IDF Intelligence Directorate was warned of attack  

A detailed report on the planned invasion was given to the head of IDF Intelligence, who did not pass it on to his superiors.

  Nov 25, 2023, 11:00 PM (GMT+2)

New details have emerged about the failures of the security forces to prevent the Oct. 7th massacre.
Channel 12 News reports that the attack was originally planned for last Passover Eve, but the IDF detected signs of the attack and raised its alert level to the point that Hamas cancelled the attack.

Hamas was concerned that the IDF had succeeded in infiltrating the command structure and ranks of their organization and worried about the plan leaking out.

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Russia talks confirms that peace deal could have been reached in spring 2022 if Ukraine agreed to neutrality.  

by Ivan Katchanovski on Thread Reader November 25, 2023

Now head of Zelensky party faction in Ukrainian parliament & head of Ukrainian delegation in Ukraine-Russia talks confirms that peace deal could have been reached in spring 2022 if Ukraine agreed to neutrality.

He said that Russia was ready to end the war in such case and that Ukrainian neutrality was main Russian condition. He also confirmed that Western countries told Zelensky not to sign peace deal.
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The Implosion of the Democrat Party  

By Ray DiLorenzo, SUA

Democrat Bizarro World

“The survival of democracy depends on a Democratic presidential victory in 2024, and no one else has stepped up to carry the burden.”
F. Wilkinson, Bloomberg

The quote from Mr. Wilkinson is nonsense, of course. Democrats have been hawking that slogan for years, reliant on your ignorance to apply any meaning.  They live in a bizarro world.  Everything is opposite. If they say they are fighting for democracy, they are fighting to destroy it.  If they say the border is closed, it is open—wide open. If they say they are transparent, they are anything but.  Even their name is a misnomer.  It is the strategy of the lie—the goal of every dictator, communist, fascist, or anarchist.  Repeat the lie often enough, and someone will believe it.
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Iran’s Other Willing Accomplice: The European Union  

by Majid Rafizadeh, GATESTONE   •  November 25, 2023 at 5:00 am

  • Germany is the top European trade partner buying oil and non-oil commodities from Iran.
  • “UANI [United Against Nuclear Iran] said that research had led to the identification of 2,500 businesses around the world, suspected of having involvement with Iran, with hundreds in Europe. They will publish their names if they do not receive satisfactory answers.” — The National, September 22, 2023.
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America shouldn’t let Hamas bargain its way to victory  

T. Belman.  Tobin at his best.

Israel had no choice but to accept a deal to release some hostages. But Washington shouldn’t pressure Jerusalem to let the terrorists run out the clock on a just war.


By JONATHAN S. TOBIN  (November 22, 2023 / JNS)
People in Jerusalem walk next to pictures of civilians held hostage by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, Nov. 22, 2023. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90.

Israel’s government knew that it had no choice but to accept the deal it was offered in which some of the hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7 would be freed in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners and a temporary ceasefire in the war to eliminate the terrorist group from the Gaza Strip. Pressure from the families of the hostages and a Jewish tradition that prioritizes the redemption of captives swamped all of the objections to giving Hamas what it wanted in exchange for the lives of Jewish women and children.

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Did Israel’s Netanyahu agree to a ceasefire & hostage deal under pressure?  

Peloni:  It seems that Wion has hired a Pal activist to play journalist in what was probably one of the most outrageous airings I have seen on this network.  Most of his questions were actually raised while talking over Glick, even as she was still responding to his previous questions which were highly prejudicial mischaracterizations of the truth.  It is concerning that Wion would conduct itself so poorly as this.

FINEPRINT, WION Nov 23, 2023

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The US and the UK cannot be trusted.  

By Ted Belman 

Israel owes its existence, not to Britain nor the US, but to Stalin.

Alex Markovsky wrote in For Israel, Failures Never Learned and Lessons for Today

“In 1947, Arab countries rejected a UN plan to partition the British mandate in Palestine into two states. Armed with British weaponry and guided by British officers, Arabs were convinced they could claim the entire territory by military triumph. If not for comrade Stalin, who supplied the Jews with weapons via Czechoslovakia and dispatched hundreds of seasoned Soviet officers and generals of Jewish heritage to Palestine, all of whom played a pivotal role in the formation, organization, and leadership of the Israeli army, including the air force, Israel would not exist.” 

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The Democratic oligarchs funding pro-Hamas nonprofits  

Biden’s pro-Israel stance is more rhetoric than reality


Last Wednesday, several dozen pro-Palestinian activists, their faces obscured by keffiyehs and Covid masks, attempted to block the entrance to the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Washington, DC. Reports of a riot may have been hyperbole, but footage showed a chaotic demonstration reminiscent of the racial justice protests of 2020. The organizers later accused the police of attacking the “non-violent” protestors; Capitol Police claimed that six of its officers were assaulted. Read more…

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Thousands of Gazans head north, in potential challenge to IDF’s campaign after truce  

T. Belman. Cabinet and the IDF and security forces recommended this exchange. It is incumbent on them to prevent the Gazans returning. So far, they haven’t prevented it. That means the hostage deal is as bad as many are saying. This is the litmas test.

Hasmas has also renegged on commitment to allow Red Cross to visit remaining hostages.

2 reported killed as Hamas encourages civilians to go back to war zone; IDF drops flyers, tries to prevent flow; 13 hostages to be freed at 4 p.m.; humanitarian aid enters Gaza


Palestinians who had taken refuge in temporary shelters return to their homes in eastern Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip during the first hours of a four-day truce between Israel and Hamas on November 24, 2023. (Mahmud Hams/ AFP)

As Israel’s four-day truce with Hamas came into effect in Gaza on Friday morning, thousands of people who had fled to areas near Gaza’s border with Egypt were seeking to return to their villages with children and pets in their arms and their belongings loaded onto donkey carts or car roofs.

Overnight Thursday-Friday, Hamas urged Gazans to return to the north of the Strip, where the IDF has focused its ground offensive for the past three weeks. The truce deal, under which the Gaza-governing Hamas terror group is set to free 50 Israeli hostages over four days from Friday, bars Gazans from returning to the north of the Strip.

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There Are No Innocent Civilians in Gaza  

By Daniel Greenfield,       23 Nov 11:02 PM

Ever since Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, along with ordinary Arab Muslims from Gaza, invaded Israel, murdered, raped and kidnapped women and children, the debate has been about how innocent they are. And how easy Israel should be willing to go on them.

In the weeks since, Israel has been lectured about a “disproportionate” response and the urgent need to avoid civilian casualties. That’s a little tricky when fighting an Islamic terrorist group whose only real defensive strategy is hiding behind civilians. Fighting Islamic terrorists without killing civilians is like trying to invade Russia while avoiding cold weather. It’s impossible.

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How To Get Our Honor Back  

by Victor Rosenthal    November 24, 2023

Look for a moment at the Israel-Gaza war in a different way, a Middle Eastern way. Look at it in terms of honor and shame. Despite the fact that these ideas are almost gone from the West – replaced in some places by “woke” concepts that are almost unintelligible here – they are tremendously important. The tribes of the Middle East still operate in a zero-sum world, where the weak are prey, deterrence is paramount, and honor is deterrence. And Israel’s future, if she has one, will be dependent on her relations with her Middle Eastern neighbors and not with post-Christian Europe and North America.

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How the U.S., the UN and the Media Saved Hamas Nazis Thirty Years Ago  

Israel expelled Hamas. The world forced Israel to take it back.

The year was 1992. The Clinton administration was trying to get Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and the PLO’s Yasser Arafat to sign on the dotted line of the Oslo Accords to create a terror state inside Israel. In the name of peace. Unfortunately Hamas kept killing Israelis.

15-year-old Helena Rapp had been stabbed to death at a bus stop on the way to school. A few days later, Rabbi Shimon Biran, a father of four, was similarly murdered by an Islamic terrorist.

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