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  1. yamit82 Said:

    This is one of your favorite movies

    I love this movie, even if it’s directed by Mel Gibson. Good depiction of Mayan culture. Now, when people gasp at contrabanderos hanging headless bodies from bridges I just smile ,old trick. When they lace “plastic” in those heads and mail them to the rivals, new twist.

  2. @ yamit82:
    @ honeybee:
    Ted welcome to the club. In about a week you will feel much better.
    Yamit, I have also two stents but the Medtronic stent in the US has not given as good results as other brands. I did choose Boston Scientific because it had shown better results and, the doctor who did the procedure was a Jew from LI Jewish. The cardiologist is at Cornell NYH but Dr. Kaplan does insert the stents through the wrist and at the time was one of the pioneers with the procedure. The success rate is higher, less complications and less risk to the patient. I’ll be kicking for a long time.
    HB “your heart is as good as your soul” I totally agree with her. I hope you will be around for many years to come.

  3. honeybee Said:

    I understand there will be a Krav Maga meet in Jerusalem. Once again I challenge you.

    I accept as long as you promise not to tickle me. I have no resistance to tickling.

  4. yamit82 Said:

    Lost 3 ZIP

    My Uncle Jack had more by-passes then the L.A. freeway and live to almost 90. Mind intact.
    yamit82 Said:

    I have no soul just a Big Heart with two stents

    Yes, you have a soul!!! Proof, why else dweller and C.A. keep trying to save it?
    I understand there will be a Krav Maga meet in Jerusalem. Once again I challenge you.

  5. honeybee Said:

    Glad to hear your heart iis as good as your soul. Did Israel win it’s soccer game against Mexico?

    Lost 3 ZIP!!!! They keep trying and keep losing maybe someday…Like Lotto!!!!! The stuff of DREAMS> 🙂

    I have no soul just a Big Heart with two stents. The doctor who performed the procedure (angioplasty) is an Arab. He is considered one of the best in Israel….

    Israeli company reinvents the wheel from Reuters

  6. @ honeybee: No the Israeli goalie had too much tequila the night before and could not see the ball at 10,000 feet up and it kept finding the back of the net.

  7. Refuah Sheleima Ted

    Join the club I got two stents.

    This is a great product for BDS advocates:

    Balloon Expandable Stent


    Invented in Israel by an Israeli!

    First things first. B-Stent does not stand for Beyar Stent, although its inventor, Prof. Rafael Beyar, an invasive cardiologist and biomedical engineer at the Technion and former dean of its medical school, did come up with the original design for a metal stent, used to keep clogged arteries open.

    “The B is for balloon expandable, not Beyar or best,” said Beyar, who developed the idea with his brother, Motti, a mechanical engineer.

    It was 1989, and the Beyar brothers were considering a heart stent based on the stent used by urologists.

    “People didn’t believe you could have a stent for the heart,” said Beyar.

    “But our concept was, if you could do it for urology, why not for cardiology?”

    The advantage of a stent, which is a wire mesh tube used to prop open an artery that’s recently been cleared, is its ability to hold arteries open while offering enough flexibility for “the tortuous path of arteries,” added Beyar.

    The stent stays in the artery permanently, holds it open, improves blood flow to the heart muscle, and relieves symptoms such as chest pain.

    “The results in patients were remarkable,” said Beyar. “You could see where the [diseased] artery starts and ends. You could get around curves and get good results. No one else had that.”

    By then, Instent, the brothers’ startup, had been formed, and clinical trials in the early 1990s led to the final product in 1995. By that time, Instent merged with the American company Medtronics, which took the product to market worldwide.

    “We were racing against the clock to get it out there,” said Beyar. “Some investors said we were wasting our time, that it was too risky. But we stuck with it because we saw the results and believed it would change the world.”

    Other Israeli Stents to watch out for:

    * InStent with American partner, Medtronic/beStent line and the crimper.

    * Medinol with American partner, Boston Scientific/Nir cardiac stent line market leader.

    * Angiosonics Inc. a catheter-delivered ultrasound for thrombolysis, a non-invasive therapeutic ultrasound in the heart; early studies have shown that it could break up clots in peripheral vessels.

    * Laser Industries a Sharplan holmium/yag laser for unblocking multiply-occluded coronary vessels.

    AND boycott – Diagnostic Cardiology tools:

    * BioSense Ltd., CARTA & NOGA systems hardware-software non-fluoroscopic intrabody navigation and 3-D mapping system, hailed as the missing, real-time link between diagnostics and therapeutics.

  8. Actually I went into the hospital for a cardiogram. While doing it they decided to insert a stent which I expect will make a huge difference in my functionality. Back home now.

  9. Assuming nothing untoward has intersected with your life, have a restful Friday. Everybody is refreshed now and then by a 3-day weekend.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI