The Holocaust was Caused by the Church, not Just Hitler

The Christians were against the practise of Judaism and tried to convert the Jews. In secular Europe, the Jews themselves were rejected as a race. Hitler’s foundations were laid in the 4th century, and still stand.

By Ted Belman (first published in Dec 2014)

The Holocaust didn’t occur because of Hitler but because of the Church. Hitler merely built upon the policies of the Church and drove them to their logical conclusion.

Of course I am familiar with the idea that but for Christianity, the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened, but wasn’t fully aware of the debt owed by Hitler to precedents set by the Church for the details of his policies, including the final solution.

R. Hilberg’s classic The Destruction of European Jews provides the link. Hilberg begins his introduction with these words:

The German destruction of the European Jews was a tour de force; the Jewish collapse under the German assault was a manifestation of failure. Both of these phenomena were the final product of an earlier age.

Anti-Jewish policies and anti-Jewish actions did not have their beginning in 1933. For many centuries, and in many countries, the Jews have been victims of destructive action. What was the object of these activities? What were the aims of those who persisted in anti-Jewish deeds? Throughout Western history, three consecutive policies have been applied against Jewry in its dispersion.

The policies referred to included 1) conversion, 2) expulsion and 3) extermination. The first and second were often accompanied by the threat of execution; all of which were sanctioned by the Church.

Hilberg explains:

The first anti-Jewish policy started in the fourth century after Christ in Rome. In the early 300’s, during the reign of Constantine, the Christian Church gained power in Rome, and Christianity became the state religion. From this period, the state carried out Church policy. For the next twelve centuries, the Catholic Church prescribed the measures that were to be taken with respect to the Jews. Unlike the pre-Christian Romans, who claimed no monopoly on religion and faith, the Christian Churchinsisted upon acceptance of Christian doctrine.

For an understanding of Christian policy toward Jewry, it is essential to realize that the Church pursued conversion not so much for the sake of aggrandizing its power (the Jews have always been few in number), but because of the conviction that it was the duty of true believers to save unbelievers from the doom of eternal hellfire. Zealousness in the pursuit of conversion was an indication of the depth of faith. The Christian religion was not one of many religions, like other religions. It was the true religion, the only religion. Those who were not in its fold were either ignorant or in error.

The Jews could not accept Christianity.

The same might be said of Islam, though it allowed Jews and Christians, “peoples of the book”, to be dhimmis and pay a tax, Jizya”, for the privilege. The Church also imposed a similar tax on Jews.

In the very early stages of the Christian faith, many Jews regarded Christians as members of a Jewish sect. The first Christians, after all, still observed the Jewish law. They had merely added a few non-essentialpractices, such as baptism, to their religious life. But this view was changed abruptly when Christ was elevated to godhood. The Jews have only one G-d. That G-d is indivisible. He is a jealous G-d and admits of no other G-ds. He is not Christ, and Christ is not He. Christianity and Judaism have since been irreconcilable. An acceptance of Christianity has since signified an abandonment of Judaism.

With patience and persistence, the Church attempted to convert obstinate Jewry, and for twelve hundred years, the theological argument was fought without interruption. The Jews were not convinced. Gradually the Church began to back its words with force. The Papacy did not permit pressure to be put on individual Jews; Rome never permitted forceful conversions.

However, the clergy did use pressure on the whole. Step by step, but with ever widening effect, the Church adopted “defensive” measures against its passive victims. Christians were “protected” from the “harmful” consequences of intercourse with Jews by rigid laws against intermarriage, by prohibitions of discussions about religious issues, by laws against domicile in common abodes. The Church “protected” its Christians from the “harmful” Jewish teachings by burning the Talmud and by barring Jews from public office.

And yet it is the Jews who are always attacked for their separateness.

The clergy was not sure of its success – hence the widespread practice, in the Middle Ages, of identifying proselytes as former Jews, hence the inquisition of new Christians suspected of heresy, hence the issuance in Spain of certificates of “purity” (limpieza) signifying purely Christian ancestry, and the specification of half new Christians, quarter new Christians, one-eighth new Christians, etc.

Hitler’s racial purity laws found their antecedent and precedent in these laws. And so did his order that Jews identify themselves by wearing a yellow Star of David.

Efforts to convert the Jews were spectacularly unsucessful, even aided by all the restrictions placed on the Jews.

Too much had been invested in twelve hundred years of conversion policy. Too little had been gained. From the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries, the Jews of England, France, Germany, Spain, Bohemia and Italy were presented with ultimatums which gave them no choice but one: conversion or expulsion.

In 1542 Martin Luther rejected the authority of Rome and started the Lutheran Church. He, too, hated the Jews. He and others who broke away from Rome became known as Protestants. There followed hundreds of years of war between Catholics and Protestants.

At the end of the Eighteenth Century, the French Revolution took place, a by-product of which was the liberation of the French Jews, who thereafter enjoyed equal rights. The armies of the revolution, headed by Napoleon, spread the values of “liberte, fraternite and egalite” to the east, including in Germany andItaly. With the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, the Bourbons in France kept the liberating legislation, but the monarchs in Germany and Italy cancelled it. Nevertheless, Jews embraced the belief, after a taste of liberation, that full equality was the inevitable corollary of the emerging secular-political order throughout Europe. In Germany, Reform Judaism was founded and in Russia and Poland, Jews flocked to the Communist banner.

But many segments of society remained deeply anti-Semitic, leaving many Jews to conclude that the promise of “liberte, fraternite and egalite” was a pipe dream even though the society was now secular. And so was born the the movement for the Auto-Emancipation of the Jews, which became known as Zionism. Jews had to reconstitute themselves as a nation in their own land.

In Christian Europe, the Jews had only to convert to be accepted. The Christians were against the practise of Judaism. In secular Europe, the Jews themselves were rejected as a race. Thus, conversion was not open to them. But expulsion or emigration was still available. Thus millions of Jews in the Pale of Settlement beginning in 1880 emigrated well into the nineteen thirties. Hitler searched in vain for a country to which to expel Germany’s Jews, but no one wanted them. In 1942 he instituted the final solution, extermination.

R. Hilberg in his masterful study, argues:

if we analyze that singular massive upheaval, we discover that most of what happened in those 12 years, 1933 to 1945, had already happened before. The Nazi destruction process did not come out of a void, it was the culmination of a cyclical trend beginning in the Fourth Century in Rome.

During the conversion era, the Church said, “you have no right to live among us as Jews”. Then in the segregation/expulsion process, “you have no right to live among us” and finally in the extermination process, “you have no right to live”.

These progressively more drastic goals brought in their wake a slow and steady growth of anti Jewish action and anti-Jewish thinking…. The German Nazis then, did not discard the past, they built upon it. They did not begin a development, they completed it. In the deep recesses of anti-Jewish history we shall find many of the administrative and psychological tools with which the Nazis implemented their destruction process. In the hollows of the past we shall also discover the roots of the characteristic Jewish response to an outside attack.

To better understand this statement, Hilberg presents a table of Canonical Law restricting the Jews beginning in the Fourth Century opposite which he places similar Nazi measures.

Then writes:

No summation of Canonical Law can be as revealing as a description of the Rome ghetto, maintained by the Papal State until the occupation of the city by the Royal Italian Army in 1870. A German journalist who visited the city in its closing days, published such an account:

“To rent any house or business establishment outside the ghetto boundaries, the Jews needed the permission of Cardinal Vicar. Acquisition of real estate outside the ghetto was prohibited. Trade or industrial products or goods were prohibited. Higher schooling was prohibited.. The professions of lawyer, druggist, notary, painter and architect were prohibited. A Jew could be a doctor provided he confined his practice to Jewish patients. No Jew could hold office. Jews were required to pay taxes like everyone else and, in addition, the following: 1) A yearly stipend for the upkeep of the Catholic officials who supervised the Ghetto Finance Administration and the Jewish Community Organization, 2) A yearly sum of 5250 lira for Casa Pia for missionary work among Jews, 3) A yearly sum of 5250 lira to the Cloister of the Converted for the same purpose. In return the Papal State expended a yearly sum of 1500 lira for welfare work. But no state money was paid for education or the care of the sick.”

Hiberg also provided a table of Pre-Nazi and Nazi Anti-Jewish Measures. As can be seen, the destructive process was at work in Germany long before the Nazis came to power.

But all this in no way is meant to excuse Hitler.

After the Holocaust, the manifestations of anti-Semitism became very subdued. It was not “cool” to express such feelings in any way. Unfortunately, the haters began expressing the anti-Semitism as anti-Zionism. These expression are now commonplace and the hatred of Israel is growing exponentially. As a result, the movement to exterminate Israel has become very strong.

But we Jews will survive that too

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. First we have to understand that no matter what, “Jesus the Jew” had nothing whatsoever to do with the Church, which, as this author said, was defined and set up almost 400 years after Jesus walked the Earth.
    The newly established Church went out of its way to turn the Jewishness of Jesus on its head, establishing ideas which were in many cases diametrically the opposite which he as a Jew, would have practised.
    Now as for this:

    The Jews could not accept Christianity.

    It is the most fundamentally true statement written by the author. Christianity was established at Nicea as a means to take over and control pagan Europe as it was then. In order to do this, it was essential to have an “other” that could be used as a convenient scapegoat (a concept of the Jews), and it was thus that the Jews were defamed from the outset. So the Church was essentially based on lies propagated from its initial and subsequent hierarchies, down to the people; the masses kept in ignorance.
    The book I read on the subject was called “Constantines Sword: The Church and the Jews” by James Carroll, a former Catholic priest. It’s what I would call a “headshaker” in that when you read it (and it’s a big book), you end up shaking your head so much that you think you have developed a “palsy”.
    As for the current attitude of the Church in the Middle East, if one reads Giulio Meotti’s book, “J’Accuse: The Vatican Against Israel” (advertised above right on this site), you will see that the Church, having defined the Jews as being cursed for all eternity, are actively working to ensure this definition will remain correct… for eternity. If the Jews are successful in re-creating their own state it would be a slap in the face of the Church hierarchies in the Middle East. Thus they are, by their policies, condemning to death their own flocks directly, and Western Civilization in the somewhat longer term.

  2. Extremely important book on the roots of anti-semitism as a function of the rise of Enlightenbment romanticism and its continuation into German romanticism by U of Georgia classicist Dorothy Figueiras – “Aryans, Jews, Brahmins: Theorizing Authority Through Myths of Identity”.

    This is my Amazon review of the book_

    I’m not a quarter of the way through this book and yet it is recognizable as one of the most important books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. One cannot properly understand Western History since the Enlightenment without knowing its contents. Ms. Figueira is an erudite scholar citing reference upon reference in the philosophical, philological and anthropological literature of the Romantic movement with special attention on the influence of Far Eastern exoticism upon a European culture searching for some way to eclipse the power of a corrupt church and its Old Testament antecedents. From Voltaire and Rousseau to Nietsche, we see how ill conceived, unscholarly and politically motivated concepts of the Hindu scriptures slowly and inexorably pushed mainstream and heretic writers, poets, composers and philosophers of the 1800’s and early 1900’s towards anti-semitism, racism and caste based economics. These occult saturated concepts fed directly into the twisted cosmologies, sociologies and ideologies of the various proto Nazi occultists such as Lanz Von Liebenfels, Hans Horbigger, Houston Stewart Chaimberlain, Arthur de Gobineau, Helena Blavasky and others, which groundwork shot Adolph Hitler & Co. out of a circus canon and into the pages of abject history.

    Finally one can assemble from the facts in this book, a big picture account of, not only the Nazi phenomenon, but a host of satellite and derivative social agglutinations such as radical environmentalism and Nature worship in general, New Age spirituality, alternative healing, various “health food” diet fads, eugenics, contemporary occultism and other so-called “progressive”: throwbacks. Without this overarching interpretive framework, we could never fully understand the current mania for dissatisfaction with Western values among various irrationalist demographics which represent an infantile, if sublimated, id monster overlay upon human affairs. I’m hoping that this book represents an emerging school of thought in academia and I look forward to the fruits of its seeding.

  3. Email rec’d:

    The Roman Catholic church wants to do away with the
    Jews, Protestants and the Orthodox Christian church.

    It is the Vatican and Popes who want to rule the
    world and do away with the other religions.

    Adolph Hitler was a Roman Catholic Austrian who took
    control of Protestant Germany and carried out the
    holocaust destroying Lutheran Germany.

    The Roman Catholic church sacked Constantinople and
    stole its wealth and holy relics and killed Orthodox
    Christians and weakened Constantinople, thus the
    Muslims destroyed the rest.

    The Jesuit priests and Jesuits in the US congress now
    have control of the USA.

  4. I admit up front that I am not a scholar on the subject of historical anti-semitism, but from what I have read, Hitler’s anti-semitism was more of a parallel track, with traditional “christian” anti-semitism, rather than springing from it. Hitler did not get his Jew hatred directly from the church. As a matter of fact, Hitler was an avowed anti-christian occultist, and also persecuted many devout Christians, especially those who helped Jews, during the war.

    While historical Christian anti-semitism is certainly a matter of deep shame and guilt, trying to tie Hitler and modern-day Christianity together is a disappointing distortion of reality. In 2019, alone, 2.5 million Christian tourists visited Israel, and need I even mention that Israel is supported by the greatest Christian, Jew-loving, nation in the world.

    Yes, Christians have a shameful history of anti-semitism, but is it really a good idea to tar and feather your friends, for the sins of their ancestors?

  5. @ Ted Belman:
    Yes, the Roman Catholic church has always been highly problematic both in doctrine, and in actions. To my mind, it is unfortunate that when the word “Christian” is used, many people, especially outside of the US, automatically think “Catholic”.

  6. @ archie:
    That’s a very ambitious book. I hope I get a chance to read it, someday. On the face of it, it seems rather absurd to try to connect Hitler and health food fad diets. That said it may well be so, as we witness the current pervasive, farcical attacks on every facet of Western culture.

  7. Raphael Said:

    Yes, Christians have a shameful history of anti-semitism, but is it really a good idea to tar and feather your friends, for the sins of their ancestors?

    People do not know how bad Christianity was to the Jews beginning in 325 AD. But knowing this, makes it all the more remarkable that the evangelical Christians have escaped the siren call and are now Israel’s fervent supporter.

    I in no way smear them by writing about it. In fact, their acheivement is all the more remarkable and they should be praised for the turnaround.

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