Israel’s top 10 high-tech pioneers.


Long before Israel was known as the startup nation, skilled and visionary men were already putting it on course as the next Silicon Valley. In the first of a two-part series, ISRAEL21c takes a look at Israel’s enterprising engineers and entrepreneurs have defined an industry for the world, from computer storage technologies and chip manufacturing to instant messaging and modern firewalls. They’re transforming communications, entertainment and mobility, rivaling Silicon Valley in California.

This high-tech legacy was actually begun decades ago by an iconic crew of Israeli men. Before the dot-com boom in the late 1990s, Israel was already a startup nation of highly educated engineers who were emerging from the army with a drive to build their country through industry.

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In a two-part series, ISRAEL21c pays tribute to the icons of the country’s high-tech industry. We start here with a top 10 list of pioneers and catalysts of Israel’s high-tech industry. The Israeli high tech “gene,” we note, also seems to be associated with the longevity gene. The founding fathers, now in their 70s, 80s and 90s, remain productive to this day.


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  1. @ yamit82:
    America’s silicon valley flourished without government. Too much government involvment in the economy and government spending have since ruined the American economy. American conservatives have it right. And Israel’s economic success coincides with her freeing up her economy. There are still elements of socialism in Israel, but not like it was in its early days.

  2. Israel if living proof that the conservatives in America are full of it. Israel has shown that when government and the private sector combine with focus and the correct balance of contributions and place great results materialize. None of the above persons mentioned in the article above would have or could have succeeded without the Israeli governments massive aid.

    Israel: Factors in the Emergence of an ICT Powerhouse

  3. BOYCOTT THIS – Patriotic Israeli activists should demand more HONESTY from those who call for boycotting and isolating Israel.

    They should be expected to also boycott all technological, medical and other advances that Israelis have provided to the world – advances that make anti-Israel protestors’ miserable little lives much better.

    A short list:

    The latest updates: