It looks like a “show trial” to me.  

Anyone who describes the Israeli government in apocalyptic terms in the US media, and demands that US Jewry help save the state from the Netanyahu government will do everything to make sure that the legal system brings the prime minister down.


The trial of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which begins today, can be seen from various angles. Many will see it as an attempt to cancel the results of the election, an attempt by historic political powers with connections to the most important bureaucratic institutions in the country to secure through an ouster what they were denied through democratic means.

But the correct viewpoint of the Netanyahu trial is as part of a series of projects that are attempting to commit national suicide. Benjamin Netanyahu has proved that he has doubled Israel’s power. Aharon Barak and Ehud Barak were both part of the mission to bring him down and frame him.
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The Palestinian Virus of Jihad  

by Bassam Tawil, GATESTONE INSTITUTE4  •  May 25, 2020

Since 2014, Hamas has invested about $120 million per year in building terror tunnels. Quality concrete goes into the construction of these tunnels, instead of residential buildings. In addition, electricity is redirected to build and light up the tunnels 24 hours a day, while hospitals and the homes of civilians suffer constant power outages. Pictured: Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in a tunnel in the south of the Gaza Strip on March 3, 2015. (Photo by Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty Images)

  • While doctors, nurses and many Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are complaining about a shortage of medical supplies, the Palestinian armed groups, including PIJ and Hamas, do not appear to be facing the same problem.
  • The masked men [in the video] are not covering their faces or wearing gloves because they are worried about the virus. Instead, they are wearing gloves and using hand sanitizers as they prepare to descend into a tunnel built to enable Palestinians to infiltrate from the Gaza Strip into Israel [to kill or kidnap Israelis]. Once they are inside the tunnel, the militiamen are seen carrying out construction and drilling work.

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Democrats Will Sacrifice America to Win a Presidency  

By William L. Gensert, AMERICAN THINKER

The Dems will not allow any semblance of normalcy to return until Trump and recalcitrant Republicans in the Senate agree to bail out Democrat-run states facing fiscal insolvency.  Democrat socialist policies have left states like California and Illinois with unsustainable pension obligations and exponentially growing deficits too dear for a shrinking tax base to sustain.

Buying votes ain’t cheap.

Yet why would citizens, prudently residing in red states, acquiesce to paying for votes Democrats have bought in the past and wish to purchase in the future?

They would not unless forced to.
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Russia faces Libya setback and Syria challenge amid COVID-19 crisis  

Russia is in a tight spot. Gone from its state media TASS are stories of its great military and diplomatic victories, replaced with the difficulties of the COVID-19 crisis.

,JPOST  MAY 24, 2020

TURKEY-BACKED Syrian rebel fighters walk through a field of flowers in Idlib’s southern countryside, in Syria in April (photo credit: KHALIL ASHAWI / REUTERS)

TURKEY-BACKED Syrian rebel fighters walk through a field of flowers in Idlib’s southern countryside, in Syria in April 

Russia had a run of success in the Middle East between 2015 and 2020. It had intervened in Syria, browbeaten the Americans and was selling its air-defense systems all over the world, including to NATO member Turkey. Every country in the Middle East seemed to rely on Vladimir Putin for something.

But now Russia is in a tight spot. Gone from its state media TASS are stories of its great military and diplomatic victories, replaced with the difficulties of the COVID-19 crisis. On Sunday, Moscow said it would send $1.4 billion to 56 regions where declining revenues are hurting local governments.
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How will the economic ‘cold war’ between China and the US end?  

Jonna Bianco, founder of the American Bondholders Foundation, talks about the ways to solve the crisis between the two powers.

Israel News Talk Radio25/05/20

Donald Trump
Donald TrumpReuters

Here is a burgeoning economic cold war between China and the US during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It is triggered by accusations of a coverup of the breakout of deadly virus with over 90,000 fatalities and massive negative economic impacts on employment and growth.

Then there are accusations of theft of an estimated $6 trillion dollars of US Intellectual Property rights by the Xi-Ping Communist regime in Beijing. There are proposals for sanctions and possible suits for damages in proposed legislation introduced by US Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham. They will likely come a cropper because of US courts granting sovereign immunity to China.

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Tucker: There’s no evidence coronavirus lockdowns saved lives. Mass quarantines may have killed people  

For millions of healthy people, coronavirus lockdowns are a life-changing disaster

It has now been 63 days — we’re keeping track — since California became the first American state to issue a so-called shelter-in-place order for all citizens.

Governor Gavin Newsom‘s order was the beginning of an unprecedented coronavirus mass quarantine that has changed this country forever. In many ways, the United States is hard to recognize compared to just two months ago. Two months from now, it will be more different still.

In fact, it may be years before we fully understand the effects of what our leaders have done in response to the Wuhan coronavirus. There are certain to be battles over how to interpret this moment many years from now. It’s possible your children will hear only one version of the story. Uncomfortable facts by that point may have been scrubbed from social media platforms as disinformation.

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Fauci must be held accountable  

[CDC Admits Coronavirus Mortality Ratio is Similar to 1957-58 Flu Pandemic Where No Lockdown Was Needed]

Self-inflicted destruction of America, all for nought


Stats now show that the mortality rate for the coronavirus is hardly more than the seasonal flu. And when this is all over, it may even be less.

Trump was right all along. But the left mocked him as they elevated Dr. Anthony Fauci to sainthood. It turns out, this “expert” deceived us all.

The mortality rate for the coronavirus dropped from WHO’s estimate of 3.4% to 2% to Fauci claiming it was 1%, and therefore ten times deadlier than the seasonal flu. (He plucked the 1% figure out of thin air, since there was insufficient data to make such a claim).

Now we learn that the overall mortality rate for this virus is not 3.4% or 2% or even 1% Instead, the mortality rate is around .26%.
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US Aid to Israel Is a High-Yield Investment  

By Dr. Frank Musmar, BESA

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: America and Israel face numerous shared challenges, including terrorism, weapons and nuclear proliferation, cyber warfare, and the spread of radical Islamist ideology. America can consistently depend on the beacon of stability represented by democratic Israel in the turbulent Middle East, where the two countries share the same national and homeland security concerns: the megalomaniacal vision of Iran’s ayatollahs, the threat of Sunni and Shiite Islamic terrorism, and the critical security requirements of vulnerable pro-US Arab regimes. Israel also invests heavily in the American economy and is one of the top 20 suppliers of direct investment in the US.

The US and Israel have a mutually beneficial relationship that provides America with a high return on its annual $3.8 billion investment. Between 1985, when the US and Israel signed a Free Trade Agreement, and 2016, trade between the countries increased tenfold to $49 billion. The agreement was successful in three dimensions: politically, economically, and strategically. Israel now invests close to $24 billion in the US, nearly triple the figure of a decade earlier. Strategically, Israel is an American beachhead in the Middle East and the only regional ally on which Washington can rely.

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Can Israel Profit from China’s Past Errors?  

T. Belman. I agree.  Israel has a big opportunity to capitalize on China’s fall for other reasons also.  Israel could partner with the Palestinians in Jordan to manufacture goods with Israeli know how and Palestinian cheap labour.   Jordan could also see these goods to the Muslim world.

This partnership would require an influx of many Palestinians from Gaza, Judea and Samaria to fill the growing number of jobs there. This would also benefit Israel by causing considerable Arab emigration.


There is a lot of conjecture about who will profit from this coronavirus after the virus and the panic has abated. May I suggest that one winner is presently being overlooked.

Some suggest that the U.S. will win the economic war, and that China will lose in the wake of coronavirus. They see China’s behavior as scandalous, and that this coronavirus panic will draw away investments to cause the final abandonment of China as the world’s cheap manufacturing supply house.

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Very Good News Israel In the 24th May 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

  • The Israeli Chief Medical Officer of a US biotech reported good trial results of its new vaccine.
  • The first arrival in Israel of a commercial flight from the United Arab Emirates.
  • An Israeli hospital uses ultraviolet light to sterilize rooms from Covid-19.
  • Israeli transportation innovations showcased at EcoMotion 2020 in Arizona.
  • Hidden writing has been revealed on Dead Sea scrolls.
  • Israel celebrates the anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem – online.

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The Oil Price War Has Put A $69 Billion Mega Deal At Risk  

By Simon Watkins, OIL PRICE – May 20, 2020,

Even before the latest slew of announcements regarding the agreement by Saudi Arabia’s flagship oil and gas company, Aramco, to acquire a 70 percent stake in the Kingdom’s key petrochemicals company, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), for US$69.1 billion, from the country’s sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund (PIF), the ‘deal’ looked like a meaningless accounting trick that transfers money from one side of the Saudi balance sheet to another. It looked like that because that is what it is but it is much worse than that as well.

Over and above the rhetorical nonsense spouted by the various involved participants about value-enhancing ‘synergies’ between the two entities floats the stark fact that there are none at all. Aramco chief executive officer, Amin Nasser, has often stressed that he wants to position the company less as a straightforward crude oil extraction unit and more as a high-value-added developer of advanced petrochemical products.

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Israel riven over Netanyahu trial, but it’s the verdict that will test democracy  

PM’s allies claim the right-wing and the marginalized are in the dock with him; opponents say the rule of law is at stake; come the day, how will half the country handle defeat?


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, is flanked by Likud lawmakers at the party's post-election event in Tel Aviv, on March 2, 2020. (Gili Yaari/Flash90)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, is flanked by Likud lawmakers at the party’s post-election event in Tel Aviv, on March 2, 2020. (Gili Yaari/Flash90)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has quite the busy day on Sunday.

At 11 a.m., the 35th Government gathered in Chagall Hall in the Knesset for its second-ever cabinet meeting. On the agenda: establishing the powerful cabinet committees that will deal with national security and the coronavirus crisis; appointing eight new deputy ministers; formally establishing the ministries of “settlement affairs” and “water resources” as well as establishing the “Alternate Prime Minister’s Office” for rival-turned-partner Benny Gantz (though voting to form these offices was apparently delayed at the least minute due to budgetary issues).

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How settler leaders may have scuttled a US plan for immediate annexation  

T. Belman. A blow by blow account of the events surrounding the release of the Trump Plan in January and the changing landscape. At first the settler leaders were told that Trump would support annexation within 48 hours. Unfortunately one of the settler leaders put out a press release, even though they had been told not to divulge anything for 48 hours. The press release angered the Saudis who figuratively stormed the Whitehouse.

As a result, the next day the expected annexation hit an obstacle. The Trump team announced that the annexation was subsject to completing a “mapping process” that would take time.  I argued at the time that it was a stall because there was no need for mapping.  Afterall the Whitehouse and Israel had long agreed on the boundaries of the settlements so no mapping was necessary.

Israeli mayors flew to DC for Trump plan rollout, believing US would back sovereignty within days, but 1 of them says colleague’s press release blasting proposal changed everything.


EFRAT, West Bank — It was Thursday afternoon, January 23, just six weeks before Israel’s third consecutive election, and a visiting US Vice President Mike Pence had just invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then-rival Benny Gantz to the White House the following week to discuss  “prospects for peace here in the Holy Land” with President Donald Trump.

Hours later, a senior Israeli official briefed a number of reporters on the upcoming trip, saying it would feature the unveiling of the White House’s long-awaited “Vision for Peace.” Divulging some of the details of the up-until-then largely un-leaked plan, the senior official said it would allow for Israeli annexation of all West Bank settlements as well as the Jordan Valley with what is left beyond the Green Line to be transformed into a Palestinian state.

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Mohammad Massad, a Palestinian Fed Up With the Massively Corrupt Palestinian Authority  

A militant member of Fatah has a change of heart.

By Hugh Fitzgerald, FPM

A Palestinian who was once a militant member of Fatah has had a change of heart and wants the Israeli government to stop giving money to the dictatorial and corrupt PA.

His extraordinary challenge to the PA is reported in the Jerusalem Post here:

Mohammad Aref Massad, a former Palestinian security prisoner, has demanded that Israel stop transferring tax-revenue funds to the Palestinian Authority on the pretext that the money is being used to fund terrorism and corruption.

Massad, who currently lives in Haifa, made his demand in an urgent petition he filed last week with the High Court of Justice against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and the Knesset Finance Committee.
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Erekat: Annexation will cause PA collapse, is existential threat to Jordan . ( HE’S RIGHT, OF COURSE)  

“They don’t need me to negotiate, they need me to surrender and I was not defeated.”

By Tovah Lazaroff, JPOST

Israeli annexation of the West Bank would cause the collapse of the Palestinian Authority and is an existential threat to Jordan, PLO Executive Committee Secretary-General Saeb Erekat charged in a briefing with the Left-wing group Peace Now.

“Once [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] moves to annexation, the PA is destroyed. It is going to collapse. I know it. It can not sustain the situation,” Erekat said.

He spoke with Peace Now through a web event the group hosted on Friday in the aftermath of Netanyahu’s pledge last week to bring the issue of annexation of West Bank settlements to his new government as soon as possible.

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Trump puts threats into action on China  

US toughens sanctions on technology company that could scupper China’s 5G aspirations, days before banning investment in China-linked fund


This was the week that the US began turning the screw on China.

No one could say they didn’t see it coming – President Donald Trump had long been rattling his sabre against technology giant Huawei Technologies and threatening to bar a key American pension fund from buying into Chinese-based investments. It also follows weeks of berating Beijing over the Covid-19 outbreak.

But when Trump confirmed both would face economic penalties, markets – and analysts – began to fear the worst.

The Commerce Department said at the end of last week that it would broaden its sanctions enforcement on Huawei to include semiconductor designs that are developed using US software and technology. That threatens sales of the Shenzhen-based telecoms firm’s sales of handsets, which use US-designed chips made my Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC).

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Lebanon’s Interwoven Fantasy Worlds All Lead to War With Israel  

How much should America pay to maintain the fraying fabric?

By Tony Badran, TABLET

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s trip to Israel this past week involved, among other subjects of common American-Israeli interest, the matter of Iran’s so-called precision-guided missile program (PGM) in Lebanon and Syria. Pompeo’s visit was preceded by a series of alleged Israeli strikes on missile facilities in Syria, including one against a Hezbollah target.

Syria and Lebanon are key to Iran’s goal to ring Israel with missile bases, and as Levantine buffer states, both countries are fated to be theaters of conflict between stronger regional powers. Lebanon long has been a headquarters of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its local unit, Hezbollah. On top of that, Lebanon is disintegrating. What people used to refer to as Lebanon’s economy and financial sector have collapsed; the result of the structural corruption built into the sectarian political system, which is run by a terror group directed by Iran.

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