There is no diplomatic solution

Into the Fray: Iran – Intelligence failures and failures of intelligence

The most charitable explanation for support expressed for the Iran deal by former senior Israeli security officials is a total eclipse of their faculties of rational thought.

By Dr Martin Sherman, JPOST

A SATELLITE view of the Fordow nuclear plant

[After Gamal Abdel Nasser’s death] the ability of the Arabs to coordinate their political and military activities has diminished. Even in the past this ability was not great – now it is even less.

There is no need to call up our forces, even when threats are made and enemy forces are deployed along the [post-1967] cease-fire lines. Before the Six Day War, every Egyptian troop movement into Sinai compelled Israel to call up reserves on a significant scale. Now, there is no need for such a callup as long as Israel’s lines of defense are emplaced along the Suez Canal.

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Column One: Obama strikes again

By Caroline Glick, JPOST

While Israel and official Washington remain focused on the deal President Barack Obama just cut with the ayatollahs that gives them $150 billion and a guaranteed nuclear arsenal within a decade, Obama has already moved on – to Syria.

Obama’s first hope was to reach a deal with his Iranian friends that would leave the Assad regime in place. But the Iranians blew him off.

They know they don’t need a deal with Obama to secure their interests. Obama will continue to help them to maintain their power base in Syria though Hezbollah and the remains of the Assad regime without a deal.

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Obama goes nuclear on Iran Deal opponents

By Daniel Greenfield, FPM

Obama has decided that two wildly unpopular policies, one foreign and one domestic, will be the final legacy of his wildly unpopular administration. The domestic policy is gun control. The foreign policy is Iranian nukes. While Americans will be disarmed, Iran will be getting ready for its ballistic missiles.

Ramming through wildly unpopular policies is what this administration does best. More than anything else, this administration will be remembered for the mix of bullying, smears, pop culture distractions, outright lies, bureaucratic sabotage and blatant lawbreaking with which it achieved its policy goals.

Iran is no different.

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What Turkey Wants in Syria


  • Turkey says that it, together with the US, wants an IS-free zone in northern Syria. That is fine. But who will fill the vacuum in areas cleared of IS?
  • Turkey simply finds joining the international campaign against the Islamic State an opportunity to install pro-Sunni Islamist rule in areas now controlled by IS.
  • In all reality, Prime Minister Davutoglu wants to replace extreme Islamists with less extreme Islamists. Turkey is trying, with U.S. help, to make Syria an extension of Turkey for Muslim Brotherhood Sunni Islam.

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US betrays Rojava Kurds (inevitably)

Two Turkish air strikes kill at least 190 PKK fighters
DEBKAfile July 31, 2015, 9:13 AM (IDT)
Turkish intelligence sources report that at least 190 members of the Kurdish PKK were killed in two air strikes early Friday against their bases in Iraq and Syria. Around 30 Turkish F-16 fighter-bombes conducted the assaults.

by Bill Weinberg on Wed, 07/29/2015 – 22:16 WW4 Report

Well, the long-awaited “other shoe” is finally dropping. It is clear that Washington has given Turkey a green light to crush the revolutionary Kurds—in Turkey, Syria and Iraq alike—as the price of Ankara’s cooperation against ISIS. And it’s also pretty clear that crushing the Kurds is far more of a priority for Ankara than fighting ISIS. The New York Times writes: “Turkey’s new airstrikes…against the Islamic State…came alongside an equally intense barrage on Kurdish militants in Iraq, whose Syrian affiliates are also fighting the Islamic State.” Equally intense or far more intense? Media accounts have few specifics of ISIS targets hit by the Turkish strikes. But Haaretz reports: “Turkish fighter jets launched their heaviest assault on Kurdish militants in northern Iraq overnight since airstrikes began last week… The F-16 jets hit six targets in Iraq and were scrambled from an air base in Turkey’s southeastern province of Diyarbakir… Turkey began bombing PKK camps in northern Iraq last Friday in what government officials have said was a response to a series of killings of police officers and soldiers blamed on the Kurdish militant group.”

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Iran orders from China 150 J-10 fighter jets that incorporate Israeli technology


Iran is about to conclude a transaction with China for the purchase of the Chengdu J-10 multirole jet fighter, known in the West as the Vigorous Dragon, according to an exclusive report from DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources. Beijing has agreed to sell Tehran 150 of these sophisticated jets.

While the Chinese J-10 is comparable to the US F-16, our sources report that it is virtually a replica of the Lavi, the super-fighter developed by Israel’s aerospace industry in the second half of the 80s. Israel sold China the technology, after Washington insisted on Its discontinuing the Lavi’s production. The US also objected to the sale of the Lavi’s avionics, claiming that it contained some American components.

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Shaked proposes alternative tribunal for West Bank land disputes

Shaked suggests that a lower court should determine ownership in land dispute cases.

Sima Kadmon, YNET

Shaked1Following the demolition of the houses in the West Bank settlement of Beit El, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked called to transfer hearings on land disputes in the West Bank to another tribunal other than the High Court of Justice.

Shaked told Yedioth Ahronoth that “the root of the problem is the fact that all the rulings regarding land disputes in the West Bank are handed down by the High Court and not regular courts.” Wednesday, MK Moti Yogev (Bayit Yehudi), said that “a Caterpillar D- 9’s bulldozer blade should be raised against the High Court”.

“The whole system is distorted,” Shaked said after the demolition of the houses at Beit El, and before the evacuation of settlers barricaded in the former West Bank settlement of Sa-Nur, completed at 7am Thursday.

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Fighting The Coming EU Economic War Against Israel

By William Jacobson, Legal Insurrection

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich testifies before the House to unlawful and discriminatory European Union policies.

Eugene Kontorovich House Hearing BDS 1

The Security Subcommittee of The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing on July 28, 2015, on The Impact of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement

The Tower has a write up on the full scope of the hearing.

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Pollard got screwed

T. Belman. I see meting out a cruel and unusual punishment to Pollard as a very unfriendly act in keeping with other unfriendly acts such as insisting, for almost 50 years, on Israel retreating to the ’67 lines and making this Iran Deal with total disregard of Israel’s security.

By Bert Raphael, Q.C., LSM
President, The Jewish Civil Rights Association

The news that Jonathan Pollard may be releases in November of 2015 is an announcement that is long overdue.

Some time ago I was retained as Canadian Counsel for Jonathan Pollard. I delivered many speeches on his behalf in Canada and in Israel. I once received a letter from then President Bill Clinton that he would look into the matter.

The tragedy of Jonathan Pollard is that he has served more time in jail for supplying state secrets to a friendly nation than any person ever convicted of supplying state secrets to an enemy. His original Trial was flawed when then Secretary of State Caspar Weinberger sent a note to the Trial Judge asking that a plea bargain that had been in place be rescinded. Such an intervention in Canada would have amounted to a mistrial.

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Huckabee’s Critics

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero, AMERICAN THINKER

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has warned that the Obama/Kerry deal with Iran could lead to an Iranian-lead nuclear Holocaust against Israel that would, “take the Israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven.”

Hillary Clinton, who has endorsed the Iranian deal, has denounced Mr. Huckabee, saying Huckabee’s comments are “personally offensive”. President Obama is likewise offended, as is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a congresswoman from Florida who is the go-to Jewish member of Congress Mr. Obama uses when he wishes to bar Mr. Netanyahu from speaking or when he needs “Jewish” support for policies and actions that appear harmful to Israel.

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Reject Disastrous Iran Deal

Iran advances while America retreats—that is Obama’s actual intent for the Lausanne Agreement


Set aside, for now, how the deal with Iran impacts Israel and our presumptive allies in the Middle East, and instead consider how the agreement transforms America and Iran’s role in that transformation. Nation states do not have friends. They have interests. Sometimes those interests coincide with those of other nation states, and we can talk about being friends, having shared values and wanting to make the world a better place. The historical reality is that nation states are generally motivated less by the desire to make the world a better place and more by self-interest. Imperialism is not just a European trait. The Aztecs were a bloodthirsty imperialist people. The Lakota Sioux were an expansionist people. Shaka Zulu was an imperialist. The Iranians are an expansionist people, and the Middle East is a political vacuum that the Iranians abhor and plan to fill.

So, let’s strip the Iran agreement of mellifluous, meaningless rhetoric. Politics, said Harold Lasswell, the eminent political scientist, is the study of who gets what, when and how. So what did the Iranians get?

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What Information Collected by Israeli Intelligence Reveals About the Iran Talks

Over the years of negotiation, concession after concession from the West

By Ronen Bergman, TABLET

On Nov. 26, 2013, three days after the signing of the interim agreement (JPOA) between the powers and Iran, the Iranian delegation returned home to report to their government. According to information obtained by Israeli intelligence, there was a sense of great satisfaction in Tehran then over the agreement and confidence that ultimately Iran would be able to persuade the West to accede to a final deal favorable to Iran. That final deal, signed in Vienna last week, seems to justify that confidence. The intelligence—a swath of which I was given access to in the past month—reveals that the Iranian delegates told their superiors, including one from the office of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, that “our most significant achievement” in the negotiations was America’s consent to the continued enrichment of uranium on Iranian territory.

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Once again, the Kurds are betrayed

Western support for Turkey’s assault on the Kurds is a familiar treachery.

By Tim Black. SPIKED

Once again, the Kurds are betrayed

For a while, the Kurds in Iraq and Syria were useful to the West. They were prepared to do what intervening, rhetorically grandstanding Western states were unable to do – fight the Islamic State (IS). Yes, the likes of Cameron and Obama could talk big on IS; they could call it an ‘imminent threat to every interest we have’; they could deem it the most ‘serious threat we face’. But, while railing against IS allows Western leaders to evoke what they lack domestically – authority, moral purpose, cojones – that very same lack stopped them from following through on the rhetoric, stopped them from acting on the grand phrasemaking, stopped them lending the postures substance. And so it has been left to others to do the fighting, and the dying – to do, that is, the very thing Western leaders seem incapable of doing: risking lives for something.

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Who Bamboozled Whom?

Those who think the Iranians outwitted us fail to recognize one very important thing: the White House never intended to contain Iran.

By Michael Doron, MOSAIC

The nuclear deal with Iran is a wildly lopsided agreement.  Whereas Iran received permanent concessions, the United States and its partners managed only to buy a little time. The agreement will delay the advent of a nuclear-capable Iran for about a decade—and much less than that should Tehran decide to cheat. Meanwhile, thanks to the deal, Iranian influence in the Middle East is set to grow. All of these benefits accrue to Iran without its ever having given any guarantee that it will change its revolutionary, expansionist, and brutal ways.

Why did the Obama administration accept such a deal? In trying to answer this question, some critics have claimed that the president and his negotiator, Secretary of State John Kerry, were simply no match for their opponents. The Iranians, so the argument goes, are master negotiators—they play chess while the Americans play checkers.  “You guys have been bamboozled and the American people are going to pay for that,” Senator Jim Risch of Idaho told Kerry during recent hearings on the nuclear deal.

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Israel Reaches Consensus on Gaza, Diaspora Jews Reject It

By Evelyn Gordon, Commentary

Israel marked the 10th anniversary of its unilateral pullout from Gaza this week with a rare consensus: The disengagement was a disaster. Even opposition leader and Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog admitted that “from a security perspective, the disengagement was a mistake. While he still considers it “essential” demographically, he isn’t sure he would have voted for it had he known then what he knows now. And this is the man who, back in 2005,declared that, thanks to the disengagement, “for the first time in decades there is genuine hope” for “lasting peace.”

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The Useless Jewish Organization

By Daniel Greenfield, FPM

After the Iran deal, American Jews turned to the “Establishment” of liberal Jewish organizations to whom they had written out so many checks over the years expecting them to do something about it.

And the organizations did what they do best. They expressed concern.

The ADL was “deeply concerned” about the Iran nuclear deal two years ago. It announced that it now has “cause for concern”. It’s unknown whether the next ADL boss, Obama crony Jonathan A. Greenblatt, it also concerned, but it doesn’t matter since the ADL’s concern and five bucks can get you an Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks.

AIPAC is also “deeply concerned” about the deal. So is John Boehner. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was also “deeply concerned” about Iran’s nuclear program eight years ago. The IAEA was “deeply concerned” about it four years ago. And Obama, he’s now “deeply concerned” about the Americans held in Iran. The last time he was “deeply concerned” about the subject was two years ago.

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Israel’s Choice: Conventional War Now, or Nuclear War Later

T. Belman. This agreement is not about stopping Iran from getting the bomb. Its about providing cover for embracing Iran.

The Deal Wasn’t About Iran’s Nukes

By Norman Podhoretz, WSJ

Almost everyone who opposes the deal President Obama has struck with Iran hotly contests his relentless insistence that the only alternative to it is war. No, they claim, there is another alternative, and that is “a better deal.”

To which Mr. Obama responds that Iran would never agree to the terms his critics imagine could be imposed. These terms would include the toughening rather than the lifting of sanctions; “anytime, anywhere” nuclear-plant inspections instead of the easily evaded ones to which he has agreed; the elimination rather than the freezing of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure; and the corresponding elimination of the “sunset” clause that leaves Iran free after 10 years to build as many nuclear weapons as it wishes.

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Under Nuclear Deal, Iran’s Obligations Are Voluntary

By Mort Klein & Liz Berney

Virtually every treaty and agreement contains language that clearly binds the parties to definitive, explicitly agreed-to terms. However, the Iran deal — the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — is different. In the JCPOA, supposed obligations are merely called “voluntary measures.”

It is frightening that, in addition to failing to dismantle Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons; failing to end Iran’s worldwide support for terrorist attacks on Americans, Jews and others; and giving Iran sanctions relief and economic windfalls now estimated to reach $700 billion, which will drastically intensify Iran’s worldwide terror operations, the JCPOA appears to be written in such a way as to avoid imposing any real, binding, enforceable obligations on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Iran Deal: $150 Billion to Fund Obama’s War


  • The Iran deal does not prevent a nuclear Iran. At best, it only delays it a few years.
  • Under the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, $150 billion would go to a single regime that has been a state sponsor of terrorism for the entire 36 years of its existence.
  • The Iran deal, in five years, will actually lift a ban on sending Iran conventional weapons, including (in eight years) intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of hitting the United States. But Iran is already wasting no time buying weapons and producing weapons on its own.
  • When Obama leaves office, he may think that any catastrophe the Iran deal causes will not “technically” be his, but the next president’s. But it is his. It’s as if someone is lighting a long fuse and will then say he was not near the dynamite when it went off. Any explosions that result from this huge military and financial payday to Iran will, and should, be known as “Obama’s war.”

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The Democratic Party, on the Edge of the Abyss

By Marty Peretz, ALGEMEINER

Two of the most powerful members of the Democratic Party, former and current senators from New York, now hold the fate of the putative deal with Iran in their hands. Because they alone can overturn it, this means that presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and presumptive Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer carry a heavy burden that will deeply affect their personal reputations and, most probably, the trustworthiness of the Democrats in foreign policy for at least a generation.

Their former senatorial colleagues Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John Kerry already own their decision, though their logic still remains unclear to both the most diligent and the most casual observer. The president asserts that his piece of paper will prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, presuming both the honesty of a regime that has displayed mendacity and hostility for 35 years as well as the existence of a wide-ranging verification capability that his own agreement has fatally compromised. And then, of course, there is the sunset provision that enables Iran to acquire nuclear weapons anyway. As they congratulate themselves on the hard work that produced this bizarre document—Bloomberg News related that “[a]ll present were in a kind of awe”—have these former Solons stopped to wonder why Iran negotiated in the first place when their leaders still insist on claiming they don’t want nuclear weapons? The entire process is built on lies. If the Iranians didn’t want nukes, then why would they want a time limit?

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