Bring back Jabotinsky’s Iron Wall

T. Belman. Arab “resistance” is not strengthen by despair but by hope. The Iron Wall advocates killing all hope. Therefore we must kill their hope for the creation of Palestine or the destruction of Israel

By Vic Rosenthal, ABU YEHUDA

A frame from the security video of the terror attack in Ma'ale Adumim

The vicious ax attack on an unarmed security guard at a mall last Thursday night stood out among the hundreds of similar incidents in the last few months because of its extreme brutality, because the terrorist and the victim worked in the same place and even had coffee together, and because it was caught on video for the entire nation to see.

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The Arab world: Who will help Gaza?

T. Belman. After the last Gaza war, I recommended that the money raised should be used for resettlement rather than rebuilding.  I suggest that all Gazans be moved out and that Israel retake Gaza for her own.

By Zalman Shoval, ISRAEL HAYOM

Gaza is in the headlines, and not just because of the tunnel issue. Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevi, head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, spoke to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee last week about the emerging economic crisis in the Gaza Strip and the potential consequences from Israel’s perspective. The government is also examining this matter seriously.

The current situation in the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave — lack of water, power outages, rapidly increasing unemployment and meager wages, in addition to rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts grinding to a complete standstill — is why hundreds of Gazans (and in the future thousands) are willing to risk their lives trying to enter Israel illegally to find work. This is the distressing reality Halevi was referencing. Indeed, the nightmare scenario in which thousands of Gaza residents rush the security fence, and the military response this would necessitate, could cause the situation to spiral in extremely undesirable directions.

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Israel’s role in the EU’s establishment of ‘Palestine’

David Bedein, director of the Jerusalem-based Israel Resource News Agency as well as the Center for Near East Policy Research, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Sunday about the rampant European Union (EU) funded illegal Arab construction – and revealed Israel shares the blame.

By Eliran Aharon, INN

Research center director reveals Israel partially to blame for illegal EU construction and military plans, due to ‘quiet agreements.’

Much of the illegal EU-funded construction is in Area C of Judea and Samaria, an array of regions designated as being under full Israeli administrative control by the 1994 Oslo Accords, but as Bedein noted other EU-backed illegal building is taking place in Jerusalem.

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State of the world: Year Eight of Barack Obama

By Charles Krauthammer, WaPo

1. In the South China Sea, on a speck of land of disputed sovereignty far from its borders, China has just installed antiaircraft batteries and stationed fighter jets. This after China landed planes on an artificial island it created on another disputed island chain (the Spratlys, claimed by the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam). These facilities now function as forward bases for Beijing to challenge seven decades of American naval dominance of the Pacific Rim.

2. Syria. Russian intervention has turned the tide of war. Having rescued the Bashar al-Assad regime from collapse, relentless Russian bombing is destroying the rebel stronghold of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, creating a massive new wave of refugees and demonstrating to the entire Middle East what a Great Power can achieve when it acts seriously.“China is clearly militarizing the South China Sea,” the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command told Congress on Tuesday. Its goal? “Hegemony in East Asia.”

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Lieberman: Alternative Right-wing Government Possible Without Netanyahu

Yisrael Beiteinu chairman launches attack on prime minister and pretty much everyone else on the political spectrum in quadrennial party address.

By Jonathan Lis, HAARETZ

Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman speaking at a press conference.

Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman has slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security policies and said it was possible to form an alternative right-wing government without Netanyahu leading it.

Speaking at his party’s quadrennial convention in Jerusalem on Thursday evening, Lieberman also took Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Knesset members from the Joint Arab List and ultra-Orthodox parties to task, in an aggressive speech reflecting his party’s recent upswing in opinion polls.

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Minister Elkin: PA collapse not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’

Minister Ze’ev Elkin gives speech at Bar Ilan University: Wave of terror is preview for collapse of Palestinian Authority.

By Hezki Ezra, INN

ElkinMinister for Immigration and Jerusalem Affairs Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) gave a talk at Bar Ilan University this morning (Monday), in which he presented his approach to the challenges that will face Israel once Mahmoud Abbas no longer runs the Palestinian Authority.

“The current wave of terror is a preview for the collapse of the PA. Most of the likely scenarios for the day after Abu Mazen [another name for Mahmoud Abbas] will lead to a lack of organized inheritance, to an internal fight for succession, to anarchy and the dismantling of the PA,” he said. “The ones who will have to pay the price for anarchy in the PA are Israeli citizens, particularly the communities in Judea and Samaria. We must prepare for even worse attacks.”

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Now Even Michael Mann Admits The ‘Pause’ In Global Warming Is Real; Throws Allies To Wolves

By James Delingpole, BREITBART

The “Pause” in global warming is real – not an urban myth concocted by evil ‘deniers’ – a study has found, signalling the development of a major schism within the climate alarmist camp.

“It has been claimed that the early-2000s global warming slowdown or hiatus, characterized by a reduced rate of global surface warming, has been overstated, lacks sound scientific basis, or is unsupported by observations. The evidence presented here contradicts these claims,” the paper in Nature Climate Change says.

Though the paper’s findings are not controversial – few serious scientists dispute the evidence of the temperature datasets showing that there has been little if any global warming for nearly 19 years – they represent a tremendous blow to the climate alarmist “consensus”, which has long sought to deny the “Pause’s” existence.

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Report: Iran to withdraw all its fighters from Syria

Confirming Kerry’s comments, Channel 2 News reports Khamenei and Rouhani have decided to withdraw 2,500 fighters from Syria.

By Ben Ariel, INN

Iran is planning to withdraw its entire fighting force from Syria, which includes 2,500 fighters, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported on Sunday.

The report appears to confirm remarks made last week by Secretary of State John Kerry, who told lawmakers that Iran had withdrawn a “significant number” of its Revolutionary Guards troops from the Syrian battlefield.

According to the Channel 2 report from Sunday, the majority of Iran’s forces have already been evacuated from Syria and the rest are expected to return home imminently.

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Israeli Governments Flaunt ‘United Jerusalem’ While Doing Nothing for Its Arab Residents

If Jerusalem has remained ‘divided’ it is because the Arab neighborhoods have been neglected for the past 49 years.

By Moshe Arens, HAARETZ

Now that there seems to be close to universal agreement that the two-state solution is not going to be realized in the foreseeable future, attention has begun to be focused on Jerusalem. If something has to be done to move out of the present impasse, why not start in Jerusalem? To the fore come all the preconceived notions and prejudices, hidden behind a veil of liberalism and a presumed concern for the Palestinian people.

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Israel reconsidering 2008 purchase of U.S. jets F-35

Cabinet mulls cancelling acquisition of flawed fighter-jet rejected by most NATO air forces.

By Hillel Fendel, INN

A welcome decision made back in 2008 to purchase U.S.-made Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) jets no longer appears very attractive in 2016 – and Israel is considering backtracking on it.

So say Israeli government sources quoted by Middle East Newsline (MENL).

For one thing, the much-touted JSF has some inherent flaws, such as inadequate range, weapons payload and stealth capability. In addition, the Americans refuse to share the JSF source code with Israel. Israel would not be able to modify the platform to fit its needs, and would have to send damaged engines to Turkey or the U.S. for repairs.

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McGill University’s Student Body Rejects Student Government’s BDS Vote

By Andrew Pessim, ALGEMEINER

The student body at Canada’s McGill University has failed to ratify Monday’s controversial Israel boycott vote by the general assembly of the student government.

According to the McGill Reporter, the online vote recorded 57 percent of students voting against the boycott motion and 43 percent voting in favor. This represents the fourth time since 2009 that the effort to persuade the student body to adopt an anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement resolution at McGill has failed.

Following the results, McGill’s Principal and Vice-Chancellor Suzanne Fortier issued a statement to the McGill community, reading, in part:

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Seven Reasons Democrats Should Be Terrified of Donald Trump

By Mathew Continetti, NEW BEACON

Donald Trump

President Obama is playing a cynical game. He’s consistently raised Donald Trump’s profile in an attempt to boost the mogul’s chances of winning the Republican nomination. Obama’s theory is that Trump is unelectable. And it’s true that Trump is the only candidate in the Republican field who consistently loses in general election match ups against Hillary Clinton. A Trump nomination, Democrats believe, would be the best way to hold the White House for another four years.

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Very Good News Israel 

In the 28th Feb 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

  • An Israeli system could save millions of intensive care patients.
  • An Israeli smartphone app can determine your spectacle prescription.
  • The Egyptian government has upgraded its relations with Israel.
  • Kenya made its first state visit to Israel in 21 years.
  • An Israeli startup won Best Mobile Innovation at the Mobile World Congress.
  • A 3rd major car manufacturer signs up for Israeli self-driving technology.
  • An Israeli artist is to construct the first sculpture in outer space.

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We must act against inciters

By Nadav Shragai, ISRAEL HAYOM

How many lone terrorists have carried out attacks during the ongoing “intifada of the individuals”? A hundred? A thousand? How many more will join them soon? And when we will stop calling them “lone” terrorists?

Does the fact that all of these “lone” terrorists have drawn their inspiration from the same source of organized and systematic hatred not turn them into a collective, even if there is no official guiding hand? And what can we do about the venomous poison spewed by the Palestinian Authority other than talk about it?

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On Gaza seaport, Israel navigates narrows between Cairo and Hamas

Jerusalem’s mixed message regarding wharf comes as result of Egyptian opposition, despite Palestinian warnings of renewed hostilities if project does not go forward

By Avi Issacharoff, TOI

Palestinian operatives of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, take part in an anti-Israel rally on February 26, 2016, in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah (AFP / SAID KHATIB)

The coordinator of the Israeli government’s activities in the Palestinian territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, was quoted at length over the weekend saying that there have been no talks over the establishment of a seaport for Gaza. In comments quoted by the Saudi-linked news site Elaph, Mordechai said that should such negotiations take place in the future, they would be conducted only vis-à-vis the Palestinian Authority — not the Hamas rulers of Gaza.

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The European implosion obliges new alliances for Israel and Jews

By Isi Leibler

The mass migration of Muslim “refugees” to Western Europe could result in one of the most significant global demographic upheavals in history.

In an outpouring of passionate emotions, European leaders have suspended reason and self-esteem.  Political correctness has reached suicidal levels. Unless the tide is reversed, this migratory movement may irreversibly undermine the western culture which was the foundation of European civilization. It is estimated that there are an additional 8 to 10 million, predominantly Muslims, from Middle East and North Africa still intending to cross into Europe.

There are already over 6 million Muslims in Germany, the bulk of whom have no intention of integrating. Last year alone, Germany absorbed a million new migrants. Contrary to widespread perception, most are not refugees and are not even from Syria, but young male Muslim migrants seeking a better life.  The Arab states, including the wealthy Gulf States, refuse to absorb them for ‘security’ reasons, although the Saudis are committed to building at least 20 new mosques in Germany.

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Changing Minds in America

By Tabitha Korol

Two of the finest institutions of higher education in the United States, Columbia and Cornell, have been identified as leading the list of “most anti-Semitic,” as they continue to host Jew hatred events on campus.  By the time our students enter this new phase in their education, they have been well primed for the venomous climate, having been molded into frustrated, resentful, disrespectful, demanding, angry young adults, ill prepared for anything, unable to accept responsibility, and ripe to lash out at others. These young people have already been activatedand prepared to join any group that uses “social justice” language, whether warranted or not.

The K-12 classes provide the first toxic element.  Education is being restructured according to a radical political ideology promoted by the White House, Bill and Melinda Gates, and other supporters of a federal takeover of education. The purpose is to produce workers for a Global Economy (aka Agenda 21).  The major players are Valerie Jarrett’s mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, a member of the Muslim Sisterhood; native-born terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn Ayers (Weather Underground) who support a radical network to defeat America; and Secretary of Education (ret.) Arne Duncan, who promoted the Common Core Standards, with its drastic, untried curriculum overhaul that has lowered school standards to ensure that no child is left behind or excels at the expense of others. This is accompanied by the disturbing data mining that profiles the children (into adulthood) and their families.

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Iran uses Syrian truce to deploy hundreds of Palestinian terrorists on Golan border


Under cover of the Syrian ceasefire that went into effect Saturday, Feb. 27, and the Russian air umbrella, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps finally managed to secretly install hundreds of armed Palestinian terrorists on the Syrian-Israeli border face-to-face with the IDF’s Golan positions.
This is reported exclusively by DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources.

These Palestinians belong to Al-Sabirin, a new terrorist organization the Iranian Guards and Hizballah are building in the refugee camps of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. Their agents clandestinely recruited the new terrorists from among young Palestinians who fled the Yarmouk refugee camp outside Damascus and sought refuge in Lebanon. Hizballah organized their return to Syria through south Lebanon – but not before training and arming them for penetration deep inside Israel to carry out mass-casualty assaults on IDF positions, highways and civilians.

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Israel’s Options in a Chaotic Middle East

T. Belman. Halevi is center-left. He views accord with both Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union), and Lapid (Yesh Atid) and perhaps the left wing of the Likud party and Kalanu. He rightly says that many Israelis understand that “the creation of a Palestinian state is an existential necessity for Israel, but a majority also regards a Palestinian state as an existential threat.” Nevertheless he calls for the continuation of the settlement freeze to “send a much-needed signal that Israel’s long-term interests in the territories are confined to security needs”. The right believe that we should build in or to stake our claim to Judea and Samaria rather than to simply preserve it for the Palestinians. In effect he and his fellow travellors want Israel to hold it in trust for them. The right, who don’t want a Palestinian state, want to make J&S irretrievably ours.

He believes, as does Prof Avineri, that “Israel needs to begin a long-term process of ending the occupation and saving itself as a Jewish and democratic state.” In effect they want Israel to divest itself of J&S. The right also want to end the occupation but by extending our sovereignty to include a facsimile of area C.

Faced with a new Palestinian uprising, Israelis have shelved the idea of a two-state solution—and have found surprising new allies in a disintegrating Middle East


One recent morning, a Palestinian teenager stabbed a security guard at the light rail station minutes from my home in Jerusalem. About an hour later, I drove past the station and was astonished to see—nothing. No increased police presence, not even police barricades. The guard had managed to shoot his attacker, and ambulances had taken both away. Commuters were waiting for the next train. As if nothing unusual had happened.

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