Why I hate Annapolis

What was agreed to at Annapolis will destroy Israel.

By Ted Belman

ted1-ok.jpgLet me count the ways;
1. Israel consented to being castrated. [That says it all but I’ll continue anyway.]
2. The Bush administration agreed to physically separate the Jews from the Arabs at the Annapolis conference in a manner that aligns with the apartheid policies of the Arab world which prohibit Israelis from setting foot on Arab soil.
3. In accordance with Saudi demands, the Americans prohibited Israeli representatives from entering the hall through the same door as the Arabs.
4. Israel gave up all protection afforded by the Roadmap including
a) agreed to discuss final status issues (core issues) before Arab compliance with
Stage I of Roadmap
b) agreed to accept US rulings as to performance by Israel and the PA
5. Olmert retreated from his promise that he would never agree to any document that would not recognize Israel, first and foremost, as a Jewish state.
6. Israel agreed to negotiate even though Arabs insisted on “right of return”

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Annapolis Post-Mortem

By David Bedein
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, November 30, 2007

The Annapolis peace summit is just days old, but already it is having an adverse impact on Israel’s security.

In agreeing to move toward a permanent status agreement with the Palestinians, Israeli negotiators have left the Jewish state between a rock and hard place. On the one hand, they must attempt to build momentum in the peace process. At the same time, they must brace for a series of terror attacks and attempts to sabotage the peace process.

In keeping with commitments made at the summit, Israel is aborting a military operation in the Gaza Strip. [..]

One thing all the security officials agree on is that, in Annapolis, Israel closed a deal with a Palestinian partner that cannot deliver. [..]

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Annapolis: behind the scenes

Column One: Apartheid, not peace
Caroline Glick

[..] Although Olmert, Lieberman and Yishai dismiss this Israeli acceptance of moral equivalence with Palestinian jihadists as a meaningless rhetorical concession, the government’s move is rife with political and legal implications. US Ambassador Richard Jones’s unprecedented meeting this week with Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch made clear that the US demands that Israeli courts interpret Israeli law in a prejudicial manner in order to demonize Israeli opponents of Palestinian statehood and the ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Judea and Samaria.

Their meeting also signaled that the US expects Israel to treat lawful building activities by Jews in Judea and Samaria and even in sections of Jerusalem as criminal acts. Since the Olmert government accepts that Israel is morally indistinguishable from the Palestinian Authority, it is hard to foresee it preventing the criminalization of its political opponents. From now on, Israelis who oppose the diplomatic moves of the Olmert government can expect to be treated as the moral equivalents of Palestinian terrorists.

At Annapolis the Americans accepted the role of sole arbiter of Israeli and Palestinian compliance with their commitments to the so-called ‘Roadmap’ and the peace process. They also committed themselves to reaching a comprehensive peace treaty by the end of 2008. But as former US Middle East mediator during the Clinton administration Dennis Ross has admitted, these goals are contradictory. It is impossible to both ensure Palestinian compliance and the achievement of a peace treaty in that timetable. [..]

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More on Annapolis

Israel Left in Dark on U.N. Middle East Plan
In an unusual move, America’s U.N. mission yesterday circulated a proposal to the Security Council supporting agreements reached at Annapolis between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs — before the text had been examined closely by Jerusalem, America’s closest Middle Eastern ally

Mr. Bush Hangs Back
A closer reading of Mr. Bush’s remarks this week, as well as at the joint declaration, suggests that the 43rd president is not going to throw himself heart and soul into racing the clock to achieve an Israeli-Palestinian deal before the end of his term, thirteen months from now.

Sharansky: Annapolis May Be Catastrophe For Israel
..the peace talks kicked off this week at Annapolis “has nothing to do with promoting democracy,” and he warned that Israel will be lucky if it does not end in catastrophe for the Jewish state.

‘Fatah, Hamas may join ranks’
Fatah will fight alongside Hamas if and when the IDF launches a military operation in the Gaza Strip, a senior Fatah official in Gaza City said Thursday.

Washington: There is no place yet for Syria in peace process
There is a new spirit in the Middle East, a real chance for peace. Will Syria be left on the sidelines or give up its support for terror, leave Lebanon alone, support the Iraqi government and make a decision in favor of peace?”

Saeb Erekat sharply repudiates Bush’s words at Annapolis
In an interview from Washington, senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Wednesday, Nov. 28, the US president does not negotiate in the Palestinians’ name, does not represent them and his words are not relevant to the Palestinian cause. On such issues as recognizing Israel, said the Palestinian negotiator, Bush is not competent to determine how we act. If the US president seeks an exchange of territory, he can do this with Mexico.

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How to accomplish transfer

By Ted Belman

Lawrence Auster who is a well respected blogger, View From the Right contacted me to complain that my article Israel will Annex Judea and Samaria and Keep it Jewish was not concrete enough. I didn’t lay out a plan and wasn’t clear on what I advocated.

As a case in point, he recommended to me a 2003 article by Robert Locke a former associate-editor of FrontPageMag, titled Is Population Transfer the Solution to the Palestinian Problem—And Some Others?

Robert did what I didn’t do. He laid out a step by step plan. You should check it out.

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The US is selling its soul to the Islamic devil

Bedouin Darkness Spreads With Oil Money


Do American institutions want to snuggle up with Saudi Arabia and its Dark Age values?

They had better think this one through as a tidal wave of money from Saudi Arabia — as well as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait — is crashing into these shores and buying up American assets.

They should expect no free lunches. These failed governments are buying America’s silence and its implied acquiescence to barbaric.

First, the numbers:

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Meet the “New” Jihad, Same as the “Old” Jihad

Andrew G Bostom, the author of The Legacy of Jihad and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, now reviews Mathew Kuntzel’s newly published,

Jihad and Jew-Hatred—Islam, Nazism, and the Roots of 9/11,

    Kuntzel’s recently released book Jihad and Jew Hatred, in contrast, is a very problematic work. Kuntzel concludes this rather brief (~ 60,000 word) analysis of what he terms the “ideological roots of Islamism,” by calling for the West to challenge those putative “roots.” But his noble admonition—of vital importance—is thoroughly undermined by the author’s failure to provide a coherent assessment of these ideological roots consistent with a sound doctrinal and historical understanding of the permanent Islamic institution of jihad, Islam’s foundational, continuously expressed Jew-hatred, and their nexus with the modern totalitarianism and Jew-hatred of the Nazi movement.

    Kuntzel’s presentation in Jihad and Jew Hatred is limited intractably by basic misunderstandings, and critical, at times selective omissions, which cannot be excused by its brevity. His quintessential argument is that Hassan al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood (and associated 20th century ideologues such as Sayyid Qutb) “invented” jihad war as a sui generis phenomenon, “catalyzed” by Nazism, inexplicably divorcing these “Muslim Brothers of invention” from the sacralized Islamic institution of jihad war, with its clearly demonstrable doctrine and history spanning a nearly 14 century continuum. A corollary argument is made with regard to the “invention” of Islamic Jew hatred by the same movement and ideologues, under even more “profound” Nazi influences.

It is a long and worthwhile review.

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Jerusalem IS a Jewish issue

By Ted Belman

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Monday categorically rejected assertions by American Jewish leaders that Jerusalem is not an Israeli issue but “a Jewish one.”

Speaking at a news briefing Monday, Olmert said that the Jerusalem issue had “been determined long ago” and that “the government of Israel has a sovereign right to negotiate anything on behalf of Israel.”

He said that at this stage, the matter was a theoretical rather than practical one, as the subject of Jerusalem was not yet on the negotiating table.

Don’t you believe it.

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Saudis have the US over a barrel of oil

By Ted Belman

In my article The Vast Power of the Saudi Lobby, which I urge you to read again, I write,

.. the U.S. ambassador to Riyahd, James Akins, did his best to placate King Faisal by urging the Saudi’s American-owned oil concessionaire ARAMCO to, in Akin’s words, “hammer home” to the White House that the embargo (seventies) wouldn’t be lifted unless

    “the political struggle [between Israel and the Arabs] is settled in [a] manner satisfactory to [the] Arabs.”

Prince Bandar told Bush

    Starting today, you go your way and we will go our way. From then on, the Saudis would look out for their own national interests.

It seemed the United States had made a strategic decision to adopt Sharon’s policy as American policy.

Within thirty-six hours, Bandar was on his way to Riyadh with a conciliatory response from Bush. When Bandar returned Powell cornered him.

    “What the f*ck are you doing?” witnesses recall Powell asking. “You’re putting the fear of God in everybody’s hearts here. We’ve all come rushing here to hear this revelation that you bring from Saudi Arabia. You scared the shit out of everybody.”

As a result of this power, I wrote Whatever Saudis Want, Saudis Get.

Is America over a barrel of oil? Definitely.

And what Saudis want is al Quds with the Temple Mount and the greenline and G-d knows what else.

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Ganging up on Israel

Saudi foreign minister says he will attend Annapolis meeting

Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST Nov. 23, 2007

Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations decided Friday to attend next week’s US-sponsored Middle East peace conference, but the Saudi foreign minister insisted he would not allow ‘theatrics’ like handshakes with Israeli officials, saying the gathering must make serious progress. Participation by Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal was a key goal of the United States to show strong Arab support for the conference in Annapolis, Maryland, which is to relaunch Israeli-Palestinian peace talks for the first time in seven years.

Until Friday, the kingdom had balked at saying whether it would attend and at what level, seeking assurances Israel would negotiate the most difficult issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict in negotiations governed by a timetable.

It appeared Syria – the other major holdout – would also attend, since the Arab decision was a collective one. But, asked about Syria’s attendance, Arab League chief Amr Moussa said ‘final arrangements’ had to be made. Syria has insisted Annapolis address its demands for the return of the Golan Heights.

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A Turban for a Durban?

Andrew G. Bostom, New English Review

Melanie Phillips attended what she termed a “riveting” debate between the much ballyhooed former Hizbut Tahrir enthusiast Ed Husain and the Somali secularist and former Dutch Parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali and commented in The Anti-jihadi Debate. Two years ago I discussed at some length Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s lucid argumentation and moral and physical courage. She remains the same noble, eloquent, and committed person.

Phillips somehow found Husain’s arguments more “persuasive.” But in essence he simply repeats the same ahistorical, apologetic prattle about rediscovering factitious golden eras of Islam’s “own religious traditions of peaceful co-existence”—ignoring that this false construction is merely a euphemism for jihad-imposed dhimmitude, or for those societies not vanquished by jihad, what the great Belgian scholar of Islam Armand Arbel described as follows:

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US has never been so hostile to Israel

Column One: American folly

Caroline Glick , THE JERUSALEM POST Nov. 22, 2007

The mood is dark in the IDF’s General Staff ahead of next week’s “peace” conference in Annapolis. As one senior officer directly involved in the negotiations with the Palestinians and the Americans said,

    “As bad as it might look from the outside, the truth is 10 times worse. This is a nightmare. The Americans have never been so hostile.”

On Thursday a draft of the joint statement that Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are discussing ahead of the conference was leaked to the media. A reading of the document bears out the IDF’s concerns.

The draft document shows that the Palestinians and the Israelis differ not only on every issue, but differ on the purpose of the document. It also shows that the US firmly backs the Palestinians against Israel.

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Hey buddy, can you spare 90 seconds.

The Coordinating Council on Jerusalem is sponsoring an innovative grassroots effort to generate calls to the White House, the State Department and the Israeli Embassy.

CCJ is subsidizing both the system and all of the calls, so that neither the callers themselves nor your group bears the cost.


By clicking the above link, you will go to a page of very simply instructions to facilitate your calls.
Make your voice heard. Each call is counted as 1000 calls.


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Special Webcast For Jerusalem: Sunday, November 25th

From an email:

You’re Invited to Attend Our Webcast!
Come & Join– Sun. Nov 25, 11:00 AM EST

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

You are invited to attend One Jerusalem’s largest LIVE streaming media event, overlooking Jerusalem’s Old City — this Sunday Nov. 25, 11:00 AM (EST).

Please join us in celebrating Jerusalem as the united, undivided capital of the State of Israel.
Guest speakers and attendees include One Jerusalem Chairman Natan Sharansky, USA Congressman Eric Cantor, major military personalities and leaders.

The celebrations will include live musical performances, videos and a sparkling laser light show.

How can you attend? Visit OneJerusalem.org this Sunday, 11:00 AM (EST). We will stream the event right to you. Mark your calendar & join us!

The One Jerusalem Team

Crossposted at Daled Amos

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Olmert is a betrayer of soldiers

Last week Times Online reported Israeli PM faces censure over ‘pointless’ deaths in Lebanon

THE final report of an official inquiry into the conduct of last year’s Lebanon war is expected to accuse Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, of having caused the pointless deaths of 33 Israeli soldiers in the final 60 hours of fighting.

This sounds like criminal negligence to me. Israelis are rightly outraged.

In the shadow of this report and the Annapolis’ concessions, Olmert has been making for “peace” we read ;

    The Complaint of an Israeli Soldier

    Paul Eidelberg

    “I’m turning in my uniform to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and so are my buddies!”

    Why? I asked

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Why the Israeli Left is running scared

Israel Becoming Less Secular
by Hillel Fendel

An Israel Democratic Institute (IDI) demographic survey finds religious growth and secular decline – but most significant is that the proportion of religious in the public is highest among the youth.

The percentage of Jews describing themselves as secular has dropped sharply over the past 30 years, while the religious and traditional proportions have risen. The annual survey finds that the secular public comprises only 20% of the Israeli population – compared to 41%, more than twice as much, in 1974.

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What happened to the 14 reservations?

by Arieh Eldad, Ma’ariv, November 23, 2007

On May 25, 2003, following a stormy debate, the Israeli government accepted President Bush’s “Road Map,” but attached to it fourteen reservations, which were, as Ariel Sharon described them, “red lines.”

If my political biography includes any black spot, it is that I was a member of the National Union when it was a member of Sharon’s coalition. Even though ministers Elon and Lieberman voted against the Road Map in the Cabinet, they did not immediately resign when the government adopted this disastrous plan, which includes recognition of a Palestinian State, an end to construction in the settlements, and a dismantling of outposts established after March 2001. Their excuse was the fourteen reservations and conditions that Israel attached to the plan.

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Booming Global Sharia Finance Market: “Adapting Finance to Islam”

by Jerry Gordon, American Congress for truth blog, November 23, 2007

Money talks and people walk is the old expression. This New York Times article in yesterday’s Business Day section illustrates what we have posted articles about – the boom in Sharia finance. This boom is fueled by trillions of petro-dollars that major financial institutions and Wall Street believe may be the mother lode of deals and lush transaction fees to replace the collapsing sub prime mortgage and sagging private equity market deal flow. Why not. With an estimated $1.5 to over $2.0 trillion in funds from oil with prices nearing the historic inflation-adjusted high of $102 a barrel, what’s a good banker to do, but chase after it and throw a bear hug around it. Major money center banks like Citigroup, HSBC and Deutsche Bank are salivating at doing deals with Sharia compliant financial institutions with over $500 billion in assets and growing at an average compound growth rate of 10% per annum. The price of this will be creeping adaptation of Sharia finance in usual and customary transactions in both Islamic countries and even here in North America. The Times article notes the hiring of Muslim Scholars at $100,000 a throw to deliver legal opinions on what’s Sharia compliant or not.

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The List of 431 Released Palestinian Arabs Who “Have No Blood On Their Hands”

IMRA has the Detailed list of Palestinians slated for release with crimes committed–the list of the Palestinian Arab prisoners that are scheduled to be released as a gesture before the Annapolis conference. IMRA provides the English translation of that original list that appears in Hebrew on the website of the Israel Prison Service (Excel spreadsheet).

Remember–these men can safely be released because none of them have “blood on their hands”

What do you think?

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Crisis in Lebanon: Will the Syria-Iran- Hezbollah Axis elect a President or will the Lebanese?

By Jerry Gordon, American Congress for Truth blog, November 22, 2007

While the US prepares for the Annapolis Middle East Peace Conference next week to orchestrate a farcical deal between what’s left of the Palestinian Authority and the State of Israel, a more ominous crisis is about to erupt in Lebanon. For the fourth time a Presidential election has been deferred. It is now scheduled for Friday, November 23rd.

Lebanon appears on the brink of being railroaded by the Syria-Iran-Hezbollah Axis to opt for a President like General Michel Aoun who has become a cat’s paw for Hezbollah. Walid Phares of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy has suggested that Aoun and other Christian allies are simply the modern equivalent of “janissaries for Iran”.

Tom Harb, Secretary General of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution in a statement issued today said:

“The Aoun suggestion is a Hezbollah trap to crumble the majority and defeat the Cedars Revolution. If an ally of Hezbollah, the Aoun bloc, will name the next President the UN resolutions will be killed. And if a new Government will include Hezbollah, the Parliamentary majority will be paralyzed.”

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