Rothman to ‘Post’: Israel has veto power over Palestinian state,  

The state the Palestinian spokespersons are gunning for is also smack in the middle of the land-starved Jewish people’s tiny, zero-strategic-depth homeland.


Responding to Israel has no veto power over Palestinian statehood, PA tells ICJ,” Palestinian Arab spokespersons excel in generating rhetoric that always sounds plausible and always presents them as the most deserving of persons, as opposed to Jews who, it seems, barely deserve their own lives.

But this rhetoric is non-factual. In this case, for example, of course, Israel must have, and does have, “veto power” over Palestinian statehood. That’s because preventing that calamity is a matter of life and death for Israel.
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The Money Machine Behind Progressive Election Efforts  

The firm is deeply involved with some of the most prominent financiers of progressive policies and Democratic Party candidates. It manages a complex network of tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations that quietly funnels money to progressive organizations, political action committees, and the campaigns of Democratic Party candidates.

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Israeli Casualties Significantly Increase to Please Biden and Blinken  

IDF soldiers put themselves in danger, and get killed, to please the US.

by   Feb 23/24

Recently, The Guardian ran a story with interviews of IDF soldiers that they hoped would make Israel look bad; the result was quite the contrary: “The @Guardian lies to spin IDF soldiers as monsters – but they show that the @IDF remains the most moral army in the world,” Elder of Ziyon, February 9, 2024:

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A Letter to Candace Owens on Israel and Jews  

by Karen Lehrman Bloch, ALGEMIENER

Candace Owens. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Dear Candace,

The last time we chatted (OK, I wrote to you), you were defending Kanye West for his antisemitic tirades. It was unclear whether you were doing this as his friend, or because you agreed with him (though your obnoxious tone suggested the latter).

The past four months have made everything much clearer. Most recently, in a podcast and three rants, you accused a segment of Jews of being dishonest, disgusting, manipulative, thugs, and Marxists.

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Netanyahu presents: The plan for ‘the day after Hamas’  

Prime Minister Netanyahu brings before the Cabinet his proposal for the “day after” Hamas, which includes the shutting down of UNRWA and a complete demilitarization of Gaza.

Hezki Baruch | INN | Feb 23, 2024

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu>Marc Israel Sellem/POOL

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday evening brought his proposal for the “day after” Hamas for the approval of the Political-Security Cabinet.

“The Prime Minister’s document of principles reflects broad public acceptance of the goals of the war and of the civilian alternative to Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip,” the Prime Minister’s Office said. Read more…

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A variety of articles and videos  

Rise in Mail-in-Voting: A Convenience or Pathway to Fraud? Epoch Times

Government to promote 3,000 homes in Maaleh Adumim Supreme Planning Council will be asked to approve about 2,350 units in Maaleh Adumim, 694 units in Efrat and about 300 units in Kedar.

This is the stupidest era in history By Giulio Meotti.   Applauding Hamas at the Bataclan where its ISIS cohorts murdered 90 people is just one example. it gets worse.

O’biden maps out the death of Israel.  Video with Jonathan Pollard.

SAG-AFTRA Statement on CBS Retention of Reporter’s Files.  CBS has seized Catherine Herridge’s reporter notes and research after terminating her.

Suella Braverman: Islamists are in charge of Britain now

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U.S. Scheming for a Palestinian State Unwittingly Strengthens Netanyahu  

Overwhelming Israeli opposition to rewarding Palestinian terrorism with a state puts the prime minister’s adversaries in a bind

BY Gadi Taub, TABLET  FEB 22, 2024

If the news that the U.S. is going to recognize a Palestinian state that doesn’t exist was intended to break up Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wartime coalition, it’s unlikely to work. Contrary to what the Biden administration assumes, the obstacle to the “two-state solution” is Israel’s electorate, not its prime minister. The more the administration tries to ram this misguided plan down the throat of traumatized Israelis who are in no mood to compromise their security, the more the country’s prime minister will recover political support.

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Netanyahu Out? Think Again | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus  

Peloni:  Bibi’s persistent pursuit of absolute victory over Hamas, combined with his unequivocating opposition to US demands to form a Pal state, will only lead him to greater and greater strengths, as he identifies with and enacts policies which are commiserate with the interests and demands of the Israeli electorate. He is not just the leader which Israel has today, but the leader which Israel actually needs today, one whose policies will secure the nation and provide for its future security. As Biden and his Israeli allies have been trying to break Bibi’s resolve and split his govt, he has actually certified Bibi’s continued leadership with ever greater public support.

Caroline Glick | JNS | February 22

Despite what the media and Biden administration say, new polling suggests that Netanyahu and the right have a lot of public support. Caroline Glick breaks it down and analyzes why we are being fed lies that the Israeli government is on its way to collapse.

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The document that reveals: Sinwar claimed to have received a commitment for a Hezbollah attack in the north  

The document that reveals: Sinwar claimed to have received a commitment for a Hezbollah attack in the north.

In new documents that the IDF extracted from Khan Yunis, it was revealed that the Hamas leader was sure that Hezbollah would open another front: “We received a commitment that the Axis would participate in the great ‘liberation project.’ forces in the north

Yossi Yehoshua | YNET | Yesterday 00:28

Yahya Sinwar Hassan Nasrallah

This was the great fear immediately after the dimensions of the attack became clear on October 7: while the IDF was shedding blood to cleanse the Otaf settlements of terrorists, Hezbollah would attack the Galilee settlements in a similar format and place Israel in a war on two full fronts after a crushing opening blow. Now we know that Yahya Sinwar didn’t just wish it would be so: he actually built on it and even claimed to have received a commitment on the subject.

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Why surrendering in Gaza on Nasrallah’s terms will lead to war with Lebanon  

Opinion: A total victory in Gaza is not an empty slogan, but the only way to ensure that October 7 will never be repeated and lead to real peace in the Middle East

Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi| YNET | 02.20.24

As our soldiers are fighting in Gaza and girding up to fight on the Lebanese border, we as leading voices in the Israeli security milieu and reserve officers bear a special responsibility. Our utmost duty, above correctly reading the map and diagnosing the trends around us, is to acknowledge how the system was underprepared for October 7, and how achieving total victory in Gaza will best serve Israel’s security interests not just in the Gaza Strip but vis-à-vis Lebanon and the region. Describing “total victory” as an empty slogan, as Major General Giora Eiland did on this site, could not be further from the truth. Therefore, the worse thing we could possibly do is to politicize what the vast majority of Israelis view as absolutely indispensable.

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Government-Backed Censors Who Rigged The 2020 Election Are Now Stealing 2024  

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Mike Benz should be a wake-up call for all Americans that our government is waging war on us.

By John Daniel Davidson, THE FEDERALIST    20 February 2024

If you didn’t see Tucker Carlson’s interview last week with Mike Benz, you need to take an hour and watch the whole thing. In a mind-bending narrative about the emergence of what Benz calls “military rule” through an online censorship industry in the U.S., he lays out in startling detail just how corrupt and tyrannical the U.S. defense and foreign policy establishment has become.

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Yemen’s Houthis blamed for Israeli airplane ‘cyberhijack’  

By Evarist Chahali, UJASUSI BLOG                         22 February 2024

On 19 February 2024, unknown assailants, and possible Houthi (Ansarallah) hackers, targeted an airplane flying from Thailand to Israel in a cyberjacking attack near Somalia. The hackers successfully imitated the signal of the Aircraft Telecommunications and Information Services Unit (ATSU) server, which transmits ground data, and manipulated it to convey false information about changes in course.

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US, Israel face the mutual threat of Islamic terrorism  

FBI Director Christopher Wray is driven by Middle East reality, not by alternative, less frustrating but self-destructive fantasy.


FBI Director Christopher Wray, October 2019. Credit: Courtesy of FBI News (

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray visited Israel on Feb. 14, 2024, meeting with leaders of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency and Israel Police. The goal of the visit was to benefit from Israel’s unique urban and tunnel warfare experience against Islamic terrorists, who are advancing the vision of Iran’s ayatollahs and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Director Wray considers Israel’s to be the most effective battle-tested laboratory for the U.S. armed forces, law enforcement agencies and defense industries.
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Knesset votes 99-11 against any unilateral recognition of Pal state  

Netanyahu congratulated the opposition MKs who supported the resolution.

(February 21, 2024 / JNS)

The Knesset plenum hall on the opening of the 22nd Knesset in Jerusalem, Oct. 3, 2019. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90

The Knesset plenum on Wednesday voted 99-11 to back the government’s decision to reject any unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood, amid reports the Biden administration is considering such a move.

All coalition lawmakers and most members of the opposition Yesh Atid, National Unity and Yisrael Beiteinu parties voted in favor of supporting Sunday’s Cabinet statement against “international diktats regarding a permanent settlement with the Palestinians.”

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If Missiles Not Removed, Gaza Will Look Like Paradise Compared to Areas of Beirut  

By Dr. Aaron Lerner, IMRA    21 February 2024

If Hezbollah doesn’t remove the rockets and missiles it has embedded in Beirut and other populated areas of Lebanon, those areas will be turned into moonscapes, which will make Gaza, by comparison, seem like Paradise.

To be clear: We won’t turn those areas into a moonscape as punishment. We will do this because the rockets and missiles are so deeply embedded inside the civilian population that even precision attacks will level the areas.

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Poll: Trump leads Biden among Jewish voters in New York  

New poll by Siena College shows that former President has a 9-point lead over current President among Jews in New York state.

INN     Feb 21, 2024

Trump and Biden

A new poll by Siena College shows that former US President Donald Trump has a 9-point lead over current President Joe Biden among Jews in New York state, which has the nation’s largest Jewish population, Newsmax reports.

The poll, which was released on Tuesday, showed that Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination, has a 53%-44% lead over Biden among New York’s Jewish voters in a two-way race and a 46%-38% lead in a four-way race with independents Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West.

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How the ‘Settler Violence’ Campaign Works  

By Caroline Glick, JEWISH PRESS                           21 February 2024

Givat Eitam near Efrat, September 2007/Michal Fattal Flash 90

This past Last Saturday afternoon, 71-year-old Hagar Gefen was driving through the Jordan Valley when she was waylaid by Palestinian assailants. They pulled her from her car, beat her, and stole her vehicle.

Gefen is an anti-Zionist activist affiliated with the radical NGO Looking the Occupation in the Eye. Her group’s modus operandi is to harass Israeli civilians and military forces in Judea and Samaria in order to demonize them. As the organization’s leaders wrote recently, “We initiate direct actions that get in the face of the settlers and challenge the security forces. We work in cooperation with Palestinian colleagues who often stand together with us in the West Bank.”

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Hizbullah Claims Seven Villages in Northern Galilee Are Part of Lebanon  

By Col. (ret.) Jacques Neriah, JCPA                          21 February 2024

This pre-1948 map showed the locations of seven Shiite villages inside the British Mandate for Palestine. (Zero0000/CC BY-SA 3.0 DEED)

On May 25, 2000, Israel withdrew its troops from its self-proclaimed security zone in South Lebanon under the pressure of Hizbullah’s guerrilla attrition warfare. Twenty-four years after the zone’s establishment, Israel decided that redeploying along its international border with Lebanon could potentially put an end to its military confrontation with Hizbullah, the Shiite Iranian-directed militia. Indeed, after consultation with the UN and in accordance with the agreed coordinates, Israel retreated to what is called the “Blue Line.”

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