Selected Articles

America has jumped from the Middle East frying pan into the fire
America's Limited Options
Arab Honour and the Peace Process
Battle for Jerusalem
Bomb Gaza. Win the War.
Can the UN legally impose a solution on Israel?
Don't Muddy the Waters
Focus on Jerusalem
Get the Arabs to make a better offer
Give the Palestinians what they want, or else. (Mar 29/09)
How Obama boxed Netanyahu in to an imposed solution
Islamic “peace” and Israel are mutually exclusive.
Israel must shift the battlefield from its security to its rights
Israel, From the Mediterranean to the Jordan?
Israelis and Jews
Jerusalem IS a Jewish Issue
Jewish Israel is the key to its survival, not its end
Justice For All
Larger Israel
Mandate for Israel
Obama Aims to Impose a Solution on Israel Dec 7/09
Obama favors an unholly alliance between Marxism and Islam 2008
Obama Plans to Impose a Solution on Israel
Obama to impose a solution
Obama's Muslim Connection
Obama's Muslim Outreach
Obama, the man behind the facade
Occupation is the Solution, Not the Problem
Of "Moderates" and Radicals
Particularism before Universalism
Perfecting the Unifying Theory
Reject the Roadmap
Repudiate the "peace process" and annex Judea and Samaria
Telling it like it is.
The 'peace process' is a bigger danger than Hamas
The "Peace Process"
The 'peace process' is in need of a paradigm shift
The conspiracy to shrink Israel
The Greatness of George W Bush
The Historical Jesus
The Holocaust was Caused by the Church, not Just Hitler
The Jews, the Communists and the Democratic Party
The Law v Aharon Barak
The Plan to Eradicate Israel
The Rafah Agreement is against the law etc
The Saudis have the US over a barrel of oil
The Status of Yesha and Settlements Under International law
The Truth About ‘The Occupation’ and ‘The Settlements’
The Vast Power of the Saudi Lobby
The War on Zionism
The Way Forward
The “peace process” has it ass-backwards
Tools of Persuasion
Understanding "unilateral withdrawal"
Unilateral withdrawal is far from a done deal
Unilateralism is Israel’s only option
US foreign policy is in shambles
Wake up and smell the gun powder
What war on terror
Whatever the Saudis want, the Saudis get
Whither the "peace process"
Why is Obama in Bed with the Muslim Brotherhood?
World War III
“Annapolis” is a separation process, not a peace process