The Genesis of the Jordan Option and “Confederation with Jordan”

By Ted Belman

While the Jordan Option has been discussed for 40 years now, it has not gotten any traction in its original form.  It posited that Jordan was Palestine and aspired to co-opt the Hashemites to embrace this concept.

But the Hashemite Kingdom wanted no part in it. It wanted to keep Jordanians separate from Palestinians. The Palestinians represented a threat to their Kingdom. Thus it advocated for the creation of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River.

It wasn’t always so.

In my article Jordan Is Palestine I noted

“Jordan annexed these lands in 1950 calling them the West Bank of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan..”

In How Arab Rulers Undermined a Palestinian Staterecently published by Middle East Quarterly, the authors wrote:

“ the government systematically erased all traces of a distinct Palestinian identity in an attempt to create a wider Jordanian national identity.

“A decade later, Abdullah’s grandson and successor King Hussein declared his firm opposition to the idea of a separate “Palestinian entity,” convening a conference in January 1960 of Hashemite loyalists to denounce the “despicable innovation” of the establishment of a Palestinian entity.

Thus it may be said that during this period, 1948 to 1967, Jordan was Palestine, no ifs, ands or buts.

But after the Arab League in June 1988 gave the PLO financial control of support for the Palestinians, King Hussein renounced all Jordanian claims to the West Bank, allowing the PLO to assume full responsibility there.

And so it remained.

Mudar Zahran, a Palestinian living in Jordan had other plans. He wanted to mobilize the Palestinians in Jordan to overthrow the Hashemite Kingdom in Jordan and make it a republic under his leadership. To this end, he organized the Jordanian Opposition Coalition (JOC) some seven years ago and convinced the leaders of all 13 refugee camps in Jordan to join. He even managed to get the largest Bedouin clan in Jordan to join.

At this time, he solicited my support in developing a new version of the Jordan Option (JO).

I insisted that once he became the leader of Jordan, that Jordan should reaffirm Jordanian citizenship to all Palestinians and should invite all such Palestinians who lived elsewhere to emigrate to Jordan. He readily agreed. What motivated me was my desire to enable Israel to extend its sovereignty to Areas A, B and C as delineated by the Oslo Accords. To avoid being labeled as an Apartheid State, Israel would only have to offer citizenship to stateless people, if any, and this would obviously not include Jordanian citizens.

I supported Martin Sherman’s idea of giving compensation to all Palestinians who would emigrate.  But I thought it was too expensive. So I blended his idea with the Jordan Option.   It was a tenth of the cost of Martin Sherman’s plan, for Israel to induce Palestinians to emigrate to Jordan. It made more sense also, as the Jordanians and the Palestinians were part of the same families and shared the same language. In addition Ramallah is only 69 kilometers (43 miles) from Amman.

In 2015 Tablet published an interview of Ayelet Shaked in which she said:

“If you ask me how I think the Israeli-Arab conflict should be resolved, I would say that we must annex Area C, which is home to 400,000 Jews and 90,000 Arabs, and have Areas A and B become some sort of confederation with Jordan”.

In 2017, I organized a conference in Jerusalem to promote the Jordan Option and we called for the abdication by King Hussein.   As a result we became mortal enemies of Hamas, PLO, Fatah and King Abdullah.

The Jordan Option at that time did not include a notion of confederation. That came later.

We reached out to President Trump and asked for his support in making it a reality. Although we never heard back from him, we knew his team was informed of the Plan and was considering regime change in Jordan.

In October 2018, I wrote Trump’s Deal of the Century a.k.a The Jordan Option

“According to a very well-informed source (and reiterated in 2022) , the administration of the A areas, will pass from the PA to Jordan. These areas include, Tulkarn, Qalkilya, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jericho. The B areas will be absorbed into the C area in order to remove the Swiss cheese effect. Hebron, on the other hand will be administered by a joint local council made up of Israelis and Palestinians. This is the Confederation that Abbas rejected a few weeks ago.

“My source also tells me that the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip will be given the option of being in a confederation either with Jordan or Egypt. Either way, negotiating a Gaza truce is part of the deal.

“This means that the PA will be done away with because its primary function is to wage war against Israel’s legitimacy.”

In 2018, it was reported  Trump offered Palestinian-Jordanian ‘confederation‘ 

“President Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, and special envoy Jason Greenblatt, recently (JAN 2018) asked Abbas if he would accept a final status agreement which included a confederation between the Kingdom of Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.”

No where in this article did it mention that Judea and Samaria was included.

In Nov 2018, I wrote Shaked touts ‘confederation’ of Jordan, Gaza, and parts of West Bank

“Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has proposed a “confederation” between parts of the West Bank, Jordan, and Gaza.

“Our plan is to apply Israeli sovereignty on Area C and give the Palestinians living there full citizenship. Areas A and B will be part of a confederation, together with Jordan and Gaza,”

“There’s a large Palestinian population in Jordan and the Palestinians already have a state in Gaza. In the distant future, a confederation of these three entities will be the right way forward”.

In May 2019, PA ‘ready to talk’ about confederation with Jordan

‘The PA’s Ambassador to Moscow, Abdel-Hafeez Nofal, said that the PA is “ready to talk about a “confederal union” with Jordan, Al-Resala newspaper reported yesterday.

But King Abdullah ended the discussion by saying, “There is no alternative to the two-state solution and the creation of an independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.”

But the idea of confederation never died. It was resuscitated by Saudi Arabia.

On June 8, 2022, Al Arabiya News published The Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine(Saudi Plan) calling for the merger of Jordan, Gaza and part of the ‘West Bank’ into one separate territorial entity.

“This proposed enlarged kingdom would include present-day Jordan, Gaza, and the West Bank (areas populated by Palestinians attached in a contiguous manner and physically connected to Jordan, i.e., not broken up into islands).”

That is a far cry from the Arab Peace Initiatve (API) of 2002 which called for a Palestinian state east of the pre-67 boundary subject to minor adjustments.

The Jordan Option differs from the Saudi Plan in that it requires the end of the Hashemite Monarchy and the birth of the Republic of Jordan.  The Jordan River would remain as the western border.  Jordan will not have sovereignty over any lands west of the River but will be in charge of the Palestinian Authority which has an administrative role in A, B and Gaza, maybe forever. As such it should be totally acceptable to a majority of Israelis. The Israeli Centre/Left wants separation from the Palestinians and the Right wants sovereignty over Area C. The Jordan Option satisfies both of these desires, yet it goes further than even this.

The Jordan Option includes offering incentives to Palestinians to emigrate to Jordan.  These incentives will include free housing, free education, free healthcare and social security in Jordan.

Jordan, under Mudar Zahran’s leadership will accept all Palestinian emigrants but is against the expulsion of Palestinians from Israel. So is Israel.

Zahran will also accept the extradition by Israel of all Palestinian criminals. This will enable Israel to empty its prisons of Palestinians. He intends to offer them restricted liberty rather than imprisonment in Jordan.

As part of this Plan, Israel will then extend its sovereignty over all of Area C.

If one million Palestinians emigrate from Judea and Samaria over time, Israel will be able to extend its sovereignty over Areas A and B. If another million emigrate from Gaza, Israel will be able to extend its sovereignty over Gaza too.

Zahran also intends to rewrite the textbooks of both Jordan and the PA to reflect the truthful Jewish narrative rather than the false Palestinian narrative and to promote peace and coexistence and rather than resistance.

Finally, under his leadership, Jordan will join the Abraham Accords.

Accordingly, the Jordan Option is a match made in heaven for both Jews and Palestinians.

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  1. The stronger Israel’s economic position in the world, the less it will need to fear the threat of sanctions and can apply sovereignty at will if it can overcome it’s internal disunity and judicial tyrrany. Netanyahu is responsible for Israel becoming a major economic, military, and diplomatic player on the world scene and that’s an important reason for supporting him.

  2. When Martin Sherman was 15 years old, Kahane laid out a detailed plan for compensated emigration in his 1981 book, “They must Go.” Though I suppose it’s politically suicidal to give credit where credis due.

  3. Irrespective of who resides there, at the moment, unless I am very much mistaken, I am not a lawyer, the only territory it could be argued in principle Israel has legally conceded is Gaza, though I can see how that could be debated as well. I think it would be a mistake to concede in principle any territory whatsoever under any circumstances. I agree with Reader, here.

  4. @READER-

    If you think you can judge or know anything about such a man as Netanyahu you are a fool. And although we’ve had many and many disagreements, I’ve never taken you for being stupid.

    You I and all of the average citizens and even many important Israeli officials have NO idea what he is really doing, not have any insight into his thoughts. Whatever his actions that you don’t like, you can’t question that he has kept Israel SAFE, SOUND, and at this time, the major power in the Middle East, still a Jewish Sovereign State, with an ever burgeoning economy and a huge balance of payments surplus.

    He has NEVER used his office to enrich himself, and is, for a major world political figure, relatively poor. (those cigars and champagne he could never afford for himself-they mostly go to distinguished visitors anyway)

    He serves as PM for a miserable yearly salary that any one of a hundred institutions would per quadruple per month, and bless themselves that they’d got him..

    (It’s a mark of a very clever leader, to say one thing , and do another, keeping everyone off balance. Other great statesmen have been the very same- it’s political tool. Doing \\”the other’ has bever left Israel at a disadvantage).

    You assessments of his actions are far too narrow and lacking real knowledge. This is not to say that I or others have any better info .

  5. @Edgar G.

    It is not my “distaste for Netanyahu”, it is my distaste for his actual 20-year record and his saying one thing and doing another.

    He did say that if he wins this time, it will not be his last elections.

    HE HAS TO GO (together with most of the Knesset, in my opinion).

  6. @Edgar
    Yes, I am only stating that it is a very interesting development that Bibi has made a public statement much in line with the JO concept of Administering the PA without security controls. I actually found this to be a very important statement by Bibi, and one which I did not expect to hear uttered from him so easily to be honest. It isn’t a signed commitment of course as you note, but I found his statement to be an encouraging one nonetheless, relative to the potential of the JO. As far as the Saudi plan, I am glad you re-read my statement. I am no advocate of the Saudi plan, and I believe that accepting the Saudi plan as is would not require an “Israeli De Gaulle with guts and vision” as Shihabi states, but rather an extremely naive Israeli Leftist clinging to some American guarantee of support. Much that is wrong with the Saudi plan stems from the involvement of the king-thief, but it doesn’t end there as you note, IMHO of course.

    don’t you think that there could be a period of chaos regarding “a successor

    If the public could effect an overthrow of the govt, it surely would have displaced Humpty Dumpty long ago. The public are held in check by the Army and the State Security Services, and the Army is held in check by the Military Intelligence, and all of them are under the rather significant influence of the CIA and American Military. Hence, the change in govt within Jordan will come with the support of these sources of power in Jordan, IMHO again.

    Recall Mudar’s words from Ted’s recent Seminar at which Mudar spoke:

    We are working with the Jordanian Army. We are working with the Jordanian Military Intelligence. We are working with the Jordanian Intelligence. We are working with at least six other intelligence agencies, including three local agencies in the middle east two from America from Arab countries, where
    Jordan will not fall into chaos and where I will be leading my people into a
    new world of peace and prosperity

    Consequently, I do believe that Mudar’s rise to power has every potential of being a clean break from the Hashemites, as no one will miss them, and they are today only held in place due to the great efforts of other sources of power and control within Jordan. The peaceful transfer will take place because the sources of power holding all of Abdullah’s pieces in place wish to see him and his pieces go. So, I do not foresee a period of chaos as is typical of most revolutions where the monarch is dragged kicking and screaming and his minions scramble as best they can to support him because his success represents their own survival. This is not the situation in Jordan. Jordan is controlled by others and it is due to their interests that this fake king has been maintained on his fake throne for as long as he has been sitting on it. The interests of these power brokers now lie elsewhere, ie with Mudar. Hence, when Humpty is evicted off his wall, I believe it may be noted with either a whimper or a celebration, but not a storm. Just my opinion of course.

  7. @TED-

    So you say, and I know you believe it.. But what makes you so sure, apart from Mudar’s (presumed) assertion.??
    He hasn’t, from my very limited knowledge of him, had any opportunity to show that he would be.???

  8. @PELONI-

    I re-read your post and although Netanyahu IS accepting the premiss of co-operation with Jordan, it is only to a limited degree. VERY limited.

    I believe that there are many more reservations on the PMs part than mentioned in his published comments on the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine. Yes, he may have said they can have this and they can have that. “and all I want is A Little Bit off the Top”-

    (sorry-an old very popular and long lasting 1890s Music Hall ditty we all used to sing in my childhood.)

    -Being a statesman and always holding his cards very close to his chest, It seems to ME, not even to be a barebones acceptance. Not even a Trump-like “Vision”.

    Also, there have been many reports of Humpty-Dumpty’s pending demise from a variety of sources, and because of a variety of potentially fatal ailments. There have been strong assertions that his many absences from Jordan are for medical treatments and procedures.

    But, assuming the kinglet cooperates, and completely reverses his lifelong anti-Israel activities, the population could very well revolt. Even, assuming they accept the change of “policy”, and he passes on, don’t you think that there could be a period of chaos regarding “a successor\’,, (perhaps even with Mudar inadvertently caught in it).

    I am speculation of course but, I don’t think, wildly.

  9. Mudar will do what he has to do to control the terrorist forces in both Jordan and in the Palestinian areas. He can be tough or even ruthless if the situation demands. He will sell this policy to Jordanians because of all the benefits they receive from cooperation.

  10. @PELONI-

    The Saudi “Plan” as it stands, will never be accepted by Israel. It’s a 2SS on steroids.

    In MY opinion (only, of course) even if the Jordan Option was enacted tomorrow, the inbred Jew Hate of the Jordanians and the YESHA Arabs would not be successfully handled by Mudar. The only way would be by Kaiser Bill’s old assertion of “The Mailed Fist”. Is he prepared to do this??

    I mean execution by hanging for captured Terrorists, after a MILITARY TRIBUNAL with NO appeals.. Israel HAS to do the same, this Tikkun Olom crap has to GO. Israel has to not only show its TEETH, but USE them.

    Israel’s many reverses in Biblical times, and the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, resulting in The Dispersion, shattered the once natural warrior spirit of the Jews. It “beat their swords into ploughshares”. The “Benevolent Society” outlook took over. The 2000 year persecution of the desperate minority communities, made it a way of life.

  11. @READER_

    I think you are quite wrong. Netanyahu is not talking about controlling the actions of another sovereign state. He is “”allowing their activity to a certain degree on Israeli territory. He is asserting Israel’s right to the Land of Israel from the River to the Sea, as declared at San Remo and all subsequent Conferences and declarations.

    If, as you say, Netanyahu would be PM “until the day” he dies, that would be a wonderful gift for Israel’s security and Middle East Premiership.

    Reader, see it as itactually is, not coloured by your ‘wish it to be”, because of your distaste for Netanyahu.

  12. @Reader

    the thing is that a state … cannot control what another sovereign state does,

    This is ridiculous. Jordan would be administering the PA. There army would be in Jordan, or it would be annihilated before their boots dried from their river crossing. Their air force would flying over Jordan or it would be permanently grounded just feet within Israeli airspace. Do you really believe that Jordan can not be controlled to keep their security forces in Jordan?

  13. @Edgar

    Very interesting development indeed.

    It is good that Bibi is accepting of the premise of working with Jordan to end both the political war and terrorist campaign waged against Israel, but the potential for success will be quite marginal so long as he is negotiating with the Kingdom of Jordan under Abdullah, and not the Republic of Jordan under Mudar, IMHO of course. Is it simple irony or something more purposeful that Bibi calls for the same arrangement with the king-thief Abduallah that Ted and Mudar have made part of the JO – Jordanian administration of the PA but no sovereignty? An interesting question to ponder.

    In any event, seeing that Bibi is willing to accept the Saudi plan of confederation with the king-thief to the extent described in the JO, it seems reasonable to presume he would be amenable to do the same with Mudar once he replaces the king-thief Abduallah.

    The key problem with this amended form of the Saudi plan is that it will not succeed because, like the TSS, it is still based on a poor foundation. The Saudi plan requires the king-thief Abdullah to play peace partner with Israel. The same Abdullah who regularly stirs trouble at Al Aqsua mosque? The same Abdullah who is working with Iran? The same Abdullah who condemned Israel during the war of Riots and Rockets? Yes, that same Abdullah. What is it about peace partners that they must be sought from brigands who do not really want peace? The Hashemites are terrified of the ‘Palastinians’ which is why they broke international law and withdrew their Jordanian citizenship and pulled their passports. Yet we are to believe that Abdullah will acquiesce to the Saudi plan and reverse this policy? I do not believe this is reasonably likely. For that same reason, Abdullah will come to change nothing in Jordan to draw the Arabs from the PA to Jordan. While the Saudi plan without sovereignty over the PA and Gaza is a better route than the TSS, and does not cede further territory to the Arabs, it will not resolve the problem which splits the Israeli Right and Left, nor remedy or remove the Arabs from the PA or Gaza, not as I see things, in any event. Consequently, the Saudi plan will not succeed in any of the designs that provide a promising potential about the JO. It is, however, a good setup from which Mudar might move forward with the JO after evicting the king-thief.

  14. @Edgar G.

    That quote means that Netanyahu is all for it, the thing is that a state (especially the state like Israel) cannot control what another sovereign state does, and Netanyahu knows it.

    This is another election speech designed to put the voters to sleep and show how “tough” Netanyahu is “If you trust me, everything is going to be just fine!”

    And then he’ll cave in when nobody is looking.

    If this comes to pass, especially if Netanyahu is at the helm (and he plans to stay there until he dies), it is going to be a major disaster.

  15. @TED-

    I had another look earlier. It’s an op-Ed by David Singer, It doesn’t mention “pockets” It’s the first Netanyahu comment on the Ali Shihabi )lan.

    “They can have their Parliament Reps, their executives, their flag, their: (paraphrased), “national athem”, etc, but Security West of The Jordan River is “Not Negotiable”. Israel alone controld security, airspace, ground security, underground security, etc. “we’re not going to commit suicide for a favourable op-ed in the New York Times.” (verbatim)

    It’s on the front page on Arutz Sheva today. You likely saw it but it was different from my hurried scan.

  16. @PELONI-

    I earlier got a quick glimpse of Netanyahu’s comments on the Saudi Plan.
    i believe he said that they can administer the Arab “pockets’, but all security for the whole of Israel from the River to the Sea is for Israel alone . This is NOT negotiable.

    My impression was also that No land would be ceded. I could be wrong , it was a very hurried scan over.

  17. The growing idea of a an Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian Confederation is beginning to materialize as the political touch stone of a future Middle East Peace Accord. This idea has become a focal talking point in Amman, Washington and Palestinian centers. The objective: to bring about the dawn of a new state that could live and prosper alongside Israel, without making endless claims or continuing to play the role of victim. To achieve this end, it is imperative that Israel’s leaders take the steering wheel and start pressing the accelerator.

    According to US and Jordanian sources au fait with these ideas, the current goal for the next stage of Israel-Palestinian negotiations in the coming months would be a long-term interim accord. It would leave the core disputes on permanent borders, Jerusalem, the Palestinian refugees and the future of Israel’s settlements in Judea and Samaria to a later round of negotiations at some unspecified time in the future.Netanyahu could also express the desire to see an Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian confederation, which would encompass the historical area of Palestine. In early December, the Palestinian Authority’s Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) secretly advised certain Palestinian leaders “to be prepared for a new confederation project with Jordan and other parties in the international community.
    Such a setup may have room for a reformed and political Hamas which too would be saved from having to recognize the state of Israel. A reformed Iran and Hamas could also play an active part of the New Israeli – Palestinian -Jordanian Confederation, if they renounce International Terrorism,and agree on other diplomatic measures.

    For the first time in their decade-long rocket offensive against their Israeli neighbors, the Gaza Strip’s Hamas rulers are scrupulously upholding the ceasefire deal they struck with Israel.
    The establishment of an Israeli – Palestinian-Jordanian confederation would sidestep the difficulties of reciprocal recognition – a Palestinian state by Israel and Israel by the Palestinians as the national state of the Jewish people. Jordan has recognized Israel and the two nations maintain full diplomatic relations. The confederation’s ruling body as such would be able to recognize Israel without requiring a public Palestinian declaration of acceptance. Equally, Israel would be saved from having to formally accept Palestinian statehood and could simply greet the new joint entity and extend an assurance of cooperation that in practice would be implemented through Jordan or any Muslim Arab element taking part in the move.

    Israel should state its intention to turn over to the future Palestinian state significant parts of the territories, but with modifications that should benefit both parties, in terms of population and security concerns. He should commit to providing technological support to the new state in the areas of agriculture, electricity, water, health care and tourism.

    The Palestinian state should be demilitarized, as was, for example, Costa Rica. Additionally, until a fraternal atmosphere is consolidated, the borders should be monitored by friendly countries and by Israel itself. There are proposals to divide the approximately 300,000 settlers into three groups (an idea originally raised by A.B. Yehoshua ), on the basis of a formula to be negotiated. The first group would move to various places within Israel. The second would remain in the new state – after all, if Israel’s population is one-fifth Arab, then why can Palestine not incorporate 100,000 Jews? The third group, together with the areas where they live, should be annexed to Israel.

    Peace should constitute a new era for the refugees of the 1948-49 war. The camps should be dismantled, and their residents transferred to areas within the new state. The rich Arab countries that pour fortunes into Pharaonic projects, should commit themselves to create farms, factories and homes for these people: This would be the best “fertilizer” for the Palestinian state.

    US and Arab sources disclose that Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and Saudi King have deeply committed themselves to the historic step

    These are not the only initiatives required, but they can lead to others. This is the basis of an Authentic Plan which will bring about a fair and just Middle East Peace Accord for all parties.This Conceptual idea which will end disputes about borders and hopefully Jerusalem and protect Israel and Jordan from Radical Islamists. This Authentic Plan gives the Confederation International legitimacy. Israeli settlers can live in Palestine as Arabs live in Israel. It will protect both Jordan and Israel from the attacks of Radical Islamists in Syria and stabilize the Region. In the future other states can join the confederation including Egypt; something like EU but from the Mediterranean Sea Region The Confederation Plan would create a Mediterranean club similar to the EU. Such a Confederation will get Israel integrated into the Middle East and end Israeli diplomatic isolation. A reformed and political Hamas coould be welcomed to the Confederation if they accepted the existence of Israel. Also Iran would not have any excuse to attack the Confederation as Muslims, Jews and Christians live together in Peace , Tolerance and Accord. Look at it in a new context where hostility cease and no more threats. It also gives Israel more strategic depth because any attack on Jordan will be an attack on Israel.
    Perhaps a Formula can be developed for an International Component to Jerusalem, to solve competing diplomatic disputes on its Sovereignty. We need creative ideas and creative solutions to make a New Middle East Peace Accord work . There will have to be painful concessions on both Jewish and Arab sides to make this Formula work. The ugly alternative is an existential War somewhere down the line, that must not be allowed to happen by the Grace of God.

    Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

    Follow Peter on Twitter @pjpaton

    Contact Peter at

  18. @Reader
    .You ignore all the differences and say there are no differences. Please read the article more carefully and keep an open mind. Mudar will deliver on his promises, but you ignore this possibility..

  19. I don’t see any difference between the TSS and the Jordan Option/Confederation except for the title.

    In both cases Israel would have to be cut in half at the waist by an Arab highway or tunnel (a great opportunity for terrorist activity and just about lethal in a case of war), Jordan and Gaza will remain Judenrein while Israel will get to keep several million of its “Arab citizens”, there will be, without any doubt, an expulsion of a couple of hundred thousand Jews from Judea and Samaria “to remove the Swiss cheese effect” on the Arab side which may spell the end of the Jewish state.

    And why in the world Bethlehem and Jericho should be ceded to Jordan?

    I was really disappointed with Shaked, especially after she said that in order to fill Israel’s job vacancies they should ship in Moroccans(?!) and Arabs, and now this.

    And who is going to pay for all these free gifts for the Arabs who will allegedly move to Jordan?


  20. The possibilities provided by the Jordan Option allows for an enormous potential on many fronts. It has the ability to satisfy the desires of both the Left and the Right within Israel, thus providing for an end to the period of Israeli interregnum.

    It also provides for the replacement of the repressive regimes in Jordan, the PA and Gaza, allowing the Arabs in these respective areas a greater authority in their own lives.

    Furthermore, the Jordan Option provides a path for peace which will be established by making fundamental changes in Jordan and providing incentives to the Arabs within the PA and Gaza to emigrate to Jordan, allowing the Arabs of the PA and Gaza the authority to actually choose to accept or refuse this path.

    The interdependence of Jordanian and Israeli economies which will result from the success of the Jordan Option will also provide a framework of support for the peace, something which has never been developed between these two nations despite an existing peace treaty having been signed some 30yrs ago.

    Additionally, the Jordan Option provides the Arabs in the PA, Gaza and Jordan with a route towards an honest education, personal independence, and a hopeful future – none of which any of them can currently boast of having.

    No other formula or plan has the potential of simultaneously achieving so much.