Operation Jordan Is Palestine

“Building On History Will Help Establish A Palestinian Jordan

While Ensuring Israel’s Sovereignty Over All of Its Soil”  



Operation Jordan Is Palestine (OJIP) complies with the Trump Administration’s proposed Executive Order(s) that dealing with Terrorism, Terrorist Supporters and Human Rights, as well as the UN relative to the Palestinian Authority (PA), while bringing new thoughts and options to the Middle East Peace Process. Overall, OJIP supports a two state solution based on current international agreements and actions, and will not only provide secure and safe borders for the State of Israel, but will provide Palestinian people with land, education, jobs and economic security. Additionally, it will usher in important governmental changes in Jordan, including the elimination of a Dictatorship that tortures, oppresses and restricts his own subjects while supporting terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. Additionally, it will eliminate a Dictatorship that clearly violates Western Interests by supplying America’s enemies with money, heavy equipment and military supplies. As such, OJIP will save lives and taxpayer money, eliminate terrorism and increase democracy.

HIGHLIGHTS: a few examples 

  • OJIP complies with the Administration’s proposed Executive Order that will cease support for entities that support in terrorism or violate human rights.
  • OJIP complies with the Administration’s proposed Executive Order that ends financial support for UN programs that allow full participation by the PA.
  • OJIP recognizes that Jordan is the legitimate Arab state for Palestinians and accepts Israel’s identity as a Jewish state with full sovereignty over all of its soil west to the River Jordan including the West Bank/Judea and Samaria.
  • The OJIP plan aims to provide a practical, cost-effective, and feasible solution that leads to peace based on international treaties by which both the Jewish and Palestinian Arab existence and sovereignty are secured.
  • A recent poll shows that 63% of Palestinians in the West Bank would like to move or relocate somewhere else due to the bad economic and inhumane conditions brought by the Palestinian Authority
  • OJIP recognizes that the Muslim Brotherhood is openly operating in Jordan, and is an avid business partner of the Hashemite royal family, not a competitor.
  • Once the interim government is in the palace, it shall enhance the economy through transparency and simply not stealing the country’s funds.
  • OJIP has been created on the belief that the plan’s tenants will (and can) be accomplished without any new expenditures by the US and her allies (re-categorization or allocation of existing monies, combined with a phase out schedule is all that is needed).
  • The US has provided more than $20 billion on economic and military aid to the Jordanian Monarchy since 2000, as well as several billions to the Palestinian Authority. None of this money has brought peace any closer to reality, let alone enhanced the livelihoods of Jordanians and Palestinians. [http://mondoweiss.net/2015/11/spends-billion-foreign/ ]
  • Economically, the OJIP plan will create jobs, expand the economy, and ensure that Foreign Aid money is spent properly, saving taxpayers money.
  • This plan will help restore the Arab Palestinians right to Jordan, which has been ruled by an outsider family of 88 people from Saudi, the Hashemite’s.
  • OJIP protects American political, military and business interests in Jordan, while seeking to expand (and include) any and all parties’ that Jordan’s allies see fit to use in military, intelligence, and counter-terrorism cooperation operations.
  • OJIP does not change Jordan’s governmental structure(s). Rather, OJIP removes the royal figureheads while keeping the government and military bodies intact. This avoids any form of Arab Spring drama from happening.



Main Document


OVERVIEW: Operation Jordan Is Palestine (OJIP): A Pathway to a Lasting Peace in the Middle East

Historically, achieving peace in the Middle East has been difficult and elusive and has negatively affected all interested parties in the region socially, politically, and economically.  Needless-to-say, all previous attempts to establish peace between the Palestinian Arabs and the Jews have failed costing the US and her allies huge amounts of funds as well as lives wasted on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

The OJIP seeks the implementation of the original historical agreements, which recognize 78% of British Mandate of Palestine as an Arab State, which is today’s Jordan and 22% of as a Jewish state, which is Israel, including all of the West Bank. [http://maurice-ostroff.tripod.com/id350.html]  And it does this through reforming Jordan and providing it with a leadership that will follow and comply with international law while creating a humane state with zero-Islamization.  As a result, OJIP is not seeking a regime change in Jordan, but simply an evacuation of the palace occupants, replacing the 88-member Hashemite family with a new leadership, while keeping the Jordanian regime, government structure, army, and all public bodies intact. This will re-establish Jordan as a reformed country and an economically and politically attractive homeland to Palestinians all over the world, including those in Israel (and the West Bank) and thus secures Israel’s sovereignty over all soil West to the River Jordan, including the West Bank.

The OJIP plan aims to provide a practical, cost-effective, and feasible solution that leads to peace based on international treaties by which both the Jewish and Palestinian Arab existence and sovereignty are secured. To accomplish this, the OJIP builds on the historical fact that both today’s Israel and Jordan are parts of the original British Mandate for Palestine. British Colonial Powers designated these lands as the future Jewish homeland in the 1917 Belfour Declaration. They were later reauthorized by the Faisal-Weizmann agreement, a covenant by which Arabs agreed to as the full “Judaization” of the land West to the River Jordan and the Land East to the river Jordan to become a homeland for the Arabs.


Therefore, OJIP recognizes that Jordan is the legitimate Arab state for Palestinians and accepts Israel’s identity as a Jewish state with full sovereignty over all of its soil west to the River Jordan including the West Bank/Judea and Samaria.  This plan also recognizes that most of today’s Jordanian population identifies as Palestinians. In fact, based on a US Embassy-Amman cable, Palestinians make more than 80% of Jordan’s population and all of those hold Jordanian passports. Additionally, Palestinians in the West Bank all hold Jordanian passports including all the Palestinian Authority’s leaders.  The Jordanian Citizenship Act, Article No.2, identities “all non-Jewish Palestinians” as natural-born Jordanians.  As a result, the majority of Palestinians in the West Bank travel with a Jordanian passport not a Palestinian one.  Taking this one-step further, thousands of Palestinian refugees in Syria hold Jordanian passports but are systematically denied ‘the right of return” to Jordan by King Abdallah, a matter that has brought international criticism on the King. [https://www.hrw.org/news/2014/08/07/jordan-palestinians-escaping-syria-turned-away] In addition, all Palestinian refugees in Lebanon could simply claim Jordanian citizenship by the Jordanian law itself; Article No.2, nonetheless, Jordan’s monarchy will not allow that.


Supporting this, a recent poll shows that 63% of Palestinians in the West Bank would like to move out or relocate somewhere else due to the bad economic and inhumane conditions brought by the Palestinian Authority. [http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Despite-surging-Hamas-popularity-Gazans-frustration-with-conflict-grows-405520]  Despite having Jordanian passports, King Abdallah II, restricts their entry to Jordan and harasses them upon even limited trips to their homeland, often forcing them to spend a day being interrogated by the Jordanian police.


As of today, Jordan’s Palestinians remain the majority in the country, with US Embassy-Amman cable confirming over 80% of 6.4 million Jordanian citizens. There are about 650,000 Syrian refugees registered in Jordan [https://data.unhcr.org/syrianrefugees/country.php?id=107] and less than 200,000 Iraqis* (all have to register with UN or risk being deported upon any contact with Jordan’s authority, therefore the figures are accurate) despite the regime’s exaggerations of “millions of refugees already in the country”. In addition, those refugees have not shifted demographics against Palestinians, and cannot make any political difference because they are considered non-citizens who cannot vote. [*Jordan’s government “estimates that there are 500,000 Iraqi refugees in Jordan. An “unclassified” US Embassy Amman cable, which Jordan’s Opposition leader had worked on, in 2008, shows the actual figure to be less than 165,000 and many have returned home to Jordan then, UNHCR shows only 60,000 Iraqi refugees registered with it in Jordan, which confirms Jordan’s government is trying to exaggerate the actual number, most likely to get more aid].


Jordan’s royal family contains less than 100 individuals (88 to be exact), and for some unknown reason, they spend most of their time outside of the country. King Abdallah II, unlike his father, does not have much control or influence over Jordan’s army of intelligence. Those are under the direct, yet unpublicized, control of the CIA, The US Defense Intelligence Agency, the US Central Command, and the US Department of Defense. On top of that, the US subsidizes Jordan’s army to the tune of over $400 million a year. Additionally, the USA has just finished building “Jordan’s Great Wall”, a wall that runs along the country’s borders with Syria, Iraq, and Israel, who has almost finished a one-billion Dollar wall along the western Jordanian border.  With the king’s constant absence from Jordan, it has become fact that the royal family has nothing to do with Jordan’s security and the structure of the Jordanian state itself; in fact, their interests are focused on collecting taxes as absentee property owners. On the other hand, they are the reason Palestinians are still being called refugees, and the reason the Palestinians still don’t have a state of their own. Simply put, the Hashemite’s officially and openly call all 5.9 million Palestinians in Jordan as refugees “who must return to Palestine someday”.


On the other hand, Jordan’s Palestinians are not interested in “the right of return to Palestine”, as a US Embassy-Amman cable, titled “the Grand Bargain” explains they are interested in having civil rights in Jordan over return to Palestine. [https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/08AMMAN391_a.html]


Further, support for Jordan’s royal family has vanished, the East Bankers or what some call as “Bedouins” have led the protests the king since 2011. The international media have documented this numerous times. “East Bankers” despise the Hashemite regime, and this conflict has escalated into countless events of violence and unrest. All major “Bedouin” cities have rebelled against the regime at least once since 2011, and the king has failed to either bring peace or any form of satisfaction for those. Therefore, the “Bedouins” will not defend or stand by the royal Hashemite family if they leave the country.


At this point, we would like to make it clear that the OJIP Plan is not calling for “a regime change” in Jordan. That is because the Jordanian Opposition Coalition and their supporters believe that the Hashemite royal family is not the true regime and head of state for Jordan, unlike Libya and Syria. Rather, to millions, the ruling family in Jordan are viewed more as occupants of the palace and tax collectors who mistreat their subjects, while the important agencies – security and intelligence systems – run independently and effectively under the supervision of US.  This is very similar to what is going on in Egypt. When Mubarak was in power, he was a very strong president. Yet the security and military systems that were in place were never compromised when Mubarak left, nor could Morsi change those. And even when Morsi was toppled, the security and military bodies kept the country intact and the borders with Israel safe, simply because those are too close to US Intelligence and military, and so are Jordan’s security agency.


This plan sees the necessity to simply let Jordan’s royal family evacuate the palace and move somewhere else, but rather suggest that they “not return to Jordan” from one of their ‘vacations’ or almost-fulltime stays in the West.  The Jordanian “state” and “agencies” are to remain untouched and intact, only the Palace will be evacuated and new occupants shall be installed through an interim government ushered in by Jordan’s army, which falls under the full control of the US.


Additionally, despite $1.6 billion given to Jordan’s king by the US alone, very little seem to filter down to Jordanians and as for Syrian refugees; the king’s government does not give any form of handouts, welfare, or education for the Syrian refugees. In addition, despite the heaviest taxation of Jordanians in modern times, there are no free services of any kind provided, except of course for the most basic – education. This has not stopped the king and his family from raising prices and taxes on consumer goods to fund the king’s pet projects, like the maintenance of his fleet of private jets that are used by his family for fun and travel. This has led to a stalled economy with a debt ratio of over 90% to GDP and the king for some reason, demanding more financial help from the West that goes into his Swiss accounts and leaves millions starving, homeless, unemployed, and uneducated.


At the same time, the royal family has been systematically playing both ends against the middle. On one hand, they openly tell the west that they are working hard to fight terrorism; yet on the other hand, countless media reports have documented the Royal Family’s theft of US and British weapons, as well as heavy equipment. Additionally, the media has document the sale of these items to ISIS, and other rouge elements in addition to being one of the largest oil buyers of ISIS oil as confirmed by global media.  [https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/27/world/middleeast/cia-arms-for-syrian-rebels-supplied-black-market-officials-say.html?_r=0], [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3682655/87-000-stolen-British-bullets-hands-jihadis-cache-ammunition-stolen-Army-training-camp.html].


What makes the situation intolerable is that they are using profits from the transactions to promote blaming everything on Israel/Jews, and thus are promoting anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-American and pro-Jihadi incitement through their Muslim Brotherhood partners as well as the king’s state media. [http://www.jerusalemonline.com/news/middle-east/israel-and-the-middle-east/op-ed-jordans-king-promotes-anti-semitism-15772]  At this point, it is worth noting that the terrorist group Hamas, which has killed many Israelis and Americans falls under the direct administration of the Muslim Brotherhood of Jordan, in fact, Hamas is officially Jordan’s MB’s “Palestine Chapter”. The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan is a part of the regime, a fact that is fully-detailed in this plan. [http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/jordans-king-supports-isis-yes-you-did-read-this-right/2016/01/19/]. That makes the royal family of Jordan not America’s allies.

Finally, this plan recognizes that the Muslim Brotherhood is openly operating in Jordan, and is an avid business partner of the Hashemite royal family, not a competitor. In fact, historically, the MB has supported the Hashemite regime through the so-called Arab Spring, especially during the largest revolution in Jordan’s history in 2012. This revolution was launched by Jordan’s seculars, [http://www.timesofisrael.com/preaching-the-gospel-of-liberalism-to-the-jordanian-street/]  particularly the JOC. Nonetheless, the MB stood against it and publicly announced: “We won’t allow the king to fall”.[ https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3464/jordan-trouble]  And to this day, MB supports the jailing and torture of seculars by the king’s government. On top of that, the king has allowed the MB to take over the Jordanian parliament through proven-rigged elections. As a registered charitable organization in Jordan, the MB operates their own TV station in Jordan (which calls for killing Jews and Americans), have the nation’s fourth largest licensed daily newspaper that promotes hatred, and has announced many times over the years that “we are against a regime change” and that “the king is the man for us”.  In fact, the king’s own minister of political reform, Bassam Hadaddeen, announced, “The Muslim Brotherhood is a part of the regime”. For the record, most of MB’s Board of Directors are Bedouin East Bankers, not Palestinians, while Palestinians in Jordan, despite their avid hatred for Israel, hate the MB more for its alliance with the king.


This plan seeks to execute a feasible two state solution where Jordan is the natural homeland for all Palestinians, and Israel becomes sovereign over all soil west to the River Jordan.  This could only happen if the corrupt, terror-supporting and double-speaking Hashemite royal family leaves Jordan. This could happen anytime, Jordanians often revolt against the regime and then the king’s police force quiets them down, simply because the much stronger army won’t announce support for the revolutions, and American media ignores the unrest in Jordan. This plan sees a peaceful “evacuation” of the palace could softly happen if the US influences the Jordanian army and security agency to stand with the revolution the next time it breaks out.  The security agencies and army are already securing the country without any influence from the king who is mostly abroad, and nothing would happen if he simply announces he will not return.  Once that happens an interim government of pro-peace with Israel seculars could be ushered in, as was the case with every single government in the Middle East that has had a revolution in the last 70 years. Only that the US in most cases has failed to use its influences to secure that the right people are installed in interim governments.


Once the interim government is in the palace, it shall enhance the economy through transparency and simply not stealing the country’s funds. Therefore, the economy shall thrive and the US would not have to spend a cent more than it already does in Jordan. With a thriving economy, Jordan’s interim government will simply enact the Jordanian laws allowing Palestinians in the West Bank to relocate to Jordan, specially that 63% of them already which to move somewhere else. Those shall have an interest in living and working in an economically thriving Jordan. Work opportunities as well as a rewarding benefits/welfare system will be made available to those by the new interim government. All Palestinians refugees around the world would be welcomed to return to Jordan upon mere inaction of the Jordanian citizenship act, which already recognizes all Palestinians as citizens of Jordan.


The interim government will also offer job opportunities and economic incentives to Jordanian East bankers AKA “Bedouins” and West Bankers/Palestinians as well to secure acceptance and content from both.


The low-to-mid-level public servants of the Palestinian Authority will be recruited to relocate to Jordan and work with the interim government with better salaries. The fact that President Trump could stop PA’s funding will make it go bankrupt and may not be able to pay salaries to its public servants. Those will relocate to Jordan, this will sustain the new Jordan’s position as Palestine and bankrupt the Palestinian Authority of its human capital and expedite its demise.


After Jordan’s economy begins thriving, the interim government will issue a counterterrorism act banning all Islamists and affiliates of radical Islamist organizations from running for any office. Sisi of Egypt did the same. This wills secure the Muslim brotherhood have zero chance in winning any parliamentary seats or running for office.


Parliamentary elections will be held, followed by presidential elections. The interim president is the most likely to win as he or she will have access to the state media and organizations to secure his victory. In addition, Jordanians, will vote for improvement of their economic condition and the interim president could bring that easily if he or she does not steal like the king does.


Chaos is already expected in the Palestinian Authority territories because of in-house fighting in the PLO. If President Trump and the UK stop funding the PA, it will collapse. Israel could begin taking over PA areas to secure them from unrest and terror acts, eventually taking over the entire West Bank. This will happen while the new Jordan is thriving and welcoming Palestinians from the West Bank with open arms and offering them jobs and help.  After the PA officially ends and the New Jordan’s position is empowered, Israel could announce full official annexation of the West Bank.


Per Jordan’s citizenship act, Israeli Arabs, who mostly identify as “Palestinians with Israeli passports”, are also Jordanian citizens eligible for citizenship. The new Jordan will welcome them and recruit them for jobs and the thriving economic opportunities that would become in the country once the royal family leaves and the money they steal is directed towards the economy. While Israel honors and values its Arab citizens, this plan intends to defuse the demographic problems straining peace by absorbing as many Arabs in Israel as it could.


LATEST DEVELOPMENTS: a region in turmoil – as of Jan 16, 2017

  • Stalemate in negotiations between all parties
  • Two state solution in trouble
  • Several countries in the region are facing economic troubles, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt
  • UN Votes
    • UNESCO ratified the Jerusalem resolution – voted to deny Jewish ties to the Temple Mount
    • Security Council condemned Israel’s settlement policies while USA walks out
    • These votes, and the Obama Administration’s lack of support, have led to ‘tense and terse’ relations between Israel and the USA.
  • Latest statistics show that there are 6.2 million people living in Israel, with 1.7 million Palestinians living in Gaza and 2.5 million in the West Bank. Throughout the world, there are about 7.2 million Palestinian refugees worldwide. More than 4.3 million Palestinian refugees and their descendants are registered for humanitarian assistance with the UN.
  • Terrorist attacks on the rise in Israel, which makes “maintaining the status quo for as long as possible” simply impossible.
  • Jordan’s king and PA’s president Abbas have been jointly and systematically inciting terrorism in Israel and lobbying for international isolation and demonization of Israel.
  • Jordan’s regime has been weakened by its mismanagement of funds, and the public is angry. Unrest is growing and has become the country’s “norm”.
  • Radical Islamism within the country is growing.
  • The recent Peace Talks in Paris netted little results for a variety of reasons, with the largest being they are waiting to see and hear the plan the Trump Administration will present.
  • The JOC has circulated a proposed resolution that defines the terms Radical, Fundamentalist and Radical Islam.



OJIP has been designed to bring a true and lasting peace to the Middle East by ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in accordance with international law. OJIP is needed because the Hashemite throne failed to follow both, Jordanian and international law by failing to recognize its Jordanians citizens of Palestinian heritage, and then when the world was not watching, confiscated Palestinian land, money, and resources, and then told “them” (the rightful owners) that “you are refugees who must return to Palestine one day”. To support the Hashemite’s actions, they then implemented policies of disenfranchising, isolating, and discriminating against people of Palestinian heritage.


Those who constructed the OJIP initiative understand that all classic attempts to solve the conflict have failed and that if the world is to approve and achieve peace, then a new strategy must be adopted that is more feasible, practical, and satisfactory for all parties involved.



To establish Jordan as the Palestinian homeland, in accordance with international law, where refugees will be settled within safe and secure borders, allowing Israel to become a fully recognized, sovereign state over all of its soil, including all land west of the Jordan River.


We believe that this will be accomplished with both minimal effort or the expenditures of any form of extra money directly from the United States and her allies. What it will take will be re-categorization or allocation of existing monies spent.


PRESENTATION: main documents

Operation Jordan is Palestine includes information taken from the following referenced documents:

  • An Executive Summary, complete with a philosophical overview, section references and End Notes
  • A specific peace plan outline and narrative, complete with refugee resettlement program (appendix #1)
  • Financial Analysis and background (appendix #2)
  • Facts and Myths about the Region (appendix #3)
  • Historical & Statistical Facts (appendix #4)
  • OJIP Adopting Resolution (appendix #5)
  • OJIP Concluding Statement (appendix #6)
  • Alternative to Jordan’s Monarchy – The Jordanian Opposition Coalition (appendix #7)
  • How could the Jordanian Opposition Coalition come to power (appendix #8)
  • Defining the term Radical, Fundamentalist & Radical Islam (appendix #9)



  • Recognizes Jordan as Palestine, the official home of the Palestinian people
  • Utilize international documents and precedence
  • Provides all parties with safe, recognizable, and secure borders
  • Defines the term “refugee” for use in this situation only (appendix #1)
  • Establishes “refugee entitlements” including their “right of return” to Jordan by the current Jordanian citizenship act, which the Jordan’s regime refused to abide by.
  • Provides economic and social incentives for Palestinians in Israel/West Bank to relocate to Jordan.
  • Enhancing economic opportunities in Jordan will present Jordanians with the tangible fruits of peace, while making Jordan an attractive destination for Palestinian refugees and Palestinians in Israel. This will happen by creating and enacting fiscal transparency concepts, as well as effective governance while not expecting any extra fiscal help from the United States
  • Creative re-categorizing and allocation of existing funds – as well as increased economic activity and trade – will allow the successful implementation of OJIP without any new earmarked funds from the United States and her allies.


Specifics: Operation Jordan is Palestine

  • Calls for specific and defensible borders that provide Jordanian and Israeli borders safe, secure, and uncompromised
  • Emphasizes the fact that all Palestinians are born Jordanians per Jordan’s Citizenship Act
  • Stresses the fact that almost all Palestinians in the West Bank hold Jordanian passports
  • To make Jordan an attractive destination for all Palestinians in Israel/West Bank and in refugee countries such as Lebanon and Syria through securing Job opportunities, healthcare and education for all Jordanians and Palestinians in Jordan


ECONOMICS: save money, increase education and enhance the quality of life

  • As stated above, OJIP has been created on the belief that the plan’s tenants will (and can) be accomplished without any new expenditures by the US and her allies. OJIP believes that all it will take is a re-categorization or allocation of existing monies, combined with a phase out schedule (suggested 7 years)
  • The US has provided more than $20 billion in economic and military aid to the Jordanian Monarchy since 2000, and several billions to the Palestinian Authority, with none of that money bringing the peace any closer to reality, let alone the livelihoods of Jordanians and Palestinians. [http://mondoweiss.net/2015/11/spends-billion-foreign/ ]
  • The USA provides the Palestinian Authority with about $500 million a year, much of which earmarked for use in the creation of democratic institutions. In reality, these funds were repeatedly used to purchase weapons, mostly from Iran.
  • With the adoption of OJIP, individual wealth will increase thanks to the ceding of land, creation of jobs and expansion of educational programs
  • Tourism – Tourism is one of the region’s largest revenue sources. Because of the stalemate, not all nations are attracting the number of visitors they hope to. Bringing peace to the region will attract more tourists to all countries, enhancing revenue, expanding the economy, and increasing the quality of life for the average family
  • OJIP will help expand international and national economic programs and opportunities because countries and businesses will feel safe investing in the region
  • Freeing up money from defensive purposes, and redirecting them to create civilian opportunities will help expanded civilian opportunities, increasing the standard of living for everyone in the region
  • OJIP provides Palestinians who relocate to Jordan with lower overall personal taxes and institutional debt that finances defense; and
  • OJIP will help Jordan balance its budget without additional economic input from additional countries while eliminating burdensome interest payments such as the allowances the PA provides to families to terrorists who have killed Israelis


Lifetime Costs:

  • According to the Gate Stone Institute, during the past 20 years, the U.S. has invested $4.5 billion in “promoting democracy” among the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and boosting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and it (the money) went down the drain or ended up in secret Swiss bank accounts (https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6353/palestinians-us-aid)


Current costs:

  • Since the establishment of limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the mid-1990s, the U.S. government has committed approximately $5 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians
  • Additionally, latest figures show that the United States contributed over $380 million to the UNRWA in 2015. (https://www.unrwa.org/how-you-can-help/government-partners/funding-trends/donor-charts)



  • Latest figures for the last 5 fiscal years (2011-2015) show that the United States contributed over $1.556 Billion to the UNRWA from 2011 to 2015, plus an additional $400 million in emergency aid to Syria and about $300 million for the West Bank and Gaza. (https://www.unrwa.org/how-you-can-help/government-partners/funding-trends/donor-charts)
  • During the same time, the European Union spent about $872,085,000 (https://www.unrwa.org/how-you-can-help/government-partners/funding-trends/donor-charts).
  • These contributions made up about 40% per cent of the total UNRWA program budget for each year.
  • With the OJIP plan in effect, taxpayer money would be properly spent and when necessary, saved, not earning interest in some Dictator’s Swiss bank account.



  • About 50% of it goes towards education, with another huge portion going towards emergency aid


Money spent on Jordan

  • USA spends about $1.6 billion a year on economic aid to Jordan, as per a recent statement by US Embassy in Amman.
  • Aid to Jordan comes in many forms, direct, indirect, commercial commodities as well as military equipment and training.
  • Because of the status and nature of American Aid to Jordan, it is estimated that the Obama administration spent over $6.0 billion in economic and military aid during his 8-year term.


Money spent on the Palestinians

  • Since establishment in the 1990’s, the US has committed approximately $5 billion in assistance to the Palestinians.
  • Elections were promised, but never happened
  • PA’s corruption has grown while living conditions have fallen
  • They have turned to Hamas, which promised change and reform, but provided neither
  • The “investment in Palestinian democracy and peace” has been a failure


MONEY AND LIVES SAVED: terrorism diminished or even defeated

  • Economically, the OJIP plan will create jobs, expand the economy, and ensure that money given in aid is properly spent, saving taxpayers money.
  • When adopted and implemented, this plan will immediately stop the lavish spending habits of the dictatorship that wastes American taxpayers’ money, as well as the leaders of the Palestinian Authority
  • As stated above, OJIP sponsors believe that zero additional funds of any sort will be required from the US because there are already substantial resources being spent, but the King of Jordan and PA leadership is wasting them.
  • A large percentage of the money being provided as aid, is being used to incite terrorism and hatred for Israel and Jews. One this plan is adopted, the money will be directed to the people, and will not only create a consumer economy and jobs, bit minimize (eliminate) terrorism and stimulate additional capitalistic avenues. In addition, let us not forget that this will also save lives.
  • Current foreign aid levels will be stabilized instead of their annual substantial increases. The US is now giving the king $1.6 billion a year, and he keeps asking for more. The new Jordanian government will be transparent and will not steal funds, thus saving all Western donors and US any additional aid money, which rarely ever filters down to the economy.
  • Enhanced regional trade deals will be created, allowing the region to serve as a gateway for Israel’s trade and exports to the region.
  • Money earmarked for ‘terrorism’ in the region will be redirected into peaceful, consumer based economies
  • With transparency, all money that is “misappropriated” or wasted by the king and Palestinian authority will stop and it will filter down to the people
  • The giving away of land, will create ‘wealth’ within the Palestinian people, allowing a consumer class to grow


In closing, a viable Palestinian state created in what is today’s Jordan, complete with securely recognized borders, will end the Hashemite rule over Jordan, gradually end the Palestinian Authority, solve the refuges problem, help Israel extend its full sovereignty over the West Bank, saving American lives, money and create jobs.



  • OJIP seeks the implementation of the original historical agreements which recognize 78% of British Mandate of Palestine as an Arab State, which is today’s Jordan and 22% of as a Jewish state which Israel, including all of the West Bank.
  • This plan will help restore the Arab Palestinians right to Jordan, which has been ruled by an outsider family of 88 people from Saudi, the Hashemite’s.
  • OJIP is aimed at establishing a solution based on mutual recognition of Israel, as a Jewish state, and Jordan as an Arab state.
  • This plan seeks enhancing Jordan’s economy by phasing out the outrageous expenditures of the Jordan’s royal family.
  • This plan seeks an economic, political and defense partnership special to Jordan and Israel and in a model similar to the US and Canada.
  • Refugees are already Jordan’s citizens, and must have their rights restored. Jordanians currently possess “the right of return” to Jordan, secured by Jordan’s law itself. OJIP will support their return by enacting attractive economic opportunities.
  • The New Jordan will not even have to create any new laws to secure Palestinians’ return, but just enact the current Jordanian law.
  • This plan sees the future Jordan as committed to eliminating all sorts of anti-Israel/pro-Islamist incitement, through introducing and enforcing a strong counter-terrorism act and anti-discrimination laws applicable to different religions and ethnicities including Jews.
  • Jordan’s army must be turned into a defense force rather than an offensive one, which also includes cutting the out-of-control military expenditures, and channeling funds towards enhanced economic opportunities,
  • Western aid will be spent properly – for the people – not to props up dictators who skim profits
  • Transparency is needed in all transactions, especially with countries like Jordan
  • Unforgiving counter-corruption and transparency laws will be introduced that makes stealing funds and foreign aid impossible, thus contributing to Jordan’s economic growth and attractiveness to Jordanian/Palestinian refugees in Israel and elsewhere.
  • OJIP protects American political, military and business interests in Jordan, while seeking to expand (and include) any and all parties’ that Jordan’s allies see fit to use in military, intelligence, and counter-terrorism cooperation operations.
  • OJIP does not immediately change Jordan’s governmental structure(s). Rather, OJIP removes the royal figureheads while keeping the government and military bodies intact. This will avoid any form of Arab Spring drama from happening. This is what happened in Egypt with President Sisi, who got rid of Morsi within a public revolution while keeping the state intact and cracking down on Islamist with a zero-tolerance policy.
  • The New Jordan/Post Hashemite will have to ban and illegalize all terrorist and Islamist groups including the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. This ban includes the confiscation of funds and assets for all groups that promote terror or hatred.
  • The plan will open the window for West Bankers, Gazans as well as all willing Arab Israelis (Palestinians with Israeli passports) to relocate to Jordan by enacting Jordan’s citizenship law that recognizes all Palestinians as Jordanians. This will also open the door to family reunifications.
  • Slows the region’s Military Arms Race
  • Sets aside more money to help the region rebuild


In closing, we have presented a lot of information in this document in an effort to help bring a real and feasible peace to the Middle East. We look forward to talking to you and your staff about any aspect of this plan.








Mudar Zahran                                                                                      Michael Ross

Secretary General                                                                                State Secretary for Peace Affairs

(916) 923-2215 – ssorleahcim@comcast.net


Abed AlMaala                                                                                       Murad Maghlseh (Naseem AlGheewan)

Secretary of Commerce                                                                                   Secretary of Homeland Security


Radi Habashneh                                                                                  Mohamed Betibet

Secretary of Transportation                                                                 Secretary of Labor and Welfare


Ghada Al-Hassan                                                                                 Abu Rateb Adnani

Secretary of Justice                                                                             Acting Intelligence Director








































Appendix Document #1

operation JORDAN IS PALESTINE – specifics


Part I: A proposed re-definition of the term PALESTINIAN REFUGEES as All JORDANIAN CITIZENS

The refugee definition is as follows:  

  • A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country because they are:
    1. Displaced based on a political act, decree, or action
    2. Escaping war
    3. Persecuted economically, socially, or politically
    4. Seeking shelter from a manmade or natural disaster; and/or
  • A refugee is a person who is:
    • Outside of their country of citizenship because they have well-founded grounds for fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, and
    • Is unable to obtain sanctuary from their home country or, owing to such fear, and
    • Is unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of that country, or in the case of not having a nationality and being outside their country of former habitual residence as a result of such event, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to their country of former habitual residence.
    • Is born with certain inalienable rights which manifest themselves as Entitlements


Eliminating the Refugee Problem:

The only reason Palestinians are refugees today is that the Hashemite regime does not recognize them as citizens, and thus denies them their rights. Once they return to the new Jordan, they will become full-fledged citizens, and thus lose their refugee status. Their return to Jordan will not be considered a privilege by any regime. To support this, statistics show that most Palestinians in the West Bank (63%) would like to relocate somewhere else and therefore we believe that it is safe to assume that they would want to relocate in Jordan if the doors were open and are supported by a variety of economic opportunities. For example, Palestinians who live in Syria, despite having Jordanian passports, have systematically been denied entry into Jordan by the current dictatorship. This has brought huge criticisms by the UN. It is common sense that most in Jordanians in Syria would love to flee the war and return to their ancestral homeland and safety. The same is true in Lebanon, where Jordanian citizens (Palestinians with passports), live under an apartheid system that keeps them in concentration camps. If given the chance, they would definitely relocate to Jordan.


Refugee Entitlements:

Anyone who meets one of the above definitions is entitled to the following:

  • An education, job training, medical attention, food, and shelter
  • The right to settle, legally in the country they are taking refuge in
  • The right to secure and use identity papers
  • Freedom of movement, representation, and speech within the host country
  • These entitlements will not cost the US or her allies any extra because the funds will come from the savings outlined above.



This document builds on belief that the British Mandate for Palestine has already been divided into 78% Arab, Jordan, and 22% Jewish, Israel. Therefore, any other divisions and proposed arrangements are not local and have proven impossible to implement over the past 7 decades. The future Jordan will be a state ruled by the majority with laws banning radical Islam and restricting Islamist’s rights to vote or run for office, and will stretch along the river Jordan with a Jewish Israel along its side.  As a result, the following are the plan’s foundations:

  • There will be created two specific states in the region, one called Israel and the other Jordan
  • The Jordan will officially abandon all claims to even a single square inch of soil west to the River Jordan.
  • Both parties will recognize each other’s rights to exist, in peace
  • The borders for the two countries were outlined in UN Resolutions 181 and 242
  • All lands lost in wars, shall remain the land of those who liberated it
  • Jerusalem shall remain a unified city


PART III: operation JORDAN IS PALESTINE’S Specifics:

Goal: In an effort to support the concept that “Jordan is the traditional land for Palestinian resettlement”, there should be a variety of economic inducements created to entice Palestinian movement and resettlement in their recognized ancestral home. To accomplish this:

  • Provide each person of any age who moves to Jordan, with one square acre of titled land. Land and titles will be provided to any and all based on a first come, first served basis
  • Provides all persons who reside in Jordan with an education – from direct schooling to job training; and
  • Ensure those who move with employment, healthcare, and education













































Appendix Document #2

operation JORDAN IS PALESTINE – Fiscal/funding


Current funding comes from several sources, most of which are some type of ‘aid’ from an international body, or neighbor.



UNITED NATIONS: The UNRWA: services and costs to the west?


UNRWA: Humanitarian work

As mentioned above, the regular UNRWA 2013 budget was just over $675 million in US dollars, roughly half of which was spent on education. In response to emergencies in the region – notably in the occupied Palestinian territory and Syria – UNRWA has launched emergency appeals for assistance not covered by the regular budget. In 2014, UNRWA required over US$ 400 million to respond to the emergency in Syria, and around US$ 300 million for emergency assistance in the West Bank and Gaza.


UNRWA: Largest Donors  

The UNITED STATES: the region’s largest spender on Democracy

The USA was the largest single donor in 2014, with a total contribution of over US$408,751,396. The European Union with about $139,402,221 followed them. These contributions made up about 40% per cent of the total income UNRWA received for its core program budget. (http://israelipalestinian.procon.org/view.answers.php?questionID=000592)


Since the establishment of limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the mid-1990s, the U.S. government has committed approximately $5 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians, who are among the world’s largest per capita recipients of international foreign aid. Successive Administrations have requested aid for the Palestinians in apparent support of at least three major U.S. policy priorities of interest to Congress:



The Palestinian Authority:  What does it cost the West and Israel?

Since the establishment of limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the mid-1990s, the U.S. government has committed approximately $5 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians.


THE MONEY: What are they doing with money America spent on promoting democracy?

The Gate Stone Institute, at https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6353/palestinians-us-aid states that:

  • In the last 20 years, the U.S. has invested $4.5 billion in promoting democracy among the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and boosting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and it went down the drain or ended up in secret Swiss bank accounts.
  • The Palestinians do not have a functioning parliament or a free media under the PA in the West Bank or under Hamas in Gaza
  • The Palestinians, presidential and parliamentary elections remain a remote dream.
  • Palestinians saw no improvement in their living conditions, because of the PA’s corruption. That is why they turned to Hamas, which promised them change, reform and an end to financial corruption.
  • The “investment” in Palestinian democracy and peace with Israel has been a complete failure because of the refusal of the U.S. Administration to hold the Palestinian Authority fully accountable.
  • Unless Western donors demand that the PA use their money to bring democracy to its people and prepare them for peace, the prospects of reviving any peace process will remain zero.


JORDAN: Money spent

According to the latest figures available, the United States provided approximately $35 billion in economic aid to over 140 countries in fiscal year 2014. Jordan received $1 billion of that (http://mondoweiss.net/2015/11/spends-billion-foreign/). From this figure, based on current actions, it is e assumed that Jordan received at least $1 billion in 2015. In 2016, President Obama increased that figure to $1.6 billion (according to the embassy in Amman). This amount is expected to continue as long as Jordan’s problems continue.


This figure has grown since George H.W. Bush was President (http://us-foreign-aid.insidegov.com/l/88/Jordan). The amounts given by various presidents over the year are as follows:


George H. W. Bush$257 million$199 million
Bill Clinton$1.28 billion$990 million
George W. Bush$3.61 billion$2.47 billion
Barack Obama$4.2 billion$1.93 billion



Israel often receives both foreign and military aid, of which some of that is used for defense.



  • As of 2016, Israel was ranked 7th in world for defense spending, and 17th when it comes to total military spending.
  • The 2016 Global Aerospace and Defense Outlook report, conducted by the Deloitte consulting firm, showed that in 2014, Israel spent 5.2 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on defense
  • Larger spenders in the region include Southern Sudan with 9.3%, Saudi Arabia with 10.4% and Oman with 11.6%
  • In the same report, it states that Israel spent $15.9 billion on its military overall in 2014.
  • Israel spends money on Palestinians in many forms, and provides money to UNRWA. OJIP will save Israel money because these restrictive burdens will be either lifted or eliminated.
  • Additionally, with peace in the region, although Israel will still have to maintain a military defense, they will not have to maintain as much, freeing up money that can be spent in other critical areas, most likely industrial development that will provide jobs to those in the region.


OJIP will be ‘self-funded’ by Jordan itself to the tune of $12 billion over a 5-year period. The following business sectors, based on legislative decree, will receive the money: Agriculture, the Importation of Food and Consumer Goods, Construction, and the attraction and hiring of much needed Medical Professionals.



All men and women of all ages will receive an education. The education will fall into two clear categories – traditional schooling and job skills training. Additionally, the unified high school “Tawjeehi” examination system will end, while the university infrastructure will expand with the construction of facilities and the acceptance of additional students. The focus will be on the fields of education, medicine, and law. To help, special tax rates for graduates at all levels will be established.

















Appendix Document #3

a fresh interpretation of facts and myths:

The creators of this plan believe that it’s time for serious out-of-the-box thinking and a ‘reinterpretation of the region’s historical facts and myths’ in an effort to not only encourage, but provide fresh ideas and thinking to the peace process. We hope that this approach will bring cool heads to the table, and that it will lead to an honest dialogue that will lead to a better product. The product we hope to achieve is a sound peace agreement that provides all parties with safe and secure borders, as well as economic futures.


Myth: Israel sees Jordan’s regime as stable and depends on it for security

Fact: Israeli Intelligence reports show that Israel’s leadership believes the king’s regime is on their last legs, and the throne will never pass to his heirs. This is one reason why Israel is building a $1 billion wall on Jordan’s borders.



Myth: the USA only provides humanitarian and military aid to Jordan

Fact: In an effort to help maintain the peace in the region, as well as secure up Israel’s safety, the US has helped finance building a mega wall protecting Jordan’s borders with Syria and Iraq, which makes it even more difficult for terrorist organizations to reach Israeli borders via Jordan.


Myth: Jordan has absorbed Palestinians as citizens

Fact: Despite the fact that all Palestinians in Jordan (including the West Bank) hold Jordanian citizenship, Jordan’s king has sustained a ruthless apartheid regime, complete with systematic and public discrimination that targets Jordanians of Palestinian heritage, Jordanians of Bedouins heritage and Northern peasants. Combined, there are nearly 2.1 million registered Palestinians in Jordan (as of 2014). Around 370K live in refugee camps, with the rest living in or around Amman. Those 2.1 million registered represent only 35% of the actual number of refugees as per US Embassy Amman cable. [http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-Ed-Contributors/Is-Jordan-the-Hashemite-occupied-Palestine]. This makes the actual number close to 6 million, making them the majority of Jordan’s population. Overall, these Jordanians are specifically de facto banned from holding top state jobs, disenfranchised and discriminated against in university admission placements, as well as blocked from being part of the state’s welfare system. They are also restricted to healthcare. To add insult to injury, they are allocated a minimal number of parliamentary seats. For example, Amman has almost 4 million, yet it receives less than 20 seats in the Parliament, while Kerak, south of Amman has barely 100,000 citizens, yet receives 10 seats in the king’s parliament.


Myth: Palestinians are no longer a majority in Jordan, they have been replaced by millions of Syrian refugees

Fact: Jordan’s population is reported to be 8,185,384.  A US Embassy-Amman cable made public by WikiLeaks states that Jordanians of Palestinians heritage make up more than 80% of the population (*).  Most of those are Jordanian citizens. Per UNHCR, number of Syrian refugees is 650,000 and not the million the regime claims, and all Syrian refugees in Jordan have to register with the UNHCR to protect themselves from deportation.  The US Embassy has reported that Iraqi refugees’ numbers are lower thanks to a study conducted between the Jordanian Bureau of Statistics (Census) and the Norwegian charity, FIFO. This shows the number of Iraqi refugees stands at a mere 160,000. (**).


Myth: Jordan is friendly with all of its neighbors, making it a stable country

Fact: Despite peace treaties with her neighbors, Jordan’s king has clearly aligned himself with Syria’s Assad. Why? The King fears that Assad’s fall could bring his own. Because of his belief, he is close to Assad’s supporter(s):  Iran and Russia. He has also been systematically provoking, antagonizing and disturbing Saudi Arabia and Israel. In fact, as you read this document, the King’s official media is in the process of inciting not just a war of words against the countries, but anti-Semitic programs (including the stab-a-Jew go to heaven program).  Israel has recently described Jordan and a “major contributor to the unrest in Jerusalem”, through both: incitement and action. (http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/200941#.V2XhtLgrLIU). Additionally, in the last 7 months of 2016, Jordan witnessed 5 major terrorist attacks, in which three Americans and 1 Canadian were killed.




Myth: Jordan is stable and has survived the Arab Spring

Fact: Jordan has been in a total chaos and unrest since 2012. As a result, both the US and UK embassies in Amman have elevated their security warnings for travel in Jordan. Additionally, gun battles occur throughout the country, including tourist areas like Petra – happen daily. Gunfire is regularly exchanged between the king’s forces and the angry locals many of whom are simply looking for work or food for their families. With that in mind, anti-regime protests have become regular; and although not massive, they still mimic Egypt’s anti-Mubarak protests that proceeded the 2011 revolution. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAfX7y8q8UA) and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k9nEdtpCZg)


Myth: The king is revered, loved, and respected by his subjects

Fact: According to international peace groups like Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch, he king, has placed himself above the Constitution and all Jordanian law. They add that the King is despised by his subjects, controls them with a deadly, iron fist and when his subjects oppose him, they are often denied their rights, thrown in jail, tortured and often simply “disappear”. Jordanians have dubbed him “Ali Baba” which is equivalent to calling him a thief. For example, Jordanians of all backgrounds exhibit sincere hatred for him over social media, risking punishment, which shows the actual level of dismay with the royal family is much greater beneath the surface. [https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3464/jordan-trouble]


Myth: The Kingdom of Jordan is relatively more democratic than other Arab states

Fact: Jordan’s king officially controls the country’s executive, judicial and legislative powers. Recently, he amended the constitution, granting himself more power. For many, mere criticism of the king could land anyone in jail. International Human Rights groups have released scathing reports on Jordan. What is most puzzling is this: the regime is very tolerant of Islamists, allows them to have their own terror-preaching TV and daily newspapers, while being intolerant of seculars. For example, Mudar Zahran, the JOC’s Secretary General, was tried in absentia and sentenced to life in prison for criticizing the king. (https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2015/country-chapters/jordan) and (http://www.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/Jordanian-Palestinian-who-writes-for-Post-sentenced-in-Jordan-to-life-with-hard-labor-341596)


Myth: The king recently received additional constitutional powers because he is doing such a good job

Fact: Jordan’s king, in a power grab, forced the legislature to ‘grant him additional powers’ that puts him above the Constitution and his subjects. The move is evidence of his fear of being toppled. To go one-step further, he has allowed radical Islamic terrorists (the Muslim Brotherhood) to win seats in the Parliament.


Myth: The king runs a transparent kingdom, allowing the public access to records, books, and actions

Facts: The king of Jordan is one of the world’s most secretive persons because nobody has access to his royal budget or expenses. He is also secretive about his vast wealth, and where it emanates from and where it is housed. Not to mention the fact that over the years, the King has received over $20 billon of US taxpayers’ money. This begs the question: how could the US give so much money to a regime that has zero transparency? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utKldDvuNas)


Myth: Jordan’s king controls the army and intelligence services and therefore he’s an asset to the USA

Fact: Jordan’s king has lost his grip on the army and intelligence. Since the 2012 “November Revolution’, those organizations have become independent and now coordinate directly with the US, UK, and Israel. Because of this, the king is irrelevant to Jordan’s security. In fact, recent terrorist actions in the country have shown two things. First, that the king can’t control what is happening in his own country. Second, the king could not get his people to undertake military operations against terrorists, begging the question – who is in control of the country’s military (http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_opinion.php?id=16289)?


Myth: Jordan’s King is fighting ISIS; therefore, he is an essential US interest and ally

Fact: Jordan’s contribution in the war on ISIS has been limited to 6 F16s and for only three months in 2015, after that UAE’s F16s began bombing from Jordan. Additionally, reports show that Jordan has more ‘fighters” in Syria than any other individual ‘group’. Further, recent reports show Toyota trucks captured from ISIS were initially sold to Jordan’s government.  CNN Arabic reported Jordan is one of ISIL’s top oil buyers, and 4,500 Jordanians have managed to cross the borders to join ISIL under the king’s nose. Further, the king harbors and embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIL’s ideological mother foundation. (http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/jordans-king-supports-isis-yes-you-did-read-this-right/2016/01/19/)


Myth: The king has outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) – or has he?

Fact: Jordan’s king has been in full cooperation with the MB since taking power. Historically, the MB stood up against the 11/12 revolution, crushing it while publically saying: “We won’t allow the king to fall”. The king’s Minister of Political Reform has said: “The MB is a part of the regime”. To make things worse, the king refused Saudi’s, Egypt’s, and UAE’s demands to shut down the MB.  Although supposedly vigorously fighting the MB, the king publically licensed 2 new MB organizations, both of whom have won seats in the parliament. Despite the king’s claims, MB still operates their TV station, daily paper, and a $3 billion trust fund. (http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-Ed-Contributors/Jordans-king-and-the-Islamists-In-one-boat-332767) and (http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3464/jordan-trouble)


Myth: The king could be a part of the solution to the Palestinian’s cause by taking over the West Bank

Fact: Palestinians historically hate the king and his ancestors because they have been lied to, lied to them, been treated as outsiders and are using them as pawns while the king consolidates power and ravages the country for every dime he can. In fact, realistically, if the king cannot control Jordan, what makes a logical mind think he can control the West Bank? Make no mistake about it, Jordan’s King cannot (and will not) bring stability to the region.





































Appendix Document #4




At this point, we would like to point out that the OJIP will provide all parties to the negotiations with a new practical guidelines and solutions, based on old law and new concepts. It does by using the following statistical information:

  • Jordan comprises 78% of the original British Mandate for Palestine. Dedicated by the Belfour Declaration and the San Remo Agreement as a Jewish homeland, Israel today (including the West Bank), makes barely 22% of British Palestine
  • In 1917, the current rulers of Jordan signed an agreement with world Jewry, knows as the Feisal -Wiseman agreement, in which they agree to 78% of Palestine created as a country for Arabs of Palestine and the rest of the country, 22% become a Jewish homeland
  • Before the influx of Syrian Refugees from the war, the Majority of Jordan’s population were Palestinians (close to 80%), this was confirmed by a US Embassy-Amman cable made public by WikiLeaks. [http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-Ed-Contributors/A-Palestinian-spring-for-Jordan]
  • Jordan’s Hashemite family consists of just 88 individuals and controls 99% of the country’s wealth
  • Most, if not all, Palestinians in the West Bank hold Jordanian passports, including PA’s President Abbas and his family. They travel with those passports, nonetheless, when they travel to Jordan, they are not allowed easy access and are forced to spend a day of interrogation each at Jordan’s intelligence department as a former of systematic obstacle to their return to Jordan
  • Jordan’s Hashemite regime strongly abuses Jordan’s Palestinian majority. For example, despite being citizens, they are excluded from all state jobs (excepting being a schoolteacher), and the parliamentary seats allocated to them make up less than 10% despite them being at least 80% of the population. They are also economically discriminated against and systemically oppressed by the security agencies
  • The UNHCR confirms Jordan still treats its citizens of Palestinians heritage as refugees
  • Most Palestinians in the West Bank hate the Palestinian Authority, and despite their avid hatred for Israel, do yearn to the days Israel was ruling them
  • Most Palestinians in Jerusalem would rather remain under Israel’s control
  • Most young men in the West Bank would rather relocate somewhere else
  • A Mossad leak, made public by Israeli Ambassador Danny Dayan showed “the top leadership of the Mossad believed Jordan’s king is its last” and “He may never be able to pass the throne to his heir”
  • 95% of Palestinians in the West Bank live in Area A which includes the major cities and make a very small percentage of the West Bank, again, all of those hold Jordanian passports
  • Jordan’s citizenship law recognizes all (non-Jewish Palestinians) as Jordanian citizens, nonetheless, Jordan’s Kings have refused to honor this law
  • If Jordan’s Kings had abided by international and Jordanian laws; Palestinian refugees would have had a country year ago, and there would have been no refugees – the problem exists today because the Kings have refused to recognize Palestinians as citizens
  • There are 6.2 million Jews and others in Israel,7 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and 1.8 million Palestinians in the West Bank. There are 1.6 million Israeli Arabs, not including Druze. Thus, there are 5.8 million Arabs and 6.2 million Jews between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. Jun 30, 2013 http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.532703
  • There are about 7.2 million Palestinian refugees worldwide.
  • More than 4.3 million Palestinian refugees and their descendants are registered for humanitarian assistance with the United Nations, while another 1.7 million are refugees and their descendants are not.









Appendix Document #5

Operation JORDAN IS PALESTINE Resolution


Whereas the Operation Jordan Is Palestine proposal was created in an effort to foster the discussion of peace and prosperity in one corner of the Middle East, and;


Whereas the Operation Jordan is Palestine plan is being presented in an effort to “Jump Start” negotiations, while sharing with the thoughts of the Jordanian people and their dire support for peace. As Jordanian citizens, without support from the King, we have taken old ideas and revamped them to fit the politically correct 21st Century; and


Whereas internationally, historical peace plans have named Jordan as Palestine, and the home of Palestinians, yet the Hashemite Throne wants to maintain the status quo, hold on to the land and keep the Palestinian issue as it stands, so they can stay in power; and


Whereas in an effort to make Jordan a regional social and economic partner, and secular powerhouse, the region must work hard to eliminate conflicts that exist not just between Jordan’s King and his subjects, Jordan’s king and the Palestinians, Jordan and her neighbors, Jews and Muslims, and Israeli’s and Palestinians; and


Whereas in short, all plans laid on the table should work with currently established international law, and as such, recognize Israel’s right to exist as a nation (and as a Jewish state) while providing the Palestinians with a homeland and future. International law has established Israel as the home for Jews, with Jordan being the home for Palestinians; and


Whereas the parties to any successful peace plan developed in this century must establish themselves as a politically correct, growing, moderate, and progressively democratic country that has a firm economic foundation and is ruled by the people as a democratic plurality, not a dictator calling himself a Monarch; and


Whereas bringing peace and stability to the region will only occur if religious, sexual or age discrimination disappear and intolerance of radical Islamists and terrorism flourishes. This will only happen through the establishment of economic, political, defense and educational partnerships with friends and neighbors; and


Whereas the establishment of a Palestinian state, a peace plan or the end to this conflict that protects Israel’s sovereignty, must include the elimination of corrupt regional terrorism and terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, ISIS and Hamas and all others that teach hatred and support armed conflict towards their neighbors; and


Whereas the concepts utilized in constructing the OJIP plan are based on the following philosophic beliefs:

  • All parties are entering this process in an effort to achieve something and come out as winners

2)   Time has come for peace in the region, and communications, sharing ideas and sorting them out one by one is how it starts

3)   Many of the problems the region faces, stems directly from the Jordanian Monarchy because they refuse to recognize Palestinian citizenship and heritage

4)  Any adopted plan must eliminate the Martyr program that pays the families of those who kill themselves through terrorist acts

5)  Nation’s recognized in this plan must recognize human rights while providing transparency in governmental actions, including ensuring that all foreign aid is spent properly; and


Whereas a healthy growing and expanding economy that creates jobs benefits everyone in the region, will help secure and support peace; and


Whereas, OJIP refocuses the ‘refugee problem” by changing the core problem: the way refugees are classified or thought of, treated, and expect to act in their temporary homes by converting them from a dependent class into a consumer class that will help all aspects of the economy grow while providing them with an education and job training;

Appendix Document #6

Operation Jordan Is Palestine – Concluding statement


The JOC envisions that once taking elected office and making positive economic decisions, that within 10 years Jordan will enjoy a thriving economy that offers an equal opportunity to everyone and leaves no Jordanian behind educationally. These economic policies are outlined in our economic platform. The JOC will achieve this by:

  • Eliminating of the wide-spread corruption under the current regime through the introduction of strict counter-corruption laws, as well as the creation of a Counter-Corruption Commission that is empowered with the jurisdiction to investigate, search, arrest, confiscate and prosecute those suspected of economic corruption.
  • Eliminating the current unfair and extreme tariff system that charges a fee of up to 200% for a family car, making the basics of life a distant dream for most Jordanians. Instead, the JOC will enact policies that will expand our economy and as such, enhance Jordan’s income and sales tax. Combined, the income – if it is not stolen through corruption – should be sufficient in the short run to cover the Jordanian state’s budget and help us implement educational and economic reforms.
  • Enforcing accountability and responsibility for public servants and state officials by establishing a clear salary system, transparency through government oversight and limited access to the state’s assets. This will be accomplished using a similar equation that is used by western governments, including the US Federal Government, with a focus being on salaries, compensations and use of state vehicles. Combined, the JOC aims to end the incredible waste that currently occurs under the current regime, including the elimination of the King’s lavish life style that is paid for by taxpayers.
  • Expanding economic cooperation with the west, including the United States, UK, France, and Germany. This will be done through the establishment of a full free trade agreement, establishment of economic development zones and policies that will not only help US goods could enter Jordan’s market, but allow Jordanian products leave the country for foreign markets with minimal restrictions and fees. This will benefit the world economy, as well as those in Jordan by creating jobs, income and enhancing consumer purchasing power.
  • Expanding and reinforcing economic cooperation with our neighbors, including Israel on the manufacturing and delivery of imports and exports. Additionally, as partners, we hope to use Israel’s knowledge and expertise on water, energy, telecommunications, and agriculture to enhance Jordan’s future in the economic market place. The best way to do this is by signing a free trade agreement between Israel and Jordan that benefits both parties and reinforces peaceful ties between both sides for generations to come.
  • Introducing strict anti-trust laws that will create competition, help multiple products reach the market place, while reducing the prices of consumer goods.
  • 6Creating and expanding a variety of economic programs and policies that will help construct a modern Jordan




















Appendix Document #7



  • Formed in 2012, the Jordanian Opposition Coalition is a collective of secular-like-minded Jordanian opposition
  • The Opposition’s Secretary General, Mudar Zahran, has been the most active political figure in opposition to the Jordanian Dictatorship since 2010
  • Zahran has received more media coverage than any other opposition leader
  • While many of the king’s own fake opposition members are roaming Jordan freely, Mudar Zahran was sentenced to life in prison in 2014 for “having a long tongue against the king”, “trying to change the structure of the society” and “insulting an official entity”. No other opposition figure has ever sentenced to this, which emphasizes Zahran’s significance and influence.
  • The Jordanian Opposition Coalition launched the largest revolution in Jordan history in November of 2012. [http://www.timesofisrael.com/preaching-the-gospel-of-liberalism-to-the-jordanian-street/]. That revolution came close to toppling Jordan’s king and witnessed the full involvement of both Jordanians of Palestinians heritage as well as Jordanians of East Bank heritage. [https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3464/jordan-trouble]
  • Both Zahran and the JOC leadership have flexed their muscles when necessary to influence the development of Jordanian public opinion and policy. Documented by the world media, an example occurred in 2011 when Zahran issued a call to the Jordanian public not to protest against the Israeli embassy in Amman, led by both the King and the Muslim Brotherhood. As, and as a result, less than 200 people showed to protest. The figure of protesters against the Israeli Embassy is usually in the range of 10s of thousands.
  • In 2011, the pro-Jordanian government writer, Nahid Hattar, called for a “mother of all protests” against both the Israeli and American embassies, Zahran publicly addressed Jordanians telling them not to protest either embassies adding “our problem is with the Hashemites and not the Israelis”. The Jordanian media made notice of Zahran’s call and incited the public against him [http://www.allofjo.net/index.php?page=article&id=16843] Nonetheless, as a result of Zahran’s call, the Washington Post reported less than 200 people showed up for the protests.[ https://unitedwithisrael.org/mudar-zahran-help-me-prevent-an-islamist-take-over-of-jordan/]
  • Another exhibit of Zahran’s influence over the Jordanian public came on 16 September 2015, when the Jordanian government’s media openly called for destruction of the Israeli embassy in Jordan, and the Muslim Brotherhood called for “mega protests” against Israel. At the time, Zahran addressed the Jordanian public with a video published on YouTube in which he warned them not to go. Thousands watched the video the night before the protests, and as a result, less than 200 protested before the Israeli embassy verses the usual tens of thousands. [http://www.jerusalemonline.com/news/middle-east/israel-and-the-middle-east/jordanian-opposition-leader-halts-protests-against-israeli-embassy-16013]
  • The Jordanian Opposition Coalition has been openly pro-Israel and has stood up in defense of Israel on countless occasions, examples of this are many:
  • The JOC’s Shadow Secretary of Commerce, Abed AlMaala, is an East Banker, and belongs to Jordan’s largest tribe- Bani Hassan. He has written in defense of Israel in Israel HaYom and avidly attacked the anti-Israel BDS movement:
  • The JOC is opposed to the BDS movement because it is a threat to the entire Middle East http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_opinion.php?id=17109
    • AlMaala resides in Virginia and has had a history of working with AIPAC and other pro-Zionist lobbies.
    • The JOC’s Shadow Secretary of Homeland security, Naseem AlGheewan, has been avidly supporting peace with Israel for years. Naseem currently resides in Germany and holds both French and Jordanian citizenships
  • Another JOC’s key figure is Mohamed Betaibet, Shadow Secretary if Labor and Welfare. He has been writing avidly in support of peace and against anti-Semitism. Betaibet was forced to flee Jordan in 2105, and resides now as a refugee in Germany. Here are one of his articles: [http://www.jerusalemonline.com/news/middle-east/israel-and-the-middle-east/op-ed-jordans-king-promotes-anti-semitism-15772]
  • In addition to the key figures above, the JOC has very active members on the ground, and many others in exile and in the west, whose names and biographies will be provided once their privacy is secured
  • Michael Ross, JOC’s State Secretary for the Peace Process. An American-Jewish Consumer Advocate who has been serving as one of the JOC’s advisor since 2015. A law school graduate, Zionist and Educator with 40+ years of public policy service and experience. He has helped organize the Jordanian Opposition Coalition create and coordinate their legislative agenda, publicity, and international relations. As co-author of this plan, he has also written this our proposed Constitution, Legislation, Resolutions, Political Platform, and Regional Redevelopment Plan entitled Operation Promising Future. Ross is a republican lobbyist and an avid supporter of President Trump.  His presence secures the credibility and validity of JOC’s mission of bringing peace and securing Jordan as peaceful, human, anti-Islamist, Palestinian homeland.
  • Ghada Al-Hassan, the Shadow Secretary of Justice, who has left Jordan for fear for her life in 2012. She is also a Canadian citizen. In Jordan, she served as a chief journalist for Jordan’s top newspaper Al-Rai, which was mostly government-owned. She also was a practicing lawyer and a famous pro-civil rights activist. She has been a member of the JOC since 2012.
  • Abu Ratib Adnani, who still resides in Jordan and is an intelligence expert. The JOC doesn’t make his biography nor his full name public in protection of his own safety.
  • Radi Habashneh, the Shadow Secretary of Transportation, an American citizen who resides in AZ. Habashneh has served in Jordan’s army and has been with the opposition against the king for decades. He belongs to the city of Kerak, regularly considered the king’s “most loyal city”, as well as belonging to one of the most influential tribes in the country. Many of his relatives are very close to Jordan’s king and his membership secures and confirms the fact that JOC has public support and merit with Jordanians from all backgrounds.

























Appendix Document #8



  • OJIP learns from the mistakes committed by the Obama Administration’s uncoordinated regime changes in Libya, Yemen, and Syria. With the implementation of the OJIP, this will never happen in Jordan.
  • The reason that Arab Spring countries ended up in a mess they are in, is because Obama sought to change the entire government structure of the country, and armies were dissolved, government officials fired and public structure(s) were destroyed. OJIP seeks to place the Jordanian Opposition Coalition in power replacing the king. As a result, only the occupants of the palace will change and the government, army and public service will remain intact.
  • Poverty, hunger, and unrest have dogged Jordan for years because of the King’s theft of public funds, funds that have been used to support his family’s lavish lifestyle. Protests and unrest against the king are common and have amounted to what can only be considered a “revolution”. The reason that they have not toppled the Monarchy is because the Jordanian army has not provided its support. Instead it has stood by and watched and did not get involved.
  • The revolutions in Tunis and Egypt became successful after the armies of both countries rolled their tanks in the streets and joined protesters. OJIP does not rely on this.
  • Jordan’s army is currently under the direct control of the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the US Central Command. The leadership of the Jordanian army is on the payroll of those agencies. As of today, Jordan’s army receives $400 million a year from the US. The US could direct Jordan’s army at any direction it chooses, the same way it did with Egypt’s army in 2011 when Mubarak was toppled and in 2013 when Morsi was deposed. Both ex-presidents claimed it was “a military coup”, “aided by the US”.
  • To support OJIP’s efforts, the army needs a green light from the US. With the green light, it could go ahead and announce support for the ongoing protests that happen regularly.
  • Once the army announces that, the king will leave into exile in the same way the president of Gambia did. [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/22/gambias-defeated-leader-yahya-jammeh-goes-exile/] It won’t be announced as a coup, or even a revolution necessarily, but just the king leaving into exile.
  • Like all governments whose leader had left or stepped down, interim governments run those countries. All of those in recent Middle Eastern history have been installed and selected by the United States and then ushered into power with Military support. Jordan will follow this model.
  • The JOC will take initial power in Jordan with the help of western governments who will support the removal of the king. Once in power, they will rule by Executive Order, with an election taking place within 1 year of taking office. The JOC wants to point out here that initially we are not changing the government, but will present the Jordanian people with an alternative Constitution and Government to the one in power today. To support this, an interim Constitution that bridges the current Monarchy based Constitution with a democratically based Constitution. When the elections take place, the citizens of the country will vote on a proposed Constitution that supports democracy and not a monarchy.
  • Upon taking office, the government will dissolve the sitting Parliament in accordance with the Jordanian Constitution and establish dates for elected offices at all level of government
  • Establishing an interim government, the day the Hashemite regime falls is vital to ensure both the safety of its citizens, and the future stability of the country.
  • The Interim government, via Executive Order, will declare all Islamists groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, as terrorist organizations and ban them. President Sisi did the same thing when he headed an interim government.
  • The interim government will introduce a strong counter-terrorism act that bans all Islamists, terror supporters and radical fundamentalists, as well as anyone affiliated with them from running for office.
  • The new counter-terrorism act will recognize affiliation with any terrorists or Islamist groups as a felony. Being felons will ban Islamists from voting and from running for office. This will ensure that the fair and open Jordanian elections do allow radical Islamists to participate.
  • The new government will run the country for an interim period of 2 years before elections. During that time, it will create and implement a variety of electoral laws that will help establish fair and open parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as the adoption of a new constitution (already written and available for review).
  • A constitution drafting commission will help finalize the draft document, and will be empowered to draft a modern constitution. Unlike the current Jordanian Constitution, it will be voted on by the citizenry before adoption. Once adopted, the Presidential Elections will take place after Parliamentary elections. That means that the public will elect the nation’s President for the first time in history.
  • All Jordanians of legal age, male and female over the age of 18, will have the right to vote and will be eligible to run for office, including the Presidency and any seat in the national assembly regardless of ethnic or sectarian background. Those convicted of a felonious crime or have had any relation to terrorism are ineligible to vote or run for public office.
  • The new Constitutional government will consist of two houses of government, one called a Senate, and the other called an Assembly. The Senate will be voted on directly from each state, while the Assembly will operate as a Parliamentary body. To accomplish this, the number of seats in the body will be raised from 150 to 400, and will be designed to secure direct representation for all Jordanians, thus ensuring that all areas, sects, and ethnicities will have more representatives in the parliament than under the current regime. The distribution of seats will be based on the population’s concentration and geographic distribution.
  • There are some non-Islamist haters of America and Israel in Jordan. To ban those from running for office and voting, the interim government will introduce an anti-hate-speech act that criminalizes incitement against ethnicities, races, sects, or religions. Thus, those calling for hatred of Jews would be committing a misdemeanor that could be elevated to a felony if it has caused any harm or threats.







































Appendix Document #9

Proposed Resolution

Designed to Define The Terms Radical, Fundamentalist and Radical Islam  


WHEREAS, The term “Radical Islam” has not been defined by the International Community; and


WHEREAS, There are no universally accepted definitions of the term “Radical Islam” that are in use by governments around the world; and


WHEREAS, The terms “Terrorism” and “Radical Islam” have unfortunately become connected in the hearts and minds of millions around the world; and


WHEREAS, Because of the lack of a definition, instead of focusing the time, energy and financial resources on fighting terrorism and its roots, without a definition, we are now targeting an entire group of people in the hopes that it will eliminate the problem, and in this day and age, that group tends to be Muslims; and


WHEREAS, Because the Jordan Opposition Coalition (JOC) has taken a leadership role in the creation of a testimonial paper that helps define the term and is now working with the leadership in a variety of Islamic countries to establish a definition of the term, as well as provide important information on how to overcome “Radical Islam”; and


WHEREAS, The establishment of these definitions, even in principle, will impact the world and how it sees and handles terrorism, Islam, and peace; and


WHEREAS, It has become very clear to millions of people that “fundamentalists favor a strict, literal and very taken-out-of-context interpretation of the primary sources”; and


WHEREAS, With respect to “Radical Islam”, Islamists who adhere to this belief, also seek to eliminate what they perceive as corrupting non-Islamic influences from their lives through the use of an ongoing and escalating campaign of fear, disinformation, and violence; and


WHEREAS, When anyone identified as a “radical” twists their beliefs (especially religious), to justify the use of any type of violence of that is specifically designed to deprive others of their rights to enjoy life, worship as they choose, live in peace or simply put food on the table, its wrong, and in the case of Islam and Muslims, it is against the Quran’s main principles; and


WHEREAS, The basic tenants of Islam as expressed in the Torah, New Testament and Quran are clear: there shall be no compulsion or violence in religion; and


WHEREAS, Legislative bodies around the world have heard the thoughts, feelings, and ideas from their constituents; and


WHEREAS, The International Community is looking for a way to effectively define, identify and deal with this subject; and


WHEREAS, Any identified problem(s) must not only be discussed and vetted, but come with corresponding solutions that effectively alter the landscape and thus bring peace; Therefore, be it



RESOLVED, That the definition of the term “Radical” is: anyone advocating for drastic political, economic, or social change based on representing or supporting an extreme section of thought, usually through a cause or political party; and Be It Further


RESOLVED, That the definition of the term “Fundamentalist” is: anyone who is part of a religious movement that characterizes itself by using a strict interpretation of religious texts to not only support their claims, but also justify their violent actions; and Be It Further


RESOLVED, That the definition of “Islam” is anyone who is a believer or follower of the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad; and Be It Further


RESOLVED, That at the definition of “Radical Islam” be as follows: While professing unwavering faith in a transcendent deity, “Radical Islam” is a militant, politically activist ideology whose ultimate goal is to create a worldwide community, or caliphate consisting of Muslim believers, and whom choose to do so by violence and/or the denial of civil, social, or economic rights to others; and Be It Further


RESOLVED, That it is known that “Islamic fundamentalists” favor a strict, literal, and very taken-out-of-context interpretation of the primary sources of Islam, and then use them as guidance in their actions, which clearly seek to eliminate what they perceive as corrupting non-Islamic influences from their lives; and Be It Further


RESOLVED, By the international community, that there are at least 7 basic causes for the establishment and rise of “Radical Islam” in the world, and they are:

  • The Perversion of Quranic verses;
  • The Perversion of “Hadeeth’ Context and Meanings;
  • The creation of Terroristic Constitutions and Mission Statements by Groups (for example the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas Constitutions);
  • Rulers and dictators who use the Quran to justify their actions; and promote radical ideology to deter their subjects from acting against them by making them hate and fight Western and non-Muslim nations;
  • The Lack of employment and economic opportunities in their homelands;
  • Traditional Societal and Sociological development;
  • Ignorance and lack of education throughout the Islamic world. And Be It Further


RESOLVED, That once we identify the root causes of “Radical Islam”, we must also identify and discuss any possible solutions which will help us spend precious resources (time and money), more effectively; and Be It Further


RESOLVED, that the following solutions to the rise of “Radical Islam” have been identified and should be worked on to help stop both the creation and expansion of “Radical Islam”:

  • The creation of a regional international redevelopment program as identified in the plan Operation Promising Future;
  • Help create more schools and universities that are open to men AND women of all ages;
  • Help create libraries filled with world literature, thus exposing the population to diversity and allowing them to learn more about us, while we learn more about them;
  • Support legislation designating groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, ISIS, and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations;
  • Require despots who receive international aid money to be transparent in terms of the way the money is spent. No longer should terrorist governments line their pockets with aid dollars designed for others that will never reach those for whom it is intended;
  • Support election monitoring and at the same time push for universal bans on radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood, thus, helping Muslims create civil and terror-free functional democracies.
  • Encourage, warn, and push Arab regimes to ban Islamists or disallow groups like the Muslim Brotherhood from running for public office by designating them as terrorist organization; and Be It Further


RESOLVED, That the definition outlined in this resolution be used by the International Community when addressing terrorism and what appears to be cases of “Radical Islam


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  1. I’ve just spent over an hour reading and (partially digesting), and I hope, understanding this fascinating document, the most complete of any I’ve ever read. It is like a quasi-Cinstitution and Declararion of the Jordanian People. I was concerned only about two things which weren’t showing up as I read deeper into the legalese. They were how to curb the power of the Muslim Brotherhood and handle any kickback, and how to also include the Israeli Arabs of Israeli citizenship. About 3/4 of the way through, both of these points were adequately answered, the only question being as to whether the Israeli Arabs would consider changing Israeli citizenship for stable Jordanian one. This is yet to be seen. There may be need to extend the incentives to that section of Arabs as encouragement. No matter how you look at it, although there are relatively few active terrorists from that section, they undoubtedly provide passive and subterranean support.

    I always know from the very first, that THE plan had to be that including Mudar Zahran,who has put more into the project than anyone else and not only is clever, but sincere and persistent……as far as I can tell. A Mazal Bracha on them

    And, as all can see, the BIG push will have to come from the backing of the United States, which already, it seems, controls Jordan’s military and security entities..

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