Hamas in Jerusalem  

The terror organization is using schools and non-profits to spread incitement and terrorism.

By Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, JNS  Opinion 5 Dec 2023  

Palestinians fly Hamas flags after Ramadan prayers at the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, April 22, 2022. Photo by Jamal Awad

Israel has set the elimination of Hamas as a military threat and a political entity in the Gaza Strip as its primary objective in the current war. But vanquishing Hamas in Gaza is not enough, because Hamas’s tentacles stretch far beyond the Strip. In fact, Hamas’s ideological center and active secondary arena is Jerusalem.

Hamas employs a precise methodology in order to spread its ideology and recruit terrorists. It imitates the practices of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has long incubated radical Islamic movements, including Hamas itself. Now almost a century old, the Brotherhood seeks to win the hearts and minds of Arabs by providing legitimate social and cultural services, and then using them a stepping stone to political power.

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Biden Unfreezing $6B for Iran Funded Proxy Forces Attacking U.S. Ships, Troops  

Kash Patel, former President Donald Trump’s Pentagon chief of staff, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Monday slammed President Biden for reversing the Trump administration’s designation of the Houthis as a terrorist organization.

By Kristina Wong,  BREITBART    4 Dec 2023

“The Trump administration prioritized designating terrorist groups as terrorist groups, both at the State Department at Treasury and across all other government agencies. And we designated the Houthis as a terrorist group, even though a lot of people in the media were like, ‘Oh you can’t do that, we won’t be able to provide humanitarian aid.’”

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Weimar America  

By Victor Davis Hanson, AM GREATNESS     Dec 4/23

Something eerie, something creepy, is happening in the world—and now in America as well. The dark mood is brought on by elite universities, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry, and massive immigration from illiberal nations and anti-Enlightenment societies.

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More details unveiled of IDF intel on Oct. 7 plans, consults hours before Hamas attack  

2 IDF commando companies diverted to West Bank from Gaza border days before onslaught; Sinwar last year publicly hailed Hamas TV dramatization of invasion as ‘what we’re preparing’

A diagram shown on Channel 12 on December 4, 2023, from an IDF report in July 2022, on potential Hamas invasion plans. (Channel 12 screenshot, used in accordance with clause 27a of the copyright law)

The top commanders of the Israel Defense Forces were aware, in the hours, days and months that preceded the Hamas-led devastating October 7 onslaught in southern Israel, that the Palestinian terror group was drilling intensively for a planned large-scale invasion, and the Hamas leader even said publicly that this was his plan — but the military still didn’t act and even diverted forces away from the Gaza front, believing that this was empty boasting and that the terror group wasn’t interested in war, according to Hebrew media reports Monday.

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Israel-Hamas war: a US wake up call!  

By Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought: a US-Israel Initiative” December 5, 2023,

“Those who experience wake up calls usually discover, in hindsight, that they had received plenty of warning before the poop hit the propeller, but they chose to disregard it…. Whether a wake up call becomes a boon, or a bane, depends on what you’re willing to learn from it, and whether you’re willing to be moved by experience.” (Greg Levoy, a psychologist and an author).

The US-Israel mutual threat of Islamic terrorism

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Militant Rocket Hit Base Linked to Israeli Nuclear Missile Program  

A Times visual analysis found that a rocket launched from Gaza on Oct. 7 hit an Israeli military base believed to house nuclear-capable missiles, although it’s likely they were not in danger.

Riley Mellen, NYT Dec 4/12

Satellite imagery taken before and after an Oct. 7 rocket strike showed the sudden appearance of scorched earth at the Sdot Micha military base in central Israel.CreditCredit…The New York Times, Source: Planet Labs

Riley Mellen, a member of The Times’s Visual Investigations team, analyzed publicly available satellite imagery, rocket alarm data and social media posts to report this story.

A rocket most likely fired by Hamas militants during their Oct. 7 attack on Israel struck an Israeli military base where, experts say, many of the country’s nuclear-capable missiles are based, according to a visual analysis of the attack’s aftermath by The New York Times.

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Israel Probing Claim Traders Knew in Advance of Oct. 7 Attack  

“Our findings suggest that traders informed about the coming attacks profited from these tragic events.”

JNS 4 December 2023

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Credit: Yaniv Morozovsky via Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli authorities are investigating a claim by two researchers in the United States that traders possibly knew in advance about the Hamas attack of Oct. 7 and profited from the massacre.

The report by law professors Robert J. Jackson Jr. of New York University School of Law (NYU Law) and Joshua Mitts of Columbia Law School found a sharp rise in short-selling of Israeli stocks in the weeks leading up to the attack, in which thousands of Hamas gunmen stormed the border, murdering 1,200 people, wounding more than 5,000 and taking 240 hostages back to the Gaza Strip.

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Muslim Women Leaders from US in Israel on Solidarity Mission  

“We are here to denounce what Hamas has done to you.”

By Etgar Lefkovits, JNS  4 December 2023 

The American Muslim leaders meet in Sderot with Meirav Barkai of Kibbutz Be’eri, whose 81-year-old mother and 20-year-old nephew were murdered in the Hamas attack on Oct. 7. Photo by Yoav Lin.

OFAKIM, Israel—A reverential silence fell on the room as the four American-Muslim women bowed their heads in prayer on Friday for the victims of the Hamas attack on Israel.

Moments earlier, the interfaith crowd in the apartment in this western Negev city, which included Muslims, Jews, a white-turbaned Sikh, a mixed Israeli family and Mayor Yitzhak Danino, stood mesmerized as the Arabic words of supplication for the Israelis murdered in the massacre were intoned.
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Israel’s Massive Offense in Southern Gaza; the Good, the Bad and the ?  

T. Belman.  Israel should not have conceded that there are “innocent Gazans”. The Gazans support Hamas and should not be considered as “innocents”.  Israel’s sole obligation in law is not to target them. As long as Israel abides by this rule, she is not responsible for collateral damage. Responsibility rests with Hamas for using them as sheilds. To do so is a war crime.

JaFaJ INTELLIGENCE    December 3, 2023

1. Summary: Israel has been conducting a massive ground incursion into the Southern part of the Gaza Strip. As part of the incursion, Israeli tanks have taken over Al-Qararah, a village located just 3.5 miles northern to Khan Younis city, the Governorate’s main town. The Israelis have also been carrying out aerial and artillery bombings because reports are circulating that Hamas militants are reported to be hiding among civilians. This has caused another wave of refugees with almost half a million departing Khan Younis to the Southern city of Rafah, which is located at the border with Egypt.

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Pentagon Admits Mid-East Terrorists Located Within Houthi-controlled Yemen Targeting U.S. Navy Fleet  

By Sundance, CTH 3 Dec 2023

Finally, almost two months later, CTH suspicions are confirmed {GO DEEP}.  You might remember when the USS Carney intercepted 15 drones and cruise missiles in the Red Sea in October, we said something was sketchy about the Western media reporting on it.  The political narrative (not from the Pentagon) was that the missiles were heading to Israel, but that didn’t pass the proverbial sniff test {GO DEEP ##2}.

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Nazis, Muslims and the Jews  

Decades of Palestinian Arab terrorism upgraded from stoning and stabbing Jews to the diabolical nightmare of Nazi crematoria. 

By Mordechai Nisan      Dec 3, 2023,

One of the most accurate aspects about Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza is the use of the word Nazi to describe the terrorist enemy. No other label or historical parallel could capture the chilling ferocious madness – but not scope – of Palestinian Arab butchery of Israelis. The Nazi vilification epithet has now become conventional Israeli discourse in public and media circles with the vivid revelation – in words and photos – of Palestinian Arab savagery and barbarism by Hamas on October 7.

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UN and Hamas: Partners in Crime  

by Robert Williams, GATESTONE  •  December 4, 2023

  • To understand how the UN effectively runs the Hamas propaganda war, it is important to know that the UN, through its agency for Palestinian refugees, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), is effectively embedded with Hamas in the Gaza Strip…
  • “The UN has 13,000 employees in tiny Gaza. They know exactly what’s going on… They all knew Hamas’ terror infrastructure was in the hospital compound, where Israel wouldn’t attack. They lied to the world for 16 years. To paint Israel as evil.” — Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, November 16, 2023.
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Winkin’, Blinken, and Nod  

By Clarice Feldman, AM THINKER

This week’s column on the ongoing fight between civilization and barbarity focuses on the role on the United Nations and its various agencies in keeping jihadism alive and well; the outrageous efforts by the incompetent Anthony Blinken to hamstring Israel’s justified defense; and the little-known or publicized support by Arab leaders for Israel’s eradication of Hamas.


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What We Must Tell Blinken  

T. Belman. Amen to that.

by Victor Rosenthal     December 4, 2023

With the resumption of fighting in the Gaza Strip, American Secretary of State Blinken has informed Israel of the restrictions under which the US will permit her to operate. No displacement of the civilian population, and fewer civilian casualties (although there are no numbers except those that come directly from Hamas). No bombing hospitals or schools, even when they are in fact sanctuaries for Hamas troops. No cutting off the supply of fuel, which Hamas uses to keep its tunnels lighted and ventilated.

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