Jordan Option, Israel’s Legal Rights, and Compensated Emigration – Belman

JORDAN: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE: The Jordan Option Revisited

By Ted Belman


Jordan Option, Israel’s Legal Rights, and Compensated Emigration – Belman

Jordan’s Future Between the Abraham Accords and an Arab NATO – Mudar Zahran

Jordanians are Palestinian – Clarfield

Israel and the Jordan Question – Nisan

Israel and the Jordanian Question – Dr. Cohen

The Disintegration of the Hashemite Kingdom – Amaala

Iran Controls Jordan Now – Al-Gheewan

Who is Jordan Opposition Coalition (JOC) – Ross



The Ultimate Alternate Israel-Palestine Solution Ted Belman (2017)

Salim Mansur: “Jordan is Palestine”.  (2017)

International Law and the State of Israel    Ted Belman (2018)

Memo to Kushner, Ted Belman  (Feb 1919)

The truth about UNRWATed Belman (Feb 2019)

How the Jordan Option will Impact Israel     Ted Belman (2019)

The Genesis of the Jordan Option and “Confederation with Jordan”   (Ted Belman  August 2022)

Two-State Solution or Jordan Option? Your choice.  (Ted Belman Nov 28, 2022)

It’s not too late to make amends for this historical injustice.    T. Belman (May 29/22)

Change in Jordan, Easy, Cheap and Good for Everyone    Mudar Zahran (May 14/2022)

Jordan is Palestine – a legal analysis  Ted Belman (2022)




Jordan is not my Friend   Dr Edy Cohen  (Oct 2016)

It’s official: Jordan is now allies with Iran  Dr Edy Cohen  (July 2021)

How Arab rulers undermined a Palestinian stateby Roie Yellinek and Assaf Malach  (2022)



Mudar Zahran delivers shocking revolutionary truth at Oxford debate

The Resolution: The Arab World Has Failed The Palestinian People ‘. The video is about 4 years old. Mudar’s debating partner was Col Richard Kemp. They took the affirmative.

Mudar Zahran addresses the European Parliament : BDS hurts us, We want peace

Mudar eloquently praised, Israel the Jewish state, and condemned the PA, Jordan and the EU. He was passionate and persuasive.

Ted Belman explains The “Jordan Option”
Its an hour long but you will find my talk very interesting and informative.

The Jordan Option Conference Videos reposted

Belman interviews Mudar on the coming fall of the King

Mudar Zahran with Sean Hannity, attacking Hamas 

Mudar Zahran on BBC, where BBC identifies him as “The representative of the Opposition in Jordan, leader of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition”. 

Mudar Zahran, the Palestinian leader, “Hamas is killing my people”



The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem  by Daniel Pipes   2001

The ‘Status Quo’ on the Temple Mount  – by Nadav Shragai  Dec 10, 2014

The Real Truth About the Temple Mount   Meir Y. Soloveichik  Sept 2021

Did Jews Abandon the Temple Mount?   F.M. Loewenberg Middle East Quarterly 2013

History of Jerusalem: Jordan’s Desecration of Jerusalem (1948 – 1967)  Jewish Virtual Library




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  1. @Ted Of course, it’s a gamble that more would be motivated by economics than nationalism or religious fanaticism. Still, it’s the only game in town. Everything else is a dead end.

  2. British Corruption: • “The original text of the Balfour Declaration had read “Palestine should be reconstituted as the National Home of the Jewish people.” The text was changed to read “the establishment in Palestine of a Home for the Jewish people.” The single word “in” was used subsequently to justify removing all of Transjordan from the British Mandate that resulted from the Balfour Declaration. – [President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, Trial and Error, 1949, p 257]

  3. Oslo accounted a 3-state in Palestine as a 2-state, disregarding the British 2-State Mandate of 1948. The question of Rocket-Science Math arises:
    How many 2-States in Palestine = A 2-State in Palestine?

  4. There is no “Jordan option”
    In halakha Jordan is a river
    The land on the eastern bank is the Land of Yisrael just like on the right bank.
    Churchill had no jurisdiction to create an Arab state, never mind a ‘kingdom’
    Any discussion is a waste of breath

  5. I wanted to correct a mis-statement of mine in this talk. ..I said if 130,000 refugees emigrated to Egypt every year for 10 years it would be 1% of the Egyptian population yearly.. The was in error. 1% of the Egyptian population is 1 million so 130,000 is 13% of 1% or or 0.13% of 100 million.