How can a Woke West defeat radical Islam?

T. Belman.  I don’t think the vast majority of Westerners believe in woke values or principles. So, many governments including the US and Canada, impose these values on their citizens, whether they like them or not and fire you or imprison you or fine you if you object.  Their obsessive embrace of wokeness has made them totoliterian rather than democratic.

The answer is that it can’t. It is too obsessed with non-existent gender equity to even try. 


The Welfare State, the great pride of Western civilization, the latest achievement of democracy of a civilized, democratic and well-fed West, has ended. The Toronto Sun reports that Canadian government websites no longer talk about “women”, but about “menstruating employees.”

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier thunders against Trudeau’s “gender-obsessed” government which is waging a systematic attack on masculinity and turning men “into non-binary, trans, gender-fluid, weak and effeminate sissies.”

They can’t really believe themselves. Instead, it’s another sign of what I called a “cultural apocalypse”. The West is seduced by it, attracted, we build it, we long for it, we are its disciples.

It would be easy to dismiss the story. But Canada has become a great theme park for woke ideology.

With the Menstrual Equity for All Act (2021), California placed tampon machines in men’s bathrooms. Now in Canada, they are installed in all bathrooms of public buildings, including Parliament. The English Lib Dems have just decided that “it is not a matter for biological women only”.

Women become men, then “pregnant men.” Abracadabra!. In recent weeks, a kit on “men menstruate too” has arrived in English schools and pads are now also found in the restrooms of the Welsh Parliament and in British government departments.

In Western universities it is called “equity”. A Finnish company has produced a “tampon for men only”. You can find them at the University of Sydney, and also at the University of Stuttgart, in Germany, where once taught Robert Spaemann, a great thinker who was a long-time research and study companion of Pope Ratzinger.

A atrange West, where the word “fisherman” is now offensive. Writer Patricia Cornwell revealed that she is using the word “fisherfolk” instead of “fisherman” to avoid offending her readers. The queen of crime thrillers reveals to the Telegraph that she is constantly grappling with the question of what words are considered acceptable or not.

We make a lot of noise about this and other similar stories because our Western moment is so damned stupid.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, in the last few hours the Taliban have launched the first crackdown on women who do not wear the Islamic veil correctly. And then I thought about the head of the British Armed Forces, Nick Carter, who in the days of the escape from Kabul (already forgotten by the entire Western establishment) said that we should not call the Taliban “enemies”.

The lion is dead, replaced by a fluid rabbit. So, after we handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban two years ago, I wrote: “America returns to the serious stuff, transgender bathrooms.” Maybe this is how we will win: by throwing Woke and transgender leaflets from the sky at Hamas, the ayatollahs, ISIS and the Taliban.

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  1. Patricia Cornwell has, probably on purpose, made thing worse. There is a word in English – fisher – wich is quite adequate for the purpose and completely gender free.