Netayahu and Trump Press Conference

By Ted Belman

Trump said he wanted Israel to slow down on settlements and to be flexible.

He said that  he didn’t care if negotiations end in one state or two states. They both supported the outside in approach.

Netanyahu shrugged off the settlement issue and went on to state two main demands. The PA must recognize Israel as the Jewish state and Israel must retain the full right to exist in the territories to ensure Israel’s defense.

Trump made a point to recognize that Israel was subject to genocide in the past to make up for his former admission but I think he did a poor job of it.

Trump paled in comparison to Bibi who was masterful as always. He spoke eloquently and forcefully

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  1. Dennis

    Well done. However “outside in” will be no different than “inside out.” The Palestinian Arabs do not want another Palestinian Arab state. Rather, the Palestinian Arabs merely want the destruction of the single, Jewish state. There will be only continued war with this generation of Palestinian Arabs and their allies predominantly on the left.

  2. Bear Klein

    Bottom line 2 State solution is over.

  3. Birdalone

    Ted: Israel’s diplomacy with Russia, from June 25 2012:

    “Putin arrives in Israel, inaugurates WWII memorial” “…The erection of the monument was initiated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The initiative is the brainchild of former Netanyahu advisor Dina Margolin and was first conceptualized during Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow.,7340,L-4247063,00.html

    I wonder what POTUS meant by “bigger canvas”

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