The New York Times Has a Jewish Problem. Part 1

by Hugh Fitzgerald, JIHAD WATCH

An editor at the New York Times has recently apologized for having written several anti-Semitic and racist tweets. Tom Wright-Piersanti is a senior staff editor at the Times. In the years 2008-2010, Wright-Piersanti wrote several offensive tweets, which were uncovered  by the website Breitbart.

On New Years’ Day 2010, Wright-Piersanti tweeted, “I was going to say ‘Crappy Jew Year,’ but one of my resolutions is to be less anti-Semitic. So… HAPPY Jew Year. You Jews.”

The previous month, during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, Wright-Piersanti shared a picture of a car with a lit menorah on its roof and wrote, “Who called the Jew-police?”

“I have deleted tweets from a decade ago that are offensive,” Wright-Piersanti tweeted  after the Breitbart article was published. “I am deeply sorry.”

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Pompeo: Israel can rely on diplomatic, legal, military support in any war with Iran

US secretary of state says he has “every confidence” that President Trump, “who moved our embassy and who made clear Israel’s rights in the Golan Heights will do all that is necessary to ensure that our great partner, Israel, will be protected.”


Iran to Pompeo: You are not invited to Tehran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo | Photo: AP/Jacquelyn Martin

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated on Thursday that Israel can rely on diplomatic, legal and military assistance from Washington in the event of a war with Iran, however long.

In an interview with syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt, Pompeo pledged that Israel can rely on the United States for aid if the growing tensions with the Islamic republic escalate into a full-fledged war.

Pompeo stressed that the Trump administration has been “incredibly supportive each time Israel has been forced to take actions to defend itself.”

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Why do elected officials embrace the same Islam that wants to destroy them?


I am truly puzzled by what is going on in this increasingly dark world.  On the one hand, all kinds of Islamic associations and groups in places such as Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Sweden demand not only to be treated like everyone else, which they are, but granted special privileges — such as application of sharia law.  Yet Muslim governments — even in those semi-moderate countries such as Turkey and Egypt — systematically discriminate against non-Muslims. I fail to see the justice of this in the 21st century…or are we still wallowing in the Dark Ages?

The solemn duty of all majorities, all people in power, is to serve as protectors of all minorities and the powerless.  The list of people who need fair treatment and are entitled to it is indeed long and is not limited to religious minorities.  Women, even to this day, are among the most disenfranchised groups in the world — sadly, most shamefully, in Islamic lands.

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Boris Johnson shows the steel and U.K.’s Tories soar in the polls

By Monica Showalter, AMERICAN THINKER

Not too long ago, Britain’s Tories were in the loo, poll-wise.

In a July 21 story headlined, “As Brexit looms, the U.K. Tories fight for survival,” NBC News reported:

After almost 10 years in power and 185 years in existence, its voters and members are leaving in droves to support the upstart Brexit Party. A fractious leadership battle has been defined by who can talk the toughest on Europe — a union Britain has been part of for half a century.

And don’t think this wasn’t the conventional wisdom on all sides – as these storieshere and here signal. As wildly opposed as those organs’ political lines are, the stories they all put out could have been written by the same person.The Economist put it, quite Britishily, this way, last June 13: “The question is not who will lead the Conservative Party, but whether it will survive.”

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Zehut: Israel’s Security and Diplomatic Plan

T. Belman. This is an excellent plan. The Jordan Option does not conflict with it but in fact makes it easier to facilitate. While Martin Sherman pushes the policy of Compensated Emigration, he goes no farther and doesn’t deal with anything else. The Jordan option improves on Sherman’s idea by providing a friendly Jordan as a receptical for emigrants. Feiglin’s Plan is a stand alone plan that will benefit from Sherman’s ideas and the Jordan Option.

In fact Both Feiglin and Sherman aren’t close to having their ideas implemented. Thus the Jordan Option will give a boost to both.

Zehut’s Peace Plan

As a background to the plan, we must examine the process that the State of Israel has undergone since the signing of the Oslo Accords. Ostensibly, the purpose of these agreements was to end the conflict by establishing a Palestinian state, thereby achieving peace. But this goal has not been achieved. Rather, the opposite is true: the number of people killed in terrorist attacks increased fivefold (1552 between 1994 and 2015, compared with 357 between 1977 and 1994). More and more cities in Israel began to be bombarded with missiles and Israeli citizens were expelled from their homes (during the Disengagement in 2005). In addition, the Oslo Accords were supposed to bring economic well-being as a result of the anticipated cut in defense spending, but in fact the state paid more than NIS 1 billion for implementing the agreements.

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Opinion: Israel Cannot be a Party to Legitimizing its Own Destruction

For Israel to deny entry to advocates of its own dissolution should be as uncontroversial as denying entry to neo-Nazis. And it’s deeply worrying that even Israel’s genuine friends in America evidently think otherwise.

By Evelyn Gordon,

When Israel barred two US Congresswomen from entering the country earlier this month, I initially thought it was a stupid decision. But after hearing the reactions from both American politicians and American Jews, I’ve started to think it may have been necessary.

This isn’t to deny the substantial damage it has caused. Pro-Israel Democrats felt betrayed, and even some pro-Israel Republicans were outraged. Most of the organized Jewish community was horrified. And the BDS movement received media exposure it could never have gained on its own.

But nobody would have felt outraged or betrayed had Israel barred, say, white-supremacist politicians. Thus the underlying message of these reactions was that unlike white supremacism, advocating Israel’s destruction is a legitimate opinion, entitled to the same respectful treatment as the view that Israel should continue to exist. Yet no country can or should treat its own erasure as a legitimate option.

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Israeli Mossad hero, Eli Cohen

By Moshe Phillips, National Director of Herut North America’s U.S. division; Herut is an international movement for Zionist pride and education and is dedicated to the ideals of pre-World War Two Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky.

Image result for eli cohen

Netflix’s The Spy is a six-episode series about real-life Israeli Mossad hero Eli Cohen. The Spy stars Sacha Baron Cohen, most famous for his 2006 adult oriented comedy movie Borat, as the legendary Mossad agent. Will Netflix make a joke out of Eli Cohen? We will know when The Spy debuts on September 6.

When Eli Cohen was publicly executed by the government of Syria on May 18, 1965, it was clear to Israelis and Syrians that he had succeeded in becoming a friend of the president of Syria, and had penetrated the innermost Syrian government circles. What was not yet known, however, was that he had gathered the intelligence that would later save the state of Israel from being destroyed.

More than any other one man, Eli Cohen, an Egyptian-born Jew, earned the Mossad its reputation as one of the best intelligence services in the world, and paved the way for Israel to win on the Golan front in the Six-Day War in June 1967.

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The U.S. Presence in Syria Blocks Iranian, Russian, and Turkish Gains

by Seth Frantzman, The Daily Beast, 

U.S.-backed Kurdish militiamen celebrate their capture of Raqqa from ISIS in October 2017.

Eastern Syria sits at the crossroads of critical policy decisions in Washington. The region is at the center of an escalating crisis in U.S.-Turkey relations, while maintaining America’s presence there blocks Iranian and Russian gains in Syria. It also is key to keeping ISIS defeated. Washington should see eastern Syria as one of the most important strategic pieces of “real estate” to emerge out of the last half-decade of conflict in the Middle East.

The area of northeast Syria where the U.S. today plays a critical role, roughly the size of West Virginia, is now a kind of Gordian Knot. While American adversaries, such as Russia or Iran, have a clear goal in Syria, keeping the Bashar al-Assad regime in power and entrenching their influence, the U.S. policy goal is less clear.

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Puncturing the big lie of Palestinian identity

The Palestinians’ claim that they are the rightful inheritors of the land represents one of the most successful, if fiendish, propaganda achievements ever to have been pulled off – to have persuaded millions of people that this ludicrous falsehood is an unchallengeable truth.

By Melanie Phillips, jns

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently claimed that the Palestinians were the descendants of the Canaanites. “This land is for its people, its residents and the Canaanites who were here 5,000 years ago – and we are the Canaanites!” he declared, vowing that every Israeli stone and house “built on our land” would end up “in the garbage dump of history.”

Any Western Palestinian supporter might have been left somewhat perplexed. After all, it’s an article of faith among those hostile to Israel that the indigenous inhabitants of the land are Palestinian Arabs who have been supplanted by Jewish occupiers.

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Trump Admin Sanctions Hezbollah Terror Network in Blow to Iranian-Backed Group

New sanctions hit Lebanese bank subsidizing terror group


Hezbollah fighters

Hezbollah fighters / Getty Images

The Trump administration on Thursday issued a new batch of sanctions on the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah in the latest salvo aimed at disrupting the Iranian-backed organization’s illicit funding and weapons networks, according to information provided by the State and Treasury Departments.

As Iran continues to ratchet up regional support for terror groups that have attacked American and allied forces, the Trump administration is moving to disrupt these terror groups by hitting them in their pocketbooks. The latest sanctions target Lebanon’s Jammal Trust Bank SAL, which the Trump administration has identified as providing “illicit financial and banking activities” for Hezbollah.

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You can’t be pro-Palestinian and a feminist

You can either be a feminist. Or you can believe women should marry their rapists.

By Daniel Greenfield, FPM

64% of “Palestinian” men say that women who dress provocatively deserve to be sexually harassed. 52% believe that women who are in public places at night are asking to be harassed.

57% think that a woman should marry her rapist and 47% believe that women who are honor killed for bringing “shame” to their families usually did something to deserve it.

A third of “Palestinian” men say that women who don’t wear hijabs deserve to be insulted.

And the women aren’t much better.

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The Blue and White platform – a balancing act of right and left

T. Belman. This platform was pubished on Mar 6/19.  It is easy to see why it is doing well in the polls. Basically it supports retention of Golan heights, settlement blocs, Jordan valley, and Jerusalem and eschews unilateral withdrawal. What’s not to like.  It is silent on a Palestinian state and Samaria construction.  To that extent it differs little from Likud’s Platform
Analysis: Trying to appeal to the entire political spectrum and keep its own divisions to a minimum, the party does not mention Palestinian statehood or two-state solution, but does vow to exhaust all efforts to reach a peace deal
YNET – Mar 6/19

L-R: Moshe Ya'alon, Benny Gantz, Yair Lapid and Gabi Ashkenazi

L-R: Moshe Ya’alon, Benny Gantz, Yair Lapid and Gabi Ashkenazi

Israel Resilience’s party platform, set to be released Tuesday, does deal with economic and social issues, but the main issue will be diplomatic – and it is clear that an effort is being made not to drive away right-wing voters.

The two-state solution is not mentioned, nor is the term “Palestinian state” for that matter. Sources on the party’s Knesset list claim there was a dispute between the right-wing and left-wing factions within Blue and White, and ultimately they decided to say that there would be an effort to realize the diplomatic process with the Palestinians, but that the phrase “Palestinian state” would not be included.

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London: A mix of foreign tourism and Islamic tribalism

Brexit is the only hope for salvaging England’s tradition and culture.

By Giulio Meotti, INN

I just visited London, which I had missed for some time. And shockingly, apart from the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square, London is no longer London.

Excellent services, widespread wealth, global attraction, consumerism at full steam, the symbol of the royal family that still holds up, an enviable British education, so many positive things that many Westerners lack and envy.

But also many scenes that look as though they come from Afghanistan, Somalia or Saudi Arabia. Not in Tower Hamlets or in the East End, the Muslim enclaves of London where Islam is already the majority, but in many areas of the center of the British capital: Thousands of women in burqa, niqab and abayas, Muslim men with many wives. And not rich tourists from the Gulf States at Harrods, but local women with strollers, 3-4 children, in their everyday life.

15 per cent of London’s population is already Muslim.

In the city, radical Islam is as common as a plate of fish and chips.

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Baby Killers

By Joan Swirsky, CFP


“Thou shalt not kill.” Exodus 20:13

”…I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live:”Deuteronomy 30:19

Remember good ole boy Johnny Edwards—actually North Carolina Democrat Senator John Edwards (1998-2012), VP candidate in 2004, and presidential candidate in 2008? Edwards is hard to forget because he burst upon the national stage as the golden-tongued lawyer who was famous for defending the rights of the unborn.

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Ingratitude of the Immigrants

by Tabitha Korol

President Trump has been unarguably the most pro-Jewish, pro-Israel President we’ve ever had, surpassing George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman.  His stand against Iran (vociferous enemy of Israel), finally moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, cutting funds to the PA and closing the PLO office in Washington, his donations to Jewish causes, and developing housing for Russian-Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn are just some of the points, but many non-Orthodox American Jews are calling him antisemitic.  It is primarily the Democrat Jews who appear antisemitic when they continue to support their party whose members explicitly express their hatred of Israel and Jews worldwide.  It may be that their desire to distance themselves from their heritage in eastern Europe and Israel has rendered them irrational, and psychological projection has them denying their own impulses as they attribute them to others – specifically to President Trump.      

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INTO THE FRAY: Incentivized Emigration: An idea whose time has come?

By Martin Sherman

Of all the policy paradigms for the resolution of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian-Arabs, incentivized Arab emigration is the most humane if it succeeds and least inhumane if it does not

“Past attempts to encourage Palestinians to voluntary emigrate have always failed, so time and effort would be better invested in reaching an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.”Yossi Beilin, former Israeli government minister, and a principal architect of the Oslo Accords, Al Monitor, August 26, 2019

The above quote is from an article by Beilin, still an unchastened champion of the fatally flawed process he helped initiate in the early 1990s,  in response to a spate of recent reports indicating that Israeli officialdom is considering—albeit with some hesitancy—the idea of offering the residents of Gaza material assistance to facilitate their emigration to third party countries—see for example here, here, here, and here.

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A Strategic Plan for Peace

By Victor Rosenthal

I spent some time Tuesday at a kibbutz in the “Gaza envelope,” the area close to the Strip that absorbs the brunt of the rockets that are the usual expression of Palestinian Arab rage at my existence. The kibbutz was sprinkled with little concrete shelters, because the 15 seconds or less that would elapse between the warning and the impact of a rocket doesn’t permit even a fast person to make it to the main protected areas.

There is also a serious fence around the kibbutz, and an electric gate. If one or more of the terrorists that often break through the border fence were to get in, there could be a disaster. So far, this hasn’t happened, because the IDF usually stops them, thanks to the female soldiers that “man” the observation posts up and down the border. But when we got to the gate, there was nobody to let us in. So we just waited for another car to drive out. No problem.

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BDS Forces Intimidate London Group Into Canceling Regavim Event

T. Belman. It pains me to hear this event was put off and the reasons why.  Let them protest.  It will only draw more attention to the problem.

By Hana Levi Julian, JP

A new illegal Arab village being built on July 7, 2019 in a former IDF firing zone located in Area C in Judea, called ‘Al Daraj.’

A threatened demonstration by a coalition of British groups from the international Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel was all it took to intimidate a London NGO into postponing a lecture by the Israeli Regavim NGO that was to focus on European funding for illegal Palestinian Authority activity.

The event was put off ” so that proper security measures can be put into place,” according to the UKLFI Charitable Trust, which organized the event. The decision came after a consortium of BDS activists and anti-Israel groups threatened to hold a day-long a mass demonstration at the event, sparking fears of a “security threat.”

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(NOAA): “There has been no U.S. warming since 2005.”

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Michael Mann’s Tree-Ring Circus

By Daniel John Sobieski, AMERICAN THINKER

This has been a tough week for climate hustler Michael Mann, who lost his defamation and libel lawsuit against respected climatologist and warming skeptic Dr. Tim Ball at the same time it was announced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that there has been no U.S. warming since 2005.

Mann, who poses as a climatologist at Penn State, has had his court case against genuine climate scientist Dr. Tim Ball dismissed, with Mann ordered to pay court costs, for failure to produce supporting evidence to prove his claim that global temperatures took a sharp upward turn when the Industrial Revolution and fossil-fuel use began pouring CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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US Flip Flops Peace Plan Date

By S. Aaron, Jerusalem Online

Jason Greenblatt, the special advisor to Donald Trump, has tweeted that ”We have decided that we will not be releasing the peace vision (or parts of it) prior to the Israeli election”

This tweet comes after the ambiguous statements that US President Trump made at the G7 summit earlier this week.

“We’re going to know who the Israeli prime minister is going to be fairly soon. A deal won’t be before the election, I don’t think… But I think you may see what the deal is before the election. And I think the deal will happen… Everybody says, that’s the deal that can’t be made… Israel and the Palestinians: there’s tremendous hatred for many, many decades, and everybody says that is a deal that can’t be made. So we’ll see if we can make it,” Trump said.

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