Timmerman: “Obama likes radical Islamic rule.”

A wide ranging interview with Kenneth Timmerman

by Jerry Gordon (March 2011), NER

Kenneth Timmerman is a NewsMax.com columnist and foreign correspondent. He has authored important non-fiction works on domestic and international foreign policy issues and thriller novels about contemporary national security and human rights issues. Starting in 1977, Timmerman spent nearly two decades abroad reporting on developments in Europe and the Middle East from his base in Paris. From that vantage point he had an early view of the Iranian Islamic Revolution that overthrew the late Shah’s reign and secularism in Iran to become the theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran. He fashioned important relations with the Iranian opposition and dissident community, both in Europe and inside Iran. This led to his co-founding the Foundation for Freedom in Iran upon his return to America in the mid-1990’s.

Beginning in the late 1980’s, Timmerman spent over 20 years tracking the development of Iran’s nuclear weapons development program, presciently predicting the current threat to the world. For that investigative effort he was nominated along with US UN Ambassador John Bolton for the Nobel Peace Prize. While reporting from Beirut during the First Lebanon war in 1982, he was briefly a prisoner of the Fatah faction of the PLO. That experience of several weeks’ confinement in the PLO dungeon in Lebanon influenced his views about the Palestinian cause and Israel transforming him into a Christian Zionist.

While reporting on the signing of the Jordanian-Israeli Peace treaty, he interviewed many leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, the Islamic Action Front and Hamas for the Simon Wiesenthal Center that exposed him to the core of Jew hatred in political Islam. Timmerman has been critical of both the Bush and Obama Administrations’ lassitude in supporting pro-Freedom movements in Iran and employing stronger sanctions against the Islamic regime in Tehran for its brutal suppression of dissidents. He has also exposed pro-Islamic regime lobby groups in Washington, DC that have influenced White House policies. His most recent human rights activities and reporting have endeavored to spotlight the precarious predicament of the indigenous Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac Christian community in Iraq which is teetering on the brink of possible extinction. We were fortunate to have interviewed him following a recent return from assignments in Northern Iraq.

Gordon: Ken Timmerman, thank you for kindly consenting to this timely interview.

Timmerman: I am pleased to do it. (READ MORE)

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  1. why wouldn’t helping Islamists be good for the US regime? Islamists run the most corrupt governments possible, with maximal power in the hands of a very few hatemongers at the top.

    The only Iranians that hate the US would be the freedom supporting Iranians that have endured the raperooms and beatings by Islamist despots portrayed as ‘left wing’ radicals in big-lie US media. Fortunately, these Iranians would never consider actually killing American civilians in response to the perfidy of US leaders.

    The US welcomed Amadinejad to put op-eds in US media and to speak at US universities.

    The US is no more enemies with the Islamist despots in charge of Iran than were Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan.

  2. Timmerman said,

    I believe the common thread between Obama’s response to the cries for freedom of the Iranian people and his enabling of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is this: Obama likes radical Islamic rule.

    He doesn’t explain WHY he believes that is the common thread. It is not the only explanation. There is a simpler explanation: Obama is a coward. If he seriously tried to intervene in Iran, it would mean American involvement in yet another war, which would devastate him politically. On the other hand, allies are easy to betray. I believe this more adequately explains the President’s motives, because:

    1. Obama has demonstrated no deep religious convictions, Islamic or otherwise, and

    2. He has nothing to gain, personally or politically, from helping the islamists come to power. They hate America all the more, just as the Iranians hated America after Carter helped them get into power; and they personally hate Obama as (1) and apostate (2) an American, and (3) a “puppet of the Jews” (since it is mandatory for Moslems to always assert this).

    The only reason Obama would personally PREFER the Islamic religion of the man who impregnated, then abandoned, his mother, is that he hates the God of Israel. That is an important point to consider, and it may go a long way toward explaining many of B. O.’s irrational actions. That’s why, like Timmerman, I said “I believe” instead of “I know”.