Who is Mudar Zahran and why is he important?

By Ted Belman

Mudar Zahran is destined to become the leader of Jordan, in place of King Abdullah in the very near future. As such, he will also replace Mahmoud Abbas as the leader of the Palestinians.

Why am I so sure?

Recently JaFaJ published  a very important Intelligence Report, Israel’s New Strategy of Bringing Peace: Targeted Killing. It includes much more than the title suggests:

An American intelligence source informed JaFaJ: “The Israelis are preparing for what’s coming, the tide is high, and changes shall not spare Jordan, Lebanon or the West Bank and may go as far as Iran.”

  1. JaFaJ intelligence sources have confirmed that Israel’s latest attacks were the “launch of a new strategy of pre-emptive strikes”. The source continued by saying that they have “been promoted by changes expected in the foreseen future”. A senior Israeli source explained to JaFaJ, “Our region is rapidly changing, and we see four potential changes as our most alarming challenges. They are:
  2. another confrontation with Hezbollah in Lebanon;
  3. a strike made on Iran by either us or the Americans which will send shocks across the regions;
  4. a regime change in Jordan; and/or
  5. a regime change in the [Palestinian] territories”.
  6. The source added, “We have confirmed that all four challenges might happen in the foreseen future, and we have to prepare and leave zero margins for luck”.

Mudar Zahran is intrinsically involved in all the action in Jordan.

To get to know him I recommend you watch him in action.

Jordan’s Future Between the Abraham Accords and an Arab NATO – Mudar Zahran

This was the talk he gave in my May 15/22 Webinar on the Jordan Option. In it, he disclosed much of what is happening.

Mudar Zahran delivers shocking revolutionary truth at Oxford debate

The Resolution: The Arab World Has Failed The Palestinian People ‘. The video is about 4 years old. Mudar’s debating partner was Col Richard Kemp. They took the affirmative.

Mudar Zahran addresses the European Parliament : BDS hurts us, We want peace

Mudar eloquently praised Israel as the Jewish state, and condemned the PA, Jordan and the EU. He was passionate and persuasive.

Mudar Zahran, the Palestinian leader, “Hamas is killing my people”

OAN interviews Mudar Zahran during the 2014 Gaza War, also known as Operation Protective Edge.  He passionately attacks Hamas and King Abdullah and praises Israel. You got to watch it to believe it.

As leader, he will implement the Jordan Option. Learn How the Jordan Option will impact Israel

Peloni commented.

You really should watch the videos shared in Ted’s article, and if you are unconvinced, search the web to test Mudar’s consistency, and I believe you will not be disappointed. Mudar has supported Israel even while Israel has been under attack from the Islamist supporters within Gaza, the PA and Jordan. Also, when speaking before the EU, Mudar made a better case in support of Israel than many of Israel’s own leaders have been capable of doing. In fact, his position as being a member of the subjugated Pals provides him the ability and clarity and independence with which to speak to the reality that the subjugation under which the Pals exist is not that of Israel, but that of the despotic Jordanian king and his Islamist allies in the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Certainly no other Pal or Arab has challenged the EU with having acted to harm the Pals with their efforts to abuse Israel in support of the Pal and Jordanian leadership, which brings us to the issue of the established Status Quo with both these groups.

It should be recalled that in the past few days, even as Israel is considering providing the Pals with their own gas field revenues among other incentives, the PA has called on its forces to seek out targets against Israel. Also an intimate ally of the Jordan king has recently been caught red-handed parsing weapons and treasure in support of the ongoing terror wave in Israel. And let us not forget that the Jordanian king has, himself, repeatedly called on his Islamist allies to respond against Israel due to false allegations he makes about Al Aqsa, which is in opposition to the existing treaty between Jordan and Israel and which led to the 2021 May War of Riots and Rockets. These facts simply speak to the absolute need for Israel to recognize that the Status Quo is no longer the status quo, even if Israel would be so foolish as to support the continued payment of the butcher’s bill in maintaining it.

Contrary to the failed Status Quo, the JO provides the best opportunity to provide a change which is in both the interests of the Pals and Israelis, beginning with a sizeable reduction in the Pals present on this side of the Jordan. Of course the reduction of the cleft in Israel will have its own benefits to both sides, but the JO is much more far reaching than even this. Rather than imposing a top down decree, Mudar and Ted seek to change the mindset of the Jordanian citizens (including the Pals) using the very dependency upon which their radicalization has been pursued under the Hashemites and UNWRA.

As to the fear that Jordan will itself become a failed state, it should be recognized that Jordan has been standing despite the great weight to be found within its own corruption and dysfunction, and that this feat has been due to the management of the Jordanian military, which is itself supported by the US govt. In fact, a major US military base sits in Jordan and Jordan continues to receive the greatest level of US aid in the world though the aid has somewhat little effect in improving the lives of the people due to the corruption within the ruling regime. In other words, Jordan has been a failed state for some time now and the missing aspects of this reality are only due to the economic and military structures which have been set in place by America, which is not likely to be altered due to the implementation of a more moderate, more democratic, and more capable govt over the corrupt, inept, Hashemite oppressors.

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  1. @Avigdor
    Yes, there is a risk as with everything one does but the potential benefits are worth it. Besides, the JO reauires the support of many countries who understand the risk of doing it or the risk of not doing it.

    As for JaFaJ, their full name is JaFaJ INTELLIGENCE and it is an American group.

  2. TED and Pelosi: I have read your latest responses and also about Mudar pro-Israel stance. To me I have deep misgiving about the JO plan, not so much about him, but about creating something that is not predictable to last. Look what happened after Iraq’s leader was eliminated and the world expected to sit back and enjoy ‘peace’. Who says the Pals in Israel will be eager to flood into Jordan even if they can free themselves from Hamas threats to keep them hostage in Gaza and inside Israel’s Arab cities?