Palestinian Arab Aggression Will Never End

By Victor Sharpe, Family Security Matters

No, the terror will continue so long as Israel and the IDF merely retaliates against each and every separate Muslim Arab crime against the Jewish state’s civilian population. As one person, commenting on a blog, stated: “Israel’s taking out a few rocket launchers is like giving aspirin for cancer. It’s only a band aid – not a cure.”

These last few days, Israeli cities and villages have been bombarded with dozens of Grad and other missiles from Gaza; lethal weapons, many brought in from Libya. Last Wednesday, October 26, 2011, a Grad rocket brought into Gaza from one of Gaddafi’s looted weapons stockpiles, was fired into an Israeli town. This began a relentless daily barrage.

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Grief to EU: Mind your own business

Howard Grief writes to

European External Action Service Reference
Directorate North Africa, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula,
Iran and Iraq, Middle East Division

I thank you for your letter dated June 14, 2011 in response to my letter of May 17, 2011 to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, Lady Catherine Ashton, in regard to the recommendations put forward by the European Former Leaders Group in December 2010, of which you honestly inform me “have of course been taken into account by the European Union and are being considered very carefully”.

It should not be the business of the European Union to determine that another Arab state carved out of former Mandated Palestine is a sine qua non for Israel in order to achieve a so-called peace with the Arab world. If a new Arab state is officially established in Judea, Samaria and Gaza in what international law decided in the post-World War I years was part and parcel of the internationally recognized Jewish National Home and future independent Jewish State, that will not bring “peace”, but rather actually serve as a new springboard for Arab and Muslim imperialism to destroy finally the Jewish State of Israel.

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The University of Cyprus is dueto host a hotly-anticipated lecture by Professor Emanuel Gutmann entitled, The Jewish Detention Camps in Cyprus (1946-1949): the Memories of a Contemporary Witness.

In the second half of the 1940s Cyprus become the temporary refuge for tens of thousands of Jews. These events have been well documented in Israeli history but relatively untold in the history of Cyprus. The camps played a role in both the independence movement of Cyprus and the creation of the state of Israel. In this light, the testimony of Prof Gutmann is of great interest in understanding the history of the detention camps.

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How should the US have responded to the attacks on 9/11

By Ted Belman

When America was attacked on 9/11, it had to do something, but what? The first thing America did was to rule out Saudi Arabia who was the major supporter of al Qaeda and Wahhabism and instead went after al Qaeda and its training grounds in Afghanistan. Never mind that there are a multitude of places that they could have trained in or other terrorist groups that could be trained. The US just created another in Libya.

They also went after Saddam Hussein in Iraq who had nothing to do with 9/11 and, in the scale of things, was a minor figure. Iran which was named as part of the Axis of Evil wasn’t touched.

The end result is that the monster is bigger now and the US is weaker.

There is a comprehensive treatment of this question in “Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense by Yaron Brook and Alex Epstein, published in 2006. It is a long but excellent article so I’ll just whet your appetite.

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Anat Kamm sentenced to 4.5 years in prison



The Tel Aviv District Court sentenced Anat Kamm to four and a half years in prison Sunday morning, Israel Radio reported.

Kamm was already convicted in a confidential plea bargain over charges of serious espionage, specifically gathering and possession of secret information and passing it to others.

During her army service, Kamm stole over 700 secret army documents and passed them to a correspondent of Hebrew language daily Haaretz.

According to the plea bargain, Kamm admitted to those charges but not to the original charge of conspiring to deliberately harm state security, which would have given her a life sentence. The prosecution had nevertheless requested a harsh sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

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Syria calling the shots on the missile attacks

Jihad missile offensive goes into second day. What Egyptian ceasefire?
DEBKAfile Special Report October 30, 2011, 7:23 AM

Sunday morning, Oct. 30, Jihad Islami denied knowledge of a truce Egypt called for 0600 Sunday morning. By 0700 hours it had launched eleven Grad missiles and two mortar rounds from the Gaza Strip at Ashdod, Gan Yavne, Lahavim, Ashkelo, Kiryat Malachi, Rahat and Shear Hanegev on the second day of its massive assault.

Saturday night, after more than 35 Palestinian missiles, most heavy Grads, had battered eight Israeli towns, Egyptian sources reported Israel and the Palestinian organizations of the Gaza Strip had accepted a truce starting 0600 Sunday morning. Earlier, one of those missiles hit an Ashkelon home and killed Moshe Ami, 59. Seven people were injured and dozens of people were treated for shock. The damage was substantial.

Saturday night, six more missiles hit Beersheba, Lahavim, Shear Hanegev and Ashkelon. Israeli air strikes hit six Palestinian terrorist targets – a tunnel and three missile launch pads in northern Gaza and two more in the south. There was no discernible deterrent effect on the missile assault. Schools were ordered to stay closed Sunday in eight southern Israeli towns

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Canadian/Israeli Lawyer to PM Harper

From Howard Grief

Your Excellency,

As a devoted friend of the State of Israel who has earned the everlasting gratitude of the Jewish People for your outspoken and unstinting support of the Jewish State of Israel in the face of its many detractors, I wish to bring to your kind attention the most important document of international law that paved the way for the establishment of an independent Jewish State in what was known in the past as Palestine. This document is the San Remo Resolution that was adopted at the San Remo Peace Conference on April 25, 1920 by the Prime Ministers of Great Britain (David Lloyd George), France (Alexandre Millerand) and Italy (Francesco Nitti), as well as Japan, represented by its Ambassador, K. Matsui.

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US foreign policy, as seen from the Left

[This article is obviously published by a leftist, anti-American, anti-Israel, Indian publication. It contains much distortion. Does it contain anything of value? Ted Belman]

Syria is just an axis for American evil to spin
Seema Mustafa, Daily News and Analysis

There is clearly some truth to the assertions by retired US general Wesley Clark as far back as 2007 that were heard but generally disregarded. Clark, did not mince his words in interviews and at public meetings at that time, when he spoke of a US plan to “take out” seven countries, “starting with Iraq, Libya and Syria” and going on to Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan, before finishing with Iran in five years. He said a Pentagon official showed him a memo to this effect just before the invasion of Iraq. And when he asked him why are we doing this, the official said “I don’t know.”

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The real racism: Expecting Jews to die meekly


    The most accurate way to describe Israel today is as an apartheid state… 3.5 million Palestinians and almost half a million Jews live in the areas Israel occupied in 1967, and yet while these two groups live in the same area, they are subjected to totally different legal systems. The Palestinians are stateless and lack many of the most basic human rights. – Neve Gordon, “Boycott Israel,” Los Angeles Times, August 20, 2009.

Taken from an article by a senior Israeli academic, this excerpt typifies the racist Judeophobic rhetoric that has come to dominate the public discourse on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Sadly it is rhetoric that has been endorsed by many in the Israeli academia and media. Even more disturbing is the complicity — or at least complacency — of Israeli officialdom in allowing it to become the defining feature of this discourse.

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Jews in the 30’s and 40’s were silent too

The ADL/AJC Pledge to not criticize Barack Obama–there was once a group of Jews who ignored similar “advice” in the 40s and saved many Jews. Are the leaders of the AJC and ADL ignorant of this history-even Foxman, a survivor-I believe

Jews in the 30s and the 40s were also told by certain Jewish groups not to criticize FDR for his inaction towards Europe’s Jews. The State Department was also complicit in leaving Jews to their fate (see Breckenridge Long and his notorious letter disclosing his fervent wish that America not accept any refugees from Europe who were trying to escape Hitler). There were other Jews who did not take this advice, stepped forth, and saved many Jews by pressuring the FDR administration to act.

I thought Jews believed in the sanctity of the first amendment, in debate and in discussion. Ed Lasky

We Will Never Die”: Shattering the Silence Surrounding the Holocaust
Article written by Rafael Medoff, director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies

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Protecting Israeli Democracy from the NIF

Dr. Emmanuel Navon, INN
The leaders of Israel’s social protest talk and behave as if Israel was not a democracy, and as if Israel’s government had not been elected by a large majority. They claim that most Israelis support their demand. Let them prove that in the next elections. For better or worse, democracy grants power to the people. In representative democracy, the majority runs the government for the set period of time. By trying to impose their demands on an elected government, the unelected representatives of the social protest are breaking the rules of democracy.

Israelis rightly complain about the cost of life, but in the previous elections they did not choose a government whose platform was to overspend and to turn Israel into Greece. Yet this is precisely what the unelected leaders of the social protest want to impose on our elected government. They have plenty of time (about a year-and-a-half) to convince Israelis to vote for them and their economic platform in the next elections. In the meantime, the choice of Israeli voters, as it was expressed in the previous elections, must be respected.

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Is a peace agreement possible?

By Ted Belman

In this article I assume that this is a territorial conflict only, though I don’t believe it is. My right wing bloggers group consider the authors of this report to be peaceniks.

The Atlantic just published a report, Is Peace Possible. It uses a number of videos to indicate what both sides want and asks whether swaps can b ridge the gaps. It argues that the PA wants 100% of the territories and though Israel thinks it is entitled to all of it that Israel is trying to keep that part of J&S on which 75% of the settlers live including in Jerusalem, By its estimates there are 500,000 settlers and thus the suggestion is that Israel would have to remove 125,000 of them.

I disagree with this presentation for a number of reasons. In many cases the GOI is responsible for these errors.

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Today’s News

Hamas boosting anti-aircraft arsenal with looted Libyan missiles

International mediators fail to make progress in quest to bring Israelis, Palestinians back to negotiating table, but announce that both sides would present ‘comprehensive proposals’ for resolving key aspects of conflict within three months

I am surprises that both sides agreed to this. I’ll believe it when it happens.

PM mum on Lieberman’s continuing censure of Abbas

    The Prime Minister’s Office neither endorsed nor disassociated itself from Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s scathing criticism of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, which appeared in a letter he sent to foreign embassies in Israel on Wednesday.

    The letter was sent just hours before a Quartet team met separately in Jerusalem with PA negotiator Saeb Erekat and Netanyahu’s envoy Yitzhak Molcho to try and break the impasse in the diplomatic process.

    In the letter, titled “Israel and the Palestinian Authority: Current Assessment,” Lieberman reached the “inescapable” conclusion that “no agreement will ever be possible as long as Mahmoud Abbas leads the Palestinian Authority, given his preference for sacrificing key Palestinian interests in favor of his historical legacy and personal future.”

    Lieberman’s letter echoed comments he made at a press conference on Monday that it would be a “blessing” if Abbas carried out his oft-repeated threat and resigned.

I am surprised by this apparent government policy to sabotage Abbas. Some suggested that the Shalit trade as also intended to do so though I rejected this idea. Now I am not so sure.

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What’s the full story about the Shalit trade?

By Ted Belman

When the Shalit deal was announced, I asked Did the US force Bibi to accept the Shalit trade

    The US government wanted to remove Hamas from the Iranian/Syrian camp and place it in the Egypt/Muslim Brotherhood camp. Was achieving their goal contingent in getting Israel to accept the release of 1000 terrorists, or would it have taken place regardless, If the latter, it was a window of opportunity. If the former, Bibi was forced into accepting the deal.

This question came to mind as a result of a DEBKA article. It seems there was much more to support the theory than I thought. Prior to this deal being announced, Iran released two American/Israeli hikers who “strayed” into Iran and afterwards the Egyptians released Ilan Grapel, an American/Israeli, that Egypt arrested for allegedly spying. Both Israel and America had denied that they were spies. They still do. But suspicions abound.

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Social protest hurting opposition, not Netanyahu

By Ari Shavit, HAARETZ

Daphni Leef has destroyed MK Tzipi Livni. That was not the intention; that was not the goal. When a dozen young men and women put up tents on Rothschild Boulevard in mid-July, they did not think at all about the chairwoman of Kadima. When hundreds of thousands of young people marched in the streets on Saturday nights in summer, they were not waving signs that said “down with Kadima.” But life is amusing. It has its own mean sense of humor.

The social protest boosted MK Shelly Yachimovich. Shelly Yachimovich crushed Tzipi Livni. And the Yachimovich-Livni dynamic made Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even more powerful: It left him without a real rival who can undermine him and present an alternative. Thus, the cigar-smoker, who had everyone furious at him, ended up benefiting from that fury.

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Obama’s Foreign Policy Disasters

Who lost the world? The unraveling of the globe under Obama’s watch

By Frank Gaffney, Jr., Center for Security Policy

Conventional wisdom has it that the 2012 election will be all about the dismal economy, unemployment and the soaring deficit. That appears a safe bet since such matters touch the electorate, are much in the news at the moment and have indisputably gotten worse on Barack Obama’s watch.

It seems increasingly likely, however, that the American people are going to have a whole lot more to worry about by next fall. Indeed, the way things are going, by November 2012, we may see the Mideast – and perhaps other parts of the planet – plunged into a cataclysmic war.

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Israel’s Energy Discovery: Game-Changer?

By Jonathan Spyer, PJ MEDIA

One of the most remarkable — perhaps game-changing — developments in the Middle East has been the discovery of massive natural gas deposits in the eastern Mediterranean. Will this transform Israel into a wealthy energy-exporting state? Will it produce more conflicts in the area given conflicting claims by Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, and Turkey?

Few people are better qualified to analyze these issues than Amiram Barkat — an Israeli journalist working at Globes, the business supplement of the Maariv daily newspaper.

Amiram, please discuss Israel’s natural gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean. What has been found so far? What is expected to be found?

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Jordan Courts Islamists

by Khaled Abu Toameh. HUDSON NY

Facing growing protests at home, Jordan’s King Abdullah has embarked on a policy aimed at appeasing radical Muslims.

King Abdullah’s decision to woo Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood is seen as a no-confidence vote in the US President Barack Obama’s policy toward the Arab world, as leaders there are beginning to realize that they can no longer rely on Obama, especially after his hasty decision to abandon Egyptian President Hosni Mubabrak.

King Abdullah also sees how the Islamists are gaining power in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the Palestinian Territories, and has apparently decided to appease them as a pre-emptive measure.

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