The Cowardly Obscurantism of the West

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

The prescient George Orwell saw treason in the Left’s corruption of language, something comparable to what we now almost innocently term “political correctness,” which in reality is a denial of evil.

This denial covers cowardly fear, the fear of facing the dangers and sacrifices required in the struggle against evil. Such fear is a consequence of the hedonism and self-indulgence fostered in the consumerism of contemporary life, which is so far removed from the original struggle involved in the break-away of mankind from the set ways and authoritarianism of the old Christian order.

It should be obvious that intellectual/moral cowardice and physical cowardliness have accompanied the ascendancy of commercial democracy. This modern democracy replaces commercial competition for armed conflict. Hence, what is called “political correctness” combines the democratic fear of truth and of death underlying the Liberal West’s reluctance to recognize Islam as the embodiment of evil.

Recognition of Islam as evil overturns the entire edifice of modern education, which is entrapped in multicultural or historical moral relativism. The latter may be traced to the worldwide influence of German Hegelian philosophy and to the sociology of Max Weber. Hume’s skepticism and its influence on British Empiricism is one of the two most corruption-ridden doctrines spawned by the colleges and universities of the West, whose perniciousness is magnified by the Darwinian doctrine of Evolution, an off-shoot of German Historical Relativism.

The main target of British Empiricism and German Hegelian philosophy is the Bible of Israel. The universal and permanent God-given truths of the Bible are anathema to the atheism spawned by the European Enlightenment — really European Obscurantism.
This darkness of European obscurantism conquered the West toward the end of the 19th century, especially with the ascendancy of Darwinian Evolution, which trashed the Creation Narrative of the Book of Genesis.
Yes, it all turns on that Book, even when only superficially understood!
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  1. stevenl

    Blinded by their primal and visceral antisemitism. The war of Ethics against the barbarians goes on.

  2. Russell

    This article is great, but is in a language that many, particularly non-english speakers, will have difficulty understanding. A short interpretation is: The West have gone so deep into sin and have rejected G-d in favor of wild theories that now they don’t recognize either their own blindness nor the evil that is destroying them.

    Thank you Professor..

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