Chit Chat

By Ted Belman

From now on comments on every post must relate to the content of the post.

Comments that don’t relate to the post must go here.

Any person who contravenes this demand will be put on moderation. Also their offending comment will be trashed.

The reason for this demand is so that people who want to read comments which pertain to the post, don’t have to wade through the chatter.

Everyone will be happier.

April 16, 2020 | 3,208 Comments » | 118,042 views

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  1. Before the subject of China again becomes completely passe on Israpundit,here is an interesting arcticle on the CCP’s new crackdown on LEGAL Christian churchs there:

    “<Frances Martel24 Apr 2020186 4:59

    "The human rights website Bitter Winter highlighted on Thursday the growing trend of Chinese Communist persecution against members of the Three-Self Patriotic Church, the legal Protestant church in China. Officials reportedly demolished one of these churches on Easter.

    "China bans all religions except for five: Taoism, Buddhism, Catholicism, “Christianity” (the Three-Self Church), and Islam. The Communist Party heavily regulates the operations of all five religions, and imprisons, tortures, and disappears members who defy orders such as the indoctrination of believers into worshipping the Party. Beijing also persecutes those who choose to practice their faith outside of the five official religions, such as “house Christians” (those who pray at home), Tibetan Buddhists, and Uyghur Muslims who do not go to state-sanctioned mosques.

    "The heightened attacks on Three-Self churches suggest that Beijing is growing increasingly concerned not just with Christians practicing “illicitly” – outside of the confines of the Party – but those obeying Beijing by attending legal services.

    "The demolitions and other violations of the rights of believers are occurring as China faces a nationwide epidemic that has since become a pandemic, threatening nearly every nation, of the newly discovered Chinese coronavirus. While the Communist Party insisted that the outbreak – particularly in Wuhan, where it originated, is over – lockdowns in cities like northern Harbin indicate that the Party has failed to contain the threat…"

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  3. Ted Belman: To have only commented on the influence of Jared Kushner over President Trump is to have done this outstanding commentary of Tucker Carlson an injustice. Carlson is furious at the lack of leadership – the cowardliness, the lack of effectiveness, the psycho/political abetting of the rioters, the tremendous lack of vision and action, etc. To miss Carlson’s message is to miss understanding the attack on America. This is Tucker Carlson at his best, and this video should be sent out broadly.

  4. This is for you Sebastien, who seems the only one on site with what I consider a sense of humour.. After this hefty encomium, don’t tell me if I’m wrong.

    I’m just reading a newly discovered set of stories that Wallace did for the Glasgow Herald during WW1. In many of his books he shows a considerable streak of humour, and this one struck me. A simple few lines only.

    The scene… a very elusive and clever British spy has been trapped by his bete noir, a beautiful counter-agent, who set a trap in a German house that brought him from England to look for “secret papers” . They are conversing…as follows;

    She; “You are all alike you English, Scottish and Welsh..too thick-headed, too barbarian to understand our Kultur, you dare call us Huns…we, who have given the world the greatest wonders of science”…

    He; “like the steam engine,…. that Von Stephenson invented,…. or wireless telegraphy that Von Marconi put over…., or any of the dinky little things that Von Edison patented.”..

    Simple-as I said.. The guy trapped with police surrounding the house. The story is called “The Secret Service Submarine”…

    I wonder what old Zech would have thought of it? Guaranteed to make his bony pals do a tap dance in that valley. Or do I have the wrong guy. I think it was ‘Zeke. No matter..

  5. For how long will the moderating be moderating…?? I hope he finishes his moderating before the recipient has gone to bed.

    Ted..Have you put a “red flag” on my comments… I see no reason for moderating my comment. Perhaps “free speech” is no longer free speech.

  6. If Buller had been Modderate at the Modder River instead of chit chatting he wouldn’t have lost all those men.

    Note; I know it wasn’t Buller but Methuen, but it seems to swing better with “.Buller”. Also Buller was stupid enough to throw away all those men in futile battle-so he deserves the recognition.

    I suppose this will get the moderator out of his arm chair to do his moderating..

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