Dick Morris: The EU’s Struggle Against US Sanctions on Iran Is Futile

By Dick Morris, WESTERN JOURNAL August 30, 2018

President Donald Trump’s new sanctions on Iran are meeting fierce opposition from the European Union — and there’s not a damn thing Brussels can do about them.

With the U.S. unilaterally re-imposing economic sanctions on Teheran, the EU has passed a “blocking statute” that “forbids EU persons from complying with the (Iran) sanctions” and promises to help European businesses and financial institutions recover damages due to the sanctions.

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Palestinian Leaders Bet Future on Trump Impeachment – LOSERS

Palestinian leader hopeful Democrats will seize control of Congress, stall Trump agenda

By Adam Kredo, FREE BEACON

 Palestinian leaders are betting their future on President Donald Trump being impeached by Democrats following the mid-term elections, according to Arabic language comments by a senior Palestinian government leader who praised Special Counsel Robert Mueller for targeting Trump and his top allies.

Palestinian government leaders, under pressure from the Trump administration as it slashes U.S. taxpayer aid to the embattled government, say they are betting on a Democratic takeover in Congress that will stall the administration’s agenda and put the still languishing peace process on the back burner.

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How British officials during the Second World War blamed Jews for antisemitism

How antisemitism in Britain is rooted in the Second World War

“From the beginning of the war there had been a considerable increase in antisemitic feeling. [Officials] seemed to regard it as quite beyond argument that the increase of antisemitic feeling was caused by serious errors of conduct on the part of Jews.”

Archive papers released to The Times show that Churchill’s bastion of propaganda and censorship allowed prejudice towards Jews to grow relentlessly. Dominic Kennedy reports

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“The British Record on Partition as Revealed by British Military Intelligence and other Military Sources”

The Nation 1948


The General Assembly of the United Nations, for the third time in twelve months, is meeting to discuss “the future government of Palestine.”  Discussions are taking place in an atmosphere of violence which may touch off an explosion far beyond the boundaries of the Holy Land. 

The question which the General Assembly must face, and world opinion as well, is this: was an inherent injustice in the November 29 resolution of the General Assembly responsible for the current explosion? 

The Nation Associates presents the facts in this memorandum as essential to a wise and just decision.  An examination of the facts will show that the present violence in Palestine results from: 

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Column one: The General’s revolt

The candidacy of Golan and Alon for chief of General Staff, along with the military’s subversion of the government and the US administration, need to serve as an urgent warning to the government.


Yair Golan

The candidates now under consideration to replace IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot are evidence of a dismal and dangerous truth: Today, the IDF General Staff is in open rebellion against the government and the citizens of Israel.

Consider the identities of two of the four the candidates to serve as the next chief of general staff. First, there is former deputy chief of staff Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan.

Golan has a record that bespeaks two character flaws which make his candidacy a scandal.

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If UNRWA folds, then what?

T. Belman. The left always criticizes Trump when he does dramatic things for not having a Plan B. Don’t be so foolish as to believe this. Jordan will host all the refugees presently served by UNRWA and will provide the same services to them if they move to Jordan

The Trump administration has announced severe cuts to the agency that helps Palestinian refugees, raising questions about who or what could fill the void.


 AUGUST 29, 2018

Palestinians pass by the gate of an UNRWA-run school in Nablus in the West Bank August 13, 2018

Palestinians pass by the gate of an UNRWA-run school in Nablus in the West Bank August 13, 2018. (photo credit: ABED OMAR QUSINI/REUTERS)

As the Trump administration lays the groundwork for its long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal, one element of it appears certain: a desire to greatly weaken or close down entirely UNRWA, the agency that provides social and educational services to Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, and surrounding countries.

On Friday, the US government announced it will slash more than $200 million in aid to the Palestinians, including funding for UNRWA. This is on top of Washington’s previous cuts to the agency’s budget.

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U.S. won’t change “inappropriate” UNRWA Palestinian refugee definition

T. Belman. The working US assumption is that the “refugees” would return to the Palestinian state. It doesn’t matter what the definition is, they are still stateless. Jordan will become the Palestinian state and most of the “refugees” would emmigrate there and receive full citizenship

The administration “is not planning to provide a numerical calculation or definition of a ‘legitimate Palestinian refugee,’” a State Department official said.


The Trump Administration has dismissed UNRWA’s definition of who is a Palestinian refugee, but has no plans to come up with an alternative definition that would determine how many people fit the criterion.

The administration “is not planning to provide a numerical calculation or definition of a ‘legitimate Palestinian refugee,” a State Department official said.

“While the US believes the UNRWA model is not appropriate or sustainable, we will not elaborate further at this time,” the official added.

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The PA harbours the delusion that they are calling the shots

T. Belman. Greenblatt warned the PA, if you are not part of the solution “others will fill the void”. Both the PA and Hamas are obstructionists and are dedicated to destroying Israel. In the past they only had the power the US allowed them to have. Trump has dramatically alterred that formula. From now on they have to kiss our ass rather than us having to kiss theirs.  They are not about to do this so they are being phased out. Jordan under Zahran will fill the void created by ending the PA and UNRWA. Greenblatt is putting the world on notice.


Abbas spokesman rejects Jason Greenblatt’s comments on others filling the void if the PA isn’t part of the solution in Gaza.

By Dalit Halevy, INN

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, says that the “Palestinian people” alone will determine their future and choose their legitimate leadership, not the United States or any other entity.

His comments on Thursday came in response to Jason Greenblatt, the White House Special Representative for International Negotiations, who on Wednesday warned that if the PA is not part of the solution for Palestinian Arabs, “others will fill that void.”

Abu Rudeineh said in response that said there is no alternative to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the only legitimate representative of the “Palestinian people.”

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Taking the ghetto out of the Jew

by Vic Rosenthal

We do not have to account to anybody, we are not to sit for anybody’s examination and nobody is old enough to call on us to answer. We came before them and will leave after them. We are what we are, we are good for ourselves, we will not change, nor do we want to. – Ze’ev Jabotinsky

Tzipi Livni, who recently accepted the mantle of opposition leader, said that “the next election will be a referendum on the Declaration of Independence.”

Asked if she has come up with a campaign slogan yet, she pulls a scroll of the 1948 declaration from her desk and proceeds to unroll it. “This is the gist of it all,” she says. “Who is for the Declaration of Independence and who is against it? If you’re for it, you’re with us. And I believe that the vast majority of Israelis are for it.”

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Israel’s Top Court Ruling May Enable Mass Legalization of West Bank Homes

Jurists believe courts can interpret the ruling on the Mitzpeh Kramim outpost to enable legalizing hundreds of housing units in the settlements

Yotam Berger, HAARETZ

A boy walks near houses in the Israeli settlement of Mitzpe Kramim , near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, on August 29, 2018
A boy walks near houses in the Israeli settlement of Mitzpe Kramim , near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, on August 29, 2018AFP

The main question raised by the Jerusalem District Court’s verdict, that the Mitzpeh Kramim outpost in the West Bank can be legalized despite being built on private Palestinian land, pertains to its future implications.

Although this is a singular case, jurists specializing in property law in Israel and the West Bank believe that courts can interpret the ruling to enable legalizing hundreds of housing units in the settlements.

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The Palestinian Arabs had no right to a state even though they were in the majority in 1948

By Ted Belman

Ahmad Samih Khalidi, Guardian, argues that Siding with the Palestinian struggle is not antisemitic. He writes,

“Jeremy Corbyn has no need to apologise for being the first Labour leader to oppose Zionism on moral grounds. Jeremy Corbyn’s choice of words about Zionists may be open to criticism. But his, and anyone else’s, right to oppose Zionism is not.

Zionism is the assertion of the primacy of the Jewish claim to Palestine over the expressed will of the 70% Arab majority before 1948, and at its continued expense since. Israel, as a Jewish majority state, could not have been established other than on the debris of Arab Palestine, the destruction of its society and the dispossession and disenfranchisement of its indigenous population.”

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Hamas leader: We’ll fire hundreds of rockets at central Israel if talks fail

Yahya Sinwar says no deal reached yet, but talks continue; reportedly warns terror group can make alarm sirens wail in the Tel Aviv region for six months straight


Yahya Sinwar, leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, speaks during a protest east of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip on April 6, 2018. (AFP/Said Khatib)
Yahya Sinwar, leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, speaks during a protest east of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip on April 6, 2018. (AFP/Said Khatib)

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar on Wednesday said there was no concrete ceasefire agreement yet with Israel, but warned that if hostilities resume the terror group could launch hundreds of rockets deep into the Jewish state.

“Until now, there is no final text for a ceasefire. What is being circulated is proposals and ideas,” Sinwar told Palestinian writers and analysts in Gaza, according to the Hamas-linked Shehab news agency. “We decided to end the siege on our people, who have the right to live a dignified life.”

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Did Sarah Palin really deserve that?


By Monica Showalter, AMERICAN THINKER

Image result for sarah palin

I can’t think of anything more spiteful or “mean-spirited” than the exclusion of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin from the funeral of the late Sen. John McCain.

According to Breitbart News, not only was she asked not to come to any of the numerous McCain events where she could have been present, she was actually asked to stay away.

Who the hell did that?

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Soros: Online Trump Supporters Will Be Entirely ‘Silenced’ By 2020

Billionaire globalist George Soros is planning to eliminate the majority of Trump supporters from social media before the 2020 election, according to a leaked document


The 49 page document outlines plans by Soros to exert his influence, via his immense personal wealth, to pressure Big Tech to censor and purge pro-Trump journalists, citizens and outlets ahead of the next Presidential election.

“A confidential, 49-page memo for defeating Trump by working with the major social-media platforms to eliminate “right wing propaganda and fake news” was presented in January 2017  by Media Matters founder David Brock at a retreat in Florida with about 100 donors, the Washington Free Beacon reported at the time.

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Siding with the individual, even terrorists

By Lt. Col. (ret.) Meir Indor, ISRAEL HAYOM

Surprise! In the middle of the night, after being asked to revisit the issue, the High Court of Justice was convinced to change its ruling from earlier this week to allow five females relatives of Hamas members into Israel for urgent medical treatment.

A full High Court panel heard the arguments from the defense establishment and ruled that the women were not to be allowed into Israel. They noted that while they sympathized with the women, “the decision on the questions arising from the case before us, which combines considerations of security, morality, and values, is essentially in the hands of the executive branch – the elected government. There were political and security-related reasons for the defense establishment’s decision [not to allow the women into Israel]. This court does not intervene in [government] decisions, mainly because of the type of authority that rests with the executive branch in this matter. The government decision falls squarely within its prerogative, as both the entity responsible for the country’s defense and foreign relations, and as such, has latitude to make decisions, whereas judicial oversight is very limited.”

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Netanyahu ignores Putin’s alignment with Tehran against a US-Israeli anti-Iran offensive Iran in Syria


Jerusalem finally responded on Tuesday, Aug. 28, to the signing of a new Iranian-Syrian military pact two days earlier in Damascus by the visiting Iranian Defense Minsiter Amir Hatami and Bashar Assad. After ignoring this development, which turned the military equation in Syria on its head, for two days, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu pledged that the IDF “will continue to act with all possible resolve against Iran’s efforts to transfer military strength and weapons systems into Syria.” He stressed that the struggle against Iran establishing a military presence in Syria was his main objective, “and it would be achieved, just like the cancellation of the Iranian nuclear deal, which, too, was judged an impossibility.”

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Greenblatt: PA should be part of the solution in Gaza

T. Belman. I don’t understand this one bit. On the one hand they are trying to destroy UNRWA and the PA and on the other hand they are becoming more dependant on them.

White House envoy supports Egypt’s efforts for ceasefire, says Palestinian Authority “cannot criticize from the sidelines.”

By Elad Benari, INN

In a statement, Greenblatt also said that the Palestinian Authority (PA) should assume responsibilities in Gaza.

“The Trump administration strongly supports the efforts of President Al-Sisi and the Egyptian government ?to help facilitate an agreement to restore calm in Gaza and bring about the conditions for the Palestinian Authority to fully assume its responsibilities in Gaza,” he said.

“The Palestinian Authority cannot criticize from the sidelines. The Palestinian Authority should be part of the solution for the Palestinians of Gaza and Palestinians as a whole. If not, others will fill that void,” continued Greenblatt.

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Arab League and the Arab–Israeli conflict

From Wikipedia, 

The Arab League was formed in Cairo on 22 March 1945 with six members: EgyptIraqTransjordan (renamed Jordan after independence in 1946), LebanonSaudi Arabia, and SyriaYemen joined on 5 May 1945.

Since its formation the Arab League has promoted the Palestinian Arab cause in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, including the imposition of the Arab League boycott of Israel. The Arab League opposed the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine in 1947. On 15 May 1948, the then seven Arab League members coordinated an invasion of what was by then the former British Mandate, marking the start of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. In 1964, the Arab League created the Palestine Liberation Organization to operate within the territory of Israel. During the Six-Day War, the Arab League imposed an oil embargo, which lasted until the Khartoum Resolution in September 1967. The League members also agreed to continue the state of belligerency with Israel and not to negotiate a settlement to the conflict.

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