The Jordan Option Conference Videos reposted


  1. Michael Ross  on behalf of the IJMDC and Ted Belman– Introduce Conference – What Is The Jordan Option Solution

Jordan is Palestine

  1. MK Yehuda Glick – Jordan Is Palestine, The Only Solution
  2. Mordechai Nisan– Jordan Is Palestine; An Out of The Box Solution or The Only Solution
  3. Arieh Eldad Is The Jordan Option Even Possible? Two states for two people on two sides of the Jordan River (in Hebrew)

The facts

  1. Martin Sherman –Israel as the nation- State of Jews: Fundamental imperatives for survival
  2. Edy Cohen– Jordan’s King: An Enemy of Israel\Jordan’s Regime??: The Source of the Problem
  3. Rachel Avraham – “Jordan’s oppression of dissidents and opponents.”

The Fictional Kingdom

  1. Salim Mansur The practical remedy borrowed from contemporary history to the problem of “Jordan is Palestine” that elegantly brings closure to the fraudulent Arab-Israeli conflict of the past hundred years.
  2. Geoffrey Clarfield– The Fictional Kingdom of Jordan.  Ethnography from “Time Immemorial”

Historical Background

  1. Ted Belman Weizmann/Feisal Agreement and the damage caused by Winston Churchill including removal of TransJordan.
  2. Michael Ross- Palestinian citizenship i.e. how they came to be citizens and what successive Kings have tried to do to restrict citizenship.

How Israel can take advantage.

Moderator – Yishai Fleisher

    1. Ted Belman – Policies Israel should follow to encourage Arab emigration. (This will include how to incentivize emigration and how building their economy retards emigration and must be stopped).
      Part 3

  1. Jeremy Saltan The death of the two state solution and Israel’s golden opportunity.

Jordanian Opposition Coalition

  1. Abed Al Maala – Will the  Jordanian Tribes Rebel Against The New Government?
  2. Mudar Zahran – Discusses his vision for Jordan and Israel living in peace and harmony.
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