Israel Should Declare Three Nos

No to a nuclear Iran, No to the Two State Solution, No to a bi-national state.

By Ted Belman  (Jan 20,2022)

In June 1967, Israel defeated five Arab armies in what became known as the Six Day War. That war actually began when the Arabs invaded Israel immediately after her Declaration of Independence in 1948. The Arabs had hoped to destroy Israel and “drive the Jews into the sea”.

Three months later, the Arab League met in Khartoum and declared their 3 no’s; no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel, Also included was their insistence on the rights of the Palestinian people in their own country.

Thereafter they resorted to a different battlefield. They began a diplomatic war against Israel in which they used propaganda, extortion and terror to achieve their desired goal. Eventually, they managed to get most of the world to back their false narrative and to support their cause. In particular, the world now believes that the land in question is Occupied Palestinian Land and that international law supports them and holds that the settlements are illegal. These beliefs are supported by the US, the EU and the UN among others.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

For the truth, read International Law and the State of Israel and The Legality of Israel Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria According to International law.

It is long past time for Israel to declare its own three Nos; no to a nuclear Iran, no to the two-state solution, no to a bi-national state.

Why so? Because nothing is to be gained by negotiating.

Iran will not forgo its objective of acquiring nuclear weapons which it needs to secure its existence and to destroy Israel, its stated objective.

The Palestinian Authority (PA ) and Hamas are committed to destroying Israel, the Zionist project. To that end, they promote a narrative that denies the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Resolution and the rights of Jews to a homeland and close settlement as set out in the Palestine Mandate.

From their perspective, they claim that all the land west of the Jordan River is Palestinian Land, that Jews have no historical claim to the land and that Jerusalem belongs to them. Just last month, “The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution 129-11 on Wednesday that disavowed Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and called it solely by its Muslim name of al-Haram al-Sharif.

In 2018, Dr Jacques Gauthier LLD said  ‘International consensus’ on Jerusalem is baseless.

Gauthier devoted his doctoral thesis which he finished in 2007, to the issue of ownership and legal rights over Jerusalem. He published it under the title, “Sovereignty over the old city of Jerusalem: a study of the historical, religious, political and legal aspects of the question of the old city”.

The Abstract reads:

At the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, the Zionist Organization presented its claim for recognition of the historical and national rights of the Jewish people to Palestine including Jerusalem and its Old City. In San Remo, in 1920, the Allied Powers, holding the power of disposition over Palestine, decided to recognize the Jewish historical claim converting it into a binding international law claim. It was incorporated into the Mandate for Palestine approved by the League of Nations in 1922. This “Sacred Trust of Civilization” provided for the establishment of the Jewish National Home in Palestine based on historical connections and recognition of the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country, subject to safeguarding the civil and religious rights of its inhabitants.

Plain and simple, the San Remo Resolution of 1920 gave legal title to the Jews and the Mandate for Palestine (1922) enshrined it.  Finally the Charter of the United Nations upholds it. Sec 8o, provides;

“…nothing in this Charter shall be construed in or of itself to alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments to which Members of the United Nations may respectively be parties.”

The PA and Hamas will not accept a permanent Two-State Solution or even a Bi-national state, other than as a means to ultimately destroy Israel. And no third party will prevent it from happening.  In fact, the opposite is true.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky understood this well.  In Nov 1923, just after the Palestine Mandate was signed, almost 100 years ago, he called for an Iron Wall. He recognized that the differences between Jews and Arabs were irreconcilable.

“There can be no voluntary agreement between ourselves and the Palestine Arabs.  Not now, nor in the prospective future.  I say this with such conviction, not because I want to hurt the moderate Zionists.  I do not believe that they will be hurt. Except for those who were born blind, they realised long ago that it is utterly impossible to obtain the voluntary consent of the Palestine Arabs for converting “Palestine” from an Arab country into a country with a Jewish majority.

“To imagine, as our Arabophiles do, that they will voluntarily consent to the realisation of Zionism, in return for the moral and material conveniences which the Jewish colonist brings with him, is a childish notion, which has at bottom a kind of contempt for the Arab people; it means that they despise the Arab race, which they regard as a corrupt mob that can be bought and sold, and are willing to give up their fatherland for a good railway system.“

In demanding an Iron Wall, he was calling for the Mandate to be enforced by force of arms rather than to be amended by negotiations.

Yet we keep spoiling our own case, by talking about “agreement” which means telling the Mandatory Government that the important thing is not the iron wall, but discussions. Empty rhetoric of this kind is dangerous. And that is why it is not only a pleasure but a duty to discredit it and to demonstrate that it is both fantastic and dishonest.

The same applies today. Israel is in possession of all the land west of the Jordan, save Gaza, and must keep it by force of arms and not by negotiations which will secure her nothing and serve only to diminish her rights..

Israpundit’s slogan There Is No Diplomatic Solution” echoes Jabotinsky’s belief.

In this regard, Israel must steel its resolve. It must be emphatic. It must be assertive. To do otherwise permits the camel’s nose under the tent.  According to an alleged Arab proverb, if a camel is allowed to get its nose inside of a tent, it will be impossible to prevent the rest of it from entering.  Similarly, the US and the EU must be prevented from getting their proverbial foot in the door.

Thus, the need for Israel to declare its 3 no’s to be enforced by an Iron Wall.

During Yom Kippur services in Ashkenazi congregations, the Cantor sings a haunting prayer called Unetane Tokef and the Mahzor (Prayer Book) includes this footnote:

“Rabbi Amnon of Mayence, a great scholar, a person of wealth, a handsome man of noble ancestry was under great pressure from the lords and Archbishop of the city to change his faith and adopt their religion. He repeatedly ignored them but on one occasion, in order to put them off, he asked for three days to consider their request. Afterwards he was heartbroken because he had given the impression that he might actually consider renouncing his belief in the One Living God. He refused food or drink; weeping bitterly over his lapse, he refused to accept the sympathy and consolation of friends and relatives.­

“At the end of the three days he was summoned by the Archbishop, but he ignored the summons. A distinguished delegation was sent to ask him to appear at the court but he refused them. Finally, he was brought before the court by force, and the Archbishop demanded, “Why did you not come and answer me as you promised?” Rabbi Amnon answered, “As a punishment, you should have my tongue cut out, because my tongue deceived you.” Rabbi Amnon thought to sanctify God’s Name in this manner, since his tongue had uttered such a promise. The Archbishop replied, “No, I will not cut out your tongue for it spoke well, instead, I will cut off your feet for they did not bring you to me.” The tyrant ordered that his hands and feet be cut off in piecemeal fashion; asking him at each interval if he was willing to renounce his faith.”

The point is, Israel shouldn’t waiver. It must be strong in its resolve. It shouldn’t give mixed messages. It shouldn’t allow either the nose under the tent or the foot in the door.

Unfortunately that is not what Israel is doing, especially the current government.

It gave mixed messages regarding Iran by suggesting it was open to a “good deal” with Iran and regarding the PA which it fights and supports at the same time.

Israel, for whatever reason, keeps the door open to the two-state solution by not rejecting it out of hand. Instead, Israel should slam the door shut and refuse to negotiate..

And now we learn just how committed the EU was and is to the two-state solution. In June 2020, the UK threatened to recognize Palestine if Netanyahu extended Israeli sovereignty to 30% of Area C as set out in the Oslo Accords Netanyahu chose discretion over valor.

This is all the more reason that Israel should eradicate all EU funded, illegal Arab construction in Area C. The EU means business and so should Israel.

Biden just gave $99 million to UNRWA to help finance their demonization of Israel and their encouragement of terrorism. This was in addition to the $314 million already given last year..

Then, Ganz, Israel’s Minister of Defense, offers the PA “confidence building measures” including a “loan” of $150 million” which is, in reality, the same as the hated “gestures” which in the past were forced upon Israel.

The PA provides salaries to terrorists, convicted or otherwise, which Israel and the US condemn. What else is there to discuss? Game over. But Israel totally undermines this by getting in bed with the PA to fight Hamas.

No matter how many rockets Hamas fires at Israel, Israel’s policy remains “calm for calm” of “tit for tat”.  How about a policy of zero tolerance?

Since the US has made it clear that there is “daylight between us,” Israel should do likewise rather than to be open to removing the daylight by acquiescing to US demands.

With all the pressure Israel is under, it has no choice but to declare its own three nos; no to a nuclear Iran, no to the two-state solution, no to a bi-national state.

Ted Belman is the editor of Israpundit and has been for 20 years.  He made Aliyah from Canada in 2009 and now lives in Jerusalem

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  1. “Biden just gave $99 million to UNRWA to help finance their demonization of Israel and their encouragement of terrorism. This was in addition to the $314 million already given last year..

    Then, Ganz, Israel’s Minister of Defense, offers the PA “confidence building measures” including a “loan” of $150 million” which is, in reality, the same as the hated “gestures” which in the past were forced upon Israel.”

    From above article. Terrific article, by the way.

  2. Rather that build an iron wall, Israel has resorted to offering incentives sometimes called gestures, to get the world to like her or the Palestinians to be won over. I call these “freebies”.the latest of which was Bibi’s gratuitous statement :

    “We don’t seek to govern Gaza, we don’t seek to occupy it. But we seek to give it and us a better future … and that requires defeating Hamas,”
    “I’ve set goals,”

    I call that a freebie too.

    Bibi has no mandate for this largess. The people say otherwise. Our proper position is to offer nothing and keep our mouth shut. In the ME Bazaar, let the otherside make the first offer and then reject it.

  3. @Frank Adam

    but do NOT expect any alternative to the Hashemite Monarchy to be any easier to deal with.

    Speaking for myself, I completely disagree with your position here.

    The Hashemites have no interest in pacifying the region and every reason to support the fervor it has acted to raise against Israel over and over again. The Hashemites are in fact a line of foreigners ruling over the Jordanian masses, 80% of whom are Pals, and who they keep in absolute squalor despite Jordan receiving the largest US aid package in the world, aid which is specifically earmarked for the benefit of the Jordanian people and their living conditions, yet this aid has not in fact elevated the living conditions of the Pals living there. Indeed, the Hashemites maintain their public in such conditions of squallor for the very reason that they fear being overthrown by the Pals over whom they subject humiliating practices, beyond their economic destitution.

    The Hashemites specifically employ their Islamist allies to redirect the anger which the Pals have for their faux king towards the calls for Jihad against their Jewish neighbors, despite them being signatories of the 1994 peace treaty with Israel. Abdullah, himself, has specifically and without cause charged Israel with having withheld freedom of worship at the holy sites in Jerusalem when, in fact, the only people who are restricted from worshiping freely in Jerusalem by Israel are the Jews in an ongoing failed attempt to appease the Arabs. More importantly, Abdullah has repeatedly called for violence against Israel over these false charges, and it was in doing exactly this that Abdullah’s call to violence set off the 2021 War of Riots and Rockets when, in response to Abdullah’s call for violence, Hamas and the Israeli Arabs coordinated a joint attacks upon Israel. Such calls for violence as made by Abdullah are specifically in violation of the 1994 peace treaty, as is the funding and arming of militant Islamic groups in Israel as Abdullah was caught doing this past year.

    Hence, I would easily argue that your claim that no other leadership in Jordan would offer less difficulty for Israel is simply not supportable by the fact that the Hashemites need the forever war against Israel to be maintained indefinitely just so that they might remain in power.

    In addition to the particulars of the Hashemite’s failings, Mudar, as a Pal, has every reason to want his people to live a productive and fulfilling life. He has been an important voice championing Israel and its opposition to those who Mudar identifies as the real oppressors of his people, which are the Hashemites and the Islamist allies which support his regime and its tyranny over the Jordanians whom they use as cannon fodder in the ongoing Jihad against Israel which, again, as Mudar explains, only serves to reinforce the tyranny over the Pals.

    More specifically, for example, Mudar has stated that he will reverse the international crime committed by the Hashemites against the Pals back in 1988 when Jordan arbitrarily withdrew citizenship from the Pals living in Israel. This will render the Pals as Jordanian citizens once again and thereby eliminate their current stateless status which will simultaneously allow Israel to extend soveriengty over J&S without the Pals becoming Israeli citizens. This is but a single thread of the tapestry of the JO.

    Consequently, the Hashemites must go. They have well outlived their sell-by date, and maintain a conviction predicated upon the ongoing slaughter of the Jewish people, and manipulate their people towards this end. When they are gone, the New Jordan will rise and what follows has every promise and expectation of being not just better than the Hashemite occupation of Jordan, but a great deal better.

  4. The problem is that Israel limits aliyah and neglects the “periphery” effectively handing it over to the Arabs, it also ships in hundreds of thousands of foreign workers because it needs laborers which is exactly the method employed by Great Britain when it had the Mandate over Palestine (no land capacity for Jews but bringing in Arabs to work).

    Before fantasizing about the Arabs moving out, Israel should have very large numbers of Jews (including mixed families, the elderly, low income, etc.) moving in to primarily settle the periphery, Judea and Samaria, and, possibly, Gaza and to revive the concept of Jewish labor.

    In order to accomplish this, Israel should return to its early values and it needs to stop covering up its problems so that it can involve the Diaspora in building up the country and escaping the Diaspora antisemitism.

    The idea that “the American Jews can stay in America and send us money” has obviously failed.

    In the 1980s the Arabs were openly triumphant about winning the demographic war “with the uterus of the Arab woman” until one million olim from the FSU showed up.

  5. If the population stays as it is the alternatives are two states OR bi-national. To avoid these, as in 1948 a lot of Arabs OR a lot of Jews – as the Arabs intend – have to move. So your bottom line is the Jordanian option (your 9 Jan comment) but do NOT expect any alternative to the Hashemite Monarchy to be any easier to deal with.
    If this ends in a balance of more than less peace, there will be an eventual diplomatic ratification as Spain eventually recognised Dutch independence and Egypt accepted Israeli independence. You are not political enough by sub-heading, “There is no diplomatic solution,” as you are offering one but being veiled about it which is NOT good PR.
    You can also “sweeten” the Jordan option by offering Palestine 1948 refugee Christian families return to Bethlehem, Ramallah and Jerusalem which would encourage the splits between the Moslem extremists, Palestine Diaspora and Western Palestine. sympathisers.

  6. ‘This is how you win” – I made this remark two years ago in the thread below upon first reading this brilliant article by Ted. It bears repeating today as war is upon us and our allies are positioning the outcome of this war to be a renewal of the path of folly and mendacity for the Jewish State. We must not let this come to be, not today, not ever again. Our slaughter is but a commodity to those who claim us as allies, and the genocide designed for our people seems to be but a chit with which these allies might bargain with our enemies. Yet not only should Israel have a voice in the outcome following this war, since the sacrifice of blood is exclusively that of Israelis, Israel should have the only voice as to the outcome following this war. This war was brought upon Israel, her citizens were slaughtered and enslaved, and the outcome must meet the needs of Israel’s security, her stability, and her long term survival and prosperity. To affect these obligations to Jewish people the Israeli leadership need only repeat this refrain and nothing more:

    NO to a nuclear Iran, NO to the two-state solution, NO to a bi-national state.

    This is the path to victory, and Israel must accept nothing less than victory.

  7. FWIW……
    This progressive Rabbi called Israel an Apartheid State and forbid his members to come to services armed. I of course wish him no harm, but he definitely is a symptom of a disease.

  8. @Adam
    Such terrorist actions as occurred in TX have but one solution. Rewarding such malignant activities can have but one outcome, and that would be the recurrence of further such malignant actions. I am very glad that the hostages have been freed without harm, but trading for the safe return of hostages should never be earnestly contemplated.

    Also, regarding Bibi, I really did not believe the reports were truthful, but it seems his associates are not denying the reports which is atypical from similar reports in the past. I hope that he does not take the deal. Aside from the facts directly related to Bibi, personally, I believe rewarding the corrupt actors and personal persecution of the PM that has brought us to this point would provide for a very unfortunate precedent. This constant state of siege placed upon the PM and his family has created a manufactured basis for manipulating and controlling the PM by unelected officials, such as was likely the result of the investigations surrounding Sharon. Many will see this as a final victory over Bibi, when in fact it is a final defeat over the public’s choice by autocratic forces within the bureaucratic establishment of the govt. Bibi is simply the current champion carrying the favor of the public. Beyond this more general objection, the use of such lawfare tactics waged against a man who has served the state for as long as he has and with such successes as he has brought makes for a very distasteful reward, perhaps a mark to his successors should they choose a road as similar to Bibi. Either way, it violates the law by creating specific laws to selectively prosecute a single official, using coerced testimonies. Such actions should be held as intolerable.

  9. Hostages at Texas synagogue freed
    Gunman held hostages and ‘will kill people if anyone gets close to the synagogue,’ report says.
    Israel National News
    Published: ?”? ???? ???”? 21:34 15.01.22 Updated: ?”? ???? ???”? 05:37 16.01.22
    Synagogue Texas

    Four hostages held by a gunman at Beth Israel Reform synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, were freed safe and sound on Saturday night, Governor Greg Abbott announced.

    “Prayers answered. All hostages are out alive and safe,” he tweeted.

    The synagogue is led by Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, who was also reportedly one of the hostages.

    Reuters reported that police were negotiating with a man believed to have taken people hostage at the synagogue during Shabbat services.

    Shortly after 2:30 a.m. Israel time (6:30 p.m. local time), police said that one of the hostages was freed, unharmed.

    At around 5:30 a.m. Israel time (9:30 p.m.) local time, a CNN team in Colleyville heard a loud bang, followed by a short blast of rapid gunfire coming from the direction of the synagogue. Shortly afterwards, Abbott tweeted that the remaining hostages were freed.

    The Colleyville Police Department said it had evacuated residents from the area around the Congregation Beth Israel as it deployed SWAT teams, the report said.

    On Twitter, police said that they were “conducting SWAT operations” on the synagogue’s block.

    “The situation at the 6100 block of Pleasant Run Road posted about earlier remains ongoing. We ask that you continue to avoid the area. We will continue to provide updates via social media,” Colleyville Police tweeted.

    An earlier tweet by Colleyville Police had read: “We are currently conducting SWAT operations around the 6100 block of Pleasant Run Rd. All residents in the immediate area are being evacuated. Please avoid the area.”

    It is not clear if anyone was injured, nor how many people were in the synagogue at the time of the incident.

    The service was being livestreamed on Facebook when the incident occurred, and the recording captured what seems to be negotiations with police. After a few hours of the livestream capturing the incident, the streaming was abruptly ended and the video removed from the Beth Israel’s Facebook page. The video which recorded the streaming of the synagogue’s evening service, just 18 hours prior, is still visible.

    According to FBI Dallas spokeswoman Katie Chaumont, police were first called to the synagogue around 11 a.m. and people were evacuated from the surrounding neighborhood soon after that.

    CNN quoted Colleyville Police Sgt Dara Nelson as saying that the FBI and Texas Department of Public Safety are assisting a hostage situation at the Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas.

    Nelson said that “there are no injuries at this time,” CNN added. “The FBI negotiators are the ones who have contact with the person in the building.”

    Nelson also said that at this time, “There is “no threat to the general public.”

    The Star-Telegram added that the man has reportedly mentioned both his sister and Islam. Later, it added that “the man has said a few times he didn’t want anyone hurt, and he has mentioned his children. He also said repeatedly he believes he is going to die.”

    According to a later report, the gunman said that he is Muslim and is holding at least six people hostage.

    He emphasized that “he will kill people if anyone gets close to the synagogue.”

    The Telegraph reported that the suspect has an English accent.

    Meanwhile, the gunman himself claims to be the brother of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman who was sentenced to 86 years in prison after she tried to murder American soldiers in 2008. It is her release which he reportedly is demanding in exchange for the hostages.

    However, the Siddiqui family lawyer told ABC that the gunman is not her brother, and that her brother and the family are working to bring about her release in peaceful ways.

    The gunman also claimed to have planted bombs on the premises.

    A source at the scene told ABC News that the suspect took the rabbi and three others hostages, and that there are bombs in unknown locations. That source also confirmed to ABC that Siddiqui is the gunman’s sister and that he took the hostages in order to free her.

    However, according to the Star-Telegram, the US government has refused to trade her for American hostages multiple times, including for journalist James Foley prior to his execution by ISIS.

    Reports claimed that the suspect had no anti-Semitic motives, and was instead driven by an “unbalanced emotional state.”

  10. I assume that everyone reading this knows that Jewish hostages, including a Reform Rabbi, are being held hostage by a self-proclaimed Muslim in a Texas suburb of allis-fort Worth. Also, that the hostage-taker is demanding the release of a notorious female jihadist-terrorist. I would really appreciate it if some of my fellow readers would share their take on this situation with me.

    I assume that you all have also heard that Netanyahu and Attorney General Mandelblit are conducting negotiations for a plea bargain to resolve the three criminal cases against him. Here two, I would like your opinions about how likely such a plea agreement is, and if it is, what will be the political fallout.

    Thanks. I hope some of you respond. Also,it would be nice if Ted could publish some commentaries on both of these “hot topics.”

  11. If Israel really needed the French Olim , then it would from the start :
    – Recognize the french university diplomas for MD – Dentist – Pharmacists – Physiotherapists – Accountant – etc..without harassing these specialists and experimented professionals with validation exams .
    – Remove import tax on any household items including cars .
    – Create French olim clusters of residence with bilingual schools : Since Israel is an english speaking country french olim are at disadvantage when it comes to education . To ask them to master Hebrew is necessary but not also to master english .

  12. To imitate the 3 No stated by the Arab League in Khartoum in 1970 is very stupid . We do not need to say NO .
    Who really needs to say No to the deaf and defiant ennemies ?
    Not us .
    We only need to Act to say YES to ourselves :
    – Yes to a peaceful Iran so let’s erase quickly and deftly is nuclear capacity
    – Yes to a peaceful Lebanon so let’s cripple its Hizbollah gang
    – Yes to a sovereign Eretz Israel so let’s conquer , administer and annex most of former Jordan State Lands .

  13. How did the last “3 No’s”work out.Not very optimistic about the new ones especially the Iran “No”

  14. Michael Oren wrote an article which is very critical of the way Israel handles aliyah and of the attitudes the Israeli public has regarding aliyah.

    Therefore, he must be a bitter loser because according to some people only bitter losers think that bringing a couple of thousands of the American olim a year is not a roaring success.

    60,000 + olim by NBN in the last 20 years.

    Like, WOW!

  15. Michael Oren is an aliyah success story from the USA

    Ambassador Oren on the History of Aliyah

    “Aliyah,” or immigration to Israel, “is the essence of Zionism and the way the Jewish people are fulfilling their covenant with God.” With this statement, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren opened the first of a four-part live Zoom video conference series on the importance of aliyah by Jewish National Fund-USA (JNF-USA) affiliate Nefesh B’Nefesh.

    60,000 + Olim (immigrants from North America to Israel via Nefesh).

    Listen to Oren talk about Nfesh bNfesh and how happy and satisfied that he made aliyah over 40 + years ago.

  16. It is always obvious when bitter losers or failures comment.

    Well, then tell Michael Oren the link to whose article about aliyah I posted that he is a bitter loser.

  17. Nefesh B’Nefesh works in cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel to facilitate the Aliyah process through our joint application. The following is an overview of how to submit your application and required documents for Aliyah from North America, and the steps that follow.

    Nefesh B’Nefesh is here for you every step of the way, from pre-Aliyah planning to well after your arrival in Israel.

    It helps with the bureaucracy, housing, jobs, and setting your HMO medical services.

    It does not make Israel perfect, it does not make you rich if you are poor, it does not make you young if you are old. It let’s those who have the will and determination who want to make aliyah do it.

  18. Nefesh B’Nefesh works in cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel to facilitate the Aliyah process through our joint application. The following is an overview of how to submit your application and required documents for Aliyah from North America, and the steps that follow.

    Need assistance? Let us know at:

    Nfesh helps also when someone arrives and lives in Israel. It is does not make Israel perfect but it does help one navigate the bureaucracy, find jobs, housing, set up you medical insurance via an HMO.

  19. It is always obvious when bitter losers or failures comment. They can not stand the success of others because it reflects poorly on them.

  20. Nfesh Nfesh helped the North American Immigrants through the Israeli bureaucratic maze.

    All BS.

    The statistics shown are this way because of the very strict selection by NBN and the Jewish Agency and not because of any “aliyah successes”.

    In the meanwhile, the PA claims Judea and Samaria and the Bedouin clam the Negev.

  21. Aliyah recovers from COVID-19 slump in 2021, new record of US olim
    A total of 27,057 Jewish immigrants became Israeli citizens in 2021, compared to 21,120 in 2020 and 35,651 in 2019

    Nfesh Nfesh helped the North American Immigrants through the Israeli bureaucratic maze. Moving across oceans to a different country is difficult. Israel is open to Jews who want to come but certainly could improve how it does it. It is harder for French Jews because of the language and all their credentials are not as easily accepted as those from the USA or Canada.

    Jewish immigration to Israel increased by 30% in 2021 from the previous year, breaking records for immigration, and the highest migration from the United States since 1973 – despite COVID-19 travel restrictions

    “Aliyah continues to break records,” said Aliyah and Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata. “Despite the pandemic and its limitations, Aliyah to Israel did not stop and we’re happy to welcome tens of thousands of Olim who chose to make Aliyah this year. Olim are an incredible growth engine for the Israeli economy and are a national, economic and moral powerhouse for the nation.

    4000 Americans made Aliyah with Nefesh b’Nefesh, which was also the second most popular point of origin for new immigrants. With 7,500 new immigrants this year, Russia was the most popular origin point. France, Ukraine and Ethiopia followed the US for most olim.

    2021’s olim were largely young, 55% of them under the age of 35. Only about 15% were 65 and older. From among the 27,057 olim, 1,100 were medical practitioners, 1,670 in engineering, and 750 were educators. 4957 of the olim became lone soldiers, soldiers without any immediate family in the country.

  22. @ READER-

    Believe it or not, the year I made Aliyah there were less than 400, mainly from the US, with a small scattering from Britain., I think I was the only one from Ireland, and because of the criminal negligence of my shaliach, which I’ve briefly detailed on this site a week or more ago, I had to almost grab him by the neck and force him to make the neccessary arrangements.

    He was both completely incompetent and completely crooked. In those days becoming a shaliach was a kind of plum reward for being a good “party” bocher. And you needed lots of “Vitamin “P”, if you know what that means. That’s what they called it in Israel…….”Protexia”… Like from a gang Boss. Israeli Socialism in full swing.. (like US democrats today)

    .”Jobs for the Boys” on steroids… !!!!

  23. Proof that Israel doesn’t want aliyah:

    Michael Oren
    Israel needs olim
    First and foremost, Israel shelters oppressed Jews worldwide, so when French Jews facing rampant antisemitism choose Canada or the US, it’s a failure of Zionism

    Jan 7, 2022, 1:00 PM

    They don’t understand that this attitude is suicidal (and genocidal – to Jews).

  24. Sovereignty means populating your territory (“facts on the ground”).

    This means ALIYAH.

    25,000/yr is PATHETIC!!!

  25. The Arabs didn’t realize that the territory that formerly belonged to the Ottoman Empire is now all theirs until someone explained it to them more than 100 years ago (guess, who it was and what was his solution to Arab violence) [notes and emphasis mine]:

    Under the supposedly benign rule of the Jewish high commissioner, a new wave of Arab violence, of murder, rape and looting broke out against the Jews [May, 1921]… Altogether forty-three Jews were killed and 134 wounded [this included the attacks on the hostel for new immigrants]… The campaign of violence spread…
    Samuel reacted with a drastic decision… He announced the stoppage of immigration. Even persons already on their way to Palestine were to be turned back. To make the thrust of the message clear, the town crier of Jaffa was sent out into the street to bring the news to the murderers.

    Shmuel Katz Lone Wolf Vol. 1 p. 712

    Compare this with the recent events in Homesh where the Jewish buildings were destroyed by Israel after a Homesh yeshiva student was killed in a terrorist attack.
    However, unlike these days:

    Protest meetings and demonstrations were … …held in Palestine and abroad.

    Shmuel Katz Lone Wolf Vol. 1 p. 712

    So far did Samuel go in his purpose of appeasing the Arabs that he was rebuked even from London. Jewish immigration could not be stopped indefinitely, and over the ensuing months, it was indeed renewed, though with additional restrictive provisions. Meanwhile, Samuel lost no time in seeking new measures to “reassure” the Arabs. Barely a month after the May riots, he delivered a speech (on June 3) which contained nothing less than an abandonment of the Balfour Declaration

    Shmuel Katz Lone Wolf Vol. 1 p. 720

    While the Colonial Office had to restrain Samuel from even more radical pronouncements,

    he thus embraced enough of the Arab demands to insure – if they were consummated – the destruction of Zionism. His speech, however, now became a hallowed text, promoted by the Colonial Office as the authoritative interpretation of the Balfour Declaration…

    Shmuel Katz Lone Wolf Vol. 1 p. 722

    So, this phenomenon is at least 100 years old and it has nothing to do with left, right, or center.


    I HIGHLY recommend the book by Shmuel Katz Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky.

    It is full of quotations from the original documents and it is not merely about Jabotinsky’s life but also about the history of the Zionist movement and what went on in those days.

    It must be required reading for every Jew and in all the Jewish schools.

  26. You are correct sovereignty requires independence. It would be very helpful if a friendly regime cooperating completely with Israel were installed in Jordan. However, Israel should irregardless of that and not depend on that.

    Israel has enough Gas resources to be energy independent.

  27. @MarkG

    What is the difference between

    Pal-Jordan Federation on most Arab-inhabited segments of Judea-Samaria, with Israeli sovereignty over the rest of Area C including the Jordan Valley

    and the 2-state solution?

  28. Very nice blueprint, quite amenable towards enacting the Jordan Option once the Hashemite Kingdom is ultimately supplanted with a much more enviable leader, hopefully in the form of Mudar himself, or at minimum someone capable of enacting Mudar’s plans.

    I would add to these important details mentioned, the very important element of Israel maintaining a state of energy independence. Sovereignty requires true independence, and such independence lifts the need of energy independence to the level of a national security requirement.

  29. Victory is the correct concept.

    In order to achieve actual victory one must destroy PA/PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc and supporting terrorists.

    1. Apply Israeli Civil Law to all of Area C, including the Jewish Towns and Jordan Valley.

    State that Israel reserves the right to apply Israeli Civil Law to anywhere else in Judea/Samaria.

    2. Build in all of Judea and.Samaria. Focus on E1, the Jordan Valley, Gush Etzion to start.

    3. After destroying the terrorist groups. Take over and administer the Arab PA Cities and surrounding villages. Any villages or cities that turn violent will be closed off and workers will not be allowed to exit to work in Israel.

    4. Form an NGO to buy Palestinian Properties in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Judea/Samaria starting with Area C in villages next to Jewish Towns. Resell these properties to Jews and recycle the money to buy more Arab owned properties.

    5. Form a different NGO to help Arabs quickly move to other countries. Provide financial incentives to help them go. Make sure they receive their funds when it is confirmed they are leaving.

    6. Residency for Arabs in new areas where Israeli Civil Law is applied shall only be possible after a vetting process which determines they are not a security risk.
    They will need to demonstrate loyalty to the Jewish Democratic State of Israel.
    This will require learning Hebrew; your children will be required to provide civil national service at age 18 to 20.

    Arab residents will be required to inform on anyone planning terrorist acts including family members. This will be a condition of residency!

  30. Excellent analysis of why we seem to ever be plagued with the dubious efforts of fifth columnists to raise this attempt at self-ruin masquerading as the righteous path to peace. Self-immolation is a great sin and one that seems to be built into these attempts to provide a mythical right upon these people claiming rights to Jewish lands. These Arabs and their great allies have no right to demand these lands and the Jewish people have no right to further subdivide their heritage.

    There is a problem within the Right in that they marginalize their own standards with a hope to find the right time, the right context to actually stand up for what they know to be correct and certain. Their timidity of spirit provides them the ability to focus upon clear and present problems, existing fires that require a significant effort. By doing this they sacrifice the clarity of their position that Ted describes here that they will not part with these lands, period. Doing so provides the Left with their relentless windows of opportunity to dial the clock back as if they have the right and authority to do so. They do not, and no one should provide them with this false security that their efforts will ever be tolerated, much less implemented. This is how you win, and this is why victory on this topic seems ever to be an evasive mistress. Clear distinguishable borders make good defenses possible. This is what is missing in this policy of wait ‘for a better day’ in order to clarify the reality that these intolerable acts of violence against Israel should ever be tolerated.

    Someone needs to send copies of Ted’s analysis by special courier to Bennet, Lapid, Bibi and the other leaders of Israel. This is how you win.

  31. People have been manipulated for too long by demagogues to believe there are no options between the two extremes of 2-state and 1-state models.

    Here are the realities:

    (1) For starters, any territory in Judea-Samaria vacated by the Israel military would inevitably sooner or later be taken over by Hamas, rendering life into a bloody inferno for Jews and Arabs alike and making the Gaza conflagration look like a picnic;

    (2) Inflow of millions of “returning refugees”, in addition to hordes of Jihadist combatants and piles of lethal weapons from across the evacuated Jordan Valley border, would mean untold warfare, terror, bloodshed and suffering, thus largely sealing Israel’s fate;

    (3) Instead, the only co-existential and sustainable path remains a 3-STATE SOLUTION made up of (a) Israel; (b) Egypt (with link to Gaza turned into Dubai-on-the-Med with Saudi/Gulf funds and Israeli tech); and (c) A Pal-Jordan Federation on most Arab-inhabited segments of Judea-Samaria, with Israeli sovereignty over the rest of Area C including the Jordan Valley.

    Any Jewish person still advocating for the pro-enemy 2-state agenda is either a delusional idiot that doesn’t get the nature of the conflict, or a suicidal moron intent on digging his/her own grave!

  32. Great article and great idea! At least the right should take this position and stick to it. I was recently very disappointed to learn that even Begin caved when he acquiesced to Arab autonomy in the territories which along with his retreat from Sinai in exchange from a cold peace from a defeated enemy marked the beginning of many retreats, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    While it could be argued in opposition, that taking a clear position might endanger the Abraham Accords with nations that agreed only to table the TSS while still supporting it, even if they are serious, I think reclaiming the land, even in principle, is more in Israel’s long-term interest than allowing this long slide into disaster. Israel must contend with a growing internal threat along with Iran and they are all threatened by Iran and the growing obsolescence of oil shutting down their monocrop economies – much like the US confederacy, another slaveocracy so I wonder if they would carry through or respect Israel’s decision.