A Silent Strategy for the President Will Spur the Silent (and Sane) Majority  

All the country needs is a couple of weeks without the president seeming to be the source of this cacophony for the national interest in sensible government to reassert itself.

By Conrad Black, AMGREATNESS 

Possibly by accident, there are preliminary signs, green shoots, that the president is by experimentation moving toward the campaign strategy most appropriate for the summer. It is Donald Trump, even more than Joe Biden, who should be practically silent. Because the looming presidential nominee of the Democrats is completely unfeasible, inarticulate, and incoherent, the Democratic campaign consists essentially in round-the-clock mudslinging from the 90 percent of the national political media that hates Trump and will do anything, no matter how unprofessional, to remove him.

Notoriously, it is to this contemptible level that the principal American media have descended. The Trump campaign will continue to have his words and actions distorted, misrepresented and hurled back at him by serried ranks of bloodless assassins in the press. He should leave the refutation of them to his very able press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, who dispensed in short order this week the CNN White House reporter who asked last week if President Trump was pleased the North won the Civil War.

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Myths and facts about sovereignty  

T. Belman.  Israel will never be in a better position

Critics say attaining sovereignty will undermine the peace process and ruin Israel’s reputation abroad, but these myths do not hold up to scrutiny.


NEIGHBORHOODS DOT the hillsides of Ma’aleh Adumim, near Jerusalem. (photo credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)

NEIGHBORHOODS DOT the hillsides of Ma’aleh Adumim, near Jerusalem. (photo credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)

According to critics, application of Israeli law to security and settlement zones in Judea and Samaria will ruin everything. It will undermine the “peace process” (as if there was one), and wreck Israel’s international reputation (as if everybody loved Israel nowadays).

These myths do not stand up to scrutiny.

• Myth 1: “Annexation” would be a violation of international law.

• Fact: “International law” is a malleable concept, and neither the government nor the Supreme Court of Israel ever have accepted the view that Jewish settlement over the Green Line is a violation of international law. Nor can Israel’s assertion of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria be considered “annexation” because the land never “belonged” to the Palestinians. The “Pompeo Declaration” and the “Trump Plan” explicitly accept the historical right of the Jewish People to settle in their biblical homeland (and consequently the US government already has recognized Israeli sovereignty over united Jerusalem and the Golan Heights).

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Where have all the commie ba**ards gone, long time passing?  


In front of Mt. Rushmore and hitting every high note possible to counter the sickening cancel culture anarchists defiling our country, President Trump gave a rousing, heart wrenching battle speech.  And a battle it is — for the guts and soul of our great country.

In addition to swearing to combat and stop the violent anarchists — Marxists he factually called them — Trump exhorted the cowardly Republicans to stand up and speak out.  Speak out we all must do as well.  Moreover, he condemned the poisonous government school system that has taught our kids to hate our country, thereby erasing all the noble, good, and innovative advances in their memories that America has meant to the world and the incredibly fortunate residents who call America their home.

There have always been those who want to tear down America.  From the Brits, to the slave owners, to the communists to the present-day anarchists.  Yet, the essence of America has always prevailed.

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Iraq’s Leadership Is Finally Setting Limits on Iranian Intervention  

All of a sudden, Iran’s Quds Force chief needs a visa to enter Iraq, while PM Kadhimi is taking aim at Iran-leaning officials. Still, everyone knows real change only comes to those who wait

By Zvi Bar’el, HAARETZ

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi waits for delegations at the prime minister's office in Baghdad, Iraq, May 14, 2020.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi waits for delegations at the prime minister’s office in Baghdad, Iraq, May 14, 2020.Credit: Iraqi Prime Minister Media Office/Handout via REUTERS

General Esmail Ghaani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force, and successor to Qassem Soleimani, had a surprise at the beginning of June. He was required to obtain an official entry permit from the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enter the country along with a delegation he was leading. That would never have happened to Soleimani, who came and went as he saw fit, without approval or a visa and sometimes even without an invitation.

But when Mustafa al-Kadhimi took over as prime minister of Iraq in May, he ruled that every person entering Iraq, including VIPs, will need a visa. This was not the only signal that Iranian involvement in Iraq would be facing a new government willing to reconsider the boundaries of Iranian influence in the country. Shortly after al-Kadhimi was appointed, he began a campaign to weaken the clout of Iran’s supporters. He removed a long list of senior officers and officials from their posts, including national security adviser Falih al-Fayyadh, who had served for about a decade, and also heads the Shi’ite militias that Iran supports and funds – on top of the budget they receive from the Iraqi government.
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Trump declared war on the cancel culture promoted by the extreme left and supported by the Democrats and mainstream media. He stressed why America’s history and values make America great. He dedicated himself to defeating the forces which claim otherwise and protecting the constitution, free speech and the rule of law.  He also dedicated himself to reclaiming education in schools.

Beautiful speech.

For the text of the speech go here.

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New Hydroxychloroquine Study Vindicates Pres Trump and Should End Fauci’s Career at NIAID and in Medicine  

By Jim Hoft, GATEWAY PUNDIT    July 3, 2020 at 7:00am

Dr. Ramin Oskoui joined Raymond Arroyo on The Ingraham Angle to discuss this latest study.

A new Hydroxychloroquine study conducted by Henry Ford Health System revealed hydroxychloroquine successfully lowered the death rate among hospitalized COVID-19 patients by a significant margin.

According to Just The News the use of hydroxychloroquine cut the mortality rate of coronavirus victims in half.

The study examined 2,541 patients who had been hospitalized in six hospitals between March 10 and May 2, 2020.
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Report: Israeli cyberattack caused Iran nuclear site fire, F35s hit missile base  

Kuwaiti newspaper cites unnamed senior source as saying Jerusalem behind recent incidents in Iran, following an alleged attempt by Tehran to hack Israel’s water infrastructure

Centrifuge machines in the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran, November 5, 2019. (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran via AP, File)
Centrifuge machines in the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran, November 5, 2019. (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran via AP, File)

Israel was responsible for two blasts at Iranian facilities — one related to uranium enrichment, the other for missile production — over the past week, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported Friday.

The Al-Jareeda daily cited an unnamed senior source as saying that an Israeli cyberattack caused a fire and explosion at the largely underground Natanz nuclear enrichment facility in the predawn hours of Thursday morning.

According to the source, this was expected to set back Iran’s nuclear enrichment program by approximately two months.

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Trump and Netanyahu face their rendezvous with destiny  

What Netanyahu does over the next few weeks will determine if he goes down in history as one of the greatest Jewish leaders of all time, or if he is remembered as a disappointment of Sabbatean proportions.

By Caroline B. Glick, ISRAEL HAYOM

Trump defends and protects Israel from International Criminal Court

US President Donald Trump with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on May 23, 2017 | Photo: AFP

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needn’t take heed of the “friendly advice” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proffered on Wednesday. As UAE Ambassador to the US Yousef Al-Otaiba did earlier this month, Johnson published an article in Yedioth Ahronoth threatening Israel with various disasters if Netanyahu implements his plan to apply Israeli sovereignty in areas of Judea and Samaria in conformance with US President Donald Trump’s peace plan.

PM Johnson is no friend of Israel

Johnson’s “friendly” threats should surprise no one. Since 2017, when he began serving as Britain’s foreign minister under then prime minister Theresa May, Johnson demonstrated amply that he is no great friend of Israel, or of anyone else.

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Undercover Investigation Minneapolis Riot Was Preplanned  



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Are three mysterious explosions in Iran linked?  

Three mysterious incidents, linked by explosions – at least two of them at secretive nuclear and weapons facilities – have rocket Iran in the past week.


Three mysterious incidents, linked by explosions – at least two of them at secretive nuclear and weapons facilities – have rocked Iran in the past week. All three have been reported by Iranian media with various excuses about how they are less serious than they appear, that they are being investigated and that there is no major story to tell.  On June 25, a massive explosion, seen many miles away in Tehran, burned a hillside near a missile complex at Khojir. On June 30, a medical center suffered a fire in Tehran, killing at least 18 people. And on July 2, an incident at Iran’s Natanz enrichment facility was mentioned by the country’s official media, without elaboration. Officials claimed that only a shed was damaged. In each case, officials appeared to try to get ahead of the story by obfuscating about the seriousness of the incident or why it took place at a sensitive facility.This leads to key questions about why so many explosions or incidents have affected key aspects of Iran’s military-industrial complex. Rumors posted on social media and elsewhere online have suggested not only a cover up but also allegations of a “cyber” attack or other concerns about how these incidents unfolded. Iran alleged a cyber attack harmed Shahid Rajaee port in May, in the wake of an Iranian cyber attack on Israel.

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Islamists appropriate Black Lives Matter movement, despite history of anti-black bigotry  

Tragedy is being used to advance an intersectionalist worldview that imagines US and Israel as common enemy of all oppressed people.

By Hesham Shehab & Benjamin Baird

PLO flag waved at Black Lives Matter rally in Paris

Following the killing in police custody of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, several radical Muslim American organizations have joined in nationwide protests to show solidarity with black civil-rights protests. However, Floyd’s death has sparked difficult conversations about black-Muslim relations, as well as the implicit racial biases found in some Arab and South Asian communities.

Rather than acknowledge anti-black bigotry, Chicago Islamists—many of them with a history of anti-black discrimination—have minimized and excused this abhorrent behavior while exploiting Floyd’s death to satisfy their own anti-Israel agenda.

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A tale of two revolutions, and why America must be celebrated  

The radical narrative that US is racist is rooted in a revisionist spirit that threatens rule of law, civilization and Jews.

By Jonathan S. Tobin

Manhattan, New York

In the view of those cheering on the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement, this July 4 will be one less of celebration than of soul-searching and reassessment. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the normal festivities were always going to be muted. But the brutal death of George Floyd on May 25 sent angry crowds of sometimes peaceful protesters into the streets seeking to topple monuments of not just Confederates, but also the nation’s Founding Fathers and a host of other historical figures who don’t measure up to the woke standards of the demonstrators.

As such, it is a deeply ominous sign that some advocates of the BLM movement, which has always been linked to anti-Semitic intersectional claims, are sometimes diverging from their usual arguments about racism to attacking Israel with blood libels. This week, one BLM march up Washington, D.C.’s Constitution Avenue, demonstrated its solidarity with a Palestinian “Day of Rage” by chanting, “Israel, we know you murder children too.”

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PM at end of his rope with unity government, advisers say  

The straw breaking Netanyahu’s back is the sovereignty issue, which now appears to be slipping through his fingers as he wages a last-ditch effort to salvage something of the historic initiative.

By Mati Tuchfeld, ISRAEL HAYOM

PM at end of his rope with unity government, advisers say

PM Benjamin Netanyahu with alternate prime minister Benny Gantz at the weekly cabinet meting in Jerusalem, Sunday | Photo: Emil Salman

The public feud that erupted this week between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and alternate prime minister Benny Gantz was similar to the atmosphere that usually surrounds a government at the tail end of its term, when its end is already in sight. The difference is that this time we’re only six weeks into this government’s term, a long way from its designated end.

With every passing week, Netanyahu discovers he has lost another asset. His situation in the polls continues to be strong, contrary to Gantz, who continues to plummet. This gap is driving Netanyahu and his advisers crazy. People who spoke with him this week say he is at the end of his rope. The straw breaking the camel’s back, they say, is the sovereignty issue, which appears to be slipping between his fingers as he wages a last-ditch effort vis-a-vis the Americans to salvage something of the historic initiative.

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From Israel: An Unmitigated Mess!!  

July 1, 2020, was the day on which Israel was to begin application of sovereignty.


But I have been tracking more than one unmitigated mess, and I want to first circle back briefly to that other enormous mess: in the US.

I provide for you here a link to an interview of Leo Terrell, a civil rights attorney of sterling reputation, forthrightly telling it like it is. He is grievously disappointed with the Democratic Party, and frustrated about the refusal of Democrats to call out the violence of rioters and Black Lives Matter. He addresses the rule of law and the patronizing attitude of the Democrats. He says “systemic discrimination does not exist.”


Credit: Fox News



What he says is SO important. Because it comes from him – an attorney with 30 years of experience in the field and until recently a supporter of the Democrats – it carries weight. Please watch it and then share the link very broadly. Maybe some eyes will be opened.

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STUNNING: Fauci’s Remdesivir Costs $9 Per Dose, Will Be Sold at $3,000 per Treatment — China Company Linked to Soros Will Also Mass Produce the Drug  

U.S. Buys The World’s Supply Of Breakthrough Coronavirus Drug Remdesivir HOW COME?


The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (https://aapsonline.org) filed a lawsuit against Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA for “irrational interference” by the FDA with timely access to hydroxychloroquine.

Never in history have we seen such a determined effort by the scientific community and pharmaceutical industry to downplay and lie about the use of a successful drug to treat a deadly disease.

Hydroxychloroquine is the first choice in a study of 6,000 doctors treating the coronavirus.
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It’s time to settle into the Jordan Valley  

Little has changed since the first valley communities were founded in 1967, despite the broad ?consensus among the Israeli public that the valley is ours.

By Nadav Shragai, ISRAEL HAYOM

Whether Israel applies sovereignty to the Jordan Valley or not, the reality of Israel’s population there ?must be rectified, and urgently. The residents of the Jordan Valley, who have turned an arid, hot land ?into a modern agricultural powerhouse, planted with tens of thousands of acres of date groves, table ?grapes, vegetables, fruit, and herbs that are exported as far abroad as Europe, will testify to that. But ?the enormous area of the Jordan Valley Regional Council – 860,000 dunams (332 square miles) – is still ?sparsely populated by only 6,000 people spread over the 21 communities

There is a big difference between the ever-so-lofty declarations made throughout the years about this ?strip of land’s importance to Israel’s national security and the minimal settlement there. Even a ?declaration of sovereignty, important as it would be, will have a hard time overcoming that ?discrepancy. When it comes to the Jordan Valley, Israel has emphasized open spaces and territory, but ?neglected mass settlement. ?
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