US demanded that settlement construction and planning stop

Netanyahu said he refused them in the past but not this time. The US is determined to force Israel to accept ’67 lines plus swaps and US security proposals. Obviously the US upped the pressure on Netanyahu and won’t accept no for an answer. For the US, the so called peace negotiations are far from over. Ted Belman

TOI reports:

Netanyahu told a group of settler leaders that the activity of the planning council of Israel’s Civil Administration, the body responsible for authorizing construction in the West Bank, had been partially suspended because the United States demanded it, the news site reported Friday.

Netanyahu, who met Thursday night with mayors from 20 West Bank settlements, said the United States recently demanded that the Civil Administration not only refrain from issuing tenders for construction, but also freeze the activity of its planning committee altogether and not approve new projects that would later require tenders.

At the meeting, which took place at the Prime Minister’s Bureau, Netanyahu reportedly told the mayors he was “the defender of settlements,” adding that the he had resisted earlier Obama administration demands that “not a single brick be laid, not a single house be built.”

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Islam. The Greatest Murder Machine in History


When one thinks of mass murder, Hitler comes to mind. If not Hitler, then Tojo, Stalin, or Mao. Credit is given to the 20th-century totalitarians as the worst species of tyranny to have ever arisen. However, the alarming truth is that Islam has killed more than any of these, and may surpass all of them combined in numbers and cruelty.

The enormity of the slaughters of the “religion of peace” are so far beyond comprehension that even honest historians overlook the scale. When one looks beyond our myopic focus, Islam is the greatest killing machine in the history of mankind, bar none.

The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. — Will Durant, as quoted on Daniel Pipes site.

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Column One: Shimon Peres’s legacy

By Caroline Glick, JPOST

The upcoming Peres-is-a-Superhero festival will just be the latest of the narcissistic, tasteless celebrations of this man, always choreographed expertly by Peres and his retinue of media groupies.
President Shimon Peres.

President Shimon Peres. Photo: Mark Neiman/GPO

On June 10, the Knesset will elect President Shimon Peres’s successor. As he departs the President’s Residence at the end of June, the media will provide saturation coverage of his final days and tell us over and over that Peres is the greatest statesman in Jewish history. His personal gravitas is Israel’s single most important asset in the world, they will say as they warn of our bleak future without him.

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A Most Discreet Israeli Intervention in Syria

by Jonathan Spyer
The Jerusalem Post
May 29, 2014

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria in 2011, Israeli officials have observed events to the north with caution and concern. The concern has derived from the presence of anti-Israel paramilitary and terrorist elements on both sides of the fighting lines in Syria.

The caution, meanwhile, relates to the very deep aversion felt in the Israeli system toward the possibility of Israel’s being sucked in to the morass of the Syrian war. Israel’s Lebanon experience has left a deep institutional memory warning against overly ambitious incursions into the affairs of neighboring states.

Nevertheless, evidence is emerging of an increasing, though still modest Israeli involvement in events beyond the separation of forces line on the Golan Heights.

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Into the Fray: The rout of the Right


The Israeli leadership would do well to bear in mind that commitment to the principle of democratic governance is not a suicide pact.


Lawmakers gather for a session in the Knesset. Photo: REUTERS

Incredibly, today, except for detail in nuance and tone, the formal positions of the major “right-wing” faction, the Likud, has become indistinguishable from positions expounded by the far-left Meretz faction.

In terms of political affiliation, 51 percent of respondents said they were right-wing, 22% said they were in the Center and 27% defined themselves as left-wing. Among young people, a greater percentage called themselves right-wing than left-wing

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Europe and Israel – an insider’s view


Fiamma Nirenstein

FiammaNirensteinIn a discussion with Fiamma Nirenstein, the former senior Italian parliamentarian refuses to be discouraged about the chances for Israeli advocacy among Europeans.

Fiamma Nirenstein, author, journalist, senior columnist, former member of Italian parliament and deputy head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian parliament, made aliyah to Israel during the past year and today, resides in Jerusalem. In the course of a conversation with Nadia Matar, who heads the Women in Green movement together with Yehudit Katsover, she analyzed the complex European reality and Europe’s relationship with the Jewish People in general and with the State of Israel in particular.

Nirenstein, who, in 2011, chaired the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians and was named by the Jerusalem Post as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world, characterizes Europe’s relationship with the Jewish People as “a combination of love and darkness.” She points to Europe as the cradle of Zionism.

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With unity on horizon, drive to strip PA of US funding gains ground

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Netanyahu pledges to not divide Jerusalem but he divides it in practice

On Yom Jerushalayim, PM Netanayahu swore that He will never divide Jerusalem. Then yesterday he said he was a great defender of the settlements but that he is constrained by “international considerations”. So essentially while he is trying to convince us of his bona fides, He is bowing to international pressure. In doing so he is also violating Israeli law.

The Jerusalem Law forbids the transfer of sovereignty in Jerusalem into foreign hands, but this is what is happening in practice


Politicians declare, over and over again, that Jerusalem will remain united forever and ever, but it seems that, in reality, the city is divided. Certain neighborhoods are closed to security forces and municipal enforcement bodies and there are signs forbidding Jews to enter. Jerusalem Council member Aryeh King describes the dismal and suppressed reality.

For years, Aryeh King, head of the Israel Land Fund and current member of the Jerusalem Council, states that along with the politicians’ declarations and oaths of commitment for the unity of Jerusalem, our eternal and everlasting capital, the government of Israel itself is dividing the capital in practice.

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I will not be able to post anything until Friday afternoon. Sorry.

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The Afghan War’s Dismal End; Blame Bush Too

Were the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan the right response to 9/11 but badly executed? If not, what should the response have been? I don’t think the war against Afghanistan could have been won even with unbridled rules of engagement or using more troops. The weeds always come back.Ted Belman

by Daniel Pipes
Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner

Barack Obama’s announcement today that the number of U.S. troops will be reduced to 9,800 by year’s end and to zero two years later virtually declares that this war, which will have lasted slightly over 15 years and nearly all of four presidential administrations, will end in total American failure.

That’s because the Taliban and other Islamist forces have already made a substantial comeback; because the coalition-sponsored Afghan leaders have proven themselves corrupt and inept; and because Americans and other Westerner populations remain unconvinced that this war is worth their lives and treasury. As I have often predicted, about both Afghanistan and Iraq, it’s only a matter of a few more years before the impact of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars devoted to their liberation will disappear with little more than a trace.

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Obama’s FP speech is a failure

Council on Foreign Relations

At West Point today, President Barack Obama laid out his vision for U.S. foreign policy,  calling for the need to avoid both unnecessary military entanglements and isolationism. CFR President Richard N. Haass said the speech lacked a clear strategic rationale. “It seemed to be a speech that didn’t so much lay out a clear path of what he favored so much as what he opposed. It was against isolation; it was against indiscriminate intervention; it rejected too much use of force but also rejected too little. It was an attempt to essentially carve out a form of involvement in the world that avoided any and every excess, but with one or two exceptions, it didn’t provide any specifics.”

For Foreign Affairs, Senior Fellow Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institution argues that “Obamas overall foreign policy doesnt add up to much, in large part because he is explaining it so tepidly.” OHanlon suggests two broad themes for the president: “First, he should champion the United States successes in the war on terror more confidently. He does not need to be George W. Bush, but a little dose of Ronald Reagan might help.” On Asia-Pacific policy: “Instead of just reiterating that the so-called pivot or rebalance is alive and well, how about giving a clearer sense of what the United States is going to do in the region now that it is supposedly back?”

OHanlon concludes, “The West Point speech was not one of Obamas best efforts and will not by itself solve the problem. But it was a start.”

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Roman Jews: We Are Not Afraid

By Michael Ledeen, PJ MEDIA


 A terrorist struck at the Jewish Museum in Brussels on Sunday.  The police are trying to find the killer, but meanwhile, two days later, crowds of people came to the Jewish Museum in solidarity…in Rome.

Riccardo Pacifici, the president of the Rome Jewish community,spoke in a way the Belgians and other European Jews should have:

“It’s time to show these rogues, these murderers, that we are not afraid, they do not intimidate us. We will march together and take them to jail,” according to Italy’s Il Messagero newspaper on Monday.

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Seven Weeks (Part 1) – Israeli Medical Treatments

by Michael Ordman

I’ve been absent from the blog scene for around seven weeks due to illness – exactly the same amount of time as between the Jewish festival of Passover and the upcoming festival of Shavuot (Pentecost).  During those seven weeks I just about managed to keep track of the recent accomplishments of the Jewish State.  And Israel’s advances with medical treatments during the past seven weeks have been simply amazing.

My jaw dropped when just last week, in clinical trials, a human patient with deficient jawbone received a successful bone transplant using bone grown in the laboratories ofIsrael’s Bonus BioGroup.

The patient’s own fat cells were the original source tissue, which means almost zero chance of rejection by the body’s immune system.  In the laboratories of Israel’s Technion, scientists have engineered muscle tissue containing major blood vessels for repairing damaged abdomens.  A successful transplant was performed in clinical trials, suggesting that full abdominal surgery in humans using laboratory-generated tissue will soon be possible.

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After 52 years, Jewish National Fund divorcing Israel Lands Administration

Housing Ministry pushing the breakup, in the hope of stoking competition.


After 52 years, the Jewish National Fund is eager to dump its partner in managing the sale of Israeli land, the Israel Lands Administration.

The JNF board voted unanimously Thursday in favor of preparing a plan to quickly regain management of the land, as had been the situation until 1961, instead of sharing the responsibility with the Israel Lands Administration.

This divorce between the JNF and ILA was proposed by Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel and his ministry’s director general, Shlomo Ben-Eliyahu.

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Obama about-turns on Syria

US military training and weapons for moderate Syrian rebels

obamafArab watchers around the Middle East are waiting agog for US President Barack Obama’s address at the US Military Academy at West Point Wednesday, May 28, as forecasts abound that he will unveil a major policy U-turn on the Syrian conflict. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the new policy is in fact in motion ahead of the presidential disclosure. It is a program to expand US involvement in the war against the Assad regime and al Qaeda elements by providing moderate rebels with military training and a regular supply of sophisticated weapons, instead of the widely-spaced dribs and drabs hitherto. It may even include anti-air systems which Washington has withheld so far.

The Arab world sees Obama as moving to counteract Russian, Iranian and Hizballah intervention in the Syrian conflict. It is seen in some quarters as also payback for Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

At all events, a Saudi source commented in Riyadh: “For the first time in years, president Obama is ready to take direct action against Iran’s strategic interests in the Middle East.”

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At least this story has a good ending

By Ted Belman

Although Howard Rotberg and I grew up in small town Ontario, Canada, 16 miles apart, and both went to Law School, we never met. I became aware of him in 2008 as a result of his outrageous treatment as herein described. Howard just sent me this press release:

Howard Rotberg’s prescient 2003 novel, The Second Catastrophe:  A Novel about a Book and its Author,  about Israel during the Second Intifada and a Professor’s obsession with the possibility of Iran getting nuclear weapons and effecting a second Holocaust, was recently awarded a “finalist” pick in the 2014 Eric Hoffer Book Awards.  For many years, it had been banned by Canada’s monopoly book retailer.*    Rotberg’s latest book is Tolerism:   The Ideology Revealed.( )

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Pope Francis’s unfriendly visit

By Caroline Glick

pope security barrier

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman were right when they blamed the noxious anti-Israel incitement rampant in Europe for Saturday’s murderous shooting attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels and the assault and battery of two Jewish brothers outside their synagogue in a Paris suburb later that day.

Anti-Israel incitement is ubiquitous in Europe and is appearing in ever-widening circles of the Western world as a whole.

Until this week, the Catholic Church stayed out of the campaign to dehumanize Jews and malign the Jewish state.

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Hating Jews in Sweden

By Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, COMMENTARY

The Jews are a base, whoring people, that is, no people of God, and their boast of lineage, circumcision, and law must be accounted as filth. The Jews are full of the devil’s feces…which they wallow in like swine, their synagogue is an incorrigible whore and an evil slut.

—Martin Luther, “On the Jews and Their Lies,” 1543

I know what you are.

He smiled at me, the boy in the brown cargo pants, so sweetly that I was sure I had misheard him. But no. He knew what I was, even before I did, and he wanted me to know. The year was 1994, I was in middle school in a small Swedish town, and my country was experiencing yet another surge in neo-Nazi activity. Maybe it was the economic crisis, maybe it was the weather. Or maybe it was the same forces that had conspired four decades ago to bring my mother to the front of her middle-school class so that her profile could be drawn next to the neighbor boy’s—a lesson for her peers in how to tell a Jew from an Aryan.

“The Swedes are a practical people,” my mother said of the incident. “It didn’t feel like they were hateful. They just…wanted to know what we look like, you know, what features set us apart.”

Why, though? Why did they want to know?

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