York Fed of Students Responds to Anti-Semitic BDS Hate Riot by Banning Israelis

Daniel Greenfield, FPM Nov 29, 2019

Last week, I wrote about the ugliness and hatred at York University after pro-Israel speakers from Reservists on Duty came on campus to begin a dialogue. In his own post, Leon Kushner, who was there, describes the ugly and hateful atmosphere from BDS supporters.

My friends and I left the lecture a few minutes early. From the high up view on a sort of balcony, we watched the hysterical intifada mob below us. They were about a hundred people or more.  Their leaders were often standing on tables, shouting slogans like ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ or ‘Viva viva Palestina’. You could feel their hatred from a distance.

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THE SERPENT AND THE RED THREAD: The Definitive Biography of Evil


The Church of England  just shared it’s report Titled “God’s Unfailing Word: Theological and Practical Perspectives on Christian-Jewish Relations,”

The 121-page report said attitudes towards Judaism over centuries had provided a “fertile seed-bed for murderous anti-Semitism,” and that Anglicans and other Christians must repent for the “sins of the past,” as well as actively challenge anti-Semitic attitudes or stereotypes.

The Serpent and the Red Thread is a book, a documentary, about the oldest, most irrational evil: Jew hatred; told through the voices of Biblical and historical figures. Ms. Weber Bederman takes you on a journey through time, sharing the presence of history and our collective memories, beginning where all time begins: The Garden of Eden, where we meet the serpent who has in his mouth the red thread which he takes with him as it connects evil through time. Ms Weber Bederman has chosen to incorporate the Chinese literary device, the red thread, to connect the most evil of humankind, the Amaleks of history. The ones who spread irrational hate.

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Globalist Climate Candidate Michael Bloomberg and the Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change

By Linda Goudsmit, PUNDICITY

Michael Bloomberg became a multi-billionaire by understanding global markets. He analyzed the 2020 U.S. presidential political marketplace and concluded three things:

  • None of the hysterical, radically leftist Democrat candidates can beat President Trump in 2020.
  • Joe Biden’s political corruption exposed in the Ukraine is irreversible and focuses unwelcome attention on the political corruption of the Clintons, the Pelosis, the Kerrys, and the Obamas.
  • The single most successful humanitarian hoax and galvanizing political issue of our time is climate change.

So what does astute multi-billionaire globalist Michael Bloomberg do? He announces himself the climate candidate of the 2020 presidential election. In a November 26, 2019 article, Billionaire Buys Climate Change on Google, Brian Kahn reveals how Bloomberg plans to spend $1 billion of his personal fortune to buy Google ads that will reinforce his image as the climate candidate.

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The End Looks Near For Iran’s Ayatollah Regime

By Alireza Jafarzadeh

Since November 15, protests have swept through Iran, erupting in at least 165 cities. Ostensibly triggered by a gasoline price hike of up to 300%, the unrest soon found a new focus: the overthrow of the ruling regime in its entirety.

The speed with which the protests spread was a clear indication that the explosive society was just waiting for an opportunity to call for regime change. In the first two days, the protests spread to over 100 cities, with unified chants of “death to the dictator.” “death to Rouhani,” “death to Khamenei,” and “neither Gaza nor Lebanon, I give my life for Iran.”

The public’s thirst for change and penchant to stand up to the regime far exceed that seen in the 2018 uprising. On day one, people closed streets, tore down or burned posters of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and attacked government buildings. According to the state-run Fars News Agency affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC), in only one province, 100 state-owned banks and 56 other government locations were set ablaze in the first two days; that is double the number in the entire country in 2018. According to our information, over 1,300 government buildings, banks, Bassij headquarters, and clerical seminaries have been attacked and set ablaze, unprecedented in the past three decades.

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Top Arab Figures From 15 Countries Meet to Say ‘No’ to BDS

Clarion Project

Prominent figures from 15 Arab countries met in London last week to reject the BDS movement and encourage relations with Israel.

At the same time last week, a delegation of Arab journalists, bloggers and musicians toured Israel at the invitation of the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Some of the journalists were from countries with no diplomatic relations with Israel.

BDS stands for Boycott, Sanction and Divest. It is an anti-Semitic movement against the state of Israel devised to strangle the Jewish state economically.

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Cutting through all the nonsense after the indictments

T. Belman. I have no quarrel with this analysis but find Fischer comes up short in providing the solution. For instance he doesn’t lay out a path on how to get rid of the indictments. Nor does he suggest how the right can enlarge their bloc.  Furthermore he argues that the current social contract shouldn’t be altered even though the publics rejection of it is growing and will contine to grow. He clings to the status quo.  I don’t.  I want change that will strengthen the right and extend sovereignty to all of the lands west of the Jordan River.

I have always been a Bibi supporter but now I ask “To what end?”

The charges on which Netanyahu has been indicted are absolutely non-indictable in a democracy like the United States. Major legal scholars like Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Nathan Lewin, and Prof. Avi Bell have laid it out so clearly — and so often.

By Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, INN

It is amazing how much utter nonsense and demagoguery has been flying in Israel since the indictments of Prime Minister Netanyahu were announced by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. Herewith some reality checking:

1. Liat Ben Ari, the district attorney who led the probes against Netanyahu, missed two of the four days when the Prime Minister’s team presented their most comprehensive portfolio of new evidence and arguments. She attended two days, then flew out of the country on a vacation. That may be unprecedented in the annals of legal history — anywhere. It is unfathomable how she could just skip out and how Mandelblit could permit it without at least rescheduling the calendar for the defense to present its case after she returned with her suntan. A serious legal system in any other democratic country would not function that way.

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INTO THE FRAY: Merited mistrust?


There is something sick in the State Prosecutor’s Office; Shai Nitzan is not fit to be the State Prosecutor” – Judge Hila Gerstel, former Commissioner for Prosecutorial Oversight

Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (But who will guard the guardians themselves?)

Juvenal, a Roman poet (circa 55 CE- circa 127 CE), Satire VI, line 347.

Public trust in the police – the lowest in the West…only 22% of Israelis believe that judges don’t take bribesHaaretz, Oct. 31, 2011.

Public approval of the police at all time low – below all other public services – Haaretz, July 7, 2013.

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Ongoing crackdown on activists in Jordan

Human Rights Watch 28 November 2019

Security forces block a road as demonstrators gather near government headquarters, during a demonstration in Amman, Jordan, 5 September 2019, Laith Joneidi/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Jordanian authorities have been targeting protest leaders, participants, and critics on social media, in an effort to curb protests.

Jordanian authorities are seeking to limit protests over austerity policies throughout 2019 by targeting protest leaders, participants, and other critics for harassment and arrest, Human Rights Watch said today. At least seven activists have been detained since September.Most of those detained face charges related to social media posts that show them participating in protests or criticizing the country’s leadership. Jordan’s Penal Code prohibits insulting the king, queen, crown prince, and other “guardians of the throne,” a prohibition often described with the French phrase lese majeste. The authorities accuse other activists of “undermining the political regime,” a terrorism offense under the jurisdiction of the State Security Court. Jordanian authorities should stop using vague criminal provisions to limit freedom of expression and release anyone held for peaceful expression of their views.

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Listing demands, Liberman vows to not compromise any further on religion-state

Yisrael Beytenu leader lists civil marriage, public transport on Saturdays, and the abolishing of law against Shabbat trading as his ‘minimum’ requirements for joining coalition


Yisrael Beytenu chairman MK Avigdor Liberman participates in a conference at the Israeli Institute for Democracy, in Jerusalem, on November 26, 2019. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Yisrael Beytenu chairman MK Avigdor Liberman participates in a conference at the Israeli Institute for Democracy, in Jerusalem, on November 26, 2019. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Yisrael Beytenu leader MK Avigdor Liberman on Friday published a list of demands regarding religion and state, saying they are the absolute minimum to which his secular party will agree in any negotiations to form a coalition government.

In a post on his Facebook page, Liberman demanded the passing of a bill drafting members of the ultra-Orthodox community into the army, unchanged from its current form which was drawn up when he was still defense minister. The ultra-Orthodox parties, who represent a community that largely rejects the compulsory national army service, have demanded it be changed, reducing to annual quotas for call ups.

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Bennett: We need to boost our campaign in Syria

According to the defense minister, a window of opportunity exists to strike at Iran in Syria.


Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said in closed talks that a strategic window of opportunity exists that could increase military pressure against Iranian targets in Syria. In Bennett’s view, the IDF needs to act more intensively in Syria.

Bennett called his conception of the tactics needed on the northern front, “braking to the exit.” He said Iran’s military force is still weak, so the danger posed to Israel is lower than it otherwise would be.

According to Bennett, the current policy under which Israel has been operating in recent years, known in the IDF as the “Campaign between Wars”, should be changed, in order to harm Iran’s establishment in Syria and other regions.
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Haredim to Liberman: Forward a list of demands

T. Belman. Right from the beginning of this split I argued that Netanyahu should focus on bringing Liberman into the coalition. I said put Liberman in a room with UTJ and Shas and leave it to them to cut a deal. And I argued that otherwise a unity government would force concessions on the religious parties.

Haredi parties approach Liberman’s associates after Yisrael Beytenu chairman hints he may be willing to compromise.

By Michael Levy, INN

In light of the statement made by Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman that if the Prime Minister would make a compromise on issues of religion and state he would join a right-wing coalition, the haredi parties on Thursday turned to Liberman’s associates and conveyed the message that there is room to talk.

According to a report on Channel 13 News, the haredi representatives understood that they had to respond to what appeared to be signals on the part of Liberman indicating a willingness in principle to withdraw from his election promise and conveyed a message: Send us a final and honest list of demands – and we will address it.

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France Seeks to Fill Void in Middle East Left by U.S.

By Seth Frantzman, JPOST

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Trump Camp Blasts Google for ‘Muzzling of Political Speech’ as Danger of Tech Giant Becomes Clearer

The "Googleplex" Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California.

It has been pointed out for several years now that Big Tech companies are biased against conservatives, and recent policy changes by Google will only bolster that perception.

The Hill reported that Google, which controls roughly 43 percent of the online advertising market, recently adopted changes to its policies that would effectively end the practice of micro-targeted political ads, which use real-world information about online users — such as political leanings and voter lists — to appropriately target them with advertisements they would likely be interested in and receptive to.

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Getting Respect

by Victor Rosenthal

In New York City, smacking a Jew in the face for the hell of it is OK. Oh, you will get arrested if a cop sees you doing it, but in a larger sense, it’s OK, because everyone knows that Jews are racists, and you can do anything you want to a racist.

In Amsterdam, police “stand idly by” while a local Jew is beaten by hooligans singing about Nazis burning Jews, because – now, pay attention – the hooligans are fans of a football team whose major rival is considered “Jewish,” having had several Jewish players and being liked by Jewish fans. If you don’t think this is strange, consider that nobody beat up Yankee fans because of Joe Dimaggio and Phil Rizzuto.

In Pruchnik, Poland, a ritual observed before WWII in which an effigy of Judas is beaten and burned has recently been revived. For some inexplicable reason the effigy has “a hooked nose, black hat and sidecurls typical of ultra-Orthodox Jews.”

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ANALYSIS: What’s Become of the Peace Between Israel and Jordan?

Not only has the peace between Jordan and Israel turned cold, it looks to be on the verge of collapse

By Yochanan Visser, ISRAEL TODAY – October 31, 2019

ANALYSIS: What’s Become of the Peace Between Israel and Jordan?

The move is highly symbolic for the state of affairs in the relations between Israel and Jordan 25 years after the peace agreement was signed by the late King Hussein and the slain Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin in the presence of former US President Bill Clinton.

In Israel, there are those like Ksenia Svetlova of Mitvim, The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, who agree with Jordanian anti-Israel activists that the deterioration in the relations between the two countries is solely to blame on the Netanyahu government which allegedly misses every opportunity to increase cooperation with the Hashemite Kingdom.

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Can we retire the concept of ‘conversion’ to Judaism?

Judaism as a religion has come to be weaponized by those who seek to deny our legitimacy as a nation with the right to a state of our own

By Jeremy Burton, ISRAEL HAYOM

Detail of "Ruth and Boaz," 1628, by Claes Corneliszoon Moeyaert (PD via Wikimedia Commons)
Detail of “Ruth and Boaz,” 1628, by Claes Corneliszoon Moeyaert (PD via Wikimedia Commons)

My mother was raised Catholic. She became Jewish while in university, going through a process — guided by her rabbi and supervised by a rabbinical court in San Francisco — of wide-ranging study covering Jewish practice, history and culture. I was born Jewish a few years later. Growing up, at our shabbat table in New York, we regularly hosted men and women who were becoming — or had recently become — Jewish through our synagogue. These individuals, some of whom became part of our own extended family, came to us through our rabbi, who knew that they would need a mentor and guide with a shared experience of becoming Jewish — a responsibility that my mother readily embraced.

I tell you this so that you understand where I am coming from when I say that we need to stop using the term “conversion” — denoting a process specifically of changing one’s religious faith — when talking about the journey to becoming Jewish.

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The real answer to terrorism should be collective punishment


Chairman Shalom Ne’eman of the Gush Etzion Regional Council has welcomed the demolition of the homes of the terrorists who murdered Dvir Sorek, saying “Targeted damage to terrorists and their property is the minimum required for the war on terror.”

Ne’eman added, “The real answer should be collective punishment, even to their senders and supporters, which must come alongside the continued [Jewish] construction and settlement expansion. This is the perpetual answer to terrorism that achieves deterrence against the wrongdoers who come to harm us. The equation should be simple: anyone trying to destroy a house in Israel, Israel will destroy their house.”

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