China in Ruins after Floods! Thousands Flee Floods in Beijing

August 6, 2023 | 3 Comments »

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  1. China in Ruins after Floods!

    The above is yet another sensationalist headline. America destroyed! NATO in ruins! Ukraine defeated! One wonders if any part of the world is still functioning. India? Africa?

    The floods are being treated as a disaster — just like the 2011 Fukushima typhoon in Japan, numerous hurricaines and tidal waves in the US, devastating floods in India and Bangladesh, famines in Africa, etc. Sometimes these contribute to regime changes. In the US, we’ve had head-to tail disasters since 20 January 2021; but so far, no relief.

    Maybe Xi can send a few thousand PLA trtoops our way, to defend our southern border! He can pick up any equipment he needs, with a stop at Baghram in Afghanistan.

  2. @Adam
    Thank you for sharing this. If the Chinese ever choose to make their move, it will be good night forever for their CCP masters. I know the Chinese are a patient people, and historically tolerate their overlordship with what appears to be painstaking indifference to their hardships. Such cultural nuances as you describe here, which I was unaware, could be the straw that move the straw that brings the entire Communist regime in China to its well deserved end. But then again, it is China, so it will be interesting no matter what comes next.

  3. Oh, Wow! This is strong evidence of the CCP government’s complete failure to prevent flooding of Chinese cities and agricultural areas, and to keep rivers with bounds. This has been the primary responsibility of Chinese governments for at least the 3,500 years! IN fact, China’s “foundation myth,” as import to the Chinese as the Exodus is for Jews, concerns a hero who single-handidly constructed a system of dikes and dams that kept the Yellow River (“China’s sorrow”) within bounds and preventing it from overwhelming towns, villages, and crops. This hero, named Shun, was designated as the heir to his throne by the reigning Emperor, named Yao, even though they were not relatives.

    Mythology aside, every Chinese Emperor and dynasty has been judged by the Chinese people by their success in keeping the dykes and dams along China’s many rivers in good repair. In my opinion, the disastrous floods of this year will have destroyed the the CCP regime’s legitimacy in the eyes of the Chinese people. And once a Chinese dynasty loses legitimacy. it doesn’t last much longer.