Jews who hate Trump

By Alexander G. Markovsky and Ted Belman, AM THINKER  SEPT 17/20

It is given that the plurality of Jews wouldn’t vote for Donald J. Trump even if Moses endorsed him. We shouldn’t look for logic here. As prominent Zionist Max Nordau once observed, “logic is a Greek art and Jews can’t tolerate it”.

Tom Teicholz, the author of the new book The Worst President Ever.: Prominent Republican and Former Trump Administration Officials Speak Out Against Trump”, is not an exception. In it, rather than support his case, he offers an unending barrage of selective opinions of Trump opponents and disgruntled former employees who for the most part criticize the President’s intimidating personality and abrasive style.

Having said this, we agree with him that Donald J. Trump is the worst president ever…..for the Democrats/socialists that is.

When it comes to the substance however, “the worst president ever,” is striving for new world order reversing his predecessors’ embrace of globalism, Islamism and Iran. His building blocks include a restored military, energy independence, defended borders, and notwithstanding a temporary setback caused by Coronavirus, a robust economy, not seen since the tenure of Dwight Eisenhower. This surfeit of blessings allows Trump to conduct economic and foreign policies in a manner previously unavailable to his predecessors since the decade following World War II.

In effect, he ushered in a New Age of Nationalism which horrified his critics, especially Jews, who had spent the last 80 years decrying Nationalism as an evil rather than a good. Whereas,  Zionism was born in the age of Nationalism and has remained true to its origins.

Overall, his critics failed to grasp the essence and the benefits of Trump’s statecraft and foreign policy based on raison d’état—national interests.

The list of President Trump’s accomplishments is well beyond the scope of this article so we limit them to the “Jewish issues.”

At the beginning of the Trump presidency, America expected an era of protracted confrontation with the Arab World. At end of his first term, America is expecting an era of peace. He accomplished this coming down decidedly in Israel’s favor thereby convincing the Arabs that it was futile to resist Israel.

Trump’s  Middle East peace initiative is rival to Theodor Roosevelt’s balance-of-power diplomacy during the mediation of the Treaty of Portsmouth for which he was awarded the Noble Peace Prize.

Obama had alienated the Arabs by embracing the Mullahs of Iran and entering the nuclear deal known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Trump withdrew from the deal and spent the last 3.5 years pushing Iran back thereby endearing himself to the Arabs who consider Iran a mortal enemy. Trump skillfully leveraged the USA position to induce collaboration between Israelis and Arabs against their common danger.

In the process, Trump:

  • Defunded the Palestinian authority and removed them from Washington,
  • Defunded UNWRA and put into question who was a refugee,
  • Recognized Israel sovereignty over the Golan,
  • Recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy there and finally
  • Tabled the Trump Plan, Peace to Prosperity, which was decidedly better for Israel than the Arab Peace Initiative, first tabled in 2002.

The publicized criticism of Trump is a surrogate for a deep underlying ideological divide in America. The old adage, “There are two types of Jews—those who believe that Judaism is about social justice and those who know Hebrew,” perfectly reflects the current political environment.

The idea of social justice, in terms of helping the sick and the poor, is deeply embedded in Judaism. Living in ghettos and being persecuted for two millennia the Jewish people have been struggling to reconcile their tragic history with contemporary reality. The experience has led them to take on, and support, the cause of every underdog and liberal movement in sight, no matter how unworthy, no matter how illogical or no matter how it imperiled their own interests or safety.

This is referred to as Tikkun Olam in the Talmud. Those who know Hebrew, know that it is an activity aimed at completing God’s work. Those who don’t know Hebrew divorce this activity from completing God’s work and think of it as a good in and of itself. Their divine mission is to change society upon their verities. This phenomenon explains why Orthodox Jews by and large voted for Trump in 2016 and are expected to vote for him in 2020 even in greater numbers.

The social justice crowd is not motivated by concerns for Israel and they are not motivated by the interests of the United States. Their obsession is social justice which they believe is not currently available.. They believe that this can best be achieved through socialism and wealth redistribution.

The Democratic Party is determined to become the ruling party once again, through any means including making false accusations, fabricating or destroying evidence and election fraud.

Tom Teicholz, uses a pen, the others, such as the Jewish Community Action, a Minnesota-based group, are actively participating in demonstrations and riots in support of the so-called racial justice and economic equality.

Some wealthy Jews in an act of colossal memory loss sponsor Antifa and Black Lives Matter just like their ancestors who financed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  They forget, if they ever knew, that their ancestors ended up facing a firing squad of triumphant socialism. Thus they support a Party whose every postulate is a fraud:

  • Systemic racism is a fraud – the country that elected a black president twice cannot be racist
  • Black Lives Matter doesn’t matter in Chicago, Detroit and other cities controlled by the Democrats
  • Economic equality can only occur in poverty
  • The Democrats’ policy of open borders or no borders is designed to open our country to a tsunami of immigrants with morals and values diametrically opposed to those of Americans, ultimately making the United States of America not united, not states, and not even American
  • Attacks on law enforcement is an attempt create anarchy and dismantle the existing system of authority
  • The so-called victims of police brutality are predominantly habitual criminals and drug addicts
  • Racial inequality is the only correct postulate – the Affirmative Action is a form of racial privileges

They forget how good America was for Jews for 150 years and instead chase the false God of Socialism.

The Chosen People have chosen the wrong side of history again.

Alexander G. Markovsky is a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, a conservative think hosted at Kings College, New York City, which examines national security, energy, risk-analysis and other public policy issues, He is the author of “Anatomy of a Bolshevik” and “Liberal Bolshevism: America Did Not Defeat Communism, She Adopted It. He is the owner and CEO of Litwin Management Services, LLC. He can be reached at

Ted Belman is the founder and publisher of

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16 Comments / 16 Comments

  1. “The list of President Trump’s accomplishments”! The Goebbels propaganda machine has successfully imposed a blackout on his accomplishments at home and abroad. Liberal Jews, in particular, are the craziest ones!
    Liberal Jews are LIBERALS. Nothing else. The lost XIVth tribe, perhaps for EVER.

  2. I agree that Tikkun Olam/social justice is something important to liberal Jews, many of whom don’t read the Bible, don’t understand Hebrew, don’t understand the liturgy, and don’t believe in God. What else is left? But Tikkun Olam is just one more form of virtue signaling, something that those on the Left need because they suffer from a certain amount of guilt about how much more they have than the average American. Guilt is not a very good motivator, and tends to lead to attempted solutions that are more band-aids than real solutions that require compassion. Compassion is not the same as guilt, and often guilt interferes with the capacity for true empathy.

    I think there is another problem for liberal Jews not voting democrat: They realize all their friends and all their family members vote democrat. How can they vote Republican or Independent? Who would understand? For example, Alan Dershowitz and every member of his family have been shunned by their entire communities because he represented Donald Trump in the impeachment hoax. Every democrat he knows shunned him, so every liberal Jew knows, should they change their voting loyalty from democrat to republican, that they, too, would be shunned and would be left with no one.

    Importantly, liberal Jews don’t change where they get their information: the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR.

    These news organizations have hosted the successful PSYOP that turned Trump into a monster to every democrat. For example Trump is routinely misquoted, with a quote that sounds racist or misogynist. Liberal Jews are eager to show they are not racists or misogynist, and that they hate anyone who sounds like he might be. This is what liberal Jews think of when they think of Donald Trump, someone like Hitler.

    As long as you are convinced the guy is Hitler, you are NEVER going to even want to consider any of his policies. Hitler is Hitler, and who cares what he might have done for Israel?

    So liberal Jews, who in past years prided themselves on their intellectual accomplishments, don’t make any effort to find out anything but what NPR says is true. They have become gullible parrots, and simply parrot whatever these news sources say, and assume they’ve got it right.

    These are people who are lost to the cause. When the counter culture revolution comes, and it has already started, they are not going to understand it and won’t be prepared.

    For a very interesting take on the counter revolution, see Sasha Stone’s post here:

    She describes going to the annual Telluride Film Festival since shifting from left to right, and comes away with some wonderful insights.

  3. Brilliant that the US elected Obama better late than never. May there be a five more non white presidents this century to catch up on the statistics.

    Socialism is no more a “false God” than the manias of the gun lobby. Europe had a different 18th and 19th century than America spoilt by (1) security under the British RN and plentiful redcoats; and (2) the most liberal government of the time if you read the contemporary European critics. What Americans seem UNaware of was that G III was running an effort to turn back the clock “conservatively” in Britain which was one reason for significant British command and policy failures and refusals of senior people to serve – echoes? Further the blowback from the US War of Independence stopped that and led to reforms in UK.
    Returning to the socialist argument the US was poor and free while Europe was not free and poor; so the argument after the suppression of the French Revolution’s bid for freedoms as civic argument slipped almost naturally into the argument of freedom by rejigging the economy – and the Marxists were not on the ground floor. It is worth reading the list of bullet points that is the core of Marx & Engels Manifesto end of ch II because even including the property clause it should be clear that it is written in a context of ownership, management and regulation being all rolled into one. Since 1848 management and ownership have been distinguished and separated and since the two World Wars and the needs to clean up industrial slum building with zoning, mains water and power and mains drains and sewerage, public regulation has also been disinterred and strongly revived and itself been subjected to the sovereign people. Trump voters would be the first to complain – loud and coarsely if they found themselves back in 19th century Chicago before drains aand schools let alone penicillin.

  4. “logic is a Greek art and Jews can’t tolerate it”.

    Star Trek’s Mr. Spock is turning in his grave!

    They themselves Hate Jews….in a way that puts Goyisher Jew haters to shame

    I’ve noticed this.

  5. Keeping to the Subject of the Headliner, and avoiding the repetitious BLAH, Jews who Hate Trump, are not single minded. They themselves Hate Jews….in a way that puts Goyisher Jew haters to shame, being a fifth column and sailing under false flags.

    Tikun Olom as a be-all doctrine, is as much of a curse as Political Correctness. 80% of them would not qualify as halachically Jewish, but it seems to be a pop trend to claim Jewishness…..these days. Jewish names abound, along with a variety of treif and chazar, and all the no-nos that are avoided by REAL Jews.

  6. .. for the democrats, socialists and Rinos.
    Trump the most pro-freedom and pro constitution.
    Ignorance, willful or not, is the mother of all biases.
    Liberal Jews, “the LOST” XIVth tribe.

  7. There are many ways to describe Donald Trump and many will describe him quite differently. It is true but unfortunate that he has invigorated many elements of the Left to cast him as the epitome of evil, and among these are the Liberal Jewish Americans. Their great enmity for him is never ending and is well captured by their ready use of the libel of casting the only US president with Jewish grandchildren as being an antisemite This great champion of liberty and free enterprise has been the greatest ally to Israel for all time while also acting as a tremendously successful champion of Jewish rights that can not be challenged. Yet, one failing by Donald Trump in all his activities to support the Jewish people was to fail to divide the Liberal Jews from holding their politics more essential than their heritage. To contrast this slander, they chose to support the antisemitic BLM movement, even as BLM conducted pogroms in Jewish neighborhoods. What greater proof could be offered to demonstrate an insincere discretion for the target of their enmity.

    In recent months, I will confess of Liberal associates who have come to recognize it was much better to live under Trump, but even as these moments of truth bring moments of reason to them it weighs heavy upon their psyches as they always choose to end their comments with “but,…” In truth, it would take a great surgeon to part the Liberal Jews from their Democratic devotions, and even then, I think their programmed indoctrination will always lead them towards some very poor choices. Indeed, this indoctrination has led them to malign and disparage with incessant repulsion a very strong ally in the form of Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump was easily the finest example, in living memory, of what a president should be. He was honest, straightforward, determined, transparent, humorous, inspiring, meticulous, indomitable, persistent, fearless, and humane. There are many additional terms that might be used to describe the man, and we will each choose a separate set of descriptors to do so, as it is most impossible to fairly capture him well. In regards to the Jewish people, we should simply settle with callling him friend, as that best describes what he has proven to be.

  8. How many lost freedoms will it take for those who opposed Trump to open their eyes? Not simply good by comparison, but essential to the functioning of our Republic, a Trump presidency was the first time we moved against all the currents of destruction of our country. To not see the naked fraud of the last election, the complicity of Republicans, the Press, the military and academia, and how keen the cabal that wrought this false result are to perpetuate an authoritarian government is to be the opposite of an enlightened person in America. How many freedoms lost will it take to wake those who will not think or ask a question.

  9. @ deanblake:

    That sounds mashugga. Trump has kept more election promises than the previous half-dozen Presidents combined, and many that were not even on the agenda but which came up later one. I just don’t know were you get your personal information from……. Maybe I can guess…??

    And the nonsense about Israel and Netanyahu……Did I say “nonsense”..? Yes I did and that’s what I meant.

  10. @ deanblake:
    What rubbish!!!! As Bear Klein indicates, open your eyes and take a look at exactly what Trump has done.
    If you are not willing to even open your eyes, then welcome to the land of the terminally ignorant!

  11. Trump promises kept:

    Moved Embassy to Jerusalem (in addition he recognized Jerusalem & Golan as Israeli). Provided weapons to Israel Obama refused and backed Israel diplomatically

    Trump lowered Taxes and had booming economy until Covid
    Trump scaled back regulations including opening up fracking to make USA largest energy producer in the World

    Trump cut back EPA to size as promised
    Trump renegotiated NAFTA as promised
    Trump got better trade deals out of South Korea and Japan.
    Trump made it much tougher to immigrate into USA from countries with terrorists and terrorist ties such as Iran
    Got rid of bad Iran Deal as promised
    Got NATO to pay more for mutual defense
    Limited illegal immigration
    Cancelled the Paris Climate Accords
    Killed the Pacific Trade Treaty (TPP)
    Nominated Conservative Judges to Supreme Court and Federal Bench

    Anyone who says Trump did not deliver on his promises either was not paying attention or is simply not being truthful.

    Trump has delivered on his promises more than any POTUS in memory.

  12. Trump has been unable to deliver on his election promises, that’s why I don’t like voting for him.
    The UAE- Israel Accord is an agreement to agree at an indefinite date to agree to do what the parties are either already doing or will do at a distance, not a treaty. It’s a re-election show piece for Trump and Bibi. It’s bakshish to the dangerous sale of F-35s to UAE and money for US military industrial complex. That’s nothing.
    No wall, Cov