Open Letter to the Canadian Islamic Congress

by Bill Levinson

Scorn and defiance; slight regard, contempt,
And any thing that may not misbecome
The mighty sender, doth he prize you at.
–King Henry V

Canadian Islamic Congress files formal complaint against Mark Steyn reports,

Complaints were submitted to Human Rights Commissions in B.C. and Ontario on the grounds that “the article subjects Canadian Muslims to hatred and contempt,” according to a CIC press release. In the release, the CIC labels Steyn’s article as “flagrantly Islamophobic.”

The Canadian Islamic Congress has yet to see the contempt that is truly appropriate for Islamic supremacism. As a reminder, an Islamic supremacist is to a decent Muslim what a white supremacist is to a decent Caucasian. Let us begin, however, with what the Canadian Islamic Congress seems to represent.

Military commanders have used different methods to get soldiers to kill and die for them. Perhaps the most effective is to exercise leadership by doing first whatever you want the soldiers to do. Alexander the Great, for example, got his men to take suicidal risks by going over enemy walls without bothering to see whether anyone was following him. A Royal Navy ship captain was expected to walk his quarterdeck under a hail of enemy fire as if nothing unusual was happening, and this was very effective in steadying the sailors’ nerves. As armies became more complex, however, the general could no longer exercise this kind of personal leadership.

Napoleon Bonaparte discovered that soldiers would often risk their lives for the prospect of a shiny piece of metal with a ribbon attached, along with the prospect of promotion from the ranks. His enemies, meanwhile, had a very effective way to get a leader for a forlorn hope (lost troop, the first body of men into a breach): automatic if often posthumous promotion. There is a scene in Sharpe’s Challenge in which a middle-aged officer is encouraging a teenage boy who looks barely old enough to shave before the latter is to lead a charge against an enemy fortress. A viewer might ask why the older (and senior) man is not going to take this risk himself. The reason is of course that the boy is an ensign (lowest commissioned rank) who wants to be a lieutenant before he is old enough to shave.

Mohammad, however, outdid both systems. He discovered that he could economize on medals and promotions by promising his dirt-ignorant followers a blissful afterlife in a harem of dark-eyed virgins. Not to be outdone, the leader of the Assassins (from the word for hashish-user) got his men high on drugs, and then put them into a garden with willing women. He told his men that they were actually in Paradise, and they would go there forever if they died while doing his bidding. Ayatollah Khomeini later handed teenaged boys plastic “keys to Heaven” (made in Taiwan) to get them to run into Iraqi mine fields to be blown to pieces, thus clearing the way for his Republican Guards. A plastic key probably cost a few pennies, while a really decent medal would probably cost in the tens or hundreds of dollars.

Needless to say, this so-called “religion” is suitable primarily for dirt-ignorant pre-medieval and probably illiterate savages as opposed to intelligent human beings. It is in fact compatible with the Christian image of an Antichrist, an individual who claims to be God (or claims a personal connection with God) to get ignorant and superstitious followers to kill and die for him. The self-proclaimed Mahdi or Expected One, a slave trader known as Mohammed Ahmed, used exactly the same system to inspire a murderous rampage during the 1880s. The Palestinians, of course, do this too.

Mufti (Palestinians) promises teenage boys 72 virgins

Islam 2.0, for lack of a better term, consists of the Koran’s good material minus all the violence and hate speech. As stated by the Canadian Islamic Congress, there are perhaps 750,000 law-abiding Canadian Muslims who practice Islam 2.0, and who have no desire to overthrow the Canadian government and replace its institutions with militant Islamic law (Sharia). It is the practitioners of Islam 1.0, the original version that preaches hatred of non-Muslims, whipping, stoning, crucifixion, limb amputation, and other barbaric practices, with which we and Mark Steyn have a serious problem. If the Canadian Islamic Congress does not have a problem with these Islamic supremacists, then the CIC is itself part of the problem.

As reported by The future belongs to Islam,

The median age in the Gaza Strip is 15.8 years.

Once you know that, all the rest is details. If you were a “moderate Palestinian” leader, would you want to try to persuade a nation — or pseudo-nation — of unemployed poorly educated teenage boys raised in a UN-supervised European-funded death cult to see sense?

“If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.” –Edward Longshanks in Braveheart

Let us spell it out explicitly for the Canadian Islamic Congress. Canadian Muslims and American Muslims have roughly the same childbirth rates as their surrounding societies. The typical American or Canadian Muslim father and mother probably dream of their sons and daughters going to college, and then possibly to graduate or professional school. This is not possible if they have six, seven, or even more children, so they limit the size of their families just like the surrounding Jews and Christians.

This is not true, however, of the practitioners of Islam 1.0, also known as Islamic supremacy or Islamofascism. To paraphrase Edward Longshanks in Braveheart, “If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.” Longshanks wanted to eliminate the Scots by interbreeding them forcibly with his own nobles, to whom he granted the “right of the first night” with every Scottish bride. Islamic supremacists simply want to breed without restraint, like cancer, and overwhelm the societies that they infest. The Palestinians’ so-called “Right of Return” is yet another method for achieving this. Now combine this demographic strategy with the following, and it is easy to see why Palestinian nurseries may as well be labeled “Live Ammunition.”

Mufti (Palestinians) promises teenage boys 72 virgins

It is really too bad if the Canadian Islamic Congress finds this offensive. If so, its quarrel is not with us but rather the unpleasant facts we are reporting. Jews and Christians limit the sizes of their families to the number of children they can raise and support. So do the practitioners of Islam 2.0 (the civilized modern version). Islamic supremacists, however, do breed like rats or cancer cells, and with exactly the same agenda: to overwhelm and crowd out the surrounding healthy tissue. The Canadian Islamic Congress might have some credibility if it condemned this irresponsible breeding, along with the hate-filled ideology that spews from imams in Europe and the Middle East. Since it condemns the messenger with the bad news instead, it is an enabler for Islamic supremacy, and it is therefore an enemy of civilized society.

“Saint James and Strike for Spain!”

How does the state react? In Seville, King Ferdinand III is no longer patron saint of the annual fiesta because his splendid record in fighting for Spanish independence from the Moors was felt to be insensitive to Muslims. In London, a judge agreed to the removal of Jews and Hindus from a trial jury because the Muslim defendant’s counsel argued he couldn’t get a fair verdict from them. The Church of England is considering removing St. George as the country’s patron saint on the grounds that, according to various Anglican clergy, he’s too “militaristic” and “offensive to Muslims.” They wish to replace him with St. Alban, and replace St. George’s cross on the revamped Union Flag, which would instead show St. Alban’s cross as a thin yellow streak.

This gutlessness needs to end, and it needs to end now. Third world savages–and Islamic supremacists are exactly that, dirt-ignorant savages who are neither the intellectual nor the moral equals of any Jew, Christian, or modern Muslim–do not come into a civilized country and demand that that country change its culture or laws to suit their pre-medieval values and sensibilities. We read that Spain considered moving a statue of Saint James the Moor-Slayer (“Matamoros”) because it was “insensitive” to these pre-medieval throwbacks. Here is our response, even though our religion is not Catholic. We also remind the pre-medieval throwbacks that there are at least two American cities named “Matamoros,” and there is another in Mexico.

Now, if the practitioners of Islam 1.0 and/or the Canadian Islamic Congress want to regard a Panama hat as an Islamophobic symbol, they are welcome to construe it as they wish. We are thinking of buying one for next summer. More to the point, the Moors whom Saint James and his followers killed were invaders of the Iberian mainland. Spanish Christians did not invade Morocco, they expelled Islamic supremacists who had invaded Spain, slaughtered Christians, and turned churches into mosques. Santiago y cierra España!

Now for the Islamic supremacists who dislike Saint George’s Cross. There once was a time when, if you wanted someone else to haul down his flag (especially in his own country), you had to have more guns and swords than he did, and the willingness to use them. Let’s see if we can help our English friends with the proper response:

(Public domain, copying and circulation are encouraged)

The following is for Islamic supremacists in our country who dislike our flag.

(Public domain, copying and circulation are encouraged)

The Canadian Islamic Congress complains,

Faisal Joseph is the CIC’s legal counsel on the matter. “In Canada, we have 750,000 law-abiding Muslims,” he says. “When you read that article, it sounds to some people [like] there’s an attack from the ‘Muslim’ world against the ‘non-Muslim’ world. We take real issue with that type of characterization and the implications of it.”

We will let the so-called Muslim world speak for itself on this issue.

“You will pay with your blood!” “Bomb, bomb, Denmark.” “Bomb, bomb, Germany!” “Bomb, bomb, France!” “Denmark, watch your back, Bin Laden’s coming back.” “The army of Mohammed is coming for you!” “Kill, kill, Denmark.” “May Allah bomb you! May Usama bin Laden bomb you!” “We will take revenge on you.” “7/7 is on its way!” (7/7 = the London subway bombings) “We want Danish blood!” “Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!” “Khalbar, khalbar, o Jew!” (refers to Mohammed’s conquest of Khaibar.)

“If you are a non-Muslim, you are guilty of not believing in God” to hear a mullah in the United Kingdom tell us why it is justified to kill non-Muslims. Listen to the pre-medieval throwback speak for himself. He also says the whole world is “Dar-el-Harb” (House of War).

Muslims in America to see these savages desecrate an American flag while proclaiming that they are not loyal to the United States. They also say that Islam will dominate the world.

Since the Canadian Islamic Congress is whitewashing and denying this, a strong argument can be made that it is an enabler for Islamic supremacy as opposed to a genuine representative of decent Muslims.

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