Review of Sarah Palin’s new book,

America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag

By Olivia Rodan Jacobs, author of Jerusalem 3000 THE POISONER’S AGENDA. Olivia tells me she is an avid reader of Israpundit.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Palin’s autobiographical book, GOING ROGUE, I was initially disappointed when I picked up AMERICA BY HEART and realized this wasn’t going to be an anecdotal STORY book but a serious explanation of the ideology that governs Sarah’s life–and by her analysis, also shaped the founding fathers of our nation and still inspires the majority of hard-working Americans today. Fortunately, I found her writing style not only kept me enthralled but also made understanding her point of view easy.

I wondered if Palin’s personal faith would narrow her view of America. I need not have worried. Her references to the founding fathers’ faith was not narrowly parochial but simply pointed to their insistence on the Creator as the source of all men’s rights to life, liberty, and happiness. Further, she explained, it is the recognition that these rights come from the Creator that must lead to the conclusion that since these rights are not government given, therefore they cannot be taken away by any particular government. And it is this basic belief that brings a necessary restraint to the powers of government.

The book drew me in the farther I read. Palin explained the difference between being pro-market and pro-business. She talked about how a modern educated woman could be a feminist AND pro-life, writing, “What kind of feminist is it who declares a diversity of political opinion among women (but not men!) is somehow selfish?” She pulls no punches with the statement, “These [liberal left] voices seem to think that the purpose of government–the purpose of America–isn’t to promise equal opportunity but to produce equal outcomes.”

One reviewer snarled that Sarah Palin couldn’t possibly have written the book herself, because she can’t be that smart! On the contrary, I got the impression that Sarah is one smart and self-propelled cookie, a voracious reader with an impressive filing system (mental and electronic), backed by a supportive and loving family and not shy of using competent staff. That’s a winning combination, and no reviewer should let “a diversity of political opinion” warp her report. Whether one agrees with her political views or not, there is no doubt that this is a well-written presentation of a serious viewpoint held by a great many Americans. Palin labels herself a “Commonsense Constitutional Conservative.” I can’t think of a more admirable title for any American entering public service.

Review by Olivia Rodan Jacobs, author of THE POISONER’S AGENDA

December 31, 2010 | 13 Comments »

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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. The U.S. manufacturing sector continues to power ahead, with data Monday indicating it expanded in December to a seven-month high — lending credence to analysts who believe the American economy will post strong growth in 2011

    Obama seems to be riding on a crest of successes. With the passage of major legislation and an improving economy. His trajectory is definitely moving upward. He looked like he was down and out just recently. Now we are not so sure he will be such a lame duck. If this trend continues the Republicans might need a much stronger candidate than Palin in 2012.

  2. Isaac mentions Palin’s homiletic label, “Commonsense Constitutional Conservative.” I prefer “Biblical Constitutionalist,” with principles from both sources rightly divided, and governing what we think and do. My article, “What on Earth is a Biblical Constitutionalist?” is available at Our only hope is to return to the principles laid out so long ago, and from which our leaders have so disastrously strayed over the past 100-150 years. Is there time? I’m not sure…. 10… 9… 8… 7… 6…

  3. I just purchased the book and gave it to my daughter who greatly admires Sarah Palin. After reading Olivia’s review, guess I’ll have to get my own copy. I know my wife will want to read it as well.

  4. I can’t help but admire this courageous woman Sarah Palin, and hope with all my heart to see her as the next President of The United States of America.

  5. One world government. So many people strongly support this evil idea. People who are willing to kill, die, lie, and steal for this evil. Russian Communists, Muslims of the Islam religion, and many American Democrats. We must be strong and courageous, and not compromise. We must explicitly accuse them of one world ideas.

  6. Palin is the best thing that happened to America for a long time now!
    She is incomparable, she is straight and in my opinion the only person that can save the USA from the spiraling fall we find ourselves in.

    Would you want another WASTED four years with someone else?
    Would you like to save America from creeping socialism?
    Would you like to revive the economy?
    Would you like our boys back home?
    Would you want to reduce the outlandish spendthrift attitude we find ourselves in?

    Then Palin in the new Messiah for the USA… They do not come in batches… so make up your mind and follow, there is no one to match her with! G-d bless America!

  7. Hijinx and Inge have stated well and yes, Palin labels herself a “Commonsense Constitutional Conservative.” That’s right on. I’ve read about 80 pages and the photos are excellent, down-to-earth pictures of a vibrant family with solid bonds. This is what all leftists and many in the MSM cannot stand. She is turning their lives upside-down and revealing their hypocrisy. The photos alone are worth thousands of words. One cannot help but feel joy with the images that show strength, determination and pride in America the Exceptional.

    Sarah Palin states on p.76 ‘ The Obama administration’s mammoth $787 billion stimulus package is a good example of this tactic of bribing the states to surrender their rights. As governor of Alaska, I angered a lot of state bureaucrats and their allies in Juneau when I turned down a chunk of the federal money slated for Alaska in Obama’s stimulus bill. I accepted the money that would go to create real private-sector jobs through construction projects and provide needed medical care to the disadvantaged, but I said “no, thank you” to the dollars that had fat federal strings attached to them.’

    She then states ‘ The Alaska legislature warned me that they would join with other states led by conservative governors and find a way through litigtion to go around the governor’s office to accept the federal funds. But I stuck to my guns because the cost to our Tenth Amendment freedom was just too high.’ Now, that is class!!. I would be delighted to offer my services free to work for her team during election time. BTW, so what if someone helped her.

  8. 2011 New Years Predictions from Pajamas Media (Sarah Palin is mentioned):


    I’m going to end my predictions here because, due to a depressed economy, rogue nuclear-armed states, an energy crisis, terrorism, childhood obesity, the pervasiveness of talking dogs in movies, clamshell packaging, sparkling vampires, and Justin Bieber, I expect our republic to collapse before it reaches its 235th birthday, and I’m not very good at predicting events in other countries. I expect the world to then be ruled by terrorists, crazed dictators, and freaky Japanese robots. On the plus side, I don’t see any indication the planet will be taken over by apes.

    So I’d make it a New Year’s resolution to stock up on guns and canned food. As for me, I’m moving to Alaska, where I expect Sarah Palin to become a powerful warlord.

    Happy New Year!”

  9. I haven’t even read the book yet, but I know I am going to enjoy it. I watch the television series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” it is a marvellous show. My gosh, there is nothing this woman can’t do! You can see it all, with her family, out in the wilderness, in the office taking conference calls and getting updated for when she takes on the office of President. Can’t wait for 2012.

  10. Sarah Palin is someone that drew my attention from her first speaking engagement to American
    Audiences. Her honesty and forthrightness was a refreshing change from the charmers before her.
    We desire that America be represented by someone we can trust. I believe she can lead us back to
    a way of life that our children can be proud of. If I had a Sarah Palin button 2012 I would wear it with pride.

  11. Sarah being attacked solely for the reason not to stop the march to the ‘one world government’ whom progressive want to achieve. She is an american patriot, contrary to those who rather have the ‘UN One World Government’, and the reason for their intent to destroy Sarah; in other words she’s in their way to achieve the end goal.

  12. I can’t help but believe that the greatest reason that she is so savagely attacked by the left is because of their fear of her. She is smart, well studied, personable, and solid. Any woman that can kill a caribou, butcher it, then cook it for her family, you have to admire. I think that I fell for her the night that she walked on stage after McCain’s announcement of her as his running mate. The crowd went wild and she proved herself on the campaign trail. I firmly believe that without her, McCain would not have gotten 20% of the votes he did. People didn’t vote for the RINO, they voted for Palin…I know, I did. I would love to see her in the white house and even have a Palin 2012 button that I wear.