Why I hate Annapolis

What was agreed to at Annapolis will destroy Israel.

By Ted Belman

ted1-ok.jpgLet me count the ways;
1. Israel consented to being castrated. [That says it all but I’ll continue anyway.]
2. The Bush administration agreed to physically separate the Jews from the Arabs at the Annapolis conference in a manner that aligns with the apartheid policies of the Arab world which prohibit Israelis from setting foot on Arab soil.
3. In accordance with Saudi demands, the Americans prohibited Israeli representatives from entering the hall through the same door as the Arabs.
4. Israel gave up all protection afforded by the Roadmap including
a) agreed to discuss final status issues (core issues) before Arab compliance with
Stage I of Roadmap
b) agreed to accept US rulings as to performance by Israel and the PA
5. Olmert retreated from his promise that he would never agree to any document that would not recognize Israel, first and foremost, as a Jewish state.
6. Israel agreed to negotiate even though Arabs insisted on “right of return”

7. Israel agreed to accept a narrow limits for negotiation such as ’67 borders and sharing of Jerusalem
8. Israel compromised their fight against terror by agreeing to additional “gestures”
9. Israel put off indefinitely their anti-terror operation in Gaza leaving Sderot exposed.
10 Israel closed a deal with a Palestinian partner that cannot deliver
11 Olmert backed off from his opposition to any timetable for negotiations. (end of ’08)
12 Olmert consented to a dialogue and a target date for the establishment of a Palestinian state contrary to his former position.
13 Israel has committed itself to a freeze on expanding Jewish communities in the West Bank, while gaining no assurance that Palestinians will live up to their end of the bargain
14 Rice empathized with the Palestinians regarding checkpoints and ignored there were necessary as self-defense
15 Rice sees the poor Palestinians as innocent victems
16 The US joined the Arabs in placing the lion’s share of blame for the absence of peace between Israel and the Palestinians on Israel.
17 The Israel-PLO joint statement at Annapolis contains a joint pledge “to propagate a culture of peace and nonviolence; to confront terrorism and incitement, whether committed by Palestinians or Israelis.” This is moral equivalence where there is none.
18 US Ambassador Richard Jones’s unprecedented meeting this week with Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch made clear that the US demands that Israeli courts interpret Israeli law in a prejudicial manner in order to demonize Israeli opponents of Palestinian statehood and the ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Judea and Samaria.
19 Their meeting also signaled that the US expects Israel to treat lawful building activities by Jews in Judea and Samaria and even in sections of Jerusalem as criminal acts.
20 From now on, Israelis who oppose the diplomatic moves of the Olmert government can expect to be treated as the moral equivalents of Palestinian terrorists.
21 Rice stated that “failure is not an option,” in the coming peace process, she made clear she wants an agreement. Whether the Palestinians are serious about peace or not is none of her business.
22 Israel agreed to negotiate the status of Jerusalem by agreeing to discuss all outstanding issues.
23 Olmert agreed that the Americans would set the timetable for expulsions of Jews from Judea and Samaria.
24 By anointing the State Department arbiter of Israeli compliance, the Olmert government gave the Americans the right to veto IDF operations in Judea and Samaria. As the guarantors of progress in the peace process, the Americans will tell the IDF where it can – or more precisely where it cannot – erect roadblocks. The Americans will tell the Israelis what cities and towns to transfer to Fatah control. They will tell Israel what guns and armor to transfer to the Palestinians, what to do with terror fugitives and when and how many terrorists it must release from its prisons.
25 As a result of Annapolis, Israel is no longer a sovereign nation.

All the above points were reported by David Bedein and Caroline Glick.

A Cartography Of Lunacy: Bush, Olmert And The Winding ‘Road Map’ To Nuclear War (Part I)
By Louis Rene Beres

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24 Comments / 24 Comments

  1. Until you destroy Islam by destroying Mecca and the Dome of the Rock, exposing the Koran as a book of a man man named Mohammad. Until you hold the Saudi Arabia leadership fully responsible for funding the world of terror. Until you clean out the leaven in Washington that is using Israel as a poker chip in the middle east, demanding her to give up her own land for a bunch of PLO’s that none of the other Arab countries want. Its never going to work. I know Israel’s Messiah is close, we just have to wait this one out and watch prophecy come to pass. God is using all the hate and lies and deception of the Arabs and wicked men in Washington to bring about His plan for His people Israel. His timing is perfect.

  2. Israel is not fighting an isolated Arab entity–the self-styled “Palestinians”–but the entire Islamic world, the so-called ummah. The Moslem Arabs and other arabized Moslems, as well as Moslem Iranians, Pakis, Indonesians, etc. will never recognize nor accept Israel as a Jewish state–on land they consider forever Islamic, as it once was occupied by Moslems. The hatred of Jews is codified in the Moslem’s koran and was initiated by Mohammed who raged in fury when he could not get the Jews to accept his “verkackte” ideology masquerading as a new “religion.”

    There can never be a “peace” between Israel and the Arabs–Abbas’ Fatah etc., Hamas or whoever represents the “Palestinians.” These occupiers of Yesha are but the shock troops and cannon fodder of the Islamic world. The U.S. is not, and never was, a “friend” of Israel’s. It used Israel as a bulwark against the Soviets’ Arab client states during the cold war. Now, with the Saudi-infiltrated government in Washington–and in the embassies and consulates abroad–Israel is being used as a bargaining chip by the mentally defectives ruling from Washington to try and make the “Middle East” into a bunch of U.S.-friendly Islamic “democracies.”

    That this attempt by Washington will fail cannot be understood by those who do not see all of Islam–the ideology with its tenets clearly stated in the koran and other Islamic scriptures–as the enemy of the non-Islamic world. The belief that it is only a few “fundamentalists” or “misguided” Moslems who are the enemy, espoused by Bush–for whatever reasons–does not recognize that the Saudis are the purveyors of the most fundamentalist and Jew-hating school of Islam, that of the Wahhabis.

    With the closest U.S. “allies” and “friends” in the Middle East being Saudi Arabia and Egypt and in Southern Asia Pakistan and Karzai Afghanistan, the U.S. is playing a losing game. The non-Islamic world could only come out ahead in this game by allying itself with, and supporting, Israel and India in their struggle against the Islamics.

    Unfortunately India and Israel are both suffering with Moslem-placating governments of the Left, and thus, unless viciously attacked by Moslems and responding disproportionally, are little use in the West’s as yet unrecognized struggle against the Islamic demographic and overt onslaught.

    Israel has shown that it can defeat Islamic armies as has India in its open warfare with Pakistan. A change in the goverments of Israel and India is mandatory to defeat Islamic intentions. Both countries need leaders who are willing and eager to punish the Islamic enemy so severly and repeatedly that he will realize the hopelessness of ever achieving his goal of killing the Jews of Israel and subjugating and converting the “kufar” of India, and thusly making their countries part of the Islamic world.

  3. The Israeli weak leaders have really gotten them into a suicidal mission. Since you did not even have the sense to walk out when they refused to recognize a Jewish state, attack Gaza at the next time a missile is fired (no other country would put up with such acts of war)and do it right. Otherwise Nasrullah/Iran still thinks they beat you last year, that you are weak(you sure ACT weak) and they will cut your throat as their prophet recommends .

  4. Shalom Ted

    Regarding what you sent, I know of ‘thinking people’ who said (before summer 2005) that Sharon would not really uproot Gush Katif and NS, he just talks about it. And he did.Olmert even more so. Since he totally unnecessarily agreed to put special tariff on Yesha products in Europe, he has with a zeal taken every possible to weaken Israel wherever he can. And he knows what he is doing.

    To see this, I lift from the text below: “to receive something in return one has to have prior ownership!”. This principle I have invoked when trying to convince official Israel to assert Israel’s rights to the territories according to international law, even if they think it is good to give it away. If you do not first assert ownership then you cannot expect peace and other goodies in return for the land (not that I recommend to give away more land, but I put my self in their ‘sincere’ logic).

    And official Israel is adamant since 1993 not to mention these Jewish rights and does not allow its diplomats to assert it. One can only imagine the alien principles Israel’s leaders serve, since it is impossible to imagine that they are that stupid.


  5. Annapolis was a gang rape of the willing: Olmert was the one who desired it and pushed for it if, not the results. Olmert as far as I can discern contrary to some is only one primary thing. Political survival.Within a short period of time we will be negotiating and recognizing Hamas. He has no red lines when it comes to national security and the general national interest. A teaches strike where 600000 teachers and students have been out for a month and a half and he refuses to get involved personally. 3 soldiers under his watch are still in enemy hands and he continues to release locked up terrorists supply weapons and ammunition and 50 armored personnel carriers a euphemism for light tanks to an enemy. How many Israelis will be killed and wounded for his STUPIDITY?

    No my friends any reader of America and American History will know that in an election year Bush can’t do much harm to Israel he is Americas most unpopular president and a real lame duck! If Israel had refused to play along with condi what could she do. Any negative actions would quickly become a bipartisan hot election issue. If he really were concerned with legacy than further upsetting Republican right wing would never endear him to the Republican party in the future. If the Republicans lose Bush will be blamed for it. No a quiet Bush in Last year is required. This is also a reason he will never authorize attacking Iran.

    You can’t divorce Olmert and his behavior from internal Israeli politics they have always trumped N

  6. Some very good comments, enlightening and constructive, I only wish people were aware that what takes place in the Middle East and in particular Israel will effect the course of the history of the whole world. So few have any interest or concern and could not be bothered with the truth of what is really happening, instead it’s business as usual.
    Martin your comments are excellent; I’d like to comment on just a few remarks of yours:
    I would not despair as I believe that we are very privileged to be alive in this day and age because we are looking at the climax of the ages when the Messiah Yeshua will return to redeem His beloved people the Jews and land of Israel, to set up His kingdom, an everlasting kingdom and rule from the throne of David. The prophet Isaiah sets this out quite clearly and makes no bones about who the enemies of Israel are (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and all of Islam).
    I love the verse Isaiah 14:1 “For Adonai will have compassion on Ya’akov—He will once again choose Isra’el and resettle them in THEIR OWN LAND…” and in verse 26 Adonai makes it clear that no action of anyone will foil His plans and purposes. “This is the program planned for all the earth, this is the hand stretched out over the nations. Adonai-Tzva’ot has made His decision. WHO IS THERE THAT CAN STOP HIM? He has stretched out His hand. WHO CAN TURN IT BACK? Verse 32 “And what is one to answer the messengers of the nations?
    That Adonai founded Tziyon and there the poor of His people will find refuge.” Don’t despair, Israel is more so than ever the “apple of God’s eye” and even the US cannot touch her without God’s permission, which brings me to my next remark.
    You say that “the interests of the Unites States does not include the survival of Israel”, you are so right, but Israel will outlast the US. The US is sadly on the wane as a world power and I believe that her next war, which I have reason to believe will be with Iran, will cause the US to cease to be the world power it is today and that the EU will then become the new world power that will ultimately be defeated by Isra’el’s kinsman redeemer, Messiah Yeshua.
    Keep up the good work of speaking out on behalf of Israel, expose the evil lies of Islam and the rest because the day of redemption is not too far ahead.

    Thanks Ted for this excellent site.

    Ronald Hume

  7. Thank you for sharing that exchange with your correspondent. It reveled to me there are still reasons for despair, more now than ever, more than you have lucidly enumerated in writing about Annapolis.

    However, I would differ with the rebuttal observation, made politely, that “Nothing is as it appears,” the idea being there’s more beyond our understanding of Israel’s actions than meets the eye of those of us on the sideline. After all, what do we know, those of us to the rear of the action, on arm chairs miles from danger.

    I must differ. The reality, is quite clear, even from this distance. Our error —and Mr. Olmert’s —in our understandings about the state of Israel is the failure to posit a necessary and sufficient presupposition so that what appears will be found to be in fact believed as what appears The assumption that makes sense of what we observe — an assumption almost to the level of being axiomatic, to be assumed without need of proof– is this: The interests of the United States does not include the survival of the state of Israel. Once this is firmly grasped, we then easily make the inferences as follows: The embassy is not moved to Jerusalem because it is not in the interests of the United States to solidify the claims of the Jews to Jerusalem. Period. An equally valid inference we can make is most of all doing so is at variance to the interests of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Bush, Mr. Baker, Mr. Cheney, Ms, Rice and the Senior Mr. Bush, State Department Officials, Members of Congress, all without exception, believe, –another inference we can make with certainty— the economic welfare of the United States needs oil more than it needs the vote of the Jews–those busybodies on the sideline, those of us who do not risk drowning with the Israelis, if it comes to that, as we are politely told.

    If Mr. Olmert were the shrewd politician he is said to be — and not a “pushover,” one well-versed in international politics, one who “is acutely aware of who is on the other side of the table” –he would understand the interests of the Unites States does not include the survival of Israel. Can I make that any clearer? Does not Mr. Olmert know the one on the other side of the table wants him dead. If he knew that he would be forcefully advocating a policy and course of action that is focused and directed on the survival of Israel, not on appearances, not on “keeping a low flame” while at the same time Israelis are being murdered. The policy would be clear, courageous, and unequivocal. Especially courageous.

    Mr.Olmert’s policy ought to be a policy I recommended in an six page essay I wrote in August 2002 upon my return to the States from serving as a volunteer in the IDF. In my view, Israel has made two major blunders. The second was Oslo–giving standing to their sworn enemy –I find that amusing as nothing was more at variance to its interest of survival–but the first major blunder was failure to annex the lands in 1967. If I may be permitted to quote myself, I wrote then as follows:

    “The issue is so crystal clear: Israel must finally stop fantasizing and unilaterally announce what its borders shall be — from the Jordan to the sea, or whatever border will assure-not its security, that is misguided and shortsighted — but its survival! Security, if you have not been able to grasp, is not the issue. The issue is Survival!
    Israel must then have the courage to pointedly ignore any objection to the manner of resolving the nation’s current conflict in its own interest, as I feel it must to ensure its own existence”.

    I also concluded my essay, titled MY CREDO–with this observation:

    “Until the Arabs come to their senses, Israel must of necessity stand ready as a loaded gun, cocked and ready to go off. It cannot afford to lower its guard — it would be national suicide.”

    “Never in the history of the world has a nation as an established polity depended on its army for its survival. Nation States have engaged in wars, their armies or navies have been defeated, yet the nation as a sovereign State has continued to exist”.

    “I admonish you with this thought: If the Israeli Defense Force is ever defeated, the sovereign State of Israel will cease to exist! ”

    “Mark my words”

    Thanks, again Ted. I do appreciate the work you do for “Israpundit.”

    Martin Kessler

  8. Ted:

    It essentially sounds like corruption via rationalization. “I did not steal the horse, it merely led me from the stables” or, “Everyone is doing it, so what?”

    If Olmert can not lead, move aside. We do not need people “giving the appearance of” — we had that bullshit since Reagan and we see the hollow returns.


  9. Ted, I am strongly dissappointed with you and your comments excusing your buddy, Olmert. You have, in the same way Bush has, made a 180 degree turn from where you first stood. After saying for many months/years that Olmert is the weak link in Israel’s government, is a serious threat to the existance of Israel. Pray tell us what has happened to change your opinion of Olmert?

  10. The way I see it is that Olmert is far to the left of where we want Israel to be. But I believe Rice is pushing him and his government further to the left than they want to be.

    From this communication it appears he is trying to finesse the situation. i.e. he is going along and at the same time resisting.

    Its a dangerous game. The moth is flying too close to the flame.

  11. If you go back and read accounts written by European Jews in the 1930s, you’ll see the same pattern of disbelief, denial, self-deception, false hopes, and mislaid trust. They could not accept, could not fathom what the Germans had in store for them — despite it being communicated openly — and mistakenly believed that Great Britain and America would come to their rescue.

    A reassuring letter from a friend of a friend of a PM who is corrupt to the core, ordered the forced removal of his own citizens from their homes, fails to defend his cities from rocket attacks, led Israel into its first war with an ambiguous outcome, and openly speaks of handing half the country including our capital to the barbarians, does not cut it.

  12. Ted,
    I am glad your post made it to someone who ‘knows’ Olmert.
    Your friend’s friend appears to almost apologize for Olmert.
    She states,”…never forget that Mr Olmert is nobody’s pushover, he is strong and he understands international politics. He is also acutely aware of who is on the other side of the table -…”
    If she calls Olmert strong, I wonder what she – and others who think like her – consider WEAK?
    Your friend’s friend appears to be sipping Olmert’s ‘kool aid.’
    How can Olmert have the audacity to say (in a private conversation), “…We have to keep the situation on a low flame – I cannot allow Israelis to die in more terror attacks, we have to at least appear to talk” …”
    Olmert has quite a volume of Israeli Jewish blood on his hands. Look at what happened several days before the Annapolis gang-rape conference: As a result of the IDF lifting 24 roadblocks (at the behest of Rice), an Israeli was shot in cold blood by a Fatah terrorist. Not a word was heard from Olmert or his minions. Look at how he handled the Lebanon war in the summer of ’06. Look at how he handles the situation in Sderot. Look at how he ‘plays the game with the terrorist and Holocaust denier, Abu Mazen. The are innumerable examples of Olmert’s treasonous and perfidious behavior and actions. He continues to behave as an il-liberal Bolshevik.
    He is up to his neck in corruption and potential indictments. He is and will continue to sell Israel down the river.

    Can your friend’s friend inquire as to why:
    – Israel must follow U.S. foreign policy directives and relinquish its sovereignty as an independent nation?
    – Is Israel so afraid of losing U.S. support that she will risk being overrun by Muslim hordes?
    – Why does Olmert et. al. behave as if they still resides in a ‘Jewish’ ghetto in europe?
    – Why can’t Olmert say no to peace with Nazi Palestinians (Fatah and Hamas)?
    – Why can’t the Israeli government officially kill the Oslo Peace Process and the Roadmap?
    – Why does Israel allow itself to continue to play this deadly charade?
    What the Israeli government says does have implications. Hell, Abu Mazen’s people are talking about trying to ‘re-do’ UN Resolution 181 (which all of the Arab nations rejected in ’47).
    I believe that Israeli participation in the Annapolis gang-rape of Israel has done incalculable damage to Israeli national interests and security concerns.

    Jeff (sanderzack@yahoo.com)

  13. A leading activist in the US sent my post to a friend of hers who also knows Olmert well. Here’s the covering letter.

    I know that you are close to the PrimeMinister. My request is that you share this summary of Annapolis with him. Part of the American and New York Jewish public are so devasted by Annapolis, that they want to throw their hands up in the air and give up…….. Israeli leadership is said to be SUICIDAL. Maybe we in the US and Canada should just mind our own business and forget about our work and support for Israel. But PM Olmert should read this.

    And the reply

    Of course there is an element of truth in what you say but………….never forget that Mr Olmert is nobody’s pushover, he is strong and he understands international politics. He is also acutely aware of who is on the other side of the table – in fact he is more aware than most. Please do not forget that it is not the Israeli Prime Ministers who set the timetables but rather the American Admisistration who want to either garner votes or go out with a bang. If Mr Bush was as great a friend as he claims he would have simply moved the Embassy to Jerusalem and everyone else would follow and there would be no discussion as to whom Jerusalem belongs – it would be the unquestioned capital of the State of Israel – recognised internationally. We are cornered and have been cornered not by the Arabs but by the “enlightened” international community which expects us to be nice to our killers and to “give back” what was not theirs –
    to receive something in return one has to have prior ownership!

    In a private conversation Mr Olmert said “We have to keep the situation on a low flame – I cannot allow Israelis to die in more terror attacks, we have to at least appear to talk” Just because the tide is gong in a direction which the Diaspora does not approve does not mean a) we are drowning b) that if we are then we have to drown alone without the support of the Diaspora Jews for whom we take the heat.

    Nothing is as it appears.

  14. According to Caroline Glick, writing in the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli delegation was forced to enter the conference room at Annapolis through some kind of side door or service entrance because the Saudis had insisted the main entrance be reserved for Arabs only. This sort of treatment should have resonated with Condi Rice, who grew up in the segregated south, but apparently her only reaction was to note that Palistinians are humiliated daily by road blocks and by-pass roads.

    The Israeli response should have been to leave Annapolis immediately. They should break off this gang rape and wait for the next US president who will be on the scene in a year or so. George Bush came into office as the greatest friend Israel has ever had in the White House. He is leaving as arguably our greatest enemy. American Jews need to cast their next vote very carefully.

  15. As I see America selling out Israel, I am reminded from the prophet Zachariah that Israel would be hated by all the nations of the earth.Its going to take Messiah “Jesus”to make peace in Israel. Just as the Hebrew Bible has already stated. Why will Israel not believe her own Scriptures? I will continue to pray for Israel. They are Gods people, but they have moved away from Him.

  16. Islam: The Root Cause of the Palestinian Problem
    by Jacob Thomas

    01 Dec, 2007

    As I write these words, the Annapolis Peace Conference has begun its sessions with opening speeches from President Bush, Prime Minister Olmert, and President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. I don’t intend to comment on the conference, as many experts on the subject have already made their points and predictions. I would like to offer a historical perspective on this subject, and deal with what I believe to be the root cause of the Palestinian Problem.

    Actually, this problem is rather old, but it became acute and caught the attention of the world on the very day Israel was born on 15 May, 1948. Several Western statesmen have worked hard to bring about a solution for this problem over the last seventy years, but to date, they have been unsuccessful.

    When the Ottoman Empire lost its hold on the Middle East in the aftermath of WWI, two Europeans powers tried to fill the void. Britain and France got a mandate from the League of Nations to “lead” the nations of the area to political maturity and independence.

    France got the mandate over Syria and Lebanon; while Britain was burdened with a mandate over Palestine and Transjordan. Here I must add that the Arab population of Palestine had hoped for complete independence within a larger Arab state, comprised of what is sometimes known as the Greater Syria. On the other hand, the Jewish population in Palestine looked forward to the establishment of a “Jewish Home” in the Holy land. This hope was rekindled during WWI by the British Government’s “Balfour Declaration” that had looked with favor upon the fulfillment of that dream.

    The years between the two World Wars were tumultuous in Palestine. While Jewish immigration continued at a faster pace than before, the Arabs under the leadership of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin el-Huseini, strongly resented the Jewish influx into Palestine, and rose up against the British authorities, in 1929, and in the mid 1930s. Just before WWII, the British Government issued a “White Paper” limiting the number of Jewish immigrants coming to Palestine, thus postponing a lasting resolution of the problem.

    As soon as the war was over, the British Government having failed to convince the two antagonists to accept an interim resolution of the problem brought the matter over to the newly organized United Nations. Its General Assembly voted in 1946 for the partition of the land into an Arab Palestinian State and a Jewish State. The British, no longer able or willing to keep law and order in Palestine announced that their mandate over the country would end on 14 May, 1948. The last British troops sailed from the port of Haifa on that fateful day. At midnight, the leadership of the Jewish Agency announced the birth of the State of Israel, with David Ben-Gurion becoming its first prime minister.

    On Saturday morning, 15 May, the armies of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, and Egypt entered Palestine in a move to stop Israel from taking those parts of the land that were allocated to it by the UN Partition Plan.

    The newly-born Israel rallied its forces and managed to stop these invading armies. The UN stepped in and brought about an Armistice Agreement between Israel and the Arabs states. As a result of the fighting that went on and off during the summer of 1948 around 500,000 Palestinian Arabs left their homes and sought refuge east of the Jordan, in Syria, and in Lebanon. They and their numerous descendents still live in refugee camps in these countries, supported by the United Nations Relief and Work Agency, known by its acronym, UNRWA!

    It is needless to give detailed accounts of the major and minor wars that erupted almost every decade since 1948. I will refer to them briefly. In October, 1956, Israel responded to the provocation of the Egyptian Army and Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza strip, by invading the Sinai and going all the way to the Suez Canal. This action was coordinated with the British and French attack on the Canal that had been nationalized by President Nasser of Egypt.

    In June, 1965, after almost two weeks of Nasser’s fiery speeches against Israel, he requested the withdrawal of the UN peace-keeping force in the Sinai Peninsula. Israel then launched a surprise attack on Egyptian airfields on 5 June. During this war that lasted six days, Israel occupied the entire Sinai, the West Bank of Jordan, and the Golan Heights in Syria. It was a stunning victory for Israel, and the most traumatic event for the Arabs. They refer to it as al-Nakba, i.e. the Disaster.

    Nasser died in September, 1970, and was succeeded by Anwar Sadat. On Saturday, 6 October, 1973, he launched a surprise attack against the Israel forces stationed on the east side of the Suez Canal. This war, known also as the Yom Kippur War (Day of Atonement) resulted in the withdrawal of Israel from the Sinai and a peace agreement was reached between the two countries. A few years later, on the very day Sadat was commemorating his 1973 victory over Israel, he was gunned down by radical Islamist members of the Egyptian army.

    Lesser wars between Israel and the Arabs took place in the 1980s, 1990s, and the 2000s. Throughout all these years, several American administrations got involved in diplomatic efforts to bring about a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, beginning with Presidents Carter, Clinton, and now Bush. During these years, quite often a resolution seemed to be at hand, only to vanish when put to the test.

    What causes the Palestinian problem to be so impossible to solve? Or, what is the root cause for the seemingly perpetual Israeli-Palestinian conflict? I believe that it is Islam. As it has evolved over the years, Islam developed an ideology that goes like this: any land or country that becomes a part of Daru’l Islam must always remain Islamic.

    In other words, Islamic imperialism has distinguished itself by being totally different from the European imperialisms. The latter were all “over-seas” and eventually came to an end. On the other hand, Islamic imperialism has spread in a contiguous manner, and did not easily divest itself of its territories. The lands lost to Islam were those that resisted total assimilation to the Islamic faith such as took place in Spain (1492), in Central and Eastern Europe (1800s), and in the Indian subcontinent (1947.)

    The central drive or impulse of the Islamic ideology is what I would like to call “the Divine Right of Conquest.” Muslims glory in the great Futuhat (Conquests.) After all, they were done “Fi Sabeel-Allah” (in the Pathway of Allah.) Therefore they are blessed by Him; more than that, they have been foreordained by the divine will! Thus, Islam cannot and would not concede to a Jewish homeland within Palestine. This land so important to both Jews and Christians, had been “hallowed” by the Prophet when he had his special “visit” to the heavens via Jerusalem. Ipso facto, Jerusalem became the third holy city of Islam after Mecca and Medina. In fact Islam’s hegemonic penchant is seen in its appropriation of all the great men and prophets of antiquity, beginning with Adam, and ending with Jesus. All of them have been declared as Muslims, even before the advent of Islam!

    I don’t want to show any disrespect for Western political leaders. They need our prayers and cooperation in these difficult times. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have comprehended the true nature of Islam when they launch their initiatives for solving problems between Islamic countries and their neighbors. Islam is far more than a religious faith; it is a complete worldview with global aspirations and pretensions. If the West during the last three or more centuries have succeeded in separating church and state, this has not happened in Daru’l Islam. The opposition to the very existence of Israel is a religious matter for Muslims, and therefore cannot be negotiated. This is why I cannot be hopeful about the outcome of the Peace Conference at Annapolis.

    I would like to end my article with some quotations from Bernard Lewis’ article, “On the Jewish Question,” in the Wall Street Journal, of 26 November.

    “The first question (one might think it is obvious but apparently not) is, ‘What is the conflict about?’ There are basically two possibilities: that it is about the size of Israel, or about its existence.

    “If the issue is about the size of Israel, then we have a straightforward border problem…

    If, on the other hand, the issue is the existence of Israel, then clearly it is insoluble by negotiation. There is no compromise position between existing and not existing, and no conceivable government of Israel is going to negotiate on whether that country should or should not exist.

    “PLO and other Palestinian spokesmen have, from time to time, given formal indications of recognition of Israel in their diplomatic discourse in foreign languages. But that’s not the message delivered at home in Arabic, in everything from primary school textbooks to political speeches and religious sermons. Here the terms used in Arabic denote, not the end of hostilities, but an armistice or truce, until such time that the war against Israel can be resumed with better prospects for success.

    Without genuine acceptance of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State, as the more than 20 members of the Arab League exist as Arab States, or the much larger number of members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference exist as Islamic states, peace cannot be negotiated.

    “[To go] back to the Annapolis summit. If the issue is not the size of Israel, but its existence, negotiations are foredoomed. And in light of the past record, it is clear that is and will remain the issue, until the Arab leadership either achieves or renounces its purpose — to destroy Israel. Both seem equally unlikely for the time being.”

  17. And unless Israel annexes the West Bank Israel is finished as the grand experiment it was—but not in the minds of Diaspora Jews.

    How many Jews would be encouraged by their Rabbis to leave the Unites States and fight for Israel if Israel decided to annex the land west of the Jordan? For a fight there will be!

  18. Chaverim,
    Annapolis was an unmitigated disaster for Israel, the effects of which have not been fully digested by most Israeli and Diaspora Jews.
    To call Olmert and the current Israeli government obsequeous, subservient lackeys to U.S. foreign policy is a gross understatement.
    The summation of Caroline Glick’s and David Bedein’s articles is greatly appreciated, Ted.
    What should Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of Israel and Zionism do at this juncture?
    Israeli leaders totally and completely ignore the will of the people.
    Let’s face it, Israel is not a true ‘democracy’ as we in the U.S. and Canada view and perceive democracy, nor is Israel a fair and just society. Israel is governed by an elite oligarchy which is self perpetuating and seems to be ‘all powerful.’ This powerful oligarchy controls the major and many of the minor media outlets. Moreover, the oligarchy has the IDF, Shin Bet and police at its beck and call.
    Any attempt at true reformation of the Israeli system of governance is not given substantial and due consideration.
    In fact, any threat to the status quo is vigorously and aggressively surpressed and repressed.
    Professor Paul Eidelberg, an aggressive and outspoken advocate of Israeli governmental reform, is and has been minimalized and trivialized.
    I fear that even if the Olmert government were to fall tomorrow, a new government might not be much better than the current government.
    While I would like to see Israel have a Constitution and a system of governance that is fair and just (ie, a system with checks and balances and a system that curbs judicial activism), I do not see this type of reform occuring anytime soon. Presently, time is of the essence.
    Desperate times demand deperate action. Perhaps the time is ripe for a mid-level IDF officer (a Jew/Zionist/Nationalist) – who is unpolluted by Israeli politics – to take the reins of power (in the form of a bloodless coup) and form a government.
    Israel needs strong leadership that can stand up to American and European pressure.
    It is time for a strong Israeli leader to declare:
    the Oslo Accords dead and buried and the Roadmap dead, buried and invalid.
    Israel must live within secure borders.
    Hence, Israel must exist as a free and sovereign nation from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.
    Jeff (sanderzack@yahoo.com)

  19. The US can hardly provide security in either Iraq or Afghanistan. It has an econmy that teeters on the edge of deep recession, if not outright depression. Its undersized military is nearly broken and it has a massive national debt. As a result of this, if the US survives at all, it is unlikely to be a major power for much longer. As such, the US is incapable of dictating Israeli or Arab compliance on any thing. Israel should just tell the Americans NO, if the Americans try to get them to do something they don’t want to do. I’m pretty sure the Arabs will tell the Americans NO, if the Americans try to get them to do something they don’t want to do and if the Americans try to push the issue, the main stream news media will accuse the Americans of being “imperial.” No Western leader wants to be accused of this. They will go to great lengths to avoid it.

    I must say. as an American, I do not like this aspect of the agreement. If this is true, this means the US is supposed to enforce compliance, when it does not have the power to do so. It is the height of stupidity to assume responsibility for something you lack the ability to have significant control over. Of course American political leaders have not been very bright for a long time.

  20. Nice job, right wing conservatives, in destroying Israel. What will you do for an encore? Free Marwan Barghouti? That’s a given.
    What about slashing counter-terrorism funding?
    Of course, I am being facetious, they already did and intending on doing more.
    Hey, let’s vote in some people further to the right — that ought to solve it. How about Buchanan? At least he is honest enough when he slanders Israel. What more can one ask in a politician but someone who is not afraid to speak their convictions?

  21. The PA would never accept “US rulings” unless the Arabs, specifically Saudi Arabia, were dictating to the Americans how to rule on an issue. The PA does not trust the US to allow them to rule on anything. This is clever on the part of the Arabs. This way, when the peace process fails, they can blame the Americans and the “Great Satan” can be further demonized.

    Point 25 suggests that Israel is no longer a soverign nation. Relying on the US is pointless for Israel. The US ceased to be a soverign nation a long time ago. It is subject to organizations like NATO, the WTO, and to agreements such as NAFTA. Now as a result of Annapolis, two non soverign nations can be led along by those who do not have their best interests at heart.

    I sure hope Israel has the sanity to put a stop to this madness. They can start by saying “NO!!” I don’t trust the US to do anything. It lacks the moral confidence in any of its positions to offer any meaningful defense of them.

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