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Hamas boosting anti-aircraft arsenal with looted Libyan missiles

International mediators fail to make progress in quest to bring Israelis, Palestinians back to negotiating table, but announce that both sides would present ‘comprehensive proposals’ for resolving key aspects of conflict within three months

I am surprises that both sides agreed to this. I’ll believe it when it happens.

PM mum on Lieberman’s continuing censure of Abbas

    The Prime Minister’s Office neither endorsed nor disassociated itself from Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s scathing criticism of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, which appeared in a letter he sent to foreign embassies in Israel on Wednesday.

    The letter was sent just hours before a Quartet team met separately in Jerusalem with PA negotiator Saeb Erekat and Netanyahu’s envoy Yitzhak Molcho to try and break the impasse in the diplomatic process.

    In the letter, titled “Israel and the Palestinian Authority: Current Assessment,” Lieberman reached the “inescapable” conclusion that “no agreement will ever be possible as long as Mahmoud Abbas leads the Palestinian Authority, given his preference for sacrificing key Palestinian interests in favor of his historical legacy and personal future.”

    Lieberman’s letter echoed comments he made at a press conference on Monday that it would be a “blessing” if Abbas carried out his oft-repeated threat and resigned.

I am surprised by this apparent government policy to sabotage Abbas. Some suggested that the Shalit trade as also intended to do so though I rejected this idea. Now I am not so sure.

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  1. “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas”

    Can the false dignity. His proper title is “Fatah Terrorist Leader Abu Mazen”. The only difference between the man you see today, and the man who financed the murder of the Israeli athletes in Munich and the cold-blooded killing of a wheelchair-bound man on a ship, is that he now wears a suit. He should be tried and punished (with the death penalty) for his crimes.