Edwin Black’s ‘Financing the Flames’ Connects New Israel Fund to Historic Ford Foundation Anti-Israel Activism

By Joshua Levitt, ALGEMEINER

edwin-book-203x300In Edwin Black’s new book, ‘Financing the Flames,’ the author of ‘IBM and the Holocaust‘ follows the money trail to uncover the powers behind non-profit groups attempting to de-legitimize Israel.

The book focuses on the role played by the New Israel Fund, a non-profit initially funded by the Ford Foundation, that donates to hundreds of smaller non-profits, many of which Black ties to programs attacking Israel or attempting to de-legitimize the Jewish state.

Black’s book explores NIF’s funding sources and its out-sized influence as a lobbying force in the Knesset and as a destabilizing force for the IDF. He also profiles some of the fringe groups that receive its donor funds and makes the case that Americans are indirectly funding a controversial Palestinian Authority program that pays convicted terrorists in Israeli jails.

In an interview with The Algemeiner, Black said the book was written to show U.S. taxpayers and the U.S. Congress how well-meaning intentions have transformed into a force that is threatening the Jewish state from within.

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Anti-Semitism is at the root of the UN’s double-standards

By Anne Bayefsky, FOX NEWS

This week Israel caved in to European and American pressure to further subject itself to egregious discrimination at the United Nations. The move was in response to a twisted appeal to Israel to preserve the fiction of a U.N. human rights system committed to equality.

On October 29, 2013, Israel ended 18-months of non-participation with U.N. human rights mechanisms that are dedicated to its demonization and defeat.

The surrender spawned victory laps by the U.N., the State Department and bigots in foreign ministries across Europe.

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Lapid’s Civil Marriages Bill

Lapid: “How can this country be Jewish if it also wants to be a democracy?” • Ultra-Orthodox parties: “This bypasses rabbinical authority.”

Hezi Sternlicht, Gideon Allon and Yehuda Shlezinger, ISRAEL HAYOM

Following his party’s advancement of the civil marriage bill, Finance Minister and Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid addressed the issue of religion and state Tuesday at the Prime Minister’s Conference on Partnership and Growth at Tel Aviv University, which dealt with the integration of minorities into the economy.

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The Growing Extremism of Reform Leader Eric Yoffie

By: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Rabbi Eric Yoffie is one of those courageous souls, prepared to throw stones while living in a glass house. Not content to criticize the Chabad movement as offering feel-good, commitment-free, money-chasing Judaism (“Reform rabbis tell me of Chabad rabbis who come into their communities and spend most of their time cultivating a handful of very wealthy people”), the former head of American Reform Judaism has now turned his sites on Sheldon Adelson, the global Jewish philanthropist, who he believes should be all but ostracized from Jewish communal dialogue (“Perhaps the time has come for important leaders of our community to decline invitations to appear at Mr. Adelson’s side.”)

I do not know Rabbi Yoffie but mutual acquaintances tell me he is a good, measured, and decent man. But surely he is aware that radical attacks on movements and individuals with impeccable credentials of dedication to the Jewish community, however imperfect, will lead others to examine his own record of leadership, particularly given the reverberations of the recent Pew Research report that paints so devastating a portrait of the state of Reform Jewry of which Yoffie, according to his Wikipedia page, served as “unchallenged head… from 1996 to 2012.”

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A Question of Honor

by Michael Ordman

Israel is full of citizens and organizations that deserve to receive an honor.  Not a political honor such as the Nobel Prize for peace given to an unrepentant terrorist leader, nor an award from the British Foreign Office for services that undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish State. Respect can only be given to those who enhance Israel in the eyes of the world.  Here are some of the most recent examples.

 The medical profession is overflowing with worthy individuals who put Tikum Olam (repairing the world) far above financial recompense.  Kol Hakavod (all the glory) to the team of 20 Israeli doctors and medical staff from Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) that has just flown to Tanzania to provide free heart surgeries.  And to the team of 11 cardiac surgeons and nurses from Israel’s Sheba Medical Center that performed 10 complex heart operations over 4 days in Nigeria.  SACH doctors can also take credit for restoring the sight of 10-month old baby Dennis from Romania who lost his vision shortly after birth.

Read more …

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Massive oil discovery in Australia is death blow for Saudis

Discover TV

October 29, 2013 – It is 6 times larger than the Bakken, 17 times the size of the Marcellus formation, and 80 times larger than the Eagle Ford shale.All told the recent discovery outside a sleepy Australian town contains more black gold than in all of Iran, Iraq, Canada, or Venezuela.

The current estimates of 233 billion barrels are just 30 billion barrels shy of the estimated reserves in all of Saudi Arabia.

Now, one renowned international energy expert predicts the proven reserves will be much bigger.

“The find may land at 300 or 400 billion barrels, making it one of the greatest unconventional oil discoveries any of us will see in our lifetimes,” says Dr. Kent Moors and advisor to six of the top 10 oil producers and active consultant to 20 world governments.

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Israel and the Rights Council


Israel has switched tack and 2 days ago defended its record in a UNHRC hearing that descended into a kangaroo court.

Israel had compelling reasons to avoid any dealings with the misnamed UN Human Rights Council. Israel, and has, indeed stayed away from UNHRC forums since March, 2012. But on Tuesday, Israel relented, despite the absence of compelling reasons for an about-face.

Fellow democracies, which hardly dominate the council, had exerted excruciating pressure on Israel to cooperate with the UNHRC, lest it be seen as setting a precedent for rogue regimes.

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US opposes building in east Jerusalem

Ted Belman. Washington is determined to divide Jerusalem and produce an agreement based on ’67 lines plus swaps. So much for Bibi thinking he will be able to build in areas we know we are going to keep, in exchange for agreeing to the prisoner release. America is dictating. We have lost our independence. We must not succumb to American pressure. End the peace process.

Herb Keinon says US knew of settlement construction plans

Yitzhak Benhorin, YNET

WASHINGTON – US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki responded Wednesday to Israel’s announcement of building 1,500 units in east Jerusalem saying “We do not consider continued settlement activity or east Jerusalem construction to be steps that create a positive environment for the negotiations.”

At no time in the course of pursuing negotiations toward a two-state solution have we condoned settlement activity or east Jerusalem construction,” she added.

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Politicians, prisoners and perfidy

by Michael Freund, JPOST

Even for an electorate that has grown accustomed to profound political hypocrisy, the Israeli government’s release of Palestinian prisoners this week proved to be breathtakingly scandalous and disturbing.

Consider the following: among the 26 Palestinian thugs, murderers and terrorists set free was Kassem Hazem Shabir, who picked up an axe and struck Yitzhak Rotenberg, a 67-yearold Holocaust survivor, in the back of the head, smashing his skull and killing him together with an accomplice in March 1994.

Rotenberg, a Polish Jew, had survived the horrors of the Sobibor death camp where most of his family was murdered before escaping to join the anti-Nazi resistance. After the war, he was interred by the British for attempting to move to the Land of Israel, but later managed to join the Israeli army and take part in the 1948 War of Independence.

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Russia’s New Jet Fighter

IMRA: The fifth prototype of the Sukhoi T-50, a multi-role fifth generation aircraft with stealth technologies and nanotechnology-based developments which will be the core of Russia’s future fleet of fighters, underwent a successful test flight

Ami Rojkes Dombe, Israel Defense News 30/10/2013

Flight cadets and reserve fighter pilots should probably learn about the
Sukhoi T-50 closely, as it will likely be flown by pilots of Arabian states
across the skies of the Middle East in the not-too-distant future. As
Russia’s future fighter, it is intended to compete with the US F-35, and
countries that the US is not fond of will stand in line at the gates of
Sukhoi’s factories. And yes, the T-50 is expected to be a stealth fighter.

The Moscow Times reported that according to the aircraft manufacturer
Sukhoi, the fifth prototype of the T-50 (also known as Pak Fa) flew for the
first time at the production plant in a Far East country.

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The High Price of American Friendship

Jonathan S. Tobin, COMMENTARY

As the New York Times reports today, Naftali Bennett, the head of the right-wing Habayit Hayehudi Party, is getting blasted in the Israeli media as a hypocrite for opposing the Israeli government’s decision to honor its promise to release more Palestinian terrorist murderers. Bennett happens to be a member of that government and his critics may have a point when they say that if he is as outraged about the release as he purports to be, he can always resign his Cabinet post. It is in that context that the Times and other outlets prefer to view the protests about the freeing of these killers as mere exploitation of the anguish of the families of their victims rather than an expression of genuine outrage, as it probably deserved to be understood.

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A ‘Palestinian State’ Would Leave Israel ‘Indefensible’

By Ari Yashar, Arutz Sheva Staff

As negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority continue amid international calls for a 23rd Arab state in the Judea and Samaria (West Bank) region – which would leave Israel with the territory it held prior to the 1967 Six-Day War – familiar calls from within Israel are being heard warning of the “indefensible borders” the Jewish State would be left with in such an eventuality.

It is not a new claim. Israel’s former Foreign Minister Abba Eban famously referred to the so-called “’67 borders” as “Auschwitz borders,” provocatively expressing the fears of many Israelis that a return to the 1949 Armistice lines would leave them perilously vulnerable to attack in a neighborhood which has proven all too often to be hostile to their very presence.

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The Trojan horse of British secularism

Ted Belman. This is a very perceptive essay. Just yesterday I said something similar when I commented on the loss of free speech and said “This legislation says in effect that such groups are not worthy of denigration because all ideas and values are acceptable.”. There is no longer an absolute standard.

by Melanie Phillips

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (1727–1804): The Procession of the Trojan Horse in TroyOnce again, the impression has been created that secular values are a) the embodiment of civilisation and b) value neutral. Both assumptions are mistaken.

A senior English judge, Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, has rejoiced in his view that Christianity no longer informs the judgements handed down in the courts, which now must serve a multicultural community of many faiths.

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French Antisemitism

Laura: The French and the Europeans in general are really disgusting. When are comedians going to do routines mocking islam and muslims? When are we going to see books and movies condemning islam and its hold on the world or complaints about being victimized by the muslim lobby? Even though muslim immigrants are outright destroying Europe through violent crime, welfare and creating a parallel society under sharia law, Europeans are attacking the Jews who are law-abiding, productive and peaceful. Europe hates the productive and successful and venerates the savage. The tiny Jewish state is contributing more in science, medicine and technology than Europe and the muslim world combined, yet Israel and Jews are the problem in the warped minds of the Europeans.

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Congress is Afraid of Confrontation With Iran

Laura: Israel is truly on its own and will have no choice but to bomb Iran. Even the Republican controlled House doesn’t want to increase sanctions for fear it will lead to conflict with Iran, let alone supporting more aggressive action.

‘Congress loves Israel, but is even more averse to another conflict’

Bob McNally, adviser on energy to former President George W. Bush: “There is a concern in Congress about tightening the sanctions so much that it would lead to a conflict” • Obama presses Senate to hold off on new sanctions to give Iran talks a chance.

Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff
The U.S. Senate is debating whether to impose fresh sanctions on Iran


Photo credit: AP

Fresh U.S. sanctions over Iran’s disputed nuclear program being debated behind closed doors in the Senate aim to slash the country’s oil sales in half within a year of the plan being signed into law, an influential senator said this week.

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Hotovely takes on Netanyahu

Tzipi Hotovely, Arutz Sheva?

MK Tzippi Hotovely is a high ranking member of the likud party and the Deputy Minister of Transportation in the government when commenting on the prisoner release,

“I am not ashamed to say that Netanyahu, as prime minister, is the one who bears responsibility, and I want to say more than this: as a prime minister who built an entire public career on combating terror, there is a betrayal of the most basic trust on this issue.”

      In a

    Knesset Channel 

        interview, MK Hotovely noted that some Likud ministers, like Gilad Erdan and Yisrael Katz, have expressed their opposition to the release of the prisoners, who are in fact “‘heavy’ terrorists and murderers who received punishment on the basis of a judicial process. This is an expression of disrespect for Israel’s judicial system and for its system of deterrence,” she said.

      In words that were clearly deliberately chosen, Hotovely said that the person responsible for the release was Netanyahu.

      The release of terrorists is “the opposite of a peace process,” she said. Saying that the terrorists are being released as part of an attempt to restart the peace process is “an oxymoron,” she added.

      Til now Hotevely embraced discretion as the better part of valour.

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      “Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad”: On Terrorist Release

      By Marc Prowisor,  ARUTZ SHEVA

      Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will not be forgiven for the sin of disgracing the memories of loved ones murdered by subhumans, in his continued release of murderers in the name of a falsely promised peace.

      I am not talking about supposed combatants taking the lives of each other, but  about the barbarian terrorists who murdered unarmed innocents, among them children, in horrendous fashion.

      Bibi has often attempted and succeeded in playing the tough guy. Yet he, who claims he will fight for Israel’s security, now releases the murderers of our children, our brothers and sisters – and strengthens those that will continue to bear arms against the Jewish people worldwide, causing a nation to bow its head in shame and disbelief in the face of our enemies.

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      Netanyahu to advance east Jerusalem construction as ‘compensation’ for prisoner release

      This is infuriating. Eastern Jerusalem is sovereign Israel territory. We don’t need an excuse for building there as we see fit. Netanyahu can claim all he wants that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Jerusalem or stipulate that he won’t impose a freeze on construction there but his actions belie his words. He has been cowed by the international community. He has virtually stopped building there and needs an excuse to do so. No doubt Obama has agreed to the 1500 units he so violently opposed in his first term in exchange for Netanyahu agreeing to the prisoner release. There should be no linkage. We should defy the world and build where we want. Bibi has also agreed to only build in areas we expect to keep, thereby imposing a freeze on the rest. Bibi has compromised our sovereignty and rights. Ted Belman


      PM announces four building projects in conjunction with Israel’s release of 26 long-serving Palestinian prisoners; says gov’t to okay tenders for 1,500 housing units over Green Line in Ramat Shlomo. Netanyahu speaks at the Knesset during a special Yom Kippur War ceremony on October 15, 2013.

      Israel was planning to advance four building projects in east Jerusalem as “compensation” for the overnight release of 26 Palestinian prisoners, Israeli media cited Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as saying.

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      Cairo bids for brand-new Russian SS-25 ballistic missiles in major arms transaction with Moscow

      DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 29, 2013, 10:54 PM (IDT)
      Russia’s SS-25 road mobile ICBM

      Lt. Gen. Vyacheslav Kondrashov, Russian Deputy chief of staff and head of GRU military intelligence, spent the first day of his visit to Cairo, Tuesday, Oct. 29, with Egyptian military chiefs, going through the list of Russian military hardware items they want to buy in their first major arms transaction with Moscow in more than three decades, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. The Egyptians asked Moscow to supply the sort of advanced weapons withheld by the United States, and topped their shopping list with medium-range intercontinental ballistic missiles that cover Iran and most of the Middle East.

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