That phony settlement excuse

What really happened in Jerusalem

By Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post,March 28, 2013

    “I honestly believe that if any Israeli parent sat down with those [Palestinian] kids, they’d say, ‘I want these kids to succeed.'”

    — Barack Obama, in Jerusalem, March 21

Very true. But how does the other side feel about Israeli kids?

Consider that the most revered parent in Palestinian society is Mariam Farhat of Gaza. Her distinction? Three of her sons died in various stages of trying to kill Israelis — one in a suicide attack, shooting up and hurling grenades in a room full of Jewish students.

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If Holland is Becoming Antisemitic Where Else is it Safe?

By Barry Rubin

A few years ago in Amsterdam I was shown the most popular manual published in the Netherlands, in Dutch, on how to raise one’s children as proper Muslims. The book included virulently anti-Semitic passages, based on Muslim holy texts. After the Jewish community objected, the authorities forced the publisher to put white tape over the offending passages. The tape could easily be peeled off by purchases so that these words could be read.

Or consider what has just happened. A Turkish-Dutch researcher publicized systematic anti-Semitism among other Muslims in the Netherlands, including a dramatic video that showed teenage boys calling for genocide and praising Hitler.

What happened? The researcher, Mehmet Sahin, had to go into hiding after being accused by others of being a Jew and a Zionist.

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Is there oil on the Golan

Israel awards first Golan oil drilling licence

by Rhonda Spivak, Winnipeg Jewish Review 20, 2013

The Golan Heights, where I recently took an early morning drive recently is known to be filled with mine fields that the Israelis installed to deter Syria from ever sending troops and tanks through it. The Golan also is known for its wineries, but in the future could be known for its oil and gas. Up until now the only drilling on the Golan has been military drills but now there will be drilling for energy sourcesandif that drilling is successful, it could be a game changer.

On February 20, the Globes reported that the Israeli government awarded the first license to drill for oil on the Golan Heights. The license covers half the area of the Golan from the latitude of Katzrin in the north to Tzemach in the south (This is the Southern Golan which borders with Jordan not the northern Golan which borders with Syria).

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Obama has acted to bring Hamas in from the cold since he was first elected

Shhhh, Don’t Tell Anyone: Hamas Won

The administration spends far more time appeasing Islamists than killing terrorists.

Andrew C. McCarthy, NRO

Barack Obama brought enough Chicago-style community organizing to Israel that Benjamin Netanyahu knew what he would have to do. If he hoped to keep the tepid support of his country’s essential but icy ally, Israel’s prime minister would have to do what he’d spent nearly three years steadfastly refusing to do. Netanyahu would have to apologize to a state sponsor of terrorism that openly, notoriously, and enthusiastically supports Hamas.

He would have to apologize to Turkey — to its prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Obama’s close friend and confidant.

He would have to apologize for military action taken in his country’s righteous defense against violent jihadists with close connections to Erdogan’s ruling party and, seamlessly, to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as al-Qaeda.

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West embargoes arms to Syrian rebels over their resale to al Qaeda

DEBKAfile Special Report March 30, 2013,

The Western arms pipeline to the Syrian rebels fighting Bashar Assad is starting to run dry since the discovery that some of the weapons are being resold and used by al Qaeda in its conquest of southern Syrian and takeover of positions on the Jordanian and Israel borders. French President Francois Hollande for this reason reversed his government’s policy. “We will not do it [send the Syrian rebel arms] as long as we cannot be certain that there is complete control of the situation by the opposition,” he said Friday, March 29.

That day too, Ankara announced that Turkish authorities had impounded 5,000 shotguns, rifles, starting pistols, gunstocks and 10,000 cartridges in the village of Akcakale before they were sent across into Syria.

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Obama still can’t be trusted

Op-ed: US president’s Jerusalem speech should have been addressed to young Palestinians

bY Shoula Romano Horing, YNET NEWS

After his trip to Israel, it is clear that President Obama’s strategy in regard to Israel has changed but his goal remains the same. He is still trying to convince the Israelis to take suicidal risks and agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state in the pre-1967 borders, which includes dividing Jerusalem.

It is true that we are a nation that feels isolated, unaccepted, and hated in our neighborhood and are condemned and boycotted almost daily by the world. But are we so psychologically damaged and insecure as a people that after one speech and two days of flattery, adoration and reassurances by the president we are willing to give up all of Judea and Samaria and divide our capital for another Hamastan?

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The Israeli negotiator who thinks the two-state solution is still possible


By Noam Sheizaf, +972

The Israeli negotiator who thinks the two-state solution is still possible
Veteran Israeli negotiator Shaul Arieli discusses the failure of the Oslo Accords, various Israeli prime ministers’ commitment (or lack thereof) to ending the occupation, and the only solution he believes both sides could live with, however unsatisfied they might be with it.

Shaul Arieli is a man on a dual mission: educating Israelis about the conflict and diplomatic process with the Palestinians, and making the point that the two-state solution is both possible and necessary. His latest publication in Hebrew, A Border between Us and You (Yeditoth Ahronoth Books 2013), is a 500-page handbook to the history of the conflict, with an emphasis on the diplomatic and political process. It is written in very simple (and sometimes simplistic) language, with lots of maps, tables and even entries describing notable leaders on both sides. Arieli was thinking about Israeli teenagers when he wrote his book, but lately I find myself going back to it again and again to find a figure or to check historical details for one of my posts.

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Yesha Council is executing plan to kill the TSS

By Joseph Braunold, +972

Yesha Council has produced a   document titled, “Judea and Samaria – It’s Jewish, It’s Vital, It’s Realistic.”

The following is a list of nine steps from which can see the underlying Jewish Home strategy during the coalition talks. Additionally we can start to make sense of some of the other Knesset moves and statements by members of the settler community on the national stage.

Step 1: Renewing the strong belief in the supremacy of the Jewish claim to the Jewish Homeland and the justness of taking measures to maintain control of it

In the coalition agreement between Likud and Jewish Home was a bill to make the Jewishness of the state supreme. This is a redo of the Avi Dichter bill from the last Knesset. No one is quite sure of which version will hit the Knesset, if it gets through Tzipi Livni, but it is part of a big move to decouple the concepts of Jewish and democratic state as equal and promote the former at the expense of the latter. The motivations behind this become clear in a strategy that is tied into biblical land claims and preparing for a situation where the civil rights of millions of Palestinians are going to have to be restricted.

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Turkey: Israel’s apology due to heavy diplomatic pressure

By JPOST.COM LAST UPDATED: 03/29/2013 16:16

Turkish FM Davutoglu rejects claims that crisis in Syria, Iranian threat led to Israel’s apology over ‘Mavi Marmara.’

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu rejected claims that Turkey’s decision to reconcile with Israel was precipitated by the crisis in Syria or tensions with Iran, Turkish daily Hurriyet reported on Friday, citing a Davutoglu interview with a local television station.

“There is no connection between Turkey’s demand for an apology and its actualization and Turkey’s policy to Iran and Syria; it is out of the question,” Davutoglu stated in the interview aired Thursday.

Davutoglu said rather, that Israel’s apology came about as the result of “heavy pressure on Israel on every diplomatic field.”

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Saudi heavy weapons supply to Syrian rebels – Arab summit in uproar

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 28, 2013,

Syrian rebels fighting for control of the Syria’s biggest town, Aleppo, have obtained their first heavy weapons – 220-mm MLRS rocket launchers – through a large-scale supply operation run by Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, according to DEBKAfile’s exclusive intelligence sources.
His agents scoured the Balkans nations of Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo and for large wads of cash snapped up Russian-made MLRS (Smerch) and Hurricane 9K57 launchers capable of firing scores of 220-mm rockets to a distance of 70 kilometers.

The Saudis hope to expedite the rebel capture of the big Syrian Nairab air base attached to Aleppo’s international air port. The Saudi prince has personally taken the Nairab battle under his wing, convinced that it is the key to the conquest of Aleppo, once Syria’s national commercial and population center, after more than a year’s impasse in the battle for its control.

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Jabotinsky railed against apologizing

Jabotinsky got it –102 years ago

Ze'ev Jabotinsky with wife Yohana and son Eri

Ze’ev Jabotinsky with wife Yohana and son Eri

We know that “history is written by the victors,” and until recently much of Israel’s history was written by the Left. Begin, Jabotinsky and others were treated as marginal, extremist figures, sometimes even vilified by the socialist establishment.

Israel underwent a political revolution in 1977 with the election of its first right-wing government, led by Menachem Begin, although vestiges of the old leftist establishment hung on in the arts, academia and media. Maybe for that reason the historical record is still unfair to Begin — whom some believe to have been the greatest of Israel’s Prime Ministers — and to Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky, a remarkably prescient thinker and philosopher of Zionism.

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Even if there were no right of return, the parties couldn’t agree on borders and Jerusalem

Ted Belman. The authors postulate that “Contrary to popular belief, the core of the conflict is not borders, Israeli settlements, or the status of Jerusalem.” but the right of return. I beg to differ. Even if the right of return was abandoned by the Palestinians or they accept Obama’s demand that they accept Israel as a Jewish state, they would in fact be abandoning it. Then the chances of Israel agreeing to a divided Jerusalem and uprooting 100,000 Jews east of the greenline, are less than the chances of the Palestinians abandoning the right of return.

Mind you, if Netanyahu could apologize for Mavi Marmara, he could agree to dividing Jerusalem and uprooting over 100,000 Jews.

The True Obstacle To Peace Between Israelis And Palestinians

by Asaf Romirowsky and Alexander Joffe

With the completion of Barack Obama’s first Presidential visit to Israel, as expected there was a great deal of symbolism reinforcing the bond between the two allies. Yet still, doves on both sides acknowledge that peace is hardly around the corner.

Understanding the true barriers to a comprehensive agreement is key to knowing where the pressure to compromise will be coming from. Contrary to popular belief, the core of the conflict is not borders, Israeli settlements, or the status of Jerusalem.

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Qatar aims to take over Jerusalem with billion dollar investment

By Dr. Mordechai Kedar..
Middle East and Terrorism..

One of the biggest complaints of the Syrian regime against the involvement of Qatar in Syria during the past two years is that the Emir of Qatar has been utilizing all of his wealth in fighting the wrong enemy: instead of fighting Israel, which is the true problem of Arabs and Muslims, the Emir of Qatar uses his strength and wealth in a fight against the “resistance” regimes, mainly Syria and Libya, who take a strong stand against Israel and Zionism. Qatar does not usually respond to accusations of this sort, because everyone knows that Israel has always been used to hide the real problems of the Arab and Muslim world, which center around corrupt, rotten, cruel and illegitimate regimes.

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Rabbi Herschel Schacter Is Dead at 95

Cried to the Jews of Buchenwald: ‘You Are Free’

via Yad Vashem

Rabbi Herschel Schacter leading the Shavuot prayer service for survivors in the Buchenwald camp in Germany in 1945. More Photos »

Published in NYT: March 26, 2013 49 Comments

The smoke was still rising as Rabbi Herschel Schacter rode through the gates of Buchenwald.

It was April 11, 1945, and Gen. George S. Patton’s Third Army had liberated the concentration camp scarcely an hour before. Rabbi Schacter, who was attached to the Third Army’s VIII Corps, was the first Jewish chaplain to enter in its wake.

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Israel ‘s ongoing public diplomacy fiasco

By David Isaac, Shmuel Katz Blog

On Feb. 28, at a meeting of something called the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations, Turkey ‘s Prime Minister Tacip Erdogan called Zionism “a crime against humanity.” Another day, another vicious slur on Israel , in this case from the leader of a country that only yesterday had been its strategic ally in the region. All that was unusual was that this one actually drew a comment from Secretary of State John Kerry — “objectionable” — after it was exposed by the private monitoring group U.N. Watch, awkwardly for Kerry at the very time he was visiting Turkey . The episode underscores the worldwide no-holds-barred attack on Israel ‘s legitimacy and how little push-back this meets from Israel herself.

A number of articles have appeared recently lamenting Israel ‘s public relations failures. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach writes in The Jerusalem Post on Jan. 7, “What good is having Apache helicopter gunships, or Merkava tanks, to defend your citizens against attack if you can’t even use them because the world thinks you’re always the aggressor?” On Jan. 11, in the same paper, Barry Shaw, author of “Israel — Reclaiming the Narrative,” says, “government-wise, we are barely on the battlefield for hearts and minds, while the Palestinians and their supporters seem to have endless resources and are succeeding to win the world away from us.”

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International media demonizes and deligitimates Israel

Op-ed: International media outlets covering Israeli-Palestinian violence accept lies as fact

Riccardo Dugulin, YNET NEWS

To many, the picture of a crying Arab father lifting his lifeless infant toward the sky will remain an image epitomizing Israeli injustice during the aggression initiated by Hamas in November 2012. The BBC reporter’s photograph depicting this personal tragedy has received an enormous amount of international attention leading to an almost unconditional outcry against the rules of engagement used by the IDF during Operation Pillar of Defense. Little has been said when a UN-mandated investigation concluded that the death of the young kid had been caused by a rocket misfired by Hamas that was originally aimed at Israeli civilian populations.

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British justice denies Jewish self-determination

How British Justice Failed Ronnie Fraser

By Ben Cohen, Commentary

On Monday night, as Jews around the world sat down for the first seder of the Passover holiday, anti-Zionists in the United Kingdom and elsewhere held a very different celebration to mark the comprehensive dismissal of a discrimination case brought by Ronnie Fraser, a Jewish math teacher, to an employment tribunal in London.

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Israel’s Economy has the Power to Astound

Israel’s Economy has the Power to Astound
Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought: US-Israel Initiative”
inFocus Quarterly, Jewish Policy Center, Spring 2013,

Global agencies assess Israel

During 2012, the three leading global credit rating companies, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) commended Israel’s economicperformance and expressed confidence in its long-term viability.

On September 30, 2012, Standard and Poor’s (S&P) reaffirmed Israel’s A+ credit rating, at a time when it lowered the credit rating of an increasing number of Western countries.  According to S&P, “the Israeli economy continues to generate solid economic growth….  Major security risks will be contained…. There is sufficient political will to prevent a sizable increase in the government’s debt burden…. We forecast that by the middle of the decade domestic natural gas production should contribute to improved external and fiscal balances.”

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Israel’s apology to Turkey was a mistake

by Efraim Inbar, The Jerusalem Post

Israel’s apology to Turkey for “operational errors” in the Mavi Marmara incident is a diplomatic mistake both in terms of substance and timing. It’s hard to understand or justify Israel’s weekend apology to Turkey. While the use of Israeli force in the Mavi Marmara “flotilla” incident was not very elegant, it was perfectly legitimate – as the UN-appointed “Palmer Commission” unequivocally determined. Moreover, the incident was a Turkish provocation that warrants a Turkish apology, not an Israeli one.

Worse still, the hopes in Jerusalem for a new era in Israeli-Turkish relations in exchange for the apology are simply illusory.

The Israeli apology will hardly stop Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regular Israel-bashing rhetoric. Nor has it secured a clear Turkish commitment for the resumption of full diplomatic relations.

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Righteousness of our cause – apology be damned

Op-ed: MK Lieberman explains why he objected to Israeli apology for Turkish deaths during Gaza flotilla raid

Avigdor Lieberman, YNET NEWS

Shortly after the Six-Day War ended, then-IDF chief of staff Yitzhak Rabin delivered a speech that will be remembered as the “Tzidkat Haderech (righteousness of our cause)” address. In his speech, he spoke of the “recognition of the IDF’s superiority of spirit and morals, as was revealed in the heat of war.”

Rabin said: “It all starts and ends with the spirit. Our soldiers prevailed not by their weapons but by their awareness of their supreme mission, by their awareness of the righteousness of their cause, by their deep love for their homeland and by their recognition of the difficult task laid upon them – to ensure the existence of our people in our homeland.”

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