Restart construction in Jerusalem

By Nadav Shragai, ISRAEL HAYOM

Here is a stat Nadav Shragaiistic that should raise a red flag with anyone who wishes to keep Jerusalem united and complete: The percentage of Jews in east Jerusalem has declined in recent years from about 50% to around 40%! Despite the fact that this important statistic is no secret, no one has yet given an opinion about it since it was published by the Jerusalem Institute of Policy Research in its Facts and Trends for 2018 report, which was published several weeks ago.

This has far-reaching significance – the reduced construction for Jews in the eastern part of the city over recent decades has taken its toll. This is not just a general concern about the ratio of Jews to Arabs in Greater Jerusalem, but rather the ratio between Jews and Arabs in the parts of Jerusalem liberated in the 1967 Six-Day War, where the Palestinians strive to make their capital.

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Four takeaways from the latest round of Gaza clashes

Israel hits back hard while Hamas recognizes its limitations.

By Ari Liberman, FPM

It began with an attempt by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) to plant an improvised explosive device on the security fence separating Israel from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, and ended with a near full-scale conflagration on a scale not seen since the summer of 2014. Tensions for the time being have tapered off but the recent fighting demonstrates why the Israeli Army (IDF) maintains a constant state of readiness along its volatile borders.

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Golan Heights recognition thwarted by the swamp

A move that would send a clear message to Iran.

By Ari Liberman, FPM

Last week, House Foreign Affairs Committee Member, Congressman Ron DeSantis (R.,-Fla.), proposed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act recognizing the Golan Heights as an integral part of Israel thereby validating Israel’s 1981 annexation of the territory. Though non-binding, the declarative resolution, which would have likely passed if brought to the House floor for a full vote, would have sent a strong message to the world, but chiefly Israel’s enemies, that after eight years of relentless hostility from the previous American administration, the US-Israel alliance is back on track and stronger than ever.

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“Farhood Progrom” 77 years today

By Zvi November


Today’s Hebrew language Israel Today daily has an editorial by Eddy Cohen a professor of Jewish history in Arab lands.  Cohen reminds us that Jews have been frequently murdered by Arabs throughout the Arab world and Arab pogroms were commonplace.  Cohen cites Fez, Morocco where 51 Jews were murdered in 1912.  Twenty-five Jews were murdered in Constantine, Algeria in August 1934.  The infamous “Farhoud” began on June 1, 1941.  This pogrom left over 200 Jews dead and much property stolen by the Baghdad mobs supported by their pro-Nazi government.  In Egypt in November 1945 ten Jews were murdered by the rioting Muslim Brotherhood.  And 140 Jews were similarly killed in Libya at this date.  Right after the UN partition plan was drafted, on December 1, 1947, 75 Jews were killed in Aleppo, Syria and 80 in Yemen.  During Israel’s War for Independence in 1948, 42 Jews were murdered in Morocco, 14 in Tripoli, Libya and many more in Egypt by the Muslim Brothers.  

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David Goldman: Hungary Is Safest Country in Europe for Jews

By Thomas D Williams, BREITBART

Hungarians from the Jewish community take part in a ceremony during which a giant Menorah is lit to mark the start of Hanukkah celebrations on December 12, 2017 at the Western square in the center of Budapest Hanukkah commemorates the re-dedication of the holy temple in Jerusalem after the Jews' â?¦

ROME– While signs of violent anti-Semitism are on the rise across Europe, Hungary stands out as uniquely safe for Jews, writes David P. Goldman in his most recent “Spengler” essay Monday.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been pilloried for his strong stance against Brussels-imposed immigration quotas but it turns out that controlling who comes and goes in one’s country is an effective antidote to ethnic attacks.

Whereas the leaders of Germany’s Jewish community warned Jews last month not to wear distinctive apparel following similar warnings in France, and Belgian TV could not find a single Jew in Brussels willing to wear a kippah in public, Goldman said he walked across Budapest wearing a kippah four times last week and “no-one looked at my kippah twice.”

Goldman’s conclusion? “There are no risks to Jews because there are very few Muslim migrants.”

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Are we Witnessing the Death Throes of the Israeli Left?


Books have been written about Israel’s dying left-wing.

Tzvia Greenfield, who despite being an Orthodox Jewess served for three months as a Member of Knesset for the ultra-leftist Meretz party, knows a thing or two about the Israeli left. In her book, Crushing: The Story of the Collapse of the Israeli Left, she says that the left became irrelevant, at best, once it started advocating for the “deserting of the Zionist project along with turning Israel from a Jewish to an egalitarian state.”  This, she says, can happen to a people who “have become a herd of living dead … they stumble in the dark, shake their hands and feet, utter voices, but there is no purpose in their actions. With the little strength left in them they struggle along, seeking where to go and why.”

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FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett’s Family

Ted Belman.  The same could be said of Obama’s maternal grandparents “The FBI destroyed a file on Barack Obama’s grandfather, the man who selected Communist Frank Marshall Davis to be the future president’s mentor during his growing-up years in Hawaii.”  John Brennan, whom Obama appointed to be head of the CIA, had previously voted Communist. Roger Stone said ““Brennan’s a former member of the Communist Party,” Stone said. “He insists that there’s no link between terror and radical Islam. He was the station chief in Ridah [sic] where I think he was most likely recruited. He is reportedly a convert to Wahhabism. He most definitely, publicly refused to be sworn in with the Bible when he became the CIA director.”

Obama could not have been elected, had the mainstream media and the Democratic Party not covered for him.  I was very involved in outing the truth about him and his radical and Communist connections during 2008. Unfortunately to no avail.


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.

Jarrett’s dad, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals, his lengthy FBI file shows. In 1950 Bowman was in communication with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage. Bowman was also a member of a Communist-sympathizing group called the Association of Internes and Medical Students. After his discharge from the Army Medical Corps in 1955, Bowman moved to Iran to work, the FBI records show.

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Russia Flipping Partners in Syria ‘De-Escalation’ Zones

By David Israel, JEWISH PRESS

A meeting between representatives from the US, Russia and Jordan will take place soon in Amman, to discuss the situation in the de-escalation zones in Syria, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told reporters on Wednesday, according to TASS. The announced meeting is the latest proof of Russia’s decision to embrace the new realities in the Syrian theater and to dump its strategic partnership with Iran and Turkey.

Back in the summer of 2017, Israeli and other media poked fun at Prime Minister Netanyahu for having become irrelevant in the Syrian conflict, as the “relevant” regional powers—Russia, Iran, and Turkey—met in Kazakhstan to hammer out a proposal that would end the civil war in Syria by, essentially, divvying it up among them. The plan, designed with no Israeli input, called for creating four so-called de-escalation zones under the control of Russia, Turkey and Iran.

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Support Laura Ingraham as advertisers are cancelling her support

Tea Party Action Alert!

Dear patriot,

Over the last week, we have seen an absolutely disgusting targeted attack on one of the strongest female voices of the conservative movement for speaking her mind and not backing down from the truth.

I’m sure you’re as sick to death of David Hogg, the obnoxious, foul-mouth, ignorant little jerk who thinks he’s special because he’s 17 and wants to take your guns.

As if he wasn’t insufferable enough already, this week he set his slanderous sights on Laura Ingraham, the incredibly intelligent, successful, and accomplished conservative radio and TV host who has been an important voice on the right for decades.

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Video from University of Houston: “Palestinian” fascist students shout down Nikki Haley with lies about Gaza

By Robert Spencer, JIHAD WATCH

Once again we see it. In The Coming of the Third Reich, historian Richard J. Evans explains how, in the early days of National Socialist Germany, Stormtroopers (Brownshirts) “organized campaigns against unwanted professors in the local newspapers [and] staged mass disruptions of their lectures.” To express dissent from Nazi positions became a matter of taking one’s life into one’s hands. The idea of people of opposing viewpoints airing their disagreements in a civil and mutually respectful manner was gone. One was a Nazi, or one was silent (and fearful).

Today’s fascists call themselves “anti-fascists.” Just like the Nazis, they are totalitarian: they are determined not to allow their opponents to murmur the slightest whisper of dissent. Forcibly suppressing the speech of someone with whom one disagrees is a quintessentially fascist act.

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The Deir Yassin Massacre Never Happened

Deir Yassin: There was no massacre By Eliezer, TOI

By Eliezer Tauber, MOSAIC

On April 9, 1948, when the first Arab-Israeli war was just beginning, the Irgun and Le?i—two right-wing Jewish military groups fighting in coordination with the Haganah—attacked the Arab village of Deir Yassin, then held by Arab League forces. Shortly after the battle, rumors circulated among Arabs that Jewish fighters had slaughtered civilians, raped women, and committed other acts of sexual violence. Westerners and mainstream Zionist leaders soon accepted the story of the Deir Yassin massacre, which remains in history books to this day. But Eliezer Tauber, who has made an exhaustive study of the evidence, argues that it never happened:

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IDF attacks 65 targets in Gaza Israel Air Force attacks 65 targets belonging to Hamas in

By Elan Benari, INN

IAF fighter jets, attack helicopters, and aircraft struck 25 military targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization in Gaza overnight Tuesday, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

The target strikes included sheds of drones used for terror purposes, a rocket manufacturing workshop, advanced naval weaponry, military compounds, training facilities, and a munitions manufacturing site.

“This is an additional strike against military targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization, which is accountable for activity from the Gaza Strip, and therefore is responsible for the severe attacks that were carried out against Israeli civilians,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit in a statement.

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Israel’s media problem

By Vic Rosenthal, ABU YAHUDA

If endemic irrational hatred of Israel is viewed as a disease, then its primary vector is the Western mainstream media. Although social media have been gaining in importance recently, the traditional media organizations are still the Xenopsylla cheopis spreading this plague.

They had begun to become less and less sympathetic to Israel after the oil shock of the mid-1970s. I started noticing it in 1982, during the First Lebanon War. Never mind that we went into Lebanon because our people in northern Israel were being pounded by rockets, katyushot, fired from Lebanese territory by Yasser Arafat’s PLO. We were blamed for starting the war and sharply criticized for every civilian casualty. And then we were vilified because we didn’t prevent our Christian Phalangist allies from taking (well-deserved, in my opinion) murderous revenge on the PLO.

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Israel’s Syria operations against Iran and Hizballah goes into next stage


Israel is broadening the scope of its war on Iran and Hizballah in Syria to additional regions and even possibly outside its boundaries. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spelled this out at Israel’s weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, May 27: “We are working to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons…against Iran’s consolidated military presence against us… and operating against the transfer of deadly weapons from Syria to Lebanon or their manufacture in Lebanon. All of these weapons are for use against the State of Israel and it is our right – based on the right of self-defense – to prevent their manufacture or transfer.”

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Bill to limit Palestinian access to High Court passes first reading

Left-wing politicians hold that the bill is part of a right-wing push toward creeping annexation.

BY Tovah Lazaroff, INN

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the Knesset.

A bill that would limit Palestinian access to the High Court of Justice passed its first reading in the Knesset on Monday night.

The bill would send many of their cases, particularly with regard to land ownership and demolitions in Area C of the West Bank, to Israeli district courts.

Right-wing politicians hope the legislation will sharply reduce the high number of West Bank land cases that left-wing non-governmental groups and Palestinians file to the High Court.

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Two-State delusion divides American and Israeli Jews

Perhaps Diaspora Jews are alienating Israelis and not vice-versa.

By Mathew Hausman, INN
Ronald Lauder’s recent New York Times editorial, “Israel’s Self-Inflicted Wounds,” exposed a growing rift between American and Israeli Jews over the elusive two-state solution, which has been further exacerbated by the violence currently roiling Gaza.  Israelis from across the spectrum seem to recognize it as a chimera without historical foundation, whereas secular and progressive Jews in North America increasingly view it as doctrine to be imposed on others 5,700 miles away, regardless of the consequences.

Two-state advocates often demand that Israel make concessions despite the anti-Semitic rejectionism which permeates Palestinian society. But if forced on Israel, their solution would leave her with enemy sovereigns at her doorstep – as has been graphically demonstrated by the Gaza situation.

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European Foreign Ministers fail to reach concensus on Gaza violence

The continent has been anything but unified on the situation that unfolded on the Israel-Gaza border this spring.


EU ministers discuss Gaza, May 28, 2018 (Reuters)

European foreign ministers discussed the situation in Gaza during a “working lunch” at their monthly meeting in Brussels on Monday. But they did not release a statement on the matter, a sign of a lack of consensus on the issue.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, whose country has been among the most critical of Israel’s actions to prevent a breach of the Gaza fence during the recent riots there, said before the meeting that he initiated the discussion on Gaza because “I am deeply concerned about the force used against protesters, and I will discuss with my fellow ministers how we might work towards breaking the cycle of violence and improving conditions for people living in Gaza.”

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The Youth will lead the Sovereignty revolution

The Sovereignty Movement can not be stopped.


The first Sovereignty Conference for youth was an impressive success. Over 1200 young people from all parts of the Land heard from spiritual leaders, politicians and experts about the challenges entailed in
sovereignty and how to implement the vision.

More than 1200 young people from all parts of the Land gathered yesterday (Sunday) in Hechal Shlomo, in the heart of Jerusalem, and took part in the first Sovereignty Conference for youth.

The event, which was a direct outgrowth of the Sovereignty Youth’s hasbara campaign, which was carried out in many locations throughout the Land, and is the initiative of the youth itself and was organized by the Sovereignty Movement, founded by Women in Green. The event was hosted by actor and comedian Matan Tzur (Underdos).

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China and Russia Push Into Iran, Exploiting Europe’s Caution

Companies move to supplant departing European firms worried about running afoul of new U.S. sanctions against Tehran

BY Benoit Faucon, WSJ

The Kharg facility on the Persian Gulf in southern Iran handles most of the country’s oil exports.
The Kharg facility on the Persian Gulf in southern Iran handles most of the country’s oil exports. Photo: abedin taherkenareh/European Pressphoto Agency

TEHRAN—Chinese and Russian state-backed companies are maneuvering to profit from European firms leaving Iran, threatening the Trump administration’s bid to raise economic pressure on Tehran.

Their efforts show how Iran’s business landscape has shifted since the Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear pact, which lifted crippling sanctions on Iran in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program, following 17 months of rising pressure. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has threatened the “strongest set of sanctions in history” if Iran doesn’t rein in its military activities across the Middle East and stop testing long-range missiles.

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Russia, backing Israel: Only Assad troops should be on Syria’s southern border

Foreign Minister Lavrov indicates Moscow open to Israeli demands that Iranian forces be kept far from Israel’s frontiers; urges withdrawal of all ‘non-Syrian forces’


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stands on the balcony before a meeting of President Vladimir Putin with French President Emmanuel Macron (both not pictured) at the Konstantin Palace in Strelna, outside Saint Petersburg, on May 24, 2018. (GRIGORY DUKOR/AFP)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Monday that only the Syrian regime should field military forces in the country’s southern border areas.

Lavrov’s comments, made at a press conference in Moscow, apparently referred to areas including the Syrian  Golan Heights region abutting the Israeli Golan Heights and the border with Jordan, and indicated that Russia was open to Israeli demands that Iranian forces should be kept far from Israel’s borders.

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