The Israeli Left’s monopoly on public discourse is ending.

By Ted Belman

The Benny Elon Plan is now called The Israel Initiative. It argues for an humanitarian solution to the refugee issue and cooperation with Jordan, not the PA.

The Israeli Initiative said it was due to launch a massive advertising campaign “that seeks to place the solution to the problem of the Palestinian refugees at the center of the political agenda”.

Titled “Don’t give them guns – give them homes”, the campaign will consist of hundreds of billboards, Internet ads and a PR booklet that will be distributed during the first stage to thousands of decision makers and public opinion shapers in Israel, the US, Europe and in Arab countries.

    “In recent years, the Israeli Left has succeeded in skillfully controlling the field of PR and public consciousness and has been awarded a monopoly on the concept of ‘peace’. Therefore – it is a rare professional challenge – to lead a campaign that breaks the consensus and undermines the basic assumptions which characterize Israeli political thought since 1967, and to create a profound change in the public consciousness,”

Israpundit has laboured for years to similarly expand the debate so this initiative is very welcomed.

Rachel Neuwirth does her part in Discrediting the libel of an Israeli “original sin” against the Palestinian Arabs. She sets the record straight.

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