral.

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Egypt warns U.S. not to link military aid to democratic transition

A new Senate bill aims to suspend military aid for 2012 until Egypt holds free elections and guaranteed full civil liberties.
By Haaretz and Reuters

Egypt has warned the U.S. not to pass a new Senate bill that aims to suspend military aid until Egypt certifies its full functions as a democracy, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

According to the report, 1.3 billion dollars in aid for 2012 will be suspended until Egypt holds democratic elections and guarantees civil liberties.

The Washington Post quoted an anonymous source who said that Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr asked U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other U.S. officials to intervene. According to the source, the U.S. officials “know the value of the partnership between the United States and Egypt and how much such conditions and language would be detrimental to future cooperation.”

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Obama and Dems won’t cut spending to the UN

Claudia Rosset discloses that the US pays $7 Billion/year to the UN and that,

    Yet the chief effort currently on the table to reform the UN — Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s “United Nations Transparency, Accountability and Reform Act of 2011? — is playing in Washington as an utterly partisan issue. There are so far 98 co-sponsors for this bill, and not a single Democrat among them.

    Why’s that? The Hill reports that according to Rose-Lehtinen, the Obama administration is telling Democrats to stay away from her bill. The bill seeks to clean up the UN by revamping some of its financial incentives — basically proposing to condition a substantial share of U.S. money on UN performance. This would include potentially withholding some of the assessed dues with which the UN General Assembly bankrolls its self-approved and ever-expanding budgets, for which the U.S. dutifully pays 22%. The administration’s argument against this approach takes the line that if America stops automatically dispensing money at the UN’s demand, it would reduce U.S. influence and ability to reform the UN.

Rose-Lehtinen’s bill must pass. 2013 can’t come soon enough.

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Europe: Palestinian statehood bid ‘legitimate’

Europe’s support for unconditional negotiations is phony because they keep demanding negotiations to be based on ’67 borders. For that matter even recognizing the legitimacy of a state is both predetermining the outcome and setting a pre-condition.

Israel should not tolerate such interference. She should tell the EU and Turkey where to get off. Israel owes EU nothing. The PA on the other hand gets 500 million from them. They should make demands on the PA. Ted Belman


The European Parliament on Thursday passed a resolution calling the Palestinian bid for statehood “legitimate.”

“The right of Palestinians to self-determination and to have their own state is unquestionable, as is the right of Israel to exist within safe borders”, the resolution said.

The European Parliament also reiterated its endorsement of the 1967 borders as a basis for negotiations, stressing that “no changes to the pre-1967 borders, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties should be accepted.” The parliamentarians urged Israel’s government to halt settlement construction.

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Obama’s Jew-free policy

Op-ed: US president abrogating the right of Jews to live wherever they want in Israel

Giulio Meotti, YNET

By seeking to force Israel to cease building houses in Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, Barack Obama is legitimizing the Islamist zeal for the eviction of 300,000 Jews who live in parts of Jerusalem that were illegally occupied by Jordan between 1948 and 1967.

Obama’s administration just blasted Israel for the new homes to be built in Gilo, a Jerusalem neighborhood where 40,000 Israelis live. For 19 horrible years, Jordanians and Palestinians controlled the neighborhoods now under Obama’s attack. Jews were summarily expelled. Property was seized. The historic synagogues of the walled enclave were gutted, trashed, some turned into makeshift barns.

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Rumsfeld equates radical Islam with radical Christianity and Judaism

Rumsfeld was interviewed on al Jazeera and said,

    Responding to a question on his previous reported comments about the ‘imperfectly’ named War on Terror, Mr. Rumsfeld described radical Islam as a danger equal to the way that “extremism in Christianity or extremism in Judaism is a danger.”

    He went on to question the effectiveness of the war, admitting that “we are not competing in that competition of ideas very successfully.”

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Ambassador Rice Battles Rep. Ros-Lehtinen

Clash at United Nations Pits Ambassador Rice Against Rep. Ros-Lehtinen Amid Plan To Seize Park for UN Staffers

Editorial of The New York Sun

The next drama at the United Nations is going to involve a clash between two women. One is the American permanent representative at the world body, Ambassador Susan Rice, who is known around Turtle Bay as the ambassador of the United Nations to the United States. The other is the Florida Republican recently elevated to the chairmanship of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has been pushing to reform — and, in effect, to reduce — American payments to the institution, whose efforts in recent years have largely focused on isolating the state of Israel.

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Christ Killing Iranian Religious Judges Threaten Pastor with Execution

If this is what they do to Jesus’ followers, it is obvious what they would do to Jesus
by Bill Levinson

Fundamentalist Islam: Killing Jesus Again and Again and Again!

Copying and circulation of this picture is encouraged noting that the original is in the public domain due to age. As reported by “White House Condemns Possible Execution of Iranian Pastor,” Iran’s religious judges have sentenced pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to be hanged for being a Christian.

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Promoting Sharia in Georgia Public Schools

Laura: Despite denials, this school curriculum is clearly promoting sharia and sugarcoating islamic misogyny. It’s revolting.

The public schools won’t allow Christian or Jewish students to bow their head in prayer, yet they are aggressively proselytizing for islam in the public schools.

Islamizing the Curriculum in Georgia

By Pamela Geller

 American Thinker

Many of us have been calling out and exposing the destructive propaganda war that is being waged in our nation’s classrooms.  Time and time again, we find extensive lessons on Islam in the public schools, extolling Islamic misogyny and waxing poetic on sharia and the brutal oppression of non-Muslims and apostates.

Last week, we found that schools across Georgia were Islamizing the curriculum by selling misogyny to children.  They were using a lesson plan that glorifies the cloth coffin that Muslims dress women in, as well as polygamy:

My name is Ahlima and I live in Saudi Arabia. … Perhaps two differences Westerners would notice are that women here do not drive cars and they wear abuyah. An abuyah is a loose-fitting black cloth that covers a woman from head to toe. I like wearing the abuyah since it is very comfortable, and I am protected from blowing sand. … I have seen pictures of women in the West and find their dress to be horribly immodest. … Women in the West do not have the protection of the Sharia as we do here. If our marriage has problems, my husband can take another wife rather than divorce me, and I would still be cared for. … I feel very fortunate that we have the Sharia.

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Obama promised PA a state after the elections

Democrats fear treatment of Israel is voting liability

By Aaron Klein, WND

The Obama administration told the Palestinian Authority it cannot significantly help advance a Palestinian state until after the 2012 presidential elections, a top PA official told WND.

The official, however, said the U.S. will press for a Palestinian state quickly if President Obama is re-elected.

“The main message we received from the U.S. is that nothing will happen in a serious way before the 2012 elections,” said the official.

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France: Iran faces high risk of military strike. Russia practices Iranian reprisal

DEBKAfile Special Report September 28, 2011,

France’s UN Ambassador Gerard Araud warned Wednesday, Sept. 28 that Iran runs a high risk of a military strike if it continues on the path to nuclear proliferation. “Some countries won’t accept the prospect of Tehran reaching the threshold of nuclear armament,” he said. “Personally I am convinced that it would be a very complicated operation …with disastrous consequences in the region.”

Ambassador Araud’s comment confirmed reports from debkafile’s military sources in recent months that US and European sanctions against Iran had been ineffectual and the ayatollahs had no intention of slowing down on their drive for a nuclear weapon.

The French diplomat was not the only one to raise the alarm this week about regional war clouds circling over Iran.

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Demographic optimism in the new year

By Yoram Ettinger, ISRAEL HAYOM

On the eve of the Jewish New Year 5772, the Jewish fertility rate of 2.97 births per woman exceeds the fertility rates in most Arab countries.

In defiance of conventional wisdom, Israeli Jewish fertility has been robust — primarily due to a surge in secular Jewish birth rate — while in the Muslim world rapid modernization has led to a sharp decline, down to 1.7 births per woman in Iran, 2.8 in Jordan, 2.5 in Egypt, 2.5 in most Persian Gulf states (except for Saudi Arabia, with 4 births per woman), and 1.9 in North Africa.

Since the 1940s, Israel’s demographers have maintained that Jews are doomed to become a minority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, and that it is incumbent on the Jewish state to concede Jewish geography (Judea and Samaria) in order to secure Jewish demography.

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Israel’s use of administrative detention orders against Jewish nationalists


(Editor’s Note: The author variously uses the terms GSS [General Security Services], Shin Bet, Shabak, ISA [Israel Security Agency]. They are all names for Israel’s internal security service.]

In western democracies, a person’s home is considered his castle. Therefore, if a government banishes a citizen from his home, the act must be based on a judicious interpretation of the law. The detainee must present a clear and present danger.

Chief Justice Aharon Barak, previous president of the Supreme Court, underscored his belief in this principle, albeit not from a perspective which protects the rights of Jewish nationalists. On July 15, 2002, Justice Barak ruled in the Ajuri case: ”Our point of departure is that in principle removing a person from his dwelling place and forcibly moving him someplace else causes serious harm to his self respect, his freedom, and his possessions. A person’s home is not only a roof over his head, it is the means for establishing his physical and social relationships. A number of a person’s basic human rights are harmed when he is forcibly removed to another place , even if such a move does not involve an international crossing.” Tragically, his legal opinion was rendered in relation to the protection of the civil and human rights of terrorists! The security services recommended their expulsion from Nablus to Gaza, and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the terrorists.

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Cabinet has two reservations on Quartet Plan

Leaving aside that the PA demands that Israel concede that negotiations be based on’67 lines, the bigger is is whether a deal can be made that isn’t based on ’67 lines with mutual swaps. Is Bibi prepared for such a deal? Furthermore, Israel should never agree to time lines because failure to meet them will bring pressure if not consequences from the Quartet. Ted Belman


Vice Premier Silvan Shalom said that the cabinet’s response to the Quartet initiative for restarting peace talks “must take a positive direction,” but expressed two reservations to the proposal in an interview with Army Radio Wednesday.

“There are two problematic items,” Shalom said of demands found within the Quartet initiative. “The first is that everything needs to be done within a year.”

The second, he said, is that “the need to reach agreements on borders and security within three months – something that is impossible to do without knowing what happens with all the other issues, primarily the right of return and Jerusalem.”

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Clinton testifies against including Israel in Jerusalem birth certificates

Clinton, in a Sharp Turnaround, Warns Against Even Symbolically Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel


Secretary of State Clinton, in a sharp departure from her stance when she was a senator, is warning that any American action, even symbolically, toward recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel must be avoided for the reason that it would jeopardize the peace process.

Her warnings were issued in a brief she has just filed with the Supreme Court — in which she is arguing that a law she voted for when she was Senator is unconstitutional because it could require the U.S. government to give to an American citizen born at Jerusalem papers showing the birthplace as Israel.

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United States and Israel at a ‘Crossroads’?

Ted Belman. I beg to differ. Yes Israel has turned right/conservative but so has America. The liberal left got slaughtered in Nov ’10. The last poll records that Americans are 3% more likely to identify as conservatives than three years ago.The Tea Party has shifted the balance and Republicans are totally in sync with the new Israel. The problem is that Jewish American and the Democratic Party that they embrace are the ones out of sync like the Left in Israel. It has been acknowledged that US/Israel strategic and military cooperation is at an all time high. The only thing out of sync was Obama’s decision to undermine Mubarak, attack Libya and embrace the Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

Further more, after saying Meirsheimer and Walt were flawed, he embraces them. He quotes Gates and could similarly quote Pres Clinton, both of whom attacked Israel. Not only were they both wrong but they both represent Obama’s attempt to undermine Israel. The three of them aren’t in sync with the facts or the American people. Malka is also shilling for Obama when he says that Israel should sacrifice itself to American interests. CSIS may be Non-partisan but that doesn’t preclude them being left of center.

Sorry, the more I read the article the more I disagree with it. The title is a lie. He said Israel should wean itself off the aid. Like Meirsheimer and Walt he looks upon it as aid but in reality it is compensation for the many things Israel gives the US in the way human intelligence, technological enhancement etc. Many Senators have acknowledged that the US wouldn’t give it if she didn’t get more in return. One general acknowledged that if the US didn’t have Israel there she would have to station an aircraft carrier there. But the relationship is also detrimental to Israel because she is required to buy more expensive hardware from the US than she could get elsewhere and she is not permitted to sell in many places or compete with US military sales. Finally, how does our separation solve the Palestinian conflict? Instead the US should do away with the stupid tw0state solution and support Israel’s annexation of Judea and Samaria in whole or in part.

Think-tanker Haim Malka calls for less military aid, for Israel’s good

By Marc Tracy, Tablet Magazine

Haim Malka, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a nonpartisan think-tank in Washington, D.C., has published a new study, “Crossroads,” that has gotten some attention. Its central argument is that the U.S.-Israeli “special relationship” is constituted to exist between two countries that in fact no longer do exist—rather, Israel and the United States have changed profoundly, and neither side has fully reckoned with this yet. For example: “Today,” he writes, “Israel’s Jewish population is more nationalistic, religiously conservative, and hawkish on foreign policy and security affairs than that of even a generation ago, and it would be unrecognizable to Israel’s founders.” What is called for, he argues, is a re-evaluation of the alliance that sees strong ties maintained but also a decrease in U.S. military aid—for the good, above all, of Israel’s. I chatted with Malka recently about his report.

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