Bush Failed to Isolate Iran During Mideast Trip’

Nilofar Suhrawardy, Arab News

NEW DELHI, 19 January 2008 — Iranian Minister of Economy and Finance Davoud Danesh Ja’fari concludes his five-day India visit today on a positive note. During his stay, Ja’fari and Iranian Ambassador to India Sayed Mahdi Nabizadeh spoke to Arab News about US attempt to isolate Tehran diplomatically on the world stage.

Ja’fari dismissed Washington’s claims that Iran has no international support as “untrue and baseless.” Referring to President George W. Bush’s recent tour of the Middle East, the minister said: “Americans want other countries to be frightened of Iran.” Asserting that the United States has not succeeded in this quest, Ja’fari told Arab News: “We have good relations with all countries in the region.”

These countries, including Saudi Arabia, don’t want their relations with Iran to be affected because of US pressure, Ja’fari said. CONTINUE

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