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  1. I believe the following is VERY good news for Israel:

    Israel hosted Elon Musk on Monday, where he toured sites of the October 7 massacre and was shown footage of the violent acts committed by the terrorist organization on Israeli soil.

    Musk voiced support on Monday for Israel after it came under attack by Hamas terrorists, saying one challenge was “ultimately stopping the propaganda that is convincing people to engage in, you know, murder.”

    After hearing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying Hamas must be destroyed in a live online chat, Musk said: “There’s no choice.” Musk, visiting Israel during its war on Hamas in Gaza, added: “I’d like to help as well.”

    Netanyahu and Musk later held a live chat on X, which can be listened to in full below.
    — Benjamin Netanyahu – ?????? ?????? (@netanyahu) November 27, 2023

    Unlike Biden & Co., Elon Musk can really help Israel; and his heart seems in a good place.

  2. Regarding the article on how the church sowed seeds for the Holocaust; Specifically the Roman Catholic church being an antagonizing force (including the early church fathers) against Jewish survival. While Martin Luther also became disillusioned with the “salvation of the Jew” and his writings reflected later reformation replacement theology, not all Christian believers accept or condone ill will towards any person of other faiths. Most non-denominational and Baptist professing Christians believe as to what Paul the Apostle refers to as “the final engrafting of the nation of Israel” with respect to salvation through the true Messiah. Not my intention to use this platform to preach, but to clarify any reference to “all” Christians without respect to individual beliefs under a universal domain of “Christian church”. CBN has some of the most unbiased reporting currently on the Hamas created scenario in the Middle East.

  3. Stacks of $100 bills are being reported as being seized from Hamas strongholds in Gaza…I wonder which US shipment of cash to Iran those bills originated from…

  4. Despite Attack, Southern Israel startup delivers on EV batteries

    “An Israeli automotive startup was busy completing its first major contract with car giant Volvo when its team was caught up in the October 7 attack by the Hamas terror group, which killed 1,200 people in southern Israel.

    Carrar has developed a new way of automatically cooling electric vehicle (EV) batteries, by more effectively dissipating the heat generated when being used or charged, or just idling in a hot parking lot. This prevents damage to the batteries that in some extreme circumstances could even cause the car to catch fire.

    ‘The Carrar facility is based near the city of Sderot, where gangs of terrorists who stormed across the border from Gaza rampaged through the streets for hours until they were brought down by Israeli security forces.

    Most of the company’s 24-person team also lives in or near Sderot, not far from the Carrar base at Sapirim Industrial Park. And like most people, they found their lives – and work – put on hold as Israel reeled from the shock of the attack.

    Hamas terrorists did in fact target the company’s facilities with rocket-propelled grenades, but the factory fortunately escaped without severe damage.

    “We were all in shock during that first week,” CEO Avinoam Rubinstain tells NoCamels

    ‘Nearly every person in the company has an experience to share from that terrible day, he says.

    Tom Balestra, the company’s R&D integration engineer, hid under the bed with his pregnant wife for 13 hours at their home in Kibbutz Nir Am. It was one of the few communities that Hamas terrorists failed to enter, thanks to the civil guard who repelled their attacks.

    And a project manager from the startup was abroad on his honeymoon on the day of the attack, only to later discover that two family members had been killed. He attended 11 funerals in the first week he came back.

    “On October 7, we didn’t know until late at night whether everyone was still alive,” Rubinstain recalls.

    ‘But by the second week of the war, the Carrar team had decided to return to work. On their first day back, they were accompanied by members of the Israeli security forces to ensure that no Hamas terrorists had escaped and were hiding out in their offices.

    According to Rubinstain, the chances of successfully making the November deadline for their first major business deal were low.

    “There was not a high probability that we would make the target, but the team worked really hard,” he says. Not only did they give up their weekends to reach their goal but also repeatedly flew back and forth to Germany, where they were now testing the battery packs.

    And despite all the worry, fear and grief that the team was going through, they made the deadline.

    ‘The company’s patented battery packs house an EV’s lithium ion fuel cells. The packs are filled with liquid that vaporizes whenever the fuel cells heat up, which happens whenever the car is being driven or charged.

    ‘The vapor is funneled to a condenser, which cools it down and into liquid form again before sending it back to chill the battery cells.

    The solution is universal, and has already been tested on battery cells from multiple manufacturers.

    “W??e got attention from almost every car manufacturer,” he says, “because the challenges that Carrar addresses is one of the biggest challenges in the market – to make the EVs available to everyone.”

    There are several methods used today to cool EV batteries, the most common being liquid cooling. This involves placing a liquid coolant such as water or ethylene glycol around the battery cells, which redirects the heat.

    One downside to liquid cooling is that the connections between the pipes can degrade over time and lead to the coolant leaking, hurting battery performance and lifespan and posing potential safety hazards.

    ‘But the greatest drawback, says Rubinstain, is that this system – and the other methods used to cool EV batteries – simply cannot dissipate enough heat.

    This means that EV makers deliberately slow the process to fully charge batteries. Most public charging stations will deliver enough juice per hour for 15-25 miles (24-40 km) of driving – meaning it takes 10 hours or more to completely charge a battery.

    But Rubinstain says that EVs fitted with Carrar’s battery packs only need around 20 minutes to fully charge.

    “We address all of the challenges in electrical vehicles in one solution,” he says.

    And despite the trauma they have faced, the Carrar team keeps working, looking ahead to the next big project.

    “It’s a very difficult situation – but we are trying to do our best,” Rubinstain says.

    “We see our company as an island of stability for our workers.”

  5. @Edgar

    the GOAL is to utterly destroy Hamas

    Exactly! Leadership requires making choices, and if the hostages are leveraged against the ultimate destruction of Hamas, the hostages must be maintained as a secondary to this primary goal.

  6. PELONI-

    You’ve hit on a point I immediately noticed when you said that “Israel will not finish the war until all the hostages are released”, and followed by specifying the goal.

    The hostages -and it hurts me to say this- are only incidental to the War. (even though a big “incidental”. The War was caused by the brutality and massacres of Hama’ invasion, and the GOAL is to utterly destroy Hamas.

  7. Israel WILL defeat Hamas and Putin will not allow attack from Hezbollah through Syria because Putin is a careful not reckless operator. Also he wants Israel to remain. Why we can argue about that.

    It is what comes after that is worrying.

    And here we come back to the problems inside of Israel re leadership which is also overall world socialist leadership.

    The left has disgraced itself over Hamas.

    But it is above all absence of a plan or overall aim to officially rule out a 23rd Arab state by Jewish leadership that is the real killer.

  8. Israeli and Polish national soccer teams hold unauthorized moment of silence before European qualifying match

    “The Union of European Football Associations, Europe’s football governing body, had reportedly rejected a request to hold an official moment of silence before the match between Israel and Poland. The two teams were facing off in a qualifying match in Lodz, Poland, for the 2025 European Under-21 Championships.

    The teams ignored UEFA and held a moment of silence anyway.

    For the first minute of the game, players on both teams remained in formation and did not move as the clock began to run. The stadium was quiet, too.”

  9. @Edgar
    If you are wrong, Bibi and the entire Israeli administration would simply be placing themselves in an impossible position with no benefit to either the nation nor themselves.. In fact, doing so was very likely their very purpose in making such clear statements that the war will resume. As you have noted, no one should be deceived into believing that the lull in hostilities will be anything more than temporary. There is no chance that this hostage exchange will end the war, if for no other reason than that there are nearly 4/5 of the hostages still being held. Notably, everyone is mentioning that the war will not end til all the hostages are home, and this point does disturb me to no end. The return of the hostages must not become the primary nor the sole aim of this war.

    Hamas must be destroyed, and the Pals should ultimately be evicted to somewhere else or at least to the south, though the displacement of the Pals does not seem to be in Bibi’s designed calculus, not yet in any event.

  10. You ALL will see that my post of the other day saying that Israel will NOT need Hamas to begin Hostilities (such a foolish comment) but will itself resume them is being shown clearly by the PM.
    I am convinced that if there is NO move to release the hostages as per agreement, by midnight, Hamas will get a strenuous “wake -up” call.

  11. The Los Angeles Police Department has declared a citywide tactical alert due to multiple incidents involving large groups of pro-Palestine protesters reportedly turning violent. Police are in riot gear as hundreds of pro-Palestine demonstrators march through city streets. One group has entered The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles, California trying to shutdown police from shopping on Black Friday, as part of a nationwide effort demanding an immediate and lasting ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war, as well as an end to U.S. aid for Israel.