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  1. MELECH david

    was this conference held in the easton area of YERUSHALIEM??

  2. MELECH david

    PS what is currently considered the line between east and west YERUSHALIEM?

  3. The conference was held the the western part of the city.

  4. Sebastien Zorn

    With Trump backpedaling towards TSS (again), hand in hand with Bibi, the question occurs to me: “Are they called “Women in Green” because when somebody asked if every Republican Jew of friend of the Jewish people should have voted for Mike Huckabee in the primary, as I did, somebody said, “No sh*t Sherlock!” ?” They voted for the candidate who was most like an unstoppable tank! A Tank, hmmm. Who does that remind me of? [Hint, are you supposed to buy her a dis-engagement ring when you break up? What about music?]

    Sherlock Holmes | The Woman In Green (1945) [Thriller]

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