JORDAN: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE: The Jordan Option Revisited


MAY 15, 2022,

7:00 pm Israel Time (12:00 pm, EST)

The Jordan Option Revisited


The Jordan Option has been touted for over 20 years but gained little traction. Essentially it embraces the idea that Jordan should be seen as the Palestinian state.  The primary resistance to the idea came from the Hashemites.

Mudar Zahran, Secretary General of the Jordan Opposition Coalition together with Ted Belman, Editor of Israpundit, held a conference at the Begin Centre in Jerusalem on Oct 17, 2017. It justified the rationale behind Jordan being the Palestinian State and called for the end of the Hashemite control of Jordan.  Mudar Zahran announced he  was ready, willing and able to serve as President of Jordan.

Here we are, 5 years later, on the cusp of success.  Register for the Conference and find out why.


Moderator: Ted Belman, ISRAPUNDIT

  1. Jordan Option, Israel’s Legal Rights, and Compensated Emigration ExplainedTed Belman. (40 min)
  2. Jordan’s Future Between the Abraham Accords and an Arab NATODr Mudar Adnan Zahran (30 min)
  3. Jordanians are Palestinian  Geoffrey Clarfield (20 min)
  4. Israel and the Jordanian QuestionDr Mordechai Nisan 20 min)
  5. Temple Mount Conflict and its SolutionDr Edy Cohen, (20 min)
  6. The Disintegration of the Hashemite Kingdom Abedelelah Amaala, JCC (20 Min)
  7. Iran Controls Jordan NowNaseem Al-Gheewan, Dep Sec’y Gen, JOC (15 min)
  8. Who is Jordan Opposition Coalition (JOC) Michael Ross, Advisor to the JOC (15 min)



Change in Jordan, Easy, Cheap and Good for Everyone    Mudar Zahran (May 14/2022)

The 100 year betrayal of Israel by the West     Ted Belman (Mar 2017)

Jordan is Palestine Ted Belman (2022)

The Ultimate Alternate Israel-Palestine Solution Ted Belman (2017)

Memo to Kushner, Ted Belman  (Feb 1919)

Trump’s war against UNRWA will benefit the Palestinian “refugees”     Ted Belman (Feb 2019)

How the Jordan Option will Impact Israel     Ted Belman (2019)

International Law and the State of Israel    Ted Belman (2018)

The Legality of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria according to International Law Karen Stahl-Don ( 2017)

Jordan is Palestine    Salim Mansur (2017)


Jordan is not my Friend   Dr Edy Cohen  (Oct 2016)

It’s official: Jordan is now allies with Iran  Dr Edy Cohen  (July 2021)

How Arab rulers undermined a Palestinian state. by Roie Yellinek and Assaf Malach  (2022)



Mudar Zahran delivers shocking revolutionary truth at Oxford debate

The Resolution: The Arab World Has Failed The Palestinian People ‘. The video is about 4 years old. Mudar’s debating partner was Col Richard Kemp. They took the affirmative.

Mudar Zahran addresses the European Parliament : BDS hurts us, We want peace

Mudar eloquently praised, Israel the Jewish state, and condemned the PA, Jordan and the EU. He was passionate and persuasive.

Ted Belman explains The “Jordan Option”
Its an hour long but you will find my talk very interesting and informative.

The Jordan Option Conference Videos reposted

Belman interviews Mudar on the coming fall of the King

Mudar Zahran with Sean Hannity, attacking Hamas 

Mudar Zahran on BBC, where BBC identifies him as “The representative of the Opposition in Jordan, leader of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition”. 

The Disintegration of the Hashemite Kingdom Abedelelah Amaala, JCC 



The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem  by Daniel Pipes   2001

The ‘Status Quo’ on the Temple Mount  – by Nadav Shragai  Dec 10, 2014

The Real Truth About the Temple Mount   Meir Y. Soloveichik  Sept 2021

Did Jews Abandon the Temple Mount?   F.M. Loewenberg Middle East Quarterly 2013

History of Jerusalem: Jordan’s Desecration of Jerusalem (1948 – 1967)  Jewish Virtual Library 



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  1. The Jordan Option Revisited Conference is beginning for anyone wanting to participate. Just FYI

  2. This is outrageous. Israel must stop it.

    The Israel Antiquities Authority is considering removing Temple Mount antiquities that rioters have displaced. Rocks and pieces of smashed artifacts have been used as weapons during recent riots, and some were used to block visitors’ paths designated for Jews.

    In a recent letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton, and Public Security Minister Omer Barlev, attorney and chairman of the Temple Mount Organizations Aviad Visoli claims that the destruction of antiquities on the Temple Mount was similar to the damage the Islamic State did to antiquities at Palmyra when they controlled the city during the Syrian war.

    “What our people have seen following the riots on the Temple Mount on Friday and Saturday, April 15-16, 2022, was horrifying. The riots pulled out ancient stones, including sections of columns, and threw them around the Temple Mount,” the letter reads.

  3. @Edgar
    It is good to hear that you are well and of your long delayed reunion with your family is finally over. Such things bring the greatest joy and the long kept separations make the joy all the sweeter. May your good fortune continue for many years to come.

  4. saw my grandchildren and my daughter Rebecca for the first time in nearly 2 years.

    That makes it worthwhile. 😉 🙂


    No abcess, no dentist (yet). Thank you all for your kind wishes.
    (Michael I’m interested in how you got the Ivermectin,(but maybe confidential)

    A very strenuous afternoon. Rachel came for me, our destination was the clinic in Walmart. a HUGE place. The worst part was to have to sit on those damned hard seats, definitely not designed for tender backsides.

    They put on a Lidocaine patch, and Rachel and I shopped for my needed supplies. Then back to the “ranch”.. I didn’t feel the needle but definitely felt the ache of the contents being pushed into my arm.

    Since then , very slightly warm, small localised headache, all gone today, No site pain . All good …so far. In 3 weeks a repeat. THEN the dentist, a high-risk area.

    Passed Rachel’s house to pick up shopping bags, saw my grandchildren and my daughter Rebecca for the first time in nearly 2 years. The kids, youngest now 4 actually remembered me and we were all very excited, They call me “Zaida”. They are beautiful. It made my day. After the 2nd vaccine maybe can resume Friday night Shabat meal, candles, Kiddush, etc. and feel properly Yiddish again.

    They gave me a bunch of bluebells.

  6. Edgar,

    Robert Hamilton

    photographed the Leper’s Mikvah after the earthquake in 1927; also here:

    You can see that this information was hidden by the Israeli government until recently, which explains why Norma’s theory was so late in coming. Jews and Arabs alike, it seems, are masters of FAKE NEWS.

    I think my favorite photograph is of the entryway from the Hulda Gate into the Men’s Court:

  7. Edgar, I hope your dental care turned out well. As for my wife and I, we are both working our way through cold symptoms, wiping our schnozzes as we watch Norma Robertson’s video (which unfortunately, I have deleted) in which we tour the Temple courts after entering through the South Gate. FYI I am treating myself with Ivermectin paste, but my wife isn’t.

    While trying to find the video I closed, I came across the following map by Charles Warren, which shows the cisterns under Al Aqsa. The one labeled #9 has a southern extension which is the Lepers’ Mikvah, still visible beneath the mosque. This was in the NW court, among the four courts around the Women’s Court. A westerner photographed it in the early 20th century, during maintenance. I recall having seen a photograph of a different mikvah, attributed to Jewish excavators in Justinian’s time.

  8. @MICHAE-

    Thank you for the Info. I know some of it, like Mazer’s findings. I actually met him one time and intended to join his volunteers, hut other things intervened. As for the rest, I’ll read carefully.
    But now am waiting-in trepidation- to be picked up by my daughter to get a Novavax injection. Have to, because I need dental care and dare not go anywhere without some protection, not 100%, but some.

    On retuen I’ll respond. Thanks again.

  9. Edgar, I will try to post these notes. You should look them up yourself, but you don’t seem to want to put forth the effort:

    Trumpeting Stone Helps to Verify Southwest Corner as Included in Herod’s Temple

    In 1968, Archaeologist Benjamin Mazar made a notorious find at the base of the SW corner of the Temple Mount, which further identifies the location of Herod’s Temple Complex. The discovery of the Trumpeting Place confirms that the existing SW corner of the mount was part of Herod’s 606 x 606 ft temple complex, as described by Josephus. The trumpeting stone fell during the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE, cracking the pavement stones of the first-century street below.

    As of 2016, clear evidence of two particular sets of blocked gates can be seen in the southern wall of the Temple Mount. These are known as the Double Gate and the Triple Gate.
    Triple Gate Arches
    Triple Gate

    The three arches of Triple Gate are not the original gates to the great halls within. In regards to the sealing of the gates, many scholars teach that these arches were blocked up by the Crusaders. Some believe they were blocked during the Muslim rule of Sultan Suleiman.

    Double Gate is closer to the SW corner of the Temple Mount. The triple arches, closer to the SE corner of the Temple Mount, are called “Triple Gate”. Both sets of gates are currently below ground level of the Mount. This was not always the case. Before the destruction of Herod’s Temple, (which existed from 16 BCE – 70 CE) the ground level of the southern section of the Temple Mount (below the Al Aqsa Mosque) was approximately 30–40 feet lower than it is today. Temple Mount expert, Norma Robertson, details this research in Locating Solomon’s Temple.

    Josephus verifies that the porch, or “cloisters”, east of the Holy House and east of the outer court (Woman’s Court), along the east wall of Solomon’s and Herod’s Temple complex, were indeed built by King Solomon – Solomon’s Porch.

    “These cloisters belonged to the outer court, and were situated in a deep valley, and had walls that reached four hundred cubits [in length], and were built of square and very white stones, the length of each of which stones was twenty cubits, and their height six cubits. This was the work of King Solomon, who first of all built the entire temple” (Josephus Flavius Ant. 20:9, section 7)

    As seen in the diagram above, the *outer court was also the Women’s Court which extended to the east wall of the Temple complex. Solomon’s Porch belonged to, or was joined to, the Woman’s Court and contained the East Gate to the Temple complex.

    Explorer James Barclay accessed the subterranean ruins of Triple Gate in 1844. His diagrams and descriptions of the ancient structure reveal evidence of its three great halls. His research is documented in The City of the Great King, 1858, p. 509. Of particular importance is the fact that Barclay testified that all of the piers in Triple Gate could be dated “back to the time of Solomon”. He went on to conclude that the vaulted, arched ceilings, in the underground halls were added to the ancient piers at a later date.

    Using Barclay’s and Norma Robertson’s research, we can assume that approx 606 feet (one Greek furlong) from the SW corner of the Temple Mount, and approx 40 feet below the current ground level of the Mount, one would find three, now blocked up, arched entryways in the south wall. Behind those arches are the great halls of Triple Gate with its foundation piers originally built by Solomon.
    Triple Gate as one of the Huldah Gates?
    See also: Huldah Gates

    Some assume that Triple Gate and Double Gate were two passageways leading up to the Temple Mount. The historic record gives no evidence of this being the case. In fact, Josephus writes that there was only one gate located in the middle of the southern wall of the Temple. (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 15, Ch. 11.5) The claim that Triple Gate and Double Gate were passageways leading up to the surface of the Temple Mount, is a complete fabrication, not mentioned in any of the historical records, including the Mishna. According to the evidence, Triple Gate is situated on the east wall of Herod’s Temple, exactly where Solomon’s Porch would have been located.

  10. Edgar, you said,

    It may be BS, but I don’t know what you’ve read, nor where you’ve read it.

    I accept Norma Robertson’s research, because it is thorough and well-sourced. The rest is outdated, because they don’t even have the location right. Read

    4. The Most Southern Conjecture next to, and below, the Al Aqsa Mosque by Norma Robertson

    I have corresponded with Norma Robertson since 2000. Her website presents the latest and best update I have seen so far. She is very discerning and has the latest data base of anyone I know concerning the temple location.

    You raised some objections to her work, and I replied; but my reply was eaten up by “moderation”.

    You keep talking about several “churches” beneath the Al Aqsa Mosque. What can be SEEN of the mosque is an obvious hodgepodge, built over several centuries. The most obvious example of this is an upside-down Latin inscription at the Fulda Gate.

    The mosque was constructed from rubble, including that inscription, and other materials added from outside. It is oriented in a North-South direction. The current logic of this is that the south end faces Mecca; but the actual reason is that Al Aqsa was built upon the base of the Pagan Temple of Jupiter, probably modeled after the temple at Baalbek, Lebanon:

    The “Dome of the Rock” was an artifact of this design.

    The area UNDERNEATH Al Aqsa contains the remains of the eastern approach to the altar, etc. The original temple was aligned E-W, so the “Holy Place” is actually west of the mosque, several meters underground.

    One can only imagine what condition the temple floor is in today, as it is buried under rubble — including enormous columns and stones. When Justinian allowed Jews to return to the site, to rebuild the temple, they were unable to dig through it. Instead, they carefully dug down below the place of their investigation, to ensure that there were no corpses there. Then they built a mikvah underground, and met there until no longer permitted to do so. I’ve seen photographs of the mikvah, but cannot locate them at the moment. There was a brief time during the 20th century, during which Westerners were allowed in the area for some sort of repair work.

    Here are some notes from Wikipedia. I will put them in a separate comment, so they don’t get lost in moderation…

  11. @MiCHAEL-

    It may be BS, but I don’t know what you’ve read, nor where you’ve read it. Do you mean on this site or elsewhere.

    I must say that everything I’ve written about the Temple Mount is based completely on old records and archaeological discoveries. The fact is that nobody is sure where Solomon’s Temple was exactly, nor even Herod’s Temple, which surely had to be in a different place, due to the huge platform enlargement and the need for careful construction..

    I read somewhere, that the real reason that the Roman soldiers levered every visible Herodian stone loose was not to destroy, but to get at the Temple gold treasure, which melted in the fire and ran down the joints of the blocks.

    Josephus, writing far from Israel, and years after the event didn’t mention this. but it sounds very likely to me. They had no reason to pry loose every visible block. By all accounts the fire was accidental. The Romans would have likely used the Temple as an administrative structure…

    Have you been reading the Arab versions, where the magic horse lost an engine and had to crash-land on the Temple Mount, or some such rubbish that they believe. where one hoof got a puncture and left a mark on the “Rock”… That horse had Muhammed sitting in an open cockpit at 300 mph without goggles even. Looping the loop without a safety belt…

    He could do anything, because he and Allah were buddies.”SuperMo”.

  12. @Michael
    I don’t recall saying anything of the kind..
    What I have done at the bottom of this post is include very scholarly articles on the subject of the Temple Mount.

  13. Hi, Edgar

    And Ted says that at the coming ZXOOM Conference the complete history of the Mount will be revealed once and for all, on record, presumably by irrefutable documentation . And PUSHED constantly in future-I hope. It’ long past time that this was set straight.

    It will be amusing to see what that “irrefutable documentation” is. So farm most of what I read about Har HaBait has been BS.

  14. TED- I assume NO audience and ALL participants.

    I was just wondering how many deaf people would like to be able to listen in, perhaps sub-titles. It may be too technically difficult. Just a thought.

  15. @Ted You should add this indispensible article to your canon.

    “Did Jews Abandon the Temple Mount?
    by F.M. Loewenberg
    Middle East Quarterly
    Summer 2013, pp. 37-48 (view PDF)”

    I have posted it as rebuttal in various venues for years, from the same publication. I think this is one of the most important Hasbara articles I have ever read.

  16. This will be a very exciting event. It has truly been an eventful five years that has brought us to this position of the cusp upon which we sit today and I, for one, am anxious to hear this long awaited update on the Jordan Option. I have always seen the prospect for peace to be a difficult premise, but if peace is ever to be achieved, it would have to be along the lines of the Jordan Option, or something very close to it. Its respect for the History of the two peoples involved as well as the shared acceptance of a respect for the intertwining relationships between them – mutual, distinct and clear – could lead these two people into adopting a position of support in place of a contest of blood. It was a great loss to Arab and Jew alike, that the promises made a hundred years ago were demeaned and forgotten within the first opportunity by Abdullah’s line of villains that has for too long subjected the region to their presence and treachery. The calls for reform and democratic values that have been championed by Mudar, by itself, have been weighed far too lightly against the Hashemite values of betrayal and greed, likely to support the most addictive of ambitions, the status quo. Yet, even as this target of the status quo has been the desire for so long, by too many, it has been seen to never have really been a stable target, forever drifting into war and bloodshed. Hence, it is good to see that we may actually live in an age of ambition and tolerance where we might all live to see freedom shared on either side of the Jordan, where a bankrupt kingdom might transform into a stable democracy, and a too long war might be set aside in pursuit of a long held hope of a long ignored chance for peace. This could offer an opportunity to allow successive generations to thrive where past generations were held to merely survive. Peace is a path that could easily make this a reality, yet, for it to become a reality, we would need the labor and support of such visionary men such as Ted and Mudar. For myself, I applaud you both for both the labor you spent and the visions you have created, and look forward to hearing more of what you have to share in the Jordan Option Revisited.

  17. @Edgar
    Thanks for the encouragement.. Love to go into all that in depth but there is a shortage of time to cover it. The Conference is already over 3 hours long.

    I am thinking of publishing articles that give the information is detail. I Have two weeks to get such articles done and they will accompany the talks..

    There may be some more speakers added. but time is a huge constraint.

  18. @MICHAEL-

    Michael, Ted and Mudar eave put in a massive effort in their Jordan Project. Even to the extent of finding manufacturers, and costing out the production levels, prices, erection time, of pre-fab high rises etc in several Arab countries…and much more. I support it un-equivocally.

    I believe they have little control over what actually happens inside Jordan , this being undertaken by their allies there, and it surely is coming to fruition, Just not as quickly as we had hoped. but progressing inexorably in that direction.

    I believe that the turmoil surrounding the temple Mount is the result of that progression.

    By the way, The Aksa is on the southern edge, over 200 ft away from the Bome, and more recent archaeological information is that underneath it, is the unmistakable remains of a Christian Church. Mosaic floors with Christian symbolism, as well as the remains of chancels and the unmistakable layout of a church.i

    So this just proves that the old history that is was a repaired Church (of Mary and Joseph??) it true. We KNOW that historically it was destroyed 2-3 times by earthquakes and rebuilt.

    And Ted says that at the coming ZXOOM Conference the complete history of the Mount will be revealed once and for all, on record, presumably by irrefutable documentation . And PUSHED constantly in future-I hope. It’ long past time that this was set straight.

    So the Arab BIG LIe will be tackled and dealt with.

  19. @Michael S

    I still don’t understand why you (or your algorhythm) has been consistently burying my post concerning Al Aqsa.

    I am not aware of any of you comments that were banned.. So I don’t know what you are talking about.
    In the Conference we are going into the truth about the Temple Mount inter alia.

  20. Ted, I still don’t understand why you (or your algorhythm) has been consistently burying my post concerning Al Aqsa. All this stuff you post about the “Jordanian Option” is useless, without addressing the core issue of the physical presence of Herod’s Temple beneath the paste-together mosque. This is the Arab “BIG LIE”; ignoring it, is like trying to run a democracy in the US while massive election fraud is allowed to continue.