Germany’s Muslim Demographic Revolution

by Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute

Germany’s Muslim population is set to skyrocket by more than 700,000 in 2015, pushing the total number of Muslims in the country to nearly 6 million for the first time.

The surge in Germany’s Muslim population — propelled by a wave of migration unprecedented since the Second World War — represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that critics of the country’s open-door immigration policy warn will change the face of Germany forever.

At a press conference on August 19, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizièrerevealed that a record 800,000 migrants and refugees — the equivalent of nearly one percent of Germany’s total population — are expected to arrive in Germany in 2015, a four-fold increase over 2014. He said that 83,000 migrants had arrived in July alone, and that the figure for August would be higher still.

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A Christian-Zionist Revolution is Brewing in Britain

A new group is looking to emulate the success of the Christian pro-Israel movement in America – and they are rapidly succeeding.

By Ari Sofer, INN

Christian supporters of Israel rally in London

When it comes to Christian Zionism, most people think of the United States – and with good cause. Groups like Christians United For Israel (CUFI) have been among the leading lights in Israel advocacy, with a highly motivated and active grassroots base and support from a diverse range of senior clergymen and women. In terms of numbers, they outstrip even their Jewish pro-Israel counterparts, and in terms of commitment and activism, they often put them to shame.

Less well-known are the Christian Zionist movements outside of the US, for example in Europe. This fact is also, to an extent, not without good cause: for a variety of reasons, Christian Zionists in Europe, while certainly active, have never managed to emulate the success of their American counterparts.

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Egypt sends Assad secret arms aid, including missiles, with Russian funding


Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi has begun supplying Bashar Assad with arms, including missiles, after concluding a secret deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his consent to pick up the tab, DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources reveal. The first batch of short-range Egyptian-made surface missiles has reached the Syrian forces fiercely battling rebels for weeks for the recovery of the strategic town of Zabadani without breaking through (See picture showing missile with Egyptian factory markings.)

It is not clear if the Egyptian missiles have also been passed to the Hizballah forces fighting with the Syrian army, considering that El-Sisi and Hizballah are at daggers drawn.

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Israel Could Stop Nabi Salah Riots, But it Doesn’t – Why?

By Eliran Aharon, INN

Video of soldier being attacked at Nabi Salah raises many questions – including how an illegal violent demo has been tolerated for 5 years.

Riot at Nabi Salah shortly before the now-viral footage
Riot at Nabi Salah shortly before the now-viral footage

The viral video of an IDF soldier being attacked by Palestinian villagers has once again shone a spotlight on the Arab village of Nabi Salah, a hotbed of anti-Israeliviolence and provocations.

Local Arabs from the Tamimi clan, together with a permanent contingent of foreign left-wing extremists based at the village, clash with Israeli security forces every Friday, as they attempt to attack neighboring Jewish villages such a Neve Tzuf and Halamish.

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Half of American Jews Support the Iran Deal. Why?

By Dennis Prager, NRO

The more one knows about the Iran Deal, the more obvious it becomes that it is not a deal so much as it is a fraud. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of a fraud is “something that is meant to look like the real thing in order to trick people.” That precisely describes the Iran Deal. Virtually every claim made for it is either not true or insignificant.

  • There are no “anytime, anywhere” inspections, as Americans were promised during the negotiations.
  • No American or Canadian inspectors will be allowed into Iran.
  • The agreement obligates all the parties, including the United States, to help Iran protect its nuclear facilities against an attack, whether physical or cyber.
  • Any area of Iran that the Iranian regime designates “military” cannot be inspected.
  • Iran can object to any inspection and delay it at least 24 days, and, according to the Wall Street Journal, up to three months.
  • The deal will free a hundred billion dollars and eventually much more for the Iranian regime to use to bolster Iran’s economy and to supply terror groups around the world.

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OPEC Is Toast as US Wins the Energy War

By Patrick Watson, NEWSMAX

Image: OPEC Is Toast as US Wins the Energy War

When OPEC decided last November to keep the spigots open despite lower oil prices, many of us predicted doom for U.S. shale producers. The Saudis, we thought, would use low prices to bankrupt those upstart Americans.

Some upstarts did go bankrupt, but others surprised us with their adaptability. OPEC is still falling apart as energy exporters fend for themselves. Even the strongest members look increasingly vulnerable to low oil prices.

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Rivlin: Settlements Guarantee our Existence

‘Settlements don’t threaten our existence, they guarantee it,’

By Maayana Miskin, INN

Karnei Shomron, Samaria

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin spoke Wednesday in honor of Zionist leader Zev Jabotinsky. Rivlin took the opportunity to reject statements made by President Shimon Peres several days earlier during a memorial for Binyamin Zev (Theodore) Herzl.

Peres had warned that Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) pose a demographic threat to Israel’s future as a Jewish state.

“I admire and respect President Peres, as a noted Zionist and a beloved public representative,” Rivlin said. “But the students of Jabotinsky, myself included, do not see settlements as a threat to our existence.”

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Iran orders 500 attacking military airplanes from China and Russia to reach Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel.

Iran won’t buy weapon from USA as they consider them as enemy and won’t take the risk of weapon parts supply cut. The Iranian people probably will be the last one to be supported by this big “gift”.
FOUR references  confirm each other data: One by ibtimes second by Defense World, third by Conspiracy out post  (all three confirm Debka’s data below) and Debka:

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Very Good News Israel

In the 30th Aug 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:
·         Israeli eye doctors restored the sight of 90 patients in Kyrgyzstan.
·         El Al has enrolled its first Haredi woman onto its elite pilot training course.
·         Israeli water experts are holding summits in ten US cities.
·         The Philippines is adopting Israeli greenhouse technology to feed its population.
·         An Israeli company is to build a huge water system for 131 Indian villages.
·         Maccabi Tel Aviv beat FC Basle to qualify for the European Champions League.
·         Lifeguards, police and a diving club rescued a dolphin stranded on rocks in Acre.

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The West’s boomerang

T. Belman. Both the US and Europe are being overwhelmed by refugees and migrants as a result of Obama’s policies. Obama with the support of Britain and France overthrew Qadaffi resulting in the destruction of Libya and the invasion of Europe by refugees from there. Obama also decided to overthrow Assad and supported all kinds of Sunni groups to do so. Now he has switched gears and is supporting keeping Asaad in power of a smaller Syria. As a result 250,000 people are dead and hundreds of thousands of refugees are streaming into Europe. Lebanon is destabilized and Jordan is threatened. Obama also removed the last American marines from Iraq a few years ago and now Iraq has fallen apart. Iran has begun taking over Shiite Iraq and is also trying to destabilize Yemen. Obama has decided that what is needed in the ME is Iran hegemony so he is aiding them to achieve it. Talk about a screw up.

By Boaz Bismuth, ISRAEL HAYOM

It has been a difficult summer for Europe. After the economic crisis in Greece rattled EU stability, the worst refugee crisis since World War II is now threatening the Schengen Agreement of 1985, which established the gradual abolition of border checks.

While EU heads of state are struggling to find a solution, hundreds of thousands of refugees continue to flood into Europe through any possible breach, on land and sea.

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The Plan to Eradicate Israel

By Ted Belman (originally published Sept 2012)

According to Franklin Lamb, Foreign Policy Journal, the pro-Israel Community is all hot a bothered by an alleged new study:

“It’s a paper entitled “Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East”, an 82-page analysis that concludes that the American national interest in fundamentally at odds with that of Zionist Israel. The authors conclude that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests because its nature and actions prevent normal US relations with  Arab and Muslim countries and, to a growing degree, the wider international community.”

The existence of such a study, even in draft form, is hard to credit as no corroborating evidence has been supplied, yet it rings true. But what is certain is that the Arabs have long wanted Israel eradicated from the Middle East and that Lamb has been a notorious shill for them. See here and here and here. The same can be said of elements in the State Department, academia and current and past administrations.

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$100 Million JNF Boruchin Israel Education Advocacy Center Opens

Largest Estate Donation in JNF USA’s History Comes at Crucial Time as Anti-Semitism & Anti-Israel Sentiment Grow Stronger; Partnerships to be Created to Promote Israel and Zionist Programs


Jewish National Fund (JNF) of the USA announced that it has created the new $100 million JNF Boruchin Israel Education Advocacy Center to focus on Israel and Zionist educational programming, designed to be one of the most powerful new initiatives in the Jewish world.

 The JNF Boruchin Israel Education Advocacy Center will concentrate its resources on advocating for Israel, Israel education in the Diaspora, and countering the BDS movement, all with the goal of strengthening the connection of all Americans, now and in the future, to the land and people of Israel. The center, administered within JNF USA, was created as a result of an estate gift of the late John and Dora Boruchin of California. No previous bequest has ever funded such a bold initiative to promote and develop Zionist education on this magnitude.

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Pentagon Not Targeting Islamic State Training Camps

No airstrikes against 60 camps producing 1,000 fighters monthly

By Bill Gertz, NEW BEACON

Screenshot from MEMRI

The Pentagon has not conducted airstrikes against an estimated 60 Islamic State (IS) training camps that are supplying thousands of fighters each month to the terror group, according to defense and intelligence officials.

The camps are spread throughout Islamic State-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria and are off limits in the U.S.-led international bombing campaign because of concerns about collateral damage, said officials familiar with planning and execution of the yearlong bombing campaign.

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Dividing the Arabs: America and Europe’s Double Game


  • Iran is on its way in a few years to having nuclear weapons capability. The breakout time, according to President Obama, would effectively be “zero.” Iran could then make as many bombs as it would like, along with intercontinental ballistic missiles to delver them to major American cities, directly from Iran, from South America, or — making identification and retaliation impossible — from submarines submerged off the U.S. coast.
  • Obama with one hand allows Iran to glide to nuclear capability and encourage the Muslim Brotherhood and similar Islamist terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsula — while with the other hand, he claims to support Israel.
  • Qatar’s role is duplicitous. It plays host to U.S. military bases at the same time that it funds and supports ISIS.
  • Hamas, since last year’s war, has chosen to use its scant resources to rebuild its kidnapping tunnels and war capability, instead of developing businesses and turning the Gaza Strip into a magnificent Arab Riviera, as Dubai has become. Hamas’s failure does not come from a lack of resources; it comes from a deliberate choice of how to use them.
  • The Iranians, in opposing American policy, which is a tissue of amateur plans and plots, are flexible and exploit Islam’s taqiyya [dissimulation] — religious approval to lie in the cause of Allah and to further Islam. However, they are not even bothering with that, they are telling the truth: “Death to America; Death to Israel.”

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Obama’s Iran Deal Hypocrisy Knows No Limits

By Jonathan S Tobin, COMMENTARY

President Obama was at pains to express his devotion to the U.S.-Israel alliance during a webcast conversation with the Jewish community broadcast by the Jewish Federations of North America today. But amid the bromides about his administration and the Jewish community being part of one big pro-Israel family, was the sort of hypocrisy and misleading arguments that we have come to expect from the president during the course of the debate about his nuclear deal with Iran. The hypocrisy stems from his whining about the nastiness of the pact’s critics while at the same time being unwilling to own up to the toxic tone and insults that he has employed to pressure Congress to back the deal.

But as insufferable as that may be, the real problem remains the disingenuous spin he uses to defend a deal that failed to achieve the objective that he set for the negotiations when they began: end the nuclear threat from Iran.

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Obama is pulling the wool over our eyes

T. Belman. Right from the start, Obama took the military option off the table. It wasn’t in keeping with his policy of disengaging from the Middle East. Thus he was left with two options. 1) increase the pressure by toughening sanctions or 2) make the best deal he could.

To properly evaluate these options we must consider what his agenda was. Was it to prevent or delay Iran from getting the bomb? Or was it to install Iran as a regional power. Since the Deal certainly accomplishes the later, which also accords with Obama’s words, we must conclude he got what he wanted. In so doing he threw his allies under the bus. The time for protecting them was before the deal is struck, not after.

If he intended to stop or delay them from getting the bomb, he failed miserably. The deal does not include safeguards that any lawyer would demand in order to ensure compliance. Instead it is based on trust. The absence of such safeguards indicates the lack of seriousness in preventing or delaying Iran from getting the bomb. In addition no demands were made to get Iran to mend its ways. The acceptance of such demands should have been a condition precedent to the agreement rather than an afterthought after the deal was done.

So all things considered he should have not made this deal and toughened sanctions instead. This would have avoided giving Iran sanctions relief to the tune of $150 billion which will greatly destabilize the ME.

The fact that Obama has retained the support of his party notwithstanding his embrace of Muslim Islamists, including Muslim Brotherhood and Iran, astounds me. Talk about making a deal with the devil.

President Obama says Iran deal is ‘best way’ to ensure Iran doesn’t get nuclear weapon. It allows the world to maintain all the tools it needs to stop Iran if it cheats.

By Elad Benari, INN

President Barack Obama on Friday addressed Jewish communities throughout North America about the deal between Iran and world powers.

In the webcast, co-hosted by The Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Obama made remarks about the deal before taking questions from Jews around North America.

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The Senate Must Sue Obama to Block the Iran TREATY

By Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D. and Lee S. Bender, Esq.

When Congress returns from recess after Labor Day, one of the most pressing issues on the agenda is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known commonly as “the Iran deal.” Much has been discovered since the Corker-Cardin-Menendez bill was enacted, including the White House’s and State Department’s deceit which influenced the Senate to abandon its constitutionally-provided role regarding treaties.

Now it might take a lawsuit spearheaded by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to reverse not only the damage to the Constitution but also potential damage to America and our allies as a result of the provisions of the Iran nuclear-deal.

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The US is stepping aside so Iran can rule

Poof goes the Big Enchilada

By David M Weinberg, ISRAEL HAYOM

Just in case there was any doubt as to what U.S. President Barack Obama is up to, Professor Andrew Bacevich of Boston University has laid it out for us in a series of recent articles.

Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is meant to reboot and redirect the entire vector of American Middle East policy: to retreat from Pax Americana and allow Iran to take its rightful place as a major regional power.

For decades, two tenets have informed U.S. policy in the Middle East. The first is that U.S. interests there are best served by the position of unquestioned American pre-eminence. The second is that military might holds the key to maintaining that dominant position. (In this context, Israel has been an important U.S. regional ally).

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