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  1. A major change in the stock market dynamics that has historically supported major players on Wall Street has just been adopted and takes effect tomorrow. This rule change would require a short-seller to cover their bets by the next day and thus eliminates their ability to make multiple bids simultaneously that they can not cover. This is a very significant reform that has been advocated by Byrne and others for many years – didn’t expect to see this in my lifetime.

    From Patrick Byrne’s acct.

    Back in my fight with Wall Street 15 years ago I argued for reducing or eliminating the “option market maker exception” to the rules on short sellin, that exception being known colloquially as “the Madoff Rule“ or “the Madoff exception“ (because, no kidding, when Bernie was chairman of the NASD he had argued for it). Finally, it just happened. It just got throttled.

    Subject: NSCC Clamps Down on Market Makers’ Power to Short Sell

    NSCC Clamps Down on Market Makers’ Power to Short Sell
    The last time the Tokenist covered the AMC saga, short sellers lost nearly $1 billion in a week. In the meantime, regulatory bodies have been preparing for the AMC/GME short squeeze fallout, bringing in new rules that would soften the blow to Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) clearing members. This time, a new important rule put forward by NSCC, one of DTCC’s five clearing corporations, may be the one to mark the wind-down of the short squeeze saga.

    The proposal, identified as SR-NSCC-2021-002, was submitted by the National Securities Clearing Corp (NSCC) on March 5, but it will take immediate effect tomorrow, on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. The rule tweaks Supplemental Liquidity Deposit (SLD) requirements. As you may recall from previous coverage, the mission of clearing members, numbering at 4,000, is to provide liquidity into the stock market so that trades can be settled in due time and without market disruptions.

    SLD changes are devised to tighten loose ends significantly:

    Drastic time-frame reduction for calculating and collecting deposits – from one month to daily or even hourly requirement verification.
    Each member will be scrutinized based on daily activity, instead of historic settlement activity.

    Granular, intraday scrutiny of SLD calculation and collection.
    These calculations are conducted automatically by powerful computers and algorithms. After all, the Paperwork Crisis in the 1960s clearly demonstrated what happens when trading volume outpaces human capacity. Therefore, the new SLD rule shores up the ability for DTCC/NSCC to complete settlements on time and prevent liquidity crisis surprises.

    In other words, heavily exposed market makers like Citadel Securities would have to cover their short-selling bets within a day, less they risk defaulting and have their assets frozen as outlined in the NSCC framework.

    “If, after closing out and liquidating a defaulting Member’s positions, NSCC were to suffer a loss, that loss would first be satisfied by the amounts on deposit to the Clearing Fund and Eligible Clearing Fund Securities pledged from the defaulting Member”

    Of course, the NSCC also has the authority to close any open positions of a defaulting member. Rule #2 stands out in particular as it invokes Citadel’s impressive list of FINRA violations. The Tokenist covered Citadel Securities extensively, both in terms of its history of market manipulation and its acutely conflicted ties to Robinhood brokerage, providing it with 43% of revenue for Q1 2021 via controversial payment for order flow (PFOF) business model.

    With the new rule about to go live, the ability of market makers like Citadel to exert such market force will be greatly reduced due to their liquidity reduction – daily down payment collection will tie up their available capital. In turn, this translates to the reduction of open positions they can take, given all their other exposed short positions.

  2. DAMN provocateurs:

    Live UpdateFrom the Liveblog of Tuesday, June 15, 2021
    Flag parade marchers sing ‘death to Arabs’
    Today, 7:57 pm

    Participants in the Jerusalem flag parade are filmed singing and chanting a series of anti-Arab slogans including “Death to Arabs” and “Burn down your village.”

    Police estimate some 5,000 people are taking part in the march.

    [2,000 police had to be employed to protect these idiots!]

  3. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard.

    Patrick Byrne: “I promise, I did not commit suicide. I don’t care if they find me with a video of me committing suicide, it’s not real.”

    CDC: People With Dirt On Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk Of Suicide

    ATLANTA, GA – According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control released on Thursday, people with inside, compromising knowledge of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s financial and political dealings are 843% more likely to commit suicide.

    “We’ve never seen a single risk factor cause a spike of this magnitude,” a CDC spokesperson told reporters. “Interestingly, in spite of their increased suicide risk, people with dirt on the Clintons rarely show any warning signs of suicide, and they never leave a suicide note.”

    Remarking about how abnormal it is, the spokesman again stressed the significance of the data.

    “Therefore, we advise any American with detrimental information about Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, or the Clinton Foundation to forget about it as quickly as possible to avoid a greatly increased probability of taking your own life,” he cautioned.

    “And—I swear—that’s all we know.”


  4. @Edgar
    Yes, Edgar, it seems you have placed it into a much shorter summary with great effect without the loss of understanding the basics – I really am unskilled at short writings. But in reading your response, I do recollect another complicating consequence to the need for an early administration of heparin. I will try to keep it brief and if I am unclear tell me and I can more fully explain.

    The body has a natural process by which the lungs fill with air and the blood flows in the vessels. But when the machines are the only stimulus for the breathing and circulation in the body, it does so thru unnatural means. This unnatural process has consequences. Let me put it a different way, these two processes use alternate means to generate circulation and respiration.

    These alternate means can lead to unnatural blood flows that make some vessels tighter than to which the body is accustomed. So, in addition to the temperature we spoke of earlier, these altered blood flows will also lead to an elevation in blood clot formation which would call for an urgent use of a blood thinner. I could explain it better, and I would be happy to do so, but I think the real explanation is more info than you are desiring. If I am wrong, let me know.

    The thing about people living without oxygen for prolong periods is fascinating. I actually have a close friend who nearly died after being knocked unconscious in a pool for 25 min. while emergency crews dragged him out of a swimming pool. I have always wondered, but could never bring myself to ask, why the family members who called for an ambulance left him in there for so long without dragging him out, but that is just a thought I have never shared with him.

    He had always had one of the quickest minds and most sarcastic natures I have ever known. And he still does today, years after the pool situation, only he now he is terrified of the water, understandably. A rational explanation for such things is unknown. Excessive adrenaline in the blood due to stress or excitement can answer to some degree, reduced metabolism due to colder body temperatures(just slightly not like in cryonics), or of being unconscious could answers part of it.

    But that is all much use of an imaginative story telling to explain something for which we just don’t have an explanation. Much of what happens in medicine falls back to the 85-10-5 rule, some know it as the 80-10-10 rule, but I think 85-10-5 is closer to the truth. In 85% of the cases, no matter what you do, things will resolve for better or worse regardless of your efforts or input. Then there is the 10% of the cases, where what you do will make things worse, though unintentionally, and hopefully you will catch it before things get too out of hand.

    And then there is the 5% of the cases where what you do saves lives and really makes a difference and I should note that driving this 5% higher is what makes many clinicians obsessive in their studies and their instructors relentless in the education process. But as to the situation in the person unconscious for a lengthy time, they are part of the 85%. G_d smiled on them and leaves less humble men to take the credit or give clever explanations when the truth is well above their knowledge or ability.

  5. PELONI_Thank you very much. You NEVER need to make any apology to me, no matter what.

    Althugh you “simplified” your very detailed (to me) layout., I think I have the bare bones as follows.The fact of almost immediate onset of the tissue deterioration, limits and interferes with blood flow from a CPR machine, which mechanical operation makes the flow erratic to some degree. The need for rapid cooling would naturally clot the blood faster, and in a way this works against the thinning effects of the Heparin. . (There is much more of course, but I really have to think it through)

    Another point, that, say in swimming pool or underwater accidents there have been well publicised cases, where, people have been without life for an hour or more, clinically dead. Yet, with dedicated CPR they have been revived reportedly undamaged, and apparently fully compos mentis. This should not happen because of the deterioration which sets in after heart and brain functions cease.That is hows I have always understood it.

    As you say, a very complicated process, of checks and balances, which proceed on death, resulting in a degrading process, changing and altering as the process continues. I think I understand the “whirlpool effect”, that you mention.

    If I am misunderstanding, please forgive me, I am responding right after reading your posts, and may likely not have difested what I think I have.

    I’ve also read somewhere, that if Heparin is not inserted in the time allotted., it does not invalidate the cryonics preservation procedure. I suppose they are expecting that future science will handle it as part of the whole revival process.

    And thank you indeed one again.

  6. (2 of 2)
    So the protective aspect to the brain and the anticoagulation activity in the blood could each support the answer to the use of heparin. The timing, likely can not be extended due to the temperature effect of the clotting cascade. As I said earlier, the body must be cooled to offset the deleterious effects of the tissues following death. But the cooling increases clot formation.

    The shot would need to be administered as early as possible. Clots form in the body and resolve continuously. There exists an equilibrium based on the beautiful mechanism that I alluded to earlier. If you have more interest, I can expand on this mechanism as it is quite an elaborate thing with checks and balances at every level. So the equilibrium will be pushed towards the increase in clotting formation due to the presence of cooler temperatures and slower bloodflows.

    Now the bloodflows can be elevated as the mechanical devices are pre-set, but there are eddies that can form from eradic blood flows due to the temperatures. These eddies are like small whirlpools that are created when passing thru a valve(in the veins) or when turning sharp corners. The eddies will change with the dropping temperature and I believe the lower temperature will create increased number of eddies.

    The eddies cause the blood to stop moving forward and rather, just spins in place. The delicate granules on the platelets can de-granulate due to stasis – lack of forward flow – or erratic flows – such as when they are caught in an eddy. For all things related to the body and medicine in general, I find it is important to recognize that at every level, most things exist in a state of homeostasis – a natural balance, as do blood clots with their formation being constantly formed and dissolved throughout the body.

    It is an equilibrium that can be pushed one way or the other with the use of drugs, like heparin, to achieve a desired benefit. Should the body be left in what is called a pro-coagulative state, where clots form more readily than the natural balance, the clots can have a cascading effect – think of many socks being placed on the drain of a sink, the sink will soon fill and overflow from such a reduced drain. Now consider if this occurred in the brain which is the only organ cryogenics will not be able to replace in the future with artificial muscles or the like.

    You can appreciate the reasons for the 20-30 min. max and I would say 20-30 is a quite long period to trust you can reverse any resulting imbalance in the natural balance I reference here. So, this is probably more than you were looking for in your question.

    The detailed explanation required to answer your question leaves me not surprised at all that the Cryonics group didn’t explain the why of their stated answer ‘no’, as most doctors/clinicians would prefer to not explain the mechanisms required by such an explanation. I am, however, surprised they answered you at all. Let me know if something I wrote is not clear. It is all quite technical, and I try to keep it in general terms, but I do slip-up on such things often.

  7. (1 of 2)
    Edgar, I did see your request for a physician or member of the medical community, but as I had left the field many years ago I was expecting some other member of our group here to answer your request. I had intended to respond myself should no one do so in the day following your request, but the deep concerns surrounding the election has been much on my mind of late, as well as the audits in the US. So it was not my intention to ignore you, and I do apologize for not responding sooner.

    The science of cryonics is a specialized area of medicine that i hold no specific knowledge. That being said, i am aware that the process includes freezing the body as fast as possible to very, very low temperatures to halt the death process. It was my understanding, again I am no expert on this topic, but I thought the use of nitrogen was preferred to accomplish the quick cooling.

    When a person dies, the body goes thru 5 separate stages of death. For cryonics to be successful, it is imperative that the body be frozen as quickly as possible to halt these stages from proceeding. The quick freezing process can be helpful to prevent a number of situations including the degradation of tissues from the lack of oxygen supply associated with a halt in the body’s circulation.

    Also, the body needs less oxygen when cooled due to reduced metabolism, and so the lack of oxygen is likely to be less damaging with lower temperatures. But also the body has many bacteria throughout the skin’s surface and gastrointestinal tract, i.e. the gut. These bugs provide a significant defensive support(sort of) during life by keeping more malicious bacteria from accessing the body due to the presence of the normal bacteria being present.

    But upon death, well think of the marauding barbarians sensing the decay in Rome. So all of these thing would need the cooling to be accomplished very quickly to prevent serious damage over just a few minutes time.

    Heparin is a blood thinner. It is used in the collection of blood for certain tests and can be used pharmaceutically for certain disease states. I suspect that the purpose in cryonics is to keep the blood from entering into a coagulated state, i.e forming blood clots. The blood has small fragmentary structures that float in the blood called platelets.

    The platelets are very important in the formation of blood clots as they carry granules containing chemicals that will, when stimulated, support the formation of clots. As with all the body’s many systems, the clotting cascade has a series of mechanisms to maintain a limited amount of blood clots being formed, while still being able to respond to tissue or vessel injuries within an appropriate degree.

    Among the things that stimulates the formation of clots is the slowing of blood, exposure to tissues below the blood vessels, lower temperatures among other factors. Heparin helps keep the clotting process from occurring. But heparin is also very useful in the early, the sooner the better, treatment of stroke victims, with its benefits dependent upon the type of stroke and the timing of the treatment.

  8. PELONI- Last week I posted a query askng if any members were physicians, and got no response. But a day or so ago you mentioned that you were/had been a physician. Or so I understood.

    I have come across a point, in an article on Cryonics, in
    which subject, I am interested, which seemed to need expansion.

    AS I understood it, their procedure, after death, is to use a CPR Machine-or maybe just manual compression- to keep the lungs processing oxygen, and circulating the oxtgen laden blood cells around the body, particularly the brain. Then inject a drug called Heparin, which is supposed to thin the blood, and MUST be done within 20-30 mins. of death, or it is no use.

    It occured to me that since the purpose of the lungs action and blood circulation could be continued indefinitely by a CPR machine, that the 20-30 min, time limit could be expanded somewhat without any problem, especially if the really important part of their procedure, the rapid head/brain cooling, was done concurrently by their method which is just “ice blocks and cold water. “.

    I actually emailed a Cryonics Co. and asked. They just said NO, but would not explain why not.

    So I ask your opinion.

  9. China has PPI reporting at 9%! This is the highest level since 2008 just before Lehman Bros. went broke.

  10. Ted, just posted something and did not take. I had made an edit and it did not show up. Something in your software changes is NOT working.

  11. @ Reader:
    I don’t believe that the Arabs want a “Palestinian State”. They could have had one long ago, and several times over. I believe-and I’ve posted it here more than once- that if they were given a state G-D Forbid, they would have to run it as a State. Their anti-Israel activities would have to be stopped, or they would face War. Their world wide “perks” would stop, and far more oversight would be exerted by the givers to see actually where the money ended up.

    They would be completely responsible for their own actions. It would crumble into a dozen different warring factions within a year or less.

    Israel would still be in control of their ingress and exits, except through unstable Jordan, another sham entity…………!!!

    Skimming 20-40% would have to cease.. etc.

  12. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    just shoot

    Imagine how the US police would respond if “heisjustachild” threw a rock in a policeman’s face.

    I believe these riots are a provocation for the establishment (God forbid) of a “Palestinian” state in Judea and Samaria this year (with “the Arab-Israeli citizens”, i.e., the 5th column, of course remaining within Israel, as is their right ’cause they are “indigenous”).

    US National Security Advisor: US ‘seriously concerned’ about Jerusalem violence

    Security Council to discuss Jerusalem violence
    The United Nations Security Council will hold a session on Monday to discuss the violence in eastern Jerusalem.

    The session will be held after it was requested by nearly two-thirds of the 15-member council.

  13. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    That “example” is priceless…But more seriousy, the actual quote was in my opinion merey a metaphoroc example by the prophet to depict a Period of Peace, which Israel had never really experienced, and which he knew, beciae of the surrounding nations and previous history, would be an impossibility. Similarly with the swords and ploughdharss…the swords were needed always as much, and even more than that ploughshares.

    Just imagine, in these short few words I may have really got to the TRUE meaning of the Moshiach stuff….like walking along the beach and stubbing your toe on a 4000 year old shard telling all about Abraham’s trip to Canaan……well not quite, but BIG..

    Therefore his “prophesy” was a “tongue-in-cheek” throw away. The more I ponder on it (maybe 10-15 secs) the more I believe it to be true, But because over time, the pressures got worse and the REAL intention and meaning of the Prophet was lost-as so many obscure torah comments have been, that it became, an article of faith so to speak.

    Especially when the Chashmonaim emerged from nowhere, and claimed both the Kingship and High Priesthood in the same family, which was totally going against accepted Torah and little better than blasphemy.

    Israel, although there was a kind of, sort of, period of lesser outside pressures, but more interior pressures (from the Pharisees and Zadokites), Never again had the opportunity to become that oasis of Peace. In less than 100 years, mostly of lesser wars, the Romans were invited in and that was , the Bar Yonim proliferated, and that was THAT….!!

  14. @Edgar G: This comment from the thread of “The HIstorical Jesus” article got stuck in moderation so I am reposting it here.

    Edgar G. Said:

    “…why lions were not lying down with lambs…”

    Edgar, you reminded me of this recent hilarious example of life imitating art, albeit coincidentally, in this case – most people think it’s always the other way around. First, there’s the classic joke:

    The Lion and the Lamb
    A group of interfaith religious leaders were getting a tour around the Jerusalem Zoo by its administrator, Shmuel Shapira. Shmuel showed them one cage where a lion was lying together with a young lamb.

    The head of the delegation was amazed. “For 2000 years, we’ve prayed for signs of the messianic era and the prophesy that the lion will lie down next to the lamb. How did you do it?”

    “It was quite easy,” Shmuel replied, “All it needs is a new lamb a day!”

    and then there’s life – from this year!

    Jerusalem zoo tries damage control after kids see lion eat bunny
    Wildlife park explains big cats are usually fed dead animals behind closed doors but in this case, the lion dragged its food out into public view in front of visiting families
    22 March 2021, 2:48 pm 2

    I wonder if anybody has ever thought to use as proof of the existence of the deity, the sheer abundance of coincidental humor in the frequent, apparently random juxtaposition of phenomena. Unless Google has gotten more sophisticated than i thought.

  15. “Netanyahu-Ben Gvir Deal: Evacuate Sheikh Jarrah in Return for Massive Police Presence”

    “”Ben Gvir described to the Prime Minister’s representatives the situation in the neighborhood, the attacks by Arab rioters on women and children throughout the past week, and the helplessness of the police.”

    Damn, they should just shoot all the Arab rioters, no mess no fuss. So frustrating.

  16. @ Reader:
    I think the hospitals are paid money for COVID deaths,not the doctors. It’s the same thing, just a technical correction.

  17. @ Michael S:
    I am starting to think that the humankind is stuck in a time loop.

    There is no evolution (except for the technological), it’s just that the dummies in power in their unending attempts at “controlling the mob” finally destroy life on earth, and whoever is left goes back to the caves and comes up with various myths about how everything started or got ruined or whatever, and the cycle starts all over again.

    Then some a$$holes get into power and start wars, conflicts, etc. because they want more and more of everything, and finally – guess what?

    They press the wrong button, and everything goes to hell.

    You know that idea that the world is run by evil geniuses?

    Well, whoever they are, they are TRUE IMBECILS!

  18. “You cannot go to the grocery store and by groceries if you are not vaccinated”.

    Let me put it another way:

    “[15] And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
    [16] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    [17] And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    Vaccination today, vaccine passport tomorrow…”

    I think it’s pretty clear, what the “mark of the beast” is.


    She claims that:
    1) Israel finalized the deal with Pfizer 2 years ago.

    2) The info on the vaccinations must remain secret for 30 years.

    3) Israeli doctors are paid 20,000 shekels for each COVID diagnosis (similar to the US)

  20. In biggest-yet Israel-UAE deal, Delek to sell stake in Tamar gas field for $1.1b
    Israeli energy company signs memorandum of understanding with Mubadala Petroleum, owned by Abu Dhabi government
    By Stuart Winer 26 April 2021, 12:19 pm 1
    The Tamar offshore natural gas platform. (Delek Drilling)

    Israeli energy giant Delek Drilling announced Monday that it had signed a memorandum of understanding to sell its entire stake in Israel’s Tamar offshore gas field to the Abu Dhabi government-owned Mubadala Petroleum, potentially handing the United Arab Emirates a major share in one of the Jewish state’s key strategic and economic assets less than a year after the countries established diplomatic ties.

    The deal for the 22 percent stake is worth $1 billion, with an additional $100 million conditioned on certain terms and goals being met, according to a notification about the agreement sent by Delek Drilling to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Israel Securities Authority. The companies said they aim to finalize the deal by May 31.


  21. Israel restricts Gaza fishing zone in response to Palestinian rockets
    The fishing zone will be restricted from 15 to 9 nautical miles until further notice.
    By UDI SHAHAM APRIL 26, 2021 05:10

    I’m sure Hamas is shaking in their boots. Ganz is Defence Minister, at the moment, right? One scary dude. Now, if I were a terrorist leader, and I had to go without Tilapia on Tuesdays, I’d think twice about continuing my terror war, wouldn’t you? Especially, with elections coming up and all. Tactical genius is what it is.

  22. Somebody named, “BanzaiIII” just responded to my Jerusalem Post comment, on yesterday’s article about the Armenian genocide, in which I mentioned that Trump had defeated ISIS, “Trump said Obama and Hillary founded ISIS. Trump 2024.” Mr. BanzaiIII had the sun from the Japanese flag next to his name. So, I humorously responded, “Banzai!!! (LOL)” {which means, laugh out loud. the current way of saying, ha ha ha or in Facebook, a laughing icon. Banzai, I don’t have to explain to this crowd (lol).} [which reminds me of what I thought was wrong with Bill Murray’s remake of “The Razor’s Edge” based on Somerset Maugham’s novel. The original from the 30s, only had to explain Indian mysticism to the audience but the remake had to explain WWI!

  23. I didn’t know this and it’s the best answer to American Jews who say defending Israel is not high on their list of priorities. “Israel’s Penal Law of 1977 contains a provision to extend Israeli criminal justice, under certain circumstances, to offenses committed abroad. This includes antisemitic attacks against “the life, body, health, freedom or property of a Jew, as a Jew, or the property of a Jewish institution, because it is such.”’

    Lawyers representing relatives of Sarah Halimi — the French Jewish woman brutally murdered in her Paris apartment by an antisemitic intruder in April 2017 — say they are launching an effort to have her accused murderer extradited to Israel to face trial, following the decision of France’s highest appeal court on April 14 to excuse him from legal proceedings on the alleged grounds that his consumption of marijuana had rendered him temporarily insane.

    The decision meant that Halimi’s killer — Kobili Traore, a 31-year-old petty criminal who frequented an Islamist mosque near the Paris housing project where he and Halimi both lived — would never have to face trial in France, causing a furious reaction among French Jews.

  24. The four things I like least about videos and podcasts is that it is hard to check anything they say, as there are no corroborating citations, they often cite anonymous sources, and I read faster than that so I get impatient for them to get through it even when they don’t ramble, which they usually do.

  25. Ted, I just posted two items under Caroline Glick’s article. They must be in some sort of Purgatory. Meanwhile, Three Cheers for the Aussies!

    “China warned Thursday “serious consequences” await Australia after it tore up a Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) agreement between the two countries, cautioning “serious harm” to relations remain possible along with unspecified economic coercion against a country that refuses to be bullied.

    “Canberra pulled the deal late Wednesday, as Breitbart News reported, in a move destined to provoke Beijing but justified by the conservative coalition government as necessary to prevent Australia hosting a giant infrastructure scheme “used for propaganda.”

    “China is Australia’s biggest trading partner, but Australian leaders have previously shown no hesitation in standing up to Chinese political and economic influence, evidenced by Australia’s decision to ban Huawei from any participation in a national 5G network.

    “Prime Minister Scott Morrison also led the global call 12 months ago for an independent international inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus, an action which was condemned by the Chinese Communist Party…”