Israeli Bill to Annex Jerusalem-area Settlement Will Include Controversial E1 Area

Netanyahu may delay vote to avoid conflict with U.S.; Israeli governments since Rabin have sought to build in E1 to secure Ma’aleh Adumim’s contiguity with Israel proper.

By Jonathan Lis, HAARETZ


But the bill’s sponsor, MK Yoav Kish (Likud) said he would be willing to exclude the controversial bloc from the draft law in the event its inclusion created a crisis within the governing coalition.

“It absolutely could happen that as part of a compromise we would put the bill through without E1. It’s something to think about … I don’t want someone to say he isn’t willing to join the process as a result of [Israeli] sovereignty being imposed also on E1,” Kish said.

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation is scheduled to discuss the draft law on Sunday, but a senior Likud official said on Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might postpone or even cancel a vote on the bill in order to avoid conflict with the incoming U.S. administration.

“It is hard to believe that Netanyahu will challenge President-elected Donald Trump with a bill that could create such a significant change in the region, only two days after [Trump] takes office,” said the official, who was speaking on condition of anonymity. He said it was likely that the bill would wait until the relations with the new administration are established more fully.

Development plans for E1, an area of 12 square kilometers, north and west of Ma’aleh Adumim, that was previously placed inside the settlement’s municipal borders, have raised strong objections from the Palestinians and the international community in the past, and all such plans since 2005 have been put on hold. The Palestinians claim that Israeli construction in E1 would partly cut off the northern West Bank from the southern part and make it more difficult to create a contiguous Palestinian state.

The heads of three coalition parties — Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon of Kulanu, Interior Minister Arye Dery of Shas and Health Minister Yaakov Litzman of United Torah Judaism — declined to state a position on the bill to annex Ma’aleh Adumim. While the Ministerial Committee votes on which bills will receive official government backing, the decision of whether to support or block a sensitive bill is often determined by the prime minister, or in advance negotiations between the coalition parties.

Kulanu and UTJ will only decide on how they will vote on the bill at the last minute before Sunday’s vote, said senior party officials on Wednesday.

Israeli governments since Yitzhak Rabin’s have sought to build in E1 to secure Ma’aleh Adumim’s contiguity with Israel proper, if and when a Palestinian state is established. The Israeli fear is that without “facts on the ground” in E1, Ma’aleh Adumim, which has a population of around 40,000, could end up as a nonviable Israeli enclave inside a Palestinian state.

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  1. What has to happen for Israelis and their government to formerly annex all of Judea and Samaria once and for all? What I’m reading scares me because if our leaders are too timid to inhabit and control their own land then who will?

    If ever there was a time to do it, it’s now! Trump certainly won’t do it for us but he won’t stop us either. Nobody will. But the onus is on us to do it. If the coalition is so scared to annex even a tiny area, E1, this does not bode well for us.

  2. @ Leon Kushner:
    Warning – Metaphor/Satire Alert: Maybe the problem is in the name. Maybe they are just afraid of the name, “E1.” You know, in Korean, the Roman letter “L” is actually pronounced “EE”. So, the name, “Lee,” for example is really pronounced “EE” (the L sound, like the “R” doesn’t exist in their language, as in a number of Asian languages, maybe all, I’m not sure.). So, if we rename it “L1” maybe they won’t be such wusses and just annex the damn thing, already.

    But, then again, they might just respond by saying, “Oych, Kreplach!”

    (A pertinent joke from my childhood. Was hard to find.)

    I am also reminded of this poem by Brecht. Change the words, “Capital” to “Anti-Semitism” and “Revolution” to “Annexation” and it works. Also, there is a typo. “more nothing” should read, “mere nothing.”

  3. NEEDS to INCLUDE E1 as this is a critical area. Do not rely on this HaAretz writer for correct details.

    E1 by the is included in the formal boundaries of Ma’lah Adumum. There are building plans there already in place and need to implemented ASAP. This is important for in demand housing, politically and security wise.

  4. I think these hesitant creeps have it right, but backwards…not unusual whenever Jews get together. Maal’eh Adumim is a long ago already done-thing, it will ALWAYS be Jewish territory whether formally ennexed now or in twenty years. I am of the strong attitude that annexatiuon anywhere in Eretz Yisrael is not neccessary as it is already OURS, decreed by the Goyim since 1920 and by our Creator since about minus 1900 years ago.

    If they feel the need to annex, it should be E1 immediately, because it has been-according to this article-unsuccessfully attempted (I WONDER WHY UNSUCCESSFULLY) since at least 1992. That’s 25 years for Heaven’s sake.

    It can be put down to my old standby… a “typical Yissidhe gesheft” meaning that it progressed like a meeting of the local shool dignitaries… who never ever really got anything properly concluded but “in the process…Israel has so much unfinished business for committees and more committees, more…and more being swamped daily by , that it seems that they must have run short of people power years ago. They stagger from crisis to crisis, by conveniently forgetting the one on hand to assume dealing with the new one. And the one pushed aside is nicely forgotten.

    Which is the reason that other than in the sciences, which are a precise regimen. nothing is ever decided completely in Israel. …..except to persecute the Hilltop Youth…who can’t fight back.

  5. @ Edgar G.:
    Actually these bills are not Annexation Bills and never have been. They apply sovereignty or Israeli Law.*

    The bill in its writing will state by what previous and current rights we have the legal right to apply Israeli sovereign law.

    *The Golan did the same it only applied Israeli law to the area know as the Golan Heights I believe in 1980.

  6. When will BB finally get down to business and declare area C as part of Israel, and area E1 and any other tidbits along with it. We have waited too long for him to get his thumb out and start ignoring what the 70 nations think about the Jewish country.

  7. @ Bear Klein:

    Bear Klein, I’m glad to see you say that, but why do the cunning incompetents who make the decisions, persistently mention the words “annex”…”annexation”..?

    Very rarely- I believe only about twice in many years, have I seen written down that we don’t need to annex that we merely need to take up our already admitted claim of legal ownership as decreed by the major world nations (which happens to be many of those in Europe who are hounding at our heels to destroy us with a so-called “Palestinian State” today….) They all seem to be “those who knew not Joseph”..

    “Politics make strange bedfellows” as Shakespeare said…although he used the word “misery” in place of the later “politics”…. but nothing is strange about the European Nations, who, used to seeing Jews for hundreds of years, cowering at their feet, and although briefly feeling “generous” after WW1, itch to have the original relationship restored.

    One thing though….. they ALL agreed that the Jewish People own Israel “AS OF RIGHT”……. Perhaps Trump has already read the International unanimous, irrevocable agreements of the 1920s concerning the RIGHTS of the Jewish People to Palestine, and that they are inalienable.

    We all expect much of the new President, I hope we’re correct and stay happy about him. All signs look good.. But the Shakespearean quote…. ah no…. I’m just imagining things. He’s different, not a politician….a man of his word.

  8. @ Edgar G.:

    Link to Sovereignty Conference

    The Knesset plenum discussed Tuesday the application of Israeli law to Maale Adumim in advance of a proposal which will be submitted for discussion to the Ministerial Legislative Committee on Sunday.

    The head of Land of Israel caucus Yoav Kish(Likud) promised that “we will act with all our might to promote the law for applying Israeli sovereignty to Maale Adumim which will be submitted next Sunday.

  9. @ Edgar G.:
    I agree with you but can you think of a one word synonym for “apply Israeli sovereignty and civil law to” or one that is closer than “annex.”

  10. @ dreuveni:
    Well, we’ll see, won’t we. It won’t be Jan. 20 until tomorrow. Friday. Inauguration+all-weekend partying, Jewish (and 7th Day Adventist) Sabbath followed by standard Christian Sabbath. First day of business: Monday, Jan. 23. But, the attacks are done from the Obama/Kerry/Biden White House gang (The Gang of Three?) are done. Wheww! Relief. Time for the Thaw. Pass the Oolong Tea, please. Chinese New Year on the 28th. Why do I feel like crowing?

    [“The Rooster is tenth in the Chinese zodiac. Each year is related to an animal sign according to a 12-year cycle. Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.
    Year of the Rooster 2017: Zodiac Luck, Romance, Personality…”

    Meaningful Coincidences?
    I see Reagan also took office in the year of the Rooster, replacing Carter who gave Iran to the Khomeiniacs. Hitler was both elected and destroyed in the year of the Rooster. Oslo was enacted (as well as the Gaza dis-engagement) and may very well be destroyed in the year of the Rooster. Hmmm. How interesting.


    That just left 1957. I googled: notable events 1957 and got:

    “Event of Interest
    Jan 30 US Congress accepts “Eisenhower-doctrine”
    Jan 31 Trans-Iranian oil pipe line finished.
    Jan 31 Eight people on the ground in Pacoima, California are killed following the mid-air collision between a Douglas DC-7 airliner and a Northrop F-89 Scorpion fighter jet.”

    Trans-Iranian oil pipe line? And what was the Eisenhower Doctrine? I got:

    Eisenhower Doctrine, (Jan. 5, 1957), in the Cold War period after World War II, U.S. foreign-policy pronouncement by President Dwight D. Eisenhower promising military or economic aid to any Middle Eastern country needing help in resisting communist aggression.Jul 20, 1998
    Eisenhower Doctrine | United States history |

    Can’t find a thing about the trans-Iranian pipeline. But, I found something about the trans-Arabian pipeline

    “…The pipeline was originally planned to run from Saudi Arabia’s Abqaiq oil fields to the port of Haifa in Palestine where there already was a modest terminal facility for a pipeline from the Kirkuk oil fields in Iraq. The conflict between the British Mandate and the Israeli independence movement had the Tapline company serveying alternate routes already in 1946. These routes were all aimed at circumventing Palestine. “Trans-Jordan” appeared also at the time to be a country to be avoided. The final route went through Jordan, over the Golan Heights in Syria – and not without some political consequences – to end at Sidon in Lebanon.

    ‘Syrian parliamentary objections necessitated the CIA-aided 1949 coup in order to secure “right of way” over the Golan Heights. The end of pipeline operations were also instigated by sabotage and related problems with the portion passing over the Heights in the climate of political turmoil after the 1967 occupation by Israel. All oil transportation in the western (Syrian and Lebanese) portions of the line ceased in 1976. That portion of the line was evacuated of all crude oil and the installations in Lebanon were handed over to the Lebanese government in 1983. The Sidon terminal is now the site of a large, mordern electrical power station and a modest petroleum importing terminal…”

    Things becoming a little clearer. It is only becoming possible for there to be a pro-Israel President because our reliance on foreign oil is soon to be a thing of the past. And because Israel’s survival against the odds really is such a miracle that the Arabists in the halls of power would rather gamble on the ever shifting quick sand of Arab and Muslim internecine feuding and it’s musical chairs charade of endless regime change than on American’s one and only stead-fast ally than believe the evidence of their own eyes.

    “Who ya gonna believe; Me or yer lyin’ eyes.” — old joke

  11. @ dreuveni: (cont.)

    Sorry, forgot 1969: anything happen in 1969?

    “More U.S. Statistics…
    Richard M. Nixon is inaugurated 37th President of the US (Jan. 20).
    Stonewall riot in New York City marks beginning of gay rights movement (June 28).
    Sen. Edward M. …
    Apollo 11 astronauts—Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., —take first walk on the Moon (July 20).”
    Top News Stories from 1969 – Infoplease

    Nope. Well, I guess no theory is perfect.

    Despite this, I still call Trump America’s first pro-Israel President. Nixon saved Israel but he wasn’t exactly a friend, any more than any other President has been.

    “May you live in interesting times.” Ancient Chinese curse (or modern mixed blessing?)

    I hope and pray that Kahane’s “Parable of the Stinking Fish,” written in 1976, will finally become dated. Here’s one of a number of versions on the web from googling:

  12. @ dreuveni:
    I remember the moon landing. I was eight and a half and in a summer classical music camp. My mother was visiting. We were all sitting in the cafeteria, the whole camp in rows of chairs, watching this little maybe 12 or 13 inch? black and white tv on the lunch-top counter. I was sitting next to my mother, maybe ten rows back. I could see the screen clearly. They were showing a simulation of an astronaut on a tether floating outside the capsule in space while the announcer droned on and on. I was a Trekkie from the beginning. Star trek had just finished its second of three seasons. And “Lost in Space”, and “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” and “Time Tunnel.” And Kubrick’s 2001*, which came out that year, though I felt sorry for the computer (it talked about its childhood as the astronaut was dismantling it’s brain, one module at a time — after it murdered the rest of the crew. I didn’t understand that part, but I empathized — sound familiar?) But, this was dull as dishwater. Like Court TV would be compared with the (50’s) show Perry Mason, perpetually in re-reruns, or its update: Matlock, 20 years later (80s). And school compared with Sesame Street for generations of kids after that. So, I fell asleep on my mother’s lap. And missed it.

    * I didn’t find the plot of the following film particularly believable but just the fact that it lovingly recalled all my favorite TV shows that were on when I was that age, made it seem real. An amazing cinematic innovation from a Taiwanese director. TV was important. Real important.**

    ** There’s a funny reference to that fact in the Albert Brooks film, “Defending Your Life,” when he defends his betrayal of his friend (after heroically standing up for him) saying, “They threatened to take away TV! Do you know how important that is to a ten-year old?” (from memory)

  13. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    One could use “Israelize”. “append”, “affix”, “rejoin” and many others I’m sure but I prefer to enter on “Inherit-(ance”)…. It IS an inheritance after all, just re-validated, after tens of centuries of theft by others. Maybe just “take”.

    After all, even the museums and other entities all over Europe are-very grudgingly- returning artworks looted from Jewish owners by Nazis..

    What’s your word…?

  14. @ Edgar G.:
    Worth working on. It has to be clear. See this? That’s why non-orthodox judaism must be discriminated against.

    Damn. just noticed he’s Orthodox,
    “Progressive Orthodox” Have to make sure only ante-diluvian Orthodox are admitted to the party. Only they must be told that the pasword is “swordfish”.

  15. @ Bear Klein:

    I have enormous respect for The Women In Green, but they have been battering their heads against the immovable object for so many years. . They have been expending such enormous energy over all that time, and have very little to show for it that is actually achieved, other than Oz VeGaon. I’ve followed their Sovereignty movement from before the beginning, and am on their mailing list, exchanging an email or two every so often. They are wonderful women, truly pearls of Israel, but until now, their superhuman efforts have shown little forward movement.

    I recall suggesting to them..and others, years ago, that since there were just about as much population in YESHA as when Israel reconstituted, that they should have been organising a shadow government and making preparations to declare a second Jewish State in YESHA, having all the neccessary people including a trained army already. . That would either stir the Israeli Govt. to do it first, or provide us with TWO Jewish States side-by-side, with mutual defence and economic agreements etc.etc. Naturally they would later amalgamate….. and be as originally intended.

  16. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    Sebastien and others….. do you recall seeing an article in which Obama was described as deciding to live in Washington so as to stay as the leader of the Dems and make as much trouble for Trump as possible…etc..etc… That was about the jist of it. Maybe i saw it in Arutz 7, but not being in face book and all that crap, wouldn’t have been able to send it (to my soft-headed politically, (otherwise brilliant) daughter.

    Maybe you also saw it somewhere…??

  17. @ Bear Klein:
    When the post goes into moderation. Select “edit”. Move cursor inside text box and left click to position. Select all (ctrl A). Cut (ctrl X). select update. Position cursor in new box. type one letter, any letter. Click “Post”. Click “edit”. Position cursor, delete letter, and paste from clipboard (ctrl v). select update. If it’s a long post, you may as well do that from the beginning. It’s probably going into moderation. If you want to make sure a post isn’t lost when you post or update, always do ctrl a, ctrl c, to copy the whole thing to the clipboard to be on the safe side. It may just disappear, too.

  18. @ Edgar G.:
    The Women in Green are patient and fighters. We may all need patient hats sometimes. Splitting the Country in two with shadow governments would possibly be the start of the end of the State of Israel.

    We are progressing if however slowly. There are many positives and the best way to expand with sovereignty is get more Israelis to accept this. Some of the recent polling shows this is starting to happen. Hopefully Bennett and those in the Likud who look to apply Israeli law in Judea/Samaria starting with consensus locations will start having some wins soon!

  19. Bear Klein Said:

    Splitting the Country in two with shadow governments would possibly be the start of the end of the State of Israel.

    Bear Klein,

    Whilst I appreciate your comments I think you didn’t pAY enough attention to the last part of my post. I said that the idea of a shadow govt would likely make Israel act first, and also I saId that even if declared, the two states would be closely bound by treaties and merge together later, as originally intended.

    The shadow was just to be a catalyst to get the lazy Israeli govt off their fat tuccuses and forestall the potential new state..

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