Hamas: all proposals for resettling the Palestinians are rejected

Hamas newspaper 4 March 2017

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Khalil al-Hayya has reiterated his Movement’s rejection of any idea about resettling the Palestinians in other countries or providing them with an alternative homeland.

The Hamas official made his remarks during a ceremony held in Gaza to celebrate the 20th founding anniversary of al-Resalah newspaper.

“We refuse any substitute for Palestine in the Sinai or Jordan, even if the whole world was given in exchange for it,” Hayya said in a speech during the event.

He emphasized that Hamas would never compromise on Palestine or cede an inch of its land, rejecting any proposal calling for resettling the Palestinians in other countries.

He also stressed that Gaza would remain part of the State of Palestine and would never be a Palestinian entity alone.

In another context, the Hamas official said that the political unity and partnership is his Movement’s sincere and clear message to the Palestinian Authority, calling on president Mahmoud Abbas to renounce the peace process and his security collaboration with the Israeli occupation. “The conditions and realities around us say that the peace project failed, and they should be honest with themselves about this and refrain from the policy of exclusion,” he said. “The security coordination is a national crime and shame on those practicing it. The Palestinian Authority has to quit such behavior,” he added.

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